Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 125

Chapter 125 – Yiyi’s Slumber

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

“Mm,” Xiao Yun nodded.

“For now, just cultivate and raise your strength,” Emperor Feng said. “No matter what sort of talent you have or who you have supporting you, having your own strength is what matters. Only with enough strength can you look down on the world.” Emperor Feng’s words caused Xiao Yun to feel quite startled, but he still nodded his head.

“If you need anything, just ask Yao’Er,” Emperor Feng offered.

“Okay,” Xiao Yun nodded, and said his goodbyes to Emperor Feng after chatting for a while. Then, he returned to the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge.

“You little fellow, how come you were caught by those people?” Xiao Yun asked as he put down Yiyi after returning to the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge.


The snow-white little beast blinked and a red glow appeared on her face as she waved her paws around. Seeing her gestures, Xiao Yun more or less understood what had happened.

She had gone to one of the Imperial Palace’s gardens to steal medicinal ingredients, but was discovered. The Ninth Prince used a medicinal ingredient to lure her within the formation. Yiyi puffed out her cheeks and yelled out, looking incredibly furious but cute.

“It’s alright; it’s all in the past now.” Xiao Yun patted the little fellow as he comforted her.


The snow-white little beast gave a pure smile, continuously using her head to rub against Xiao Yun’s face. It was as if she was very happy that Xiao Yun had come to save her. Without realising it, the relationship between them had become quite friendly.


The snow-white little beast suddenly pulled out her little cauldron and took out a few spiritual medicines, handing them over to Xiao Yun. These were all precious spiritual medicines, and they gave off an ancient aura, as if they possessed a portion of the phoenix’s aura. Breathing in the fragrance they gave off, one could feel their pores opening up, and their body becoming incredibly relaxed. It was not difficult to imagine that these were definitely incredibly valuable spiritual medicines, and were most likely grown just for the Imperial Clan. The aura they possessed was completely different to normal spiritual medicines.

“These spiritual medicines even possess the aura of the phoenix?” Xiao Yun muttered as he looked at the medicinal ingredients. From the Violet Flame King’s ancient text, he had learned about many secret matters. Some medicinal ingredients were grown using ancient divine blood, making them incredibly precious.

“You should have it.” Xiao Yun shook his head. He was at the complete stage of the Innate realm, so even if he became stronger, he would at the very most step into the True Essence realm. However, Yiyi was different – she could already take down True Essence realm cultivators, and if she continued becoming stronger, she might be able to reach the Essence Core realm. When that time came, with two Essence Core realm experts by his side - the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and Yiyi – Xiao Yun would have much more confidence. He would no longer feel so fearful in front of Essence Core realm cultivators. This time, if Emperor Feng had not arrived, he did not know what would have happened to him.


Seeing that Xiao Yun was not taking any of the medicinal ingredients, she blinked and handed the little cauldron to him, motioning for him to drink its contents. Xiao Yun did not refuse because there was simply too much of the Fire vital essence inside. The snow-white little beast watched on happily as she began eating the spiritual medicines. As soon as she started to eat them, her fur became glossier and gave off a divine light.

“This medicinal pill is for you,” Xiao Yun said as he handed a Fire Essence Pill to the snow-white little beast.

This little beast seemed to have an affinity with fire, so this medicinal pill would bring about great benefits for her. She did not refuse, and immediately consumed it. Following this, Xiao Yun asked the little fellow if she had anymore medicinal ingredients, because he thought it was too much of a waste not to refine them into medicinal pills. Only by refining them into pills would a medicinal ingredient’s full effects be released.


Yiyi gave a pure smile and took out a pile of medicinal ingredients from the little cauldron.

“Did you clear out the Imperial Clan’s gardens?” Xiao Yun stared – there were 20 or so medicinal ingredients in that pile. How come the Imperial Clan’s people did not catch it before it stole so many medicinal ingredients?

What Xiao Yun did not know was that Emperor Feng had long since found out about this. However, not only was he okay with this, but he even told the guards to allow this little fellow to do as she wished.

Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, she looked quite embarrassed, as if she knew that what she had done was not very admirable.

“How about this – I’ll drink some more Fire vital essence so I can condense another dewdrop, and I’ll refine a medicinal pill with that for you,” Xiao Yun said to the little fellow after thinking for a while. Yiyi nodded as soon as she heard about the dewdrop. Her eyes lit up and she threw away the little cauldron, leaping into Xiao Yun’s arms and continuously using her head to rub against him.

This caused Xiao Yun to feel quite amused, and he felt a warmth within his heart.

Xiao Yun consumed quite a lot of Fire vital essence, and mist had now appeared above both Fire leaves on his Martial Spirit, but they did not condense any dewdrops. There were still two days until dewdrops could be condensed again, so he could only go to the Essence-Gathering Formation to cultivate while he waited.

After a few days had passed, much Essence Qi had gathered within the formation. Xiao Yun continuously absorbed the Essence Qi, with his Martial Spirit taking most of it. Despite absorbing so much Essence Qi, his body still showed no signs of entering the True Essence realm – his Martial Spirit simply demanded too much Essence Qi. Fortunately, his Martial Spirit had various uses, so Xiao Yun did not feel too displeased.

Two days later, Xiao Yun drank some more Fire vital essence, finally condensing two Fire dewdrops. With these dewdrops, Xiao Yun began to refine pills to help the little snow-white beast become stronger.

