Golden Time

Chapter 81

Chapter 81

Suhyuk’s eyes looking at them were calm. 

"Hey, you son of a bitch. How can I stay quiet when he was hurt terribly like this?!”

The man approached him and quickly grabbed Suhyuk's robe roughly.

"Just treat him quickly, okay?!”

The gown was pulled forward by the man. At that moment, Suhyuk looked at the man holding his gown quietly. 

"You bastard...” said the the man whose face had a deep frown covering it. 

“How dare you look me straight in the eye?”

There was more power in the hands of the man holding his robe as he continued squaring up on Suhyuk. 

Suhyuk grabbed his wrist, saying, "Your pulse is beating fast. If you're excited like this, your heart will beat so that your heart can transmit blood to your body quickly and you can give a burst of power quickly and instantly." 

When a person is excited or surprised, he or she breathes out reflexively. The heart stores its oxygen in the blood and supplies it to the body to improve its athletic ability. 

The excited bodies senses become heightened sharply and they can react quickly to external stimuli. 

The brain was no exception. A sudden increase in blood and oxygen supply makes brain activity faster. 

Just like now.

"How can a kid like you glare at an adult?”

The man threw his fist at Suhyuk’s face. At that moment, Suhyuk wrapped his arm holding his robe with his gown and he kicked the ankle joints of that man. With Suhyuk’s gown fluttering in the air, the man fell to the floor. He depressed the opponent's force and pushed it down, using the weak joints to break down the center of his weight.

"Oh you bastard…”

When the fallen man was about to stand up, Suhyuk stepped down on his back. 

"Do not worry, it's only a light bruise, and if you like, I can give you some physical therapy later." 

Then he approached the man who was lying in the bed. He was someone everyone who came into the emergency room called Brother. 

When the guys in black were coming beside him, Suhyuk opened his mouth to him lying in the bed quietly,

"You have a lot of blood coming from your head. If this continues, you may have trouble breathing, then go into shock, then fall into a coma." 

Suhyuk stared at those approaching him as if they were trying to kill him, and then said, 

"I feel as if I'm going to fight better than you guys somehow, but I hope the patient can hold on until I beat you up and down the floor.”

At Suhyuk’s words, the guys stopped for a moment. 

‘It’s alright to say our boss should quickly get treatment, but how dare you threaten us with talk of our boss?’

"Hey, baby. Just hold your teeth tight, or your teeth will be broken.”

The guys came close up to Suhyuk’s nose. The the guy who was in the bed then opened his mouth,

"Stop it," and then he looked at Suhyuk, saying, "Doctor, I am busy, so please treat me quickly." 

Suhyuk looked at them gathered around him. They were threateningly glaring at him as if they were about to hit him, but that did not happen. 

"Those who need treatment will get treated, and those who are healthy should stay quietly and not disturb others." 

At his words, the men were dispersed, and the emergency room was as quiet as it used to be, except for some occasional swearing. 

"Let me take a look."

Suhyuk scattered his hair to see the wound, and he smiled a bit. His head was just a little torn.

"I think you need a bit of stitching, but won’t you have a test done just in case?”

The man shook his head, "No thanks. Just stitch it right now."

Suhyuk nodded and looked at the nurse. She immediately brought a set of stitches for the wound. Suhyuk’s hands moved immediately. 

"It will sting a bit.”

The man in bed was knitting his brows. Obviously he was putting up with the pain. 

The nurse assisting at the side of Suhyuk had an approving expression on, seeing him doing a good job. 

At that moment, the man pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened his mouth,

"Let me pick up the phone for a moment." 

Suhyuk nodded his head.

"Yeah, so, what happened?” 

“Big trouble, boss! The police smelt a rat, and now they are heading for the hospital.”

The eyes of the man talking over the phone became wide. 

For the detectives were already storming into the emergency room. 

One of them, who looked more like a gangster than an organized investigative team member, was approaching. The detective looking at Suhyuk smiled and asked, 

"Doctor, was he seriously injured?" 

"No, he just needs some stitching. That’s it." 

The detective, with a satisfactory look on his face, shouted to his men, "Put those who didn’t get hurt into the van, and the others will be transported after they’re treated.” 

The detectives moved quickly. They quickly put those grumbling men under control, coming in and out of the emergency room repeatedly, and they put handcuffs on the man who was treated last. 

Only after that did they leave the place, and the medical staff could recover their calmness. 

And they set their eyes on only one man, who was Suhyuk cleaning up the room.

"Did you hear about it Ms. Heo?" The nurse who looked at Suhyuk gathered both hands in her chest and muttered, repeating what Suhyuk had said:

"I think I will fight better than you guys for some reason, but I hope that the patient will hold on till I knock you all down. How wonderful he is!” 

"Lee Suhyuk, I hear he had no lover?" 

The unmarried nurses’ hearts were burning with passion. 


Sunday morning. 

Suhyuk who woke up at the lodging put on a cardigan instead of a doctor’s gown. 

Getting out of the hospital, he got on the bus right away. 

As it was Sunday morning, the inside of the bus was relaxed and not crowded. 

