Era of Disaster

Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Changes

“Curious about our strength?” Woolf asked solemnly after hearing their conversation.

Woolf and Melvin heard their conversation after knocking away the metal plates. Truthfully speaking, both Woolf and Melvin were slightly excited, but they could still think rationally. Of course, one couldn’t expect Woolf to be able to think much. The most he could figure out was the meaning of his opponents’ words.

“En!” The young girl nodded softly.

The girl then raised her right hand. Apparently, she didn’t like to talk much. Right after Woolf and Melvin raised their guards, two dark green metal plates spun and shot out. It was completely different from the testing attack earlier. Woolf and Melvin felt the pressure of the metal plates the moment they started spinning.

Solid: Metallization Energy!

Woolf’s muscles bulged and sent his fist flying at the metal plate brutally.


Woolf felt the unimaginably strong force behind the metal plate. Melvin jumped to the side swiftly and sent a dark red flame flashing past the side of the metal plate from his fingertip. Although it was very heavy, Woolf swung his left arm and knocked away the metal plate. With two successive Flash Steps, Woolf closed the distance between him and the little girl. Multiple ‘clang!’s rang, and after knocking away more than ten metal plates, he finally aimed his fist at the girl.


The heavy and dull sound of impact rang out, and everybody felt like their eardrums were going to rupture. Woolf’s hard punch stopped right in front of the girl’s face. More than ten metal plates overlapped together and formed a firm shield in front of her. The metal plates looked as though they were made of bronze, but nobody knew what kind of metal they actually were. The shield didn’t dent at all even from Woolf’s powerful punch.

Heh~! Woolf’s lips cracked open into an excited grin, and he continued to punch the metal shield with hard blows. Woolf completely ignored the spinning metal plates headed for him, and they didn’t leave a single mark on his body.


The girl took a step back with each of Woolf’s punches. The metal shield shook violently with every blow and finally shattered into pieces under one intense punch.


The shield of overlapping metal plates split apart and turned back into separate metal plates. The girl skipped a few steps back and floated in the air by standing on one of the metal plates. Woolf raised his head and looked at the young girl in the air. A look of excitement and mania flashed in his eyes. Melvin stopped the other man. After spending so much time with Bai Yi and the rest, they weren’t scared at all even if they knew their opponents were LV3.

“Hey, hey, don’t look for me! It’s just Little Qing Qiao who wants to fight you guys!” The man explained with a smile on his face.

“What if she falls into danger?”

“How is that possible?”

“What you mean is that the girl will definitely gain the upper hand, and you just have to watch on from the sides. You can fight if you feel like it, but if you don’t feel like fighting, you can just leave whenever you want to, right?”

Melvin took out a cigarette, lit it with his finger, and took a breath. Melvin opened his right hand and a dark red flame appeared over his hand. As the two people with the fire attribute on the team, Melvin and Betsy sparred with each other frequently and learned from each other. Hence, their battle styles were quite similar, and they both fought barehanded.

His black fingerless gloves were made from special materials. Although they weren’t thick, they were very durable and could bring out the full power of his flames. The man saw what Melvin was like now and knew that he had underestimated both Woolf and Melvin.

Melvin took a breath of his cigarette, drew a long, dark red line through the air, disappeared from his original position, and flashed through space.

Flash Step!


Nancy became extremely wary the moment she discovered the neuro-stimulants in the air. Although she didn’t know what the exact effects of these chemicals were, they were definitely not anything good. Nancy looked at one of the most berserk people with decent strength and narrowed her eyes. She slid out her scalpels, and after a few rapid spins, Nancy stabbed the scalpels into the man’s spinal cord and sealed his movements with her water healing energy.

Completely ignoring his struggling, Nancy carried the man inside a house nearby. After bringing him inside, Nancy took out a few simple test tubes from her little medicinal pouch and extracted the man’s blood to test for the effects and composition of the neuro-stimulants.

Nancy moved very efficiently. Although she only had simple resources available to her, she had lived on the Devil Isles for a long time and had prepared for many contingencies. Ignoring the battles happening all over the place, Nancy started experimenting and tried to find the antidote to the chemicals. Nancy didn’t know who was behind this or what objective they had, but it was very apparent that it wasn’t a good thing. In truth, even Nancy herself felt a sense of restlessness. However, because she encountered many different chemicals regularly, she had a very high resistance to drugs.

Nancy put down the ten test tubes in her hands. They were the crude selections she had made so far. Footsteps of two people came from outside.