There were many pill recipes for Fire Essence Pills, and all of them required medicinal ingredients with Fire Essence Qi. The rarer medicinal ingredients had better effects, so with the medicinal ingredients that Yiyi had taken from the Imperial Palace’s gardens, as well as a Fire dewdrop, Xiao Yun managed to refine a high-quality Fire Essence Pill filled with the aura of life.


Seeing this medicinal pill, the snow-white little beast’s eyes lit up, revealing an extremely passionate look. She continuously blinked at Xiao Yun, evidently desiring this medicinal pill. However, she knew her manners, and even though she greatly wanted it, she knew that she had to ask for it first.

“Here you go.” Xiao Yun handed the medicinal pill to the little beast.

The little fellow’s eyes narrowed in an extremely sweet and wide smile. Following this, she immediately consumed the medicinal pill.

The pill seemed to have miraculous effects, and just as she consumed it, Yiyi’s fur shone with light. Following this, she closed her eyes. Xiao Yun wasn’t sure if she was just enjoying the feeling or if she had lapsed into a wondrous state. Mysterious ripples began to come out from her body, greatly startling Xiao Yun.

“She’s going to break through?” Xiao Yun stared at the little snow-white beast. This medicinal pill’s effects had greatly exceeded Xiao Yun’s expectations.

The little snow-white beast remained in this state, and the mysterious ripples began to disappear. However, a red light appeared around her body and turned into a ring that covered her, as if a wondrous change was about to happen.

A day passed, but Yiyi continued sleeping, and runes started to appear within the red light.

“Looks like this little fellow’s about to go through some sort of metamorphosis,” Xiao Yun thought before bringing the little fellow into the Heaven-Devouring Tower and allowing her to go through her transformation within. That way, he would not have to worry about her, and could watch over her.

“I should also increase my own strength.” Xiao Yun looked around himself and gazed at the middle of the Heavenly Phoenix Ridge. There seemed to be some mysterious ripples coming over there, and Feng Yu Yao seemed to have mentioned that there was a legacy left by the Feng Imperial Clan’s ancestor.

Xiao Yun walked over and came to the middle of the mountain. There was a gigantic open area here, with a stone stele in the middle. The stele was hundreds of metres tall, and seemed to pierce through the clouds. It was shrouded with fog, giving off a boundless aura.

Xiao Yun stopped walking quite far away. The massive pressure was almost impossible to endure, and he felt that if he took another step forwards, his body’s blood vessels would explode. This monstrous aura caused his heart to tremble and he couldn’t help but look up.

Engraved on this stone stele were four large characters, and the boundless aura was coming from them: Nine Heavens Phoenix Dance!

Xiao Yun examined the characters closely and read them out loud.

“This is a stone stele left behind by the Feng Imperial Clan’s ancestor?” Xiao Yun looked at the stele in surprise.

Previously, Feng Yu Yao had told him that this was a forbidden area, and not just anyone could come here.

Xiao Yun also remembered that Feng Yu Yao said that he might find a great opportunity here.

“Could she have meant this stone stele?” Xiao Yun thought as he tried to walk closer.


When Xiao Yun came another few metres closer, the stele shone with light. A great repulsive force came out from the stele, trying to stop him from advancing.

“There’s a Restriction?” Xiao Yun frowned. He could clearly feel that the stone stele was resisting him. Perhaps it was because he was not someone from the Imperial Clan.

Xiao Yun tried to send his spirit energy out, but it was also resisted and jolted back.

There was also a wall of formless runes, preventing anyone from looking at it. The more mysterious this stele seemed, the more interested Xiao Yun became in it.

“I just don’t believe that I can’t come close to you!” A determined look appeared within Xiao Yun’s eyes as he struggled forwards.

With every step he took, Xiao Yun felt his body becoming unimaginably heavier, and even the ground started to shake.

The pressure from the stele was simply too great; it even caused his blood to toss and turn.


The Heaven-Devouring Tower suddenly trembled and throbbed.

“It’s those formation flags.” Xiao Yun sent his senses into the Heaven-Devouring Tower and found that it was those four formation flags that were trembling.

Xiao Yun could vaguely feel the pressure in front of him slowly decrease. These were the four formation flags he had taken from the Ninth Prince, and Emperor Feng had not asked him to return them. Now, the formation flags seemed to be reacting to the stele, dispelling the sense of pressure.

Xiao Yun walked forwards, no longer feeling any resistance from the stele.

“This stone stele is quite mysterious; I want to see just what sort of secrets it possesses,” Xiao Yun said as he walked over and looked up at it.

There were some praying mats around the stone stele, which could be used to sit cross-legged on.

Xiao Yun did not hesitate and sat down, trying to comprehend the profoundness of this stone stele.

Since this place was designated to be a forbidden area, it definitely had some amazing aspects.

Looking at the stele, Xiao Yun could feel how majestic its aura was, making it seem eminent and unapproachable. Upon a closer look, the four characters engraved on it seemed incredibly flamboyant and bold, and contained a terrifying aura.

“Are these characters alive?” Xiao Yun felt quite shocked. He felt as if the large characters were moving around. Following this, the four large characters flashed with light, and seemed as if they were phoenixes that wished to dance in the Nine Heavens.

That was all Xiao Yun could sense, and he could not seem to make any progress. What he could sense could only shock him and broaden his horizons, but could not bring him any real benefits.

“Looks like I won’t be able to comprehend any of its profoundness by merely using my eyes,” Xiao Yun muttered as he closed his eyes. He gathered his thoughts, using his mind to inspect the large stone stele, hoping to comprehend even a trace of its mysteries.

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