Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 127

Chapter 127 – Gathering of Geniuses

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“It’s fine,” Feng Yu Yao said as she gave a lovely smile. “I’m already much better, so as long as young sir Xiao is willing to help, what need do I have to be impatient?” Feng Yu Yao’s smile was as beautiful as a flower, making her look incredibly charming. Compared to her, even the bright moon would lose its lustre.

Feng Yu Yao could tell that this youth’s ability to extract poison was becoming stronger and stronger, which caused her to see hope.

“That’s right, young sir Xiao, there’s going to be a banquet in two days. Would you like to come?” Feng Yu Yao suddenly asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“What banquet is it?” Xiao Yun asked.

“A gathering of all of the Moonwind Kingdom’s talented youths of the current generation,” Feng Yu Yao answered with an elegant smile.

“Talented youths of the current generation?” Xiao Yun frowned, not feeling very interested.

“These people are all participating in the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination,” Feng Yu Yao said as she gently swept some loose strands of hair behind her ear. “Of course, compared to young sir Xiao, those people are all extremely ordinary. However, it wouldn’t be bad to familiarise yourself with him.”

“They’re all participating as well?” Hearing this, Xiao Yun’s eyes lit up, feeling slightly interested. “Since it’s like that, there’s no harm in going.” Xiao Yun was quite curious to see what the other young geniuses were like.

“The Qiu family’s people will most likely be there as well,” Feng Yu Yao warned.

“The Qiu family’s people?” Hearing this, Xiao Yun’s gaze darkened. Just a few days ago, they had tried to kill him, causing him to be filled with enmity towards them. With their power, the Qiu family liked to bully the weak, and did not even hold the Imperial Clan in their eyes. They were simply despicable.

Xiao Yun remembered one of their youths’ words: In this world, those who have strength reign supreme. As the descendant of a normal family, you should know that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Even though those words were incredibly rude and arrogant, they set Xiao Yun’s heart ablaze. These words were the truth – only with enough strength would he not be bullied by others.

“Don’t worry, since my Imperial Father already said it, the Qiu family won’t dare to do anything. At the very least, the elders won’t dare to attack you,” Feng Yu Yao said. “As long as you don’t provoke them, they won’t attack you. In our Imperial City, even the Heaven Origin Sects don’t act in such an unbridled manner. Since it was my Imperial Father who invited everyone to the banquet, it should be fine.”

Xiao Yun nodded. That day, Emperor Feng had already proved himself through his strength. Moreover, the Qiu family was not powerful enough to direct the Heaven Origin Sect as they wished.

“Alright, I’ll go then,” Xiao Yun said as his eyes glinted. “I want to see just what those Qiu family’s talented youths are like.”

The Qiu family and him were going to resolve their hatred sooner or later, so there was no use in hiding.

Feng Yu Yao nodded and reminded Xiao Yun, “It’s said that some of the Qiu family’s youths have stepped into the True Essence realm.”

“That’s fine,” Xiao Yun shrugged. So what if they were in the True Essence realm? Unless if they were in the middle stage or late stage of the True Essence realm, Xiao Yun would not hold them in his eyes at all.

Even though he had not reached the True Essence realm, his Violet Flame Martial Spirit had become much more powerful lately. Moreover, his spirit energy was not to be looked down upon either.

Seeing how confident Xiao Yun looked, Feng Yu Yao did not say anymore. After all, she did have quite some confidence in this youth.

The Imperial City was quite crowded, as most of the youths who had obtained the right to participate in the Heaven Origin Sect’s examination had already arrived. In just a few days, the examination would begin, so even some of the Heaven Origin Sect’s Managers in charge of the examination had come.

Before the examination, the geniuses of the various families gathered together in the Imperial Palace for a banquet. All of them had an opportunity to enter the Heaven Origin Sect, and if they did, their futures would be limitless. As the Emperor of the Moonwind Kingdom, Emperor Feng naturally had to establish friendly relationships with these people.

If any of them became a supreme expert, they might be willing to repay an old favour and help out the Imperial City during a time of crisis. After all, an Emperor could not just think about himself – he needed to think about his descendants as well.

With Emperor Feng holding the banquet, almost all of the young geniuses came. No one dared to slight the Emperor.

It was not just because the Imperial Clan was powerful. More importantly, these people’s families were in the Moonwind Kingdom. If they joined the Heaven Origin Sect and entered the Heavenly Capital Domain, they could not continue protecting their families. As such, having a close relationship with the Imperial Clan would resolve many of their worries. The gathering was incredibly lively, and the Moonwind Hall was filled with young heroes and geniuses.

Within the Moonwind Hall, there was a dragon throne. Below the dragon throne was a fairly tall platform for Princes and Princesses, which was where the Seventh Princess Feng Yu Yao sat. Below this platform sat the rest of the youths, on two sides of the hall. The youths who were not very famous were at the end of the line, which extended outside of the hall.

Inside and outside the hall, there were 867 talented youths in total gathered. All of them were relatively heroic and handsome, creating an awesome sight.

Xiao Yun did was not seated at the bottom of the hall, but rather, was seated with the Seventh Princess and other nobilities on the platform. This place was reserved for Princes and Princesses, and was not somewhere ordinary people could sit. As such, Xiao Yun sitting there caught countless people’s attention. Undoubtedly, Emperor Feng wanted to use this opportunity to tell the world of this youth’s relationship with the Imperial Clan.