“You guys are here!” Nancy turned around.

“Eh?” The two people outside had some puzzlement in their eyes.

“There’s definitely a mastermind behind this incident in Tasmania. I don’t know who you guys are, but it’s obvious that the masterminds wouldn’t let you guys be affected by these drugs in the air as well, so is the antidote on you?” Nancy looked at the two of them and asked with a smile.

“Oh? You knew that we would come and find you, so you planned to get the antidote from us?”

“Exactly my plan!”

One of the men started laughing, “Hahahaha! Let’s put aside how you can’t possibly win against us alone for now. Even if you managed to defeat us, you wouldn’t be able to get the antidote either because there isn’t such a thing on us.”

After they discovered that Nancy was concocting an antidote from the surveillance cameras all over the city, they were somewhat worried even if they knew that she couldn’t possibly create the antidote so quickly. Medicinal Makers, especially Medicinal Makers that came from the Devil Isles, couldn’t be gauged by common sense standards.

“No. It was already enough the moment you guys stepped in here,” Nancy said and widened her eyes slightly. Nancy smiled at the two of them. “There had never been a finished drug found on the Devil Isles. What I’m most proficient in is extracting the useful compounds from within a lifeform’s body. It doesn’t matter if you guys don’t have the antidote on you, it just has to exist inside your body. You guys definitely took the antidote before coming here, right?”


The two of them were stunned and immediately charged at her. However, both of them collapsed onto the ground after just one step.

“I am a Medicinal Maker. You guys should have been on guard the moment you got near me. Any environment that you encounter might not be completely safe, you know? Of course, you guys won’t be able to discover that anyway,” Nancy said as she slowly squatted down and dragged the two of them inside. Then, she extracted their bodily fluids and started experimenting again. The experiment wasn’t much different from a live dissection, so the two of them had to grit their teeth and bear the intense pain.

Although they were in great pain, they still tried to threaten her, “Our men will come very soon; you won’t be able to develop anything!”

“You guys took eleven minutes to arrive after I entered this room and started experimenting. Apparently, you guys have a way to monitor everything that’s happening in the city. But it would take at least eleven minutes for the next batch of people to come, am I right?” Nancy said calmly as she focused her attention on a diluted reagent bottle.

“Eleven minutes-- you can’t possibly develop anything.”

“Many things on the Devil Isles are fatal within a matter of minutes. Being able to develop an antidote quickly is the most fundamental quality of a qualified Medicinal Maker. Moreover, you guys have the antidote in your bodies.”

Nancy turned her head and placed the reagent bottle in front of their eyes. A layer of glossy substance floated on top of the solution inside. It was thin but noticeable. The two of them looked at the reagent bottle in utter disbelief over how Nancy managed to get to this point through those simple steps.


There was a huge plaza at the center of the city, and a huge lush tree grew in the middle of it. The plaza had once been a serene and peaceful place, but now, it was filled with many bloody battles. Countless people congregated in this place, fought and slaughtered each other for no reason. The bloodthirst of battle, the smell of blood, and the mysterious stimulant in the air made all of them unable to think clearly.

Bai Yi carried Alodia and stopped on the roof of a building with Momo.

Countless people slaughtered each other maniacally in the plaza below, and death and madness became the theme of the night. Many people died every second, but even more people continued to gather in the plaza from all over the city. It was almost as if they rushed to this place so that they could fight and die here. Bai Yi didn’t understand what had happened to this world. How did it become like this?

“Where’s Uncle Woolf and the rest?” Momo asked.

“I don’t know!” Bai Yi shook his head.

At this moment, Alodia suddenly opened her eyes in Bai Yi’s arms, immediately placed her hands on Bai Yi’s body, and used her crystallization energy. Bai Yi hugged Alodia tightly. Her feverish body didn’t distract Bai Yi. On the contrary, he felt incomparably terrible. The smell of fresh blood apparently deepened the effects of the neuro-stimulants in the air, since it woke Alodia from her deep sleep.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

After making Alodia fall asleep again, Bai Yi frowned.

“It can’t be suppressed anymore?” Momo asked in doubt.

“En, this isn’t the Brutal Stage after all when we only needed to sleep to adjust ourselves. This is due to the drugs in the air. As long as the effects of the drugs aren’t resolved, it isn’t possible to recover from this state. I’m more worried if the eruption later will be even more intense if she’s kept suppressed for a long time,” Bai Yi explained. “We need to find Bellamy or Nancy!”

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