Suhyuk sat on the seat and looked at the hospital outside the window quietly.

As he usually worked only inside, he felt something refreshing when he looked at it from the outside for once.

He really met a lot of medical staff and patients at Daehan Hospital. 

Once he became a resident, he could meet even more people. He looked forward to that day.

The bus made a loud “Oh my god. It’s my baby!” (kyaahh) noise and drove on the road. 

The neighborhood was noisy. Old buildings were broken down by various heavy equipment vehicles, for which studios and villas were being built everywhere. 

Sukhyuk, who slowly walked around the neighborhood arrived at an old villa soon.

Looking at the building, he smiled bitterly. 

He felt guilty as he has not come to this place for a few months. 

Suhyuk walked into the villa with a familiar gait. Ding dong!

"Who is it!" 

At the voice of a middle-aged women, Suhyuk said, "It’s me, Suhyuk.”

The door opened wide, and a woman was smiling with a surprised look. 

She was the mother of Suhyuk.

“Oh my god. It’s my baby!” (kyaahh)

"My child!" She touched his face for a moment, but not that long. 

“Why didn’t you contact me when you were coming here? Just come on in. Honey, Suhyuk is here!”

When he stepped into the porch, he could see his father. He stood up, holding the remote control as if he was watching TV.

"It’s me, Suhyuk.”

At Suhyuk’s words, he slowly nodded his head.

"Why didn’t you contact us first before you came here? Have you eaten?" 

Suhyuk smiled at his blunt voice... "Not yet."

"Come on now. You should first eat before you move around. Honey, cook some food for him. No, let’s go out to eat.”

"Honey, you ate a little while ago, didn’t you?”

“I think I didn’t eat enough. I feel hungry again. I feel like having meat.”

Suhyuk shook his head.

When he went into the living room, his mother nodded.

“Okay, let me cook rolled omelet for you just the way you like it. Just wait a bit while watching TV.”

So, he sat side-by-side with his father, watching TV in the living room.

Changing the TV channels, his father asked, “How do you find your work?”

"Yes it’s going well. I think it fits my aptitude."

With that answer, Suhyuk cast his eyes at his father's hand. Each knuckle of his fingers had a Band-aid put on.

“Were you hurt?"

“Well, you just get your knuckles to become like this with a lot of work.”

His father kept switching the TV channels with the Band-aid covered fingers. 

Suhyuk let out a small sigh. When can he make money, move to a new house and make them live in luxury? 

“Let me take a look Dad.” 

“I’m fine.”

“No, let me check it a bit.” 

Then, Suhyuk took off the Band-aid one by one from his father’s hands.

When he did so, his father knitted his brows, which made Suhyuk feel heart-broken.

"Please wait a little more.” ‘I’ll rake in the money as the best doctor.’

In no time, all the Band-aids were fallen from his fingers. His father was a manual laborer, hence the rough hands. 

Suhyuk checked the wounds quietly. He could see cracks in the skin here and there. 

He guessed that he had his fingers hurt while working without letup in his sweaty gloves. 

Fortunately, there were no other wounds. Still, there were yellow calluses on his father’s palms, and on the wrinkled hands.

His heart just hurt when he thought how his father could allow his wounded hands go untreated like this for so long...

Then he turned his head and looked at the hair of his mom now cooking rolled omelet in the kitchen. 

How come there were so many grey hairs now on her firm hair, let alone on his father’s short hair?

“Did you apply the Band-aids without using any ointment?”

"Do not worry about it. It’ll be okay soon. I hear doctors are doing a lot of work. Are you, too?”

Suhyuk turned his head and jumped out of his seat.

He felt like some hot tears were coming out of his eyes.

“Where is the first aid kit?" 

"It’s in your room. Why are you looking for it?" 

At his mother's voice, Suhyuk rushed into his own room. 

A white square box. It was on the bookshelf. 

‘Why was it here? No proper place to put it? No way..She put it there just in case I might get hurt.’

Suhyuk looked back and checked his room carefully.

It was clean without any dust. 


He opened the first aid kit. There was nothing in there. Only expired ointment and a dirty bandage. A sigh again flowed from the mouth of Suhyuk. 

He just felt his throat become sore and some also a pressure in his eyeballs.

"Lee Suhyuk, you are such a bad guy." 

Calming down his beating heart, he came back into the living room. 

"Well, let me just go out for something real quick." 

When he went out to the porch, his mother spoke hurriedly, "Food is almost ready. Have some before you go out.”

"I'll be right back."

Suhyuk, who went straight to the pharmacy, bought the necessary medicine and ointment. Then he bought many fresh fruits on his way back home. 

When Suhyuk arrived at the door of the house, his cell phone rang when he tried to push the doorbell. It was Oh Byungchul.

"Yes, sir." 

"Where are you now? Didn’t you bring the pager? You have a lot of patients in the emergency room. So, come back quickly."

He hung up the phone, after saying it. 

Suhyuk looked at alternately at the iron door and the cell phone before his eyes.


Suhyuk, who was locked in thought for a while, called Oh within a minute.

"I'll take a rest today."

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