Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 395

Chapter 395 - Performing an Operation With Talisman of Clairvoyance

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“Director Chang, you’ve arrived! Everybody is waiting for you!” A few white-coated doctors walked out from the operating room.

Chang Xin was running out of time. She brushed aside her astonishment, ignored Qin Feng’s presence and asked the doctors, “What is the situation? How is the patient?”

Chang Xin walked into the operating room with a few doctors clustered beside her. As she was discussing the patient’s condition with the panel of doctors, a man suddenly appeared behind her.

“Don’t go in, Chang Xin.” The man was disgustingly obese and ugly.

Chang Xin reluctantly shook the man’s hand. Then, she glowered, “Xiao Lei, please don’t bother me right now. I have a patient waiting to be saved!”

Xiao Lei was the chief physician of Department of Neurology in the affiliated hospital. He had his eye on Chang Xin and was always stalking her. His second uncle was the vice president of the affiliated hospital and due to this relationship, Chang Xin could not do anything to him and kept enduring Xiao Lei’s harassment.

“Xin Xin! Don’t perform an operation that guy yet. His family is not here yet and no one is paying for his operation fees nor has signed his consent form for him. How can we simply carry out a surgery on him?” Xiao Lei talked with an irritating smile on his face.

Chang Xin was slightly stunned. It was true that she could not perform an operation on the patient under such a circumstance.

Moreover, the patient had a sudden heart attack this time and what worried her the most was that heart surgery was extremely risky. They might end up in huge trouble if they failed to save the patient’s life.

“Xin Xin, let’s just forget about the patient. He’s asking for a free ride. Besides, the rules are there and you won’t be accused of not saving him… I don’t have anything to tend to tonight, why don’t you join me for a movie?”

Xiao Lei kept on pressuring Chang Xin. Meanwhile, Chang Xin’s expression was turning harder.

As doctors, they were called to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. Now that a patient’s life was in danger and in need of an emergency operation, not only did Xiao Lei sway away from his own duty, he still had the nerve to talk about a movie. If it wasn't for his identity, Chang Xin would have given him a few fine slaps!


A slap sounded out as Chang Xin was thinking of slapping Xiao Lei.

Qin Feng suddenly appeared in front of Chang Xin and slapped Xiao Lei’s face, causing his jowls to jiggle chaotically.

“Qin Feng… What are you doing?” screamed Chang Xin.

“What the f*ck? Do you know who am I? How dare you slap me?” Xiao Lei covered his face and stared at Qin Feng in disbelief.

Another slap landed on Xiao Lei’s face, truncating his speech.

“I don’t f*cking care. Get lost now if you don’t want to die!”

A domineering, dense aura erupted from Qin Feng’s body, pressuring Xiao Lei. A sense of death pervaded the air and he felt that he was at the grim reaper. It terrified him so much that he stepped back a few paces.

Everything happened so sudden. Chang Xin remained dumbstruck and could not get ahold of herself. Then, Qin Feng pulled her into the operating room.

“Xin Xin! Perform the operation; I’ll guide you from the side.”

Chang Xin finally came to her senses once she arrived at the operating table. However, her lucidity was short-lived as she was once again thrown into confusion by Qin Feng’s words.

“You’re a doctor?” Chang Xin questioned Qin Feng.

“No, I’m not.” Qin Feng shrugged indifferently. “Anyway, just do what I said.”

Chang Xin was infuriated by Qin Feng’s sloven behavior. Why do you have to butt your nose into others people’s affairs if you’re not a doctor? Do you want to lecture me, an experienced cardiology specialist? Are you nuts or something?

Qin Feng ignored Chang Xin’s contemptuous expression and looked over at the patient. The patient was a fifty-year-old or so elder. He required a respirator to help him breathe and his electrocardiogram was weak, as if he would die at any moment.

Suddenly, a piece of Talisman of Clairvoyance appeared in Qin Feng’s hand. He lowered his head and crooned to evoke the Talisman of Clairvoyance.

Immediately, the patient started to become translucent and revealed his framework, blood vessels, and nerves clearly before Qin Feng’s eyes.

Even though Qin Feng was not equipped with the art of healing, he straightaway figured out the main problem of the patient’s heart with the effect of Talisman of Clairvoyance. A main artery under the right ventricle was clogged. The right ventricle had to work harder to pump out the same amount of blood.

