Era of Disaster

Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Madness

When Bai Yi wanted to use another Wind Mist Sword: Break: Great Shockwave, Cook, and Valeria appeared again to hinder him. In the end, the strike didn’t manage to destroy the building. The moment Bai Yi was ready to kill the two of them, Cook dragged Valeria and ran away again. After a few times, a kind of brutal fury rose in Bai Yi’s eyes. However, before Bai Yi could kill the two of them, he realized that there were five more people flying toward them.

“We have to leave!” Bai Yi frowned.

Bai Yi immediately grabbed Momo and flew away. He chose not to stay there because he was still very rational now. He wasn’t afraid of the increasing number of enemies, but he was afraid of there being a gap. If there was a gap, both Momo and Alodia would be in great danger. Furthermore, with so many people coming here, there wasn’t much use staying here any longer.

The most important thing now was to gather all those who still retained their rationality.

“Should we chase them?”

“I’m not going. The higher-ups only told us to protect this place. I’m not going to seek trouble for myself,” the other guy shook his head.


Bai Yi took a deep breath and shouted as he flew through the air, “I am Bai Yi! The United Nations wants to turn this place into a new man-made underworld, and there are neuro-stimulants in the air! All those who still have control over yourselves, stop now if you don’t want to die without even knowing why!”

Bai Yi’s voice shook as it transmitted a long distance through the air. He pulsed his special energy through the air so that it filled people’s ears.

“Everybody protect Bellamy, Nancy, and the other Medicinal Makers. They are our last hope!” Bai Yi’s voice continued to radiate through the air.

Five Senses Simulation: Sound Control!

The people below him could only hear Bai Yi’s voice ringing in their ears. They couldn’t even hear their own shouts anymore. Even those who were about to completely go berserk suddenly regained a trace of clarity at that moment.

Bai Yi left the area quickly. Although his voice could spread very far through his air control, his life field only had a range of roughly one kilometer. He didn’t know how big the city was, so Bai Yi continued to repeat himself as he traveled. There weren’t many people who regained their consciousness, but there were a few. After they had stopped their battles, they watched Bai Yi fly away as they panted in exhaustion and thought about the meaning behind Bai Yi’s words.

As Bai Yi flew across the city, Truman’s team, Rose’s team, Lucretia’s team, Bai Yi’s team, and the teams belonging to the United Nations all heard Bai Yi’s shout. Those who had fallen into intense battles became stunned when they heard Bai Yi’s voice and watched his figure flying through the sky.

What did Bai Yi’s words mean?

Bai Yi’s words meant exactly what they sounded like. Anybody would have realized the strangeness of the city’s current activity. All those who still retained their rationality stopped the pointless fighting and pondered hard while panting heavily. Soon after, all of them headed toward Bai Yi’s location.

At this time, Truman grabbed hold of Betsy and looked at Bellamy opposite him. Although Betsy had already gone berserk, the difference in strength between them allowed him to catch her. As he did so, Bai Yi’s voice came from the sky. Truman panted lightly, looked at Betsy in his arms and then at Bellamy.

“You're Bellamy? Why did Bai Yi say that we must protect you and Nancy?” Truman asked. Bellamy didn’t reply. Why would she reply to an enemy’s question whom she had been fighting a moment ago?

“Bastard, answer me! I only bothered asking because I believe in Bai Yi!” Truman roared in frenzied anger.

Truman chose to believe in Bai Yi because of the upright, honest, and calm impression that Bai Yi had given them! If not for Bai Yi’s demeanor, Bai Yi would never have amassed such prestige among the evolved humans. Although Truman believed in Bai Yi, he still felt indignant about the gap between him and Bai Yi. Even though he had considered them enemies a moment ago, he could still believe in Bai Yi. What else could he call it if not a huge gap?

Bellamy was in a sorry state but still stood upright, “Because I can expel any abnormal substance or energy inside a person’s body.”

“Expel any abnormal substance or energy?” Truman repeated.

“Come over and help me first!” Truman said to Bellamy opposite him. Bellamy didn’t move and Truman added, “Don’t you find that Bai Yi’s voice is strange? His voice is clearly already hoarse, are you going to waste his efforts just because of your wariness toward me?”

Bellamy nodded, “Fine!”


Rose heard Bai Yi’s shout and looked towards the sky to find him, but Bai Yi’s figure had already disappeared into the distance. Should she continue to seek revenge on Bai Yi or believe his words?

Suddenly, a figure ran out into the streets and rolled twice across the ground. An explosion went off right behind her and the shockwave made their clothes float for a moment.


Rose squinted at the woman.

Isn’t that the Nancy that Bai Yi talked about? Rose’s teammates looked at her and waited for her decision.