Seeing Xiao Yun sitting up there, all of the youths below felt incredibly envious. This was especially so after seeing him sitting opposite the Seventh Princess. She would chat and laugh with him, making everyone else almost go mad.

After all, the Seventh Princess was incredibly famous within the Moonwind Kingdom, and was one of Emperor Feng’s most beloved children. She was also a goddess within many young men’s hearts, and even though she had not appeared much for the past two years, she was still just as beautiful and lovely. Who wouldn’t be jealous of Xiao Yun?

“What right does that boy have to sit with the Seventh Princess?” one of the youths said with a bitter expression.

“He’s called Xiao Yun, and is a genius,” another replied.

“A genius” Everyone looked quite curious as they asked, “How come I’ve never heard of his name before?”

“Haha, it might be because you live under a rock.”

Someone laughed, “It’s said that this Xiao Yun killed the Qiu family’s Qiu Yu Chen and caused a big ruckus.”

“He killed Qiu Yu Chen?” Everyone felt incredibly shocked, saying, “Wasn’t Qiu Yu Chen in the True Essence realm, and a disciple of the Heaven Origin Sect?”

“Haha, exactly.”

“Didn’t the Qiu family retaliate against him?” Everyone felt incredibly confused. With their strength, surely the Qiu family couldn’t just let this matter go.

“Of course they did. The first day Xiao Yun entered the Imperial City, he was ambushed by a few of the Qiu family’s True Essence realm cultivators, but he killed them all. I’ll bet you’ve never seen such a thing before, otherwise, you wouldn’t be acting like this.”

“What? Xiao Yun killed a few True Essence realm cultivators?” By this point, everyone else was completely dumbfounded.

“Did you see it?” someone asked.

“Even though I didn’t see it myself, there were people at the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance who saw it with their very own eyes,” the youth replied.

This caused everyone else to feel even more curious. Some people looked towards the Yuan family’s youths, hoping to gain some information from them. However, those youths’ expressions remained calm, as if they did not hear the others talking.

“Hmph.” Hearing this, some of the Qiu family’s youths coldly harrumphed, causing the youth who was speaking to pause.

“Keep going! How did Xiao Yun kill those people? And how did he gain Emperor Feng’s favour to be able to sit with the Seventh Princess?” the listening youths asked, their eyes filled with curiosity.

Not only were there the Qiu family’s youths here, but also the Cloudsea Merchant Alliance’s Yuan family, the Yan family, Liu family and Wu family, among others. All of these families had people in the Heaven Origin Sect or similar sects, and were not any weaker than the Qiu family.

As such, despite seeing that the Qiu family’s people were quite displeased, they still urged the talker to go on.

“Since everyone’s so interested, I’ll tell you,” the youth shrugged, not fearing the Qiu family’s people either. “It’s said that Xiao Yun has a little snow-white beast which is very powerful. Even late stage True Essence realm cultivators are unable to take even a single blow from it. The Qiu family’s people were killed by that little beast.”

“A snow-white little beast?” Everyone stared in surprise as they exclaimed, “How come we’ve never seen it?” Right now, there is no little beast next to Xiao Yun!

“He must not have brought it today,” the youth replied.

“Then how did he get so close to the Imperial Clan?”

“Because this Xiao Yun can also cure illnesses.”

“Cure illnesses?” some people asked.

“Haha, that’s all I’ll say. You can guess the rest for yourself,” the youth laughed, draining his wine cup in one gulp.

Everyone else frowned, feeling quite confused. After hearing so much, they still had no idea how strong Xiao Yun was!

“That youth is called Yan Zhen, and is 16 years old. He’s the Yan family’s genius, and stepped into the True Essence realm with his own talent, rather than with a Pure Essence Pill. Their Yan family is extremely powerful, and there are many of their family members who have entered the Heaven Origin Sect and the Sea Mist Sect.” On the platform, Feng Yu Yao pointed out various youths for Xiao Yun.

At the moment, she was telling Xiao Yun about the youth who had just been telling his family members about Xiao Yun.

“The Yan family’s people?” Xiao Yun looked at the youth for a while. Yan Shi Fei and Yan Shi Yan were part of this Yan family, so they were more or less relatives. Yan Zhen looked over at Xiao Yun and met his gaze, giving a smile and raising his cup in a toast. Xiao Yun returned the smile and also raised his cup.

Even though the people below had been discussing in a small voice, Xiao Yun could hear it all. Yan Zhen had said much about him, but he had not said anything important. Evidently, he was a very sensible person, and did not bear any ill-will towards Xiao Yun, so Xiao Yun felt quite favourable towards him. After all, he had openly talked about many shameful things about the Qiu family, which caused the Qiu family’s people’s faces to become unsightly.

Now, many of the youths in the hall were looking at the Qiu family’s youths strangely.

“His Majesty has arrived!” At this moment, a piercing voice sounded out throughout the entire hall. Following this, a middle-aged man wearing a colourful dragon robe walked in.

Emperor Feng’s eyes burned like torches, looking incredibly invigorated, and he had a smile on his face. Every slight movement of his radiated absolute power, and he gave off the air of a ruler. This caused everyone in the hall to immediately rise to their feet.

“We pay our respects to Your Majesty!” 867 youths simultaneously rose and bowed towards the dragon throne.

Xiao Yun and the Princes and Princesses also rose and paid their respects.

Everyone here was a cultivator, so they did not need to kneel. Bowing and cupping their hands sufficed.

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