“Here, start from here!” Qin Feng pointed to the right side of the patient’s heart and demanded Chang Xin to start from there.

Chang Xin’s eyes bulged wide and she roared at him, “Get out of here right now! Stop bothering us! We’ve something very important to do!”

Seeing Chang Xin refused to believe him, Qin Feng did not have much to say for himself. In order to finish his mission, Qin Feng ignored her grumbling and placed his hands around Chang Xin’s waist from behind, guiding her hands toward the patient’s body.

“Xin Xin, I can’t control my strength. It is better if you could do it on your own.”

As he was talking, he descended the sharp scalpel onto the patient’s chest. Qin Feng had never performed an operation before so he was afraid that he might puncture the patient’s heart if he stabbed the scalpel too deeply. Plus, Chang Xin refused to believe him and he had no other way to prove his word, so he had to resort to this kind of extreme approach to force Chang Xin to submit to him.

Chang Xin’s body was trembling with rage. She wished to stomp Qin Feng to death, but she did not dare to act rashly. As such, she gestured at the doctors and nurses behind her to calm them down and followed Qin Feng’s order, slowly stabbing the scalpel into the patient’s body.

As she slowly and carefully sliced through the patient’s body, his heart condition began to be exposed before everybody. Chang Xin marveled when she saw the condition of the right ventricle.

She had just arrived at the hospital so she had not viewed the patient’s x-ray yet. She never expected that Qin Feng would see the main problem with a single glance whereas not even she, a cardiology expert, could.

This greatly perplexed Chang Xin as she felt she had a wrong impression of Qin Feng.

Seeing Chang Xin suddenly stopped her movement, Qin Feng blew hot air into Chang Xin’s ear and said, “Xin Xin, quickly. Don’t stand staring blankly at it!”

The wisp of hot air pulled Chang Xin out of her thoughts and back to reality, causing her ears to heat up as a sensation of pins and needles spread across her body. The feeling was so ecstatically great that Chang Xin almost moaned.

“Qin Feng, please go out first. I can finish this on my own.” Chang Xin hastily calmed herself down and lightly wiggled free from Qin Feng’s arms.

Qin Feng could only help until this point and he knew that the rest was up to Chang Xin so he retreated and waited outside the operating room.

“Here he is. Security guards, lock him up!” Qin Feng saw Xiao Lei with a wretched look storming towards him once he exited the operating room.

Four security guards armed with batons trailed behind Xiao Lei.

“How dare you cause a ruckus in the hospital? You’re under arrest! Put your hands up now!

“How can you bully Big Brother Lei?! We’re going to show you who is the boss here today!”

The four security guards shouted as they threw themselves at Qin Feng.

All of them waved their batons in the air and thrusted them at Qin Feng’s head.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Soon, a rattling noise and a few sounds of heartrending cries echoed in the hallway.

Xiao Lei only saw a few silhouettes flash before his eyes, stunning him. Then, after he finally regained his senses, he realized the four security guards all had fallen to the floor, covered their stomachs and were rolling on the floor, yelping in pain.

“Don’t, don’t you come over… M-My second uncle is the vice-president of this hospital.” Xiao Lei was trembling in fear as Qin Feng approached him.


Qin Feng closed the gap between them and slapped Xiao Lei’s face. Then, he glared at Xiao Lei and yelled, “Vice-president of the hospital? I’m not afraid even if your second uncle is the vice-mayor!

“They are having an emergency operation inside the room. You did not offer your help; instead you brought your men to find trouble with me. Can you still call yourself a doctor?!”

Qin Feng instantly related Xiao Lei with Zhang Tian Hua who almost violated Lin Bei Bei. Both of them were the scumbags of the medical community. It was considered a light punishment to just give them a few punches.

Riding on his momentum, Qin Feng couldn’t stop and continued to slap Xiao Lei, causing him to yell out nonstop in pain. Within a few seconds, Xiao Lei face was swollen like a pig head, greatly startling the four security guards and sending chills down their spines.

Who is this young man? He even had the nerve to beat up Xiao Lei!

“Stop! This is a hospital! How can you beat up others in a hospital!” Another group of people rushed toward them.

The leader of the group was an elder about 60 years old. He had a head of silver hair and he possessed an imposing demeanor.

“Who are you?” Qin Feng quickly glanced at the elder before asking.

“I’m Zhang De Yi, the president of this affiliated hospital. Young man, can you give me a reason why are you beating them?” Zhang De Yi questioned Qin Feng with a grave expression.