Rose raised her right hand, waved it down fiercely, and a huge water dragon charged toward Nancy.


The clear water dragon instantly absorbed Nancy inside itself and raised its head. The water dragon then swung its tail and smacked the few people who pursued Nancy away. At this time, Rose stood on top of the water dragon’s head and looked down at the pursuers.

Rose’s voice had a deep sense of indignation to it, but it carried no hesitation in it, “Protect Nancy!”

“Take me back to my residence. I already figured out the composition of the antidote, but I don’t have enough materials,” Nancy said.

Nancy didn’t know about the conflict between Rose and Bai Yi. Of course, even if she knew, she would make the same request anyway.


After an unknown number of repetitions, Bai Yi’s voice started to get hoarse, and unknowingly, he finally returned to the city center again. This time, there were three people blocking Bai Yi’s path.


Bai Yi looked at these few people and panted silently. Excitement and agitation flashed in his eyes although he tried to suppress it. Bai Yi knew that the drug in the air was having an effect on him, but he couldn’t suppress it even though he knew. It was just like when people who didn’t know about the power of certain narcotic drugs or medicine didn’t initially think much of them, but when they were actually affected by them, they knew that it wasn’t something that could be resisted with willpower alone.

“It’s useless. Your actions won’t do anything,” the leading man said.

“There are always things that must be done,” Bai Yi said as he placed his right index finger on the center of the sleeping Alodia’s brows.


A ripple spread from Bai Yi’s fingertips and Alodia’s eyelids twitched as if her eyes were about to open. Bai Yi waved his right hand and sent Alodia to the battlefield below before she truly woke up. There were countless people who had lost their rationality long ago and were killing each other in a frenzy. When Alodia opened her eyes, she was in the center of the group.

A violent chaos and madness raged in Alodia’s eyes, and her expression was twisted and sinister. Just as Bai Yi guessed, hypnotizing Alodia into a deep sleep suppressed the urges but also made the stimulants accumulate inside her so that they had a greater effect. The moment she saw a moving human, Alodia ferociously pounced and pressed down with both her hands.

Crystal Thorn Forest!

Countless crystallized rock spikes sprung up through the ground and into the bodies of all those around her. Before anybody could struggle and free themselves from the crystal spikes, their bodies began to crystallize from their wounds.

“She has already lost her mind. Aren’t you going to protect her?”

“I don’t have the capacity to protect Alodia now, and losing her mind is still safer than being in a deep sleep. Even if she kills without reason or mind, I believe that she will be able to survive to the end with her own strength,” Bai Yi said seriously. His voice was obviously hoarse from using Five Senses Simulation: Voice Control and shouting through the sky for a long time. The act had not only consumed his special energy but also took a toll on his throat.

Bai Yi’s eyes spun slowly since he had already entered the highest level of the Reverse Flower Eyes.

While Bai Yi was speaking, a huge black curtain of light appeared behind Momo. Countless floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew out from the White Underworld behind her and danced around the entire battlefield. At this moment, Momo watched at the mass of people gathering from all over the city to their location. Her eyes changed, and her hair completely turned to a silvery white color – White Underworld Princess!


Bai Yi and Momo both entered a murderous state, and the killing intent that exploded in that instant made everybody take a step backward. There wasn’t any so-called ‘foreplay.’ The battle had entered its climax the moment it started, and any slight carelessness would result in death.

The massacre and fighting couldn’t be stopped anymore!

A violent and fierce hurricane rose in the city center for no reason. Anybody sucked inside the hurricane was torn to shreds in a few short moments. As for Momo, countless floating souls and Spirit Devouring Butterflies flew out every time she waved her hand. Her attacks were magnificent and beautiful yet extremely deadly. As time passed, the drug's influence on their actions grew, and their battle style became even brasher without any hint of holding back.

By the end, practically everybody fell into a mindless fighting and slaughter, including Bai Yi and Momo, and everybody learned just how powerful Bai Yi and Momo were when they really slaughtered without holding back. It wasn’t the simple power of a perfectly Blossomed LV3, and the other countries finally understood why China wanted to pull Bai Yi to its side.

Bai Yi’s eyes spun and controlled his opponent’s vision. He grabbed the leader’s neck, and with a flap of his wings made out of wind, he crashed brutally into the ground with the leader.


Violent and chaotic wind blades tore through the surroundings and ripped it apart. The man Bai Yi held by the throat was torn apart by countless wind blades and turned into a magnificent red blossoming flower on the shattered ground. Bai Yi’s fist continuously smashed the corpse below him and turned it into fresh blood and meat paste. Bai Yi opened his mouth wide.

“HAHAHAHA~!” Bai Yi’s hoarse voice laughed maniacally. He had completely lost his mind.

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