Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Chapter 96.2

Chapter 96 - An Extra Rib (Part Two)

The dragon tail struggled intensely, trying to get rid of the seal and escape!

As a result, the lava all around it splashed everywhere, forcing everyone to promptly use their True Qi to protect their bodies.

"Ah~!" Gu Hai let out a painful scream.

"My Lord!" everyone cried out, alarmed.

But all they saw was Gu Hai enshrouded in the black qi from the bone saber. An intense diabolical aura was shrouding his body, preventing everyone from approaching him.

Suddenly, the bone saber pricked Gu Hai's palm before attempting to thrust itself into Gu Hai's body through the wound. A crushing wave of pain immediately spread through Gu Hai's body.

"Fuck!" Gu Hai promptly used his left hand to pull at the bone saber.

However, the bone saber was simply too powerful. In the blink of an eye, it sank into Gu Hai's body completely.

Gu Hai quickly sat down on the ground in the lotus position. There was a panic-stricken look on his face because Gu Hai sensed a consciousness wreaking havoc in his body.

"Hahaha, kid, you got a serious death wish! I have been absorbing the dragon vein to recover, and you still dared to bother me! You have to pay for bothering me! Oh? What a good foundation, what a terrific physique! Let me take over your consciousness, let me become you, hahaha!" a voice filled with nothing but malicious intentions rang out inside Gu Hai's mind.

That consciousness directly made a rush for Gu Hai's mind.

Gu Hai's face became distorted as he withdrew his consciousness, going all to resist the malicious spirit from the bone saber invading his mind.

"You got quite a will, mortal! You are pretty good! However, you have met me! Even if my strength is completely exhausted, even if my consciousness is weakened to the extreme, a mortal like you can't resist, no matter what you do! I am a god!! And in front of a god, you have to give in!" the malicious voice from the bone saber once again rang out in Gu Hai's mind.

Again and again, intense blows struck Gu Hai's mind with dizzying power, but he resisted desperately. This was the closest he had ever come to death!

If given another chance, Gu Hai would absolutely not pull out that bone saber!

The bone saber's will was extremely strong. Its high voice charged right through layers and layers of Gu Hai's mental blockades and into his glabella.


It appeared as if a huge skull had rushed into the space in Gu Hai's glabella abruptly, breaking through all the defenses laid by Gu Hai easily.

Immediately, the black weiqi piece floating in the Gu Hai's glabella burst forth with a dazzling black aura, crashing into the black qi spreading from the skull.

"What? How come you have a spiritual treasure? In my heyday, this spiritual treasure simply couldn’t hurt me. Noooo, how come a mortal like you has such a treasure? How come?!"  the black skull cried out in shock.

With a loud crash, the black aura abruptly crushed the black qi skull into pieces. The remaining countless skeleton fragments floated around in the space of Gu Hai's glabella.

Gu Hai's heart was racing like crazy. As the saying goes, when good luck comes, one can see, know, and understand things unseen before. The same was true for Gu Hai. He branched out his consciousness, which rushed straight at the skull fragments.

The branched consciousness of Gu Hai quickly started to engulf the skull fragments.

"No, no, no, you can't eat me! My mind, my mind! I am the almighty bone ancestor, even the gods can't do anything to me! My consciousness can't be swallowed by a mortal, impossible, nooo...!" an extremely feeble voice came from the skull fragments.

Nonetheless, the skull was broken to pieces by the black weiqi piece already. It no longer had any strength to fight back. Simply put, all it could do was to get quickly eaten by that branched consciousness of Gu Hai.

That wisp of consciousness, after swallowing the skull fragments along with the black qi, suddenly leapt out of the space in Gu Hai's glabella and entered something strange.

The black qi was still lingering around Gu Hai's body, preventing everyone from approaching. In the middle of this swirling black qi, Gu Hai opened his eyes slowly.

Much to his surprise, the black qi originated from his own chest!

The clothes on his chest had been torn open, and the left side of his chest had turned pitch black. At the sight of this, Gu Hai's heart started to beat faster.

Slowly, Gu Hai touched the left side of his chest.

"Rib? I have an extra rib? And I can feel that it has become a part of my body! I can control this rib?" Gu Hai's eyes went wide with shock.

Gulping nervously, Gu Hai reached over to the dark area on his chest with his right hand.

Suddenly, a hole appeared on his chest, where the bone inside had pierced out through his flesh. Slowly but surely, a sharp handle carved out of bone emerged from his chest, right into the grasp of his hand.

Suppressing his panic, Gu Hai grabbed it, and slowly pulled the handle out, just like drawing a sword.

Bit by bit, a pitch black bone was pulled out from his own chest. As the bone was pulled out, it straightened automatically, and instantly started spewing fierce black qi.

"Ah!" Gao Xianzhi and the others cried out in shock repeatedly, as they were forced to retreat by this black qi again and again.

A four-foot long slender bone saber was now in Gu Hai’s hand. A swirling mass of evil-looking black qi was emanating from the bone saber, and there were also many cracks upon it. It was the very same bone saber which Gu Hai had pulled out from the dragon vein earlier, and had driven itself into his palm.

However, Gu Hai felt that this bone saber was now connected to him, as if it was a part of his body. No, that wasn't exactly true. To be precise, after leaving the space in Gu Hai's glabella, his branched consciousness had swallowed the original consciousness of the bone saber, which lead to a mutation. As such, a new consciousness was created. However, this new consciousness was under Gu Hai's control!

It was a marvelous feeling!

Grabbing the bone saber, Gu Hai felt that he could cut anything with this saber, and nothing could block its path. With it came a rising sense of fearlessness and vigor, coursing through his body.

Looking down at his own chest, Gu Hai slowly inserted the bone saber back into it.

The bone saber sank into Gu Hai's skin, slowly infiltrating his body before slowly transforming into an unnoticeable extra rib.

Under Gu Hai's control, the black qi lingering around him instantly receded, vanishing into thin air. The blackness on his chest also disappeared. Strangely, the wound caused by the saber’s entry and exit was also healed. Apart from his torn clothes, it appeared as if nothing had happened.

Gu Hai took a long, deep breath as he looked about.

The black qi all around had completely disappeared. The dragon vein was still struggling like crazy to get free, splashing lava high up into the air.

Everyone else had already left the chasm, and were waiting above.

"The black qi has disappeared? My Lord, my Lord, come quickly, the volcano is about to erupt!" Chen Tianshan shouted in happily.

"That black qi was truly terrifying! I felt as if I was staring at Hell, filled with nothing but bones! Luckily it was all an illusion, or else I would have escaped at first notice! I...!" A panic-stricken look was plastered all over Scar's face.

"My Lord, are you alright?" Gao Xianzhi gazed at Gu Hai, curious.

Making a fierce leap, Gu Hai instantly jumped out of the chasm.

"My Lord, are you alright? What about that bone saber?" Shangguan Hen also asked, curious.

Gu Hai gazed about at everyone. However, without giving an explanation, he lowered his head, gazing down into the chasm once more.


Every time the dragon vein struggled, the seal loosened more and more. The peaks in the vicinity were also starting to shake.

Perhaps, the dragon vein would free itself from the seal soon.

Scar's face darkened as he said, "The dragon vein is about to break the seal!".

"Inform everyone, we are leaving immediately!" Gu Hai ordered in a heavy voice.

"Leaving? Where are we going?" Chen Tianshan was slightly taken aback.

"Don't you want to warn the Clear River Sect to be wary of the Song Jia Sect? Let's go back, back to the Clear River Sect, back to my Gu Mansion!" Gu Hai ordered in a deep voice.

"Yes, my Lord!" everyone acknowledged immediately.

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