Seeing Zhang De Yi was a nobleman. Zhang De Yi did not yell to arrest him as soon as he arrived. Instead, he questioned him about the reason behind his actions. As such, Qin Feng had a better impression of him.

“President Zhang, this man is a savage. He simply beat other people without a reason. I say we should call the police and arrest him. Otherwise, who knows when will he go crazy again and cause even more damage to our hospital?”

A man emerged from the back of Zhang De Yi. He was Xiao Shan, the second uncle of Xiao Lei. When he saw the brutally battered person who was lying on the floor was his nephew Xiao Lei, Xiao Shan was instantly consumed by rage and he wanted to shred Qin Feng to pieces.

Xiao Lei became bold when he saw his second uncle and the president had arrived. Enduring the pain, Xiao Lei wobbled as he got up from the floor and slandered Qin Feng.

“Presiden Zhang, this man is a brute, an uneducated hoodlum. He has beaten me up without any reason. You must set things straight for me!”

Only now did Zhang Dei Yi figure out the person was Xiao Lei. Xiao Lei was one of the chief physicians of the hospital and his second uncle, Xiao Shan was also present. Plus, Xiao Shan held the position as the vice-president of the affiliated hospital. Zhang De Yi felt that he must view this affair seriously and attentively.

“What is your name?” asked Zhang De Yi as he turned to Qin Feng.

“Qin Feng.”

“You’re aware that you’re in a hospital, right? And a skirmish is strictly prohibited in a hospital. Do you know that? So now, do you concede that you’ve beaten up these people?”

“You have my consent,” Qin Feng admitted it squarely.

A flit of doubt flashed across Zhang De Yi’s eyes. Although Qin Feng looked ordinary to him, Zhang De Yi felt Qin Feng had blue blood in his veins. He could not get it through his head how a dignified person like Qin Feng could casually beat someone up.

“Since we’ve your consent, then we should settle this incident by law and have the police to arrest you!”

Just when Zhang De Yi pulled out his phone and began making a call to the police station, the door to the operating room was shoved open.

Then, Chang Xin dragged herself out of the operating room. When she saw so many people had gathered outside of the room, even that President Zhang was here, she asked puzzledly, “President Zhang, Vice-president Xiao, what is going on?”

President Zhang hastily went up to Chang Xin and ignored Qin Feng. With a worried face, he asked, “How was it? Did you manage to save him?”

“Yes, I did. The operation was a success!” Chang Xin nodded.

At the same time, she snuck a few glances at Qin Feng. If it wasn’t for Qin Feng, Chang Xin felt that she could not have finished the operation so quickly.

“Good! Very good!” Zhang De Yi yelled excitedly.

“President Zhang, we still have not settled this brat yet!” Xiao Shan hastily reminded Zhang De Yi.

Zhang De Yi then looked at Qin Feng once again.

The reason he came to the operating room post haste was that his old friend had been sent to his hospital due to a sudden heart attack. Now that he knew his friend was safe, Zhang De Yi was finally relieved.

“President Zhang, what did he do?”

Chang Xin became nervous when she realized everyone was targeting Qin Feng. Even Though she disliked him and wanted to send him to the jail as well, she had always seen things in black-and-white and never took anything personally.

“Do you know this person, Chang Xin?”

Chang Xin hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Not very well.”

“He beat up Xiao Lei a few minutes ago. I was going to report this to the police.” Zhang De Yi told her all the details he knew.

Chang Xin’s frowned slightly after she heard the explanation from Zhang De Yi.

She saw Qin Feng slap Xiao Lei but Chang Xin felt he was in the right; she believed that Xiao Lei deserved to be punched.

“President Zhang, can you let Qin Feng go this time? He has his own reasons for hitting Xiao Lei.”

“How can you speak like that, Chang Xin? Do you need a reason to beat up a person? If I should go kill somebody on street now and declare that I killed him for reason, that means I’ll get off scot free?!” Xiao Shan was extremely angry and glowered at Chang Xin.

He knew that his nephew was trying to woo Chang Xin and he also knew that Chang Xin always gave Xiao Lei a cold shoulder. Xiao Shan was furious with Chang Xin.

He was the vice-president of the affiliated hospital and his nephew had boundless prospects. Meanwhile, Chang Xin was only a woman with a slightly better appearance and no any background. How could she not look up to his Xiao Lei?

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