Epoch of Twilight

Chapter 531

Chapter 531 - Superluminal Speed

Luo Yuan started to cut through space.

The space that he was removing was even bigger than before and the speed had been increased as well but was not actually a cut. It seemed like a small balloon being squeezed out of a big balloon through the warping of space. There was no difficulty in merging the two small spaces at all.

The miniaturized universe was independent of the big universe as they had a different dimension. Once they had the same dimension they would be instantly integrated into one.

Luo Yuan did not hurry back to the spaceship. He stayed in outer space and continued his efforts. It was done effectively and mechanically. A miniaturized universe that had a diameter of about five kilometers was being compressed into a sphere every five seconds.

As time passed, he could do it more efficiently as he had gotten used to it.

The dark energy spread all over his body and each of his cells was glowing. The higher dimensional energy seemed to possess a mysterious power, not only had his power increased significantly but it was also constantly replenished and was thus, never-ending.

The miniaturized universe within the space sphere gradually grew.

Two kilometers in diameter…

10 kilometers in diameter…

50 kilometers in diameter…

Suddenly, Luo Yuan heard something calling him. He tilted his head and stopped as he was curious. It was not a sound as there would not be any sound coming from space and of course, it was not an illusion either. Ever since he could focus his Will, illusions could no longer affect him. It was a spiritual sense!

The universe was filled with countless quantum fluctuations. However, most of those fluctuations were meaningless and Luo Yuan paid no attention to them. His subconsciousness was only concerned about the changes that occurred within him.

Luo Yuan listened to it carefully but he heard nothing. It sounded vague, drifting inconsistently. It was akin to radio signals that were severely interfered and so he couldn’t hear anything.

"It's probably because Chen Xinjie has just realized that he had disappeared!" He suddenly understood that.

Luo Yuan was agitated. Chen Xinjie was one of the people that could affect his emotions. Regardless of how rational he was, he did not completely lose his feelings. It was only because his rationality had suppressed his emotions.

He calculated the time through his memory. He then realized that he had been there for five days.

He did a quick scan of the miniaturized universe within the space sphere, he muttered, "It should be big enough. It's time to go back."

The diameter of the miniaturized universe inside the sphere had reached 300 kilometers. With such a big space, the miniaturized universe would definitely be able to hold tens of thousands of motherships.

However, it had not reached the maximum capacity of the space sphere yet. The miniaturized universe was not even approaching its boundary. The space was being held tightly. It was so calm, resembling a still lake.

He quickly scanned the stars around him. Thousands of trajectory paths and traveling speeds that were hundreds of light-years away from the galaxy immediately appeared inside his mind. Their positions were adjusted rapidly during this calculation. After one millisecond, a complete star atlas appeared in his mind, gradually changing as time passed.

He detected the exact position of the spaceship. The next moment, the space surrounding him was being stirred. In an instant, his body started to move forward.

After one second, his speed had reached 10 kilometers per second.

He accelerated and he had reached the speed of light in less than three minutes. The view around him became blurred and he could hardly see scenes in front of him!

He could only see a beam of light, an endless light.

Thanks to Luo Yuan's four-dimensional vision, using the four-dimensional world as reference, he reset the coordinates and he need not worry about him getting lost.

One time the speed of light…

Twice the speed of light…

Five times the speed of light…

He was still increasing his speed.

In fact, Luo Yuan made a big mistake in the calculations of his traveling speed in the space-time bubble. He calculated his speed assuming that everything else happened under normal conditions. However, he did not take into consideration if he was in the state of transcendence. There was a huge difference between these two states.

Although Luo Yuan carried the space sphere that weighed more than 20 tons, his speed was still beyond what he had calculated previously.

10 minutes later, his speed had reached 10 times the speed of light.

Did photons have mass?

Based on human technological understanding, the energy in photons did not have any mass. Perhaps this was the reason why particles could move freely in the space-time bubble. However, Luo Yuan could now declare that photons that traveled at a speed faster than the speed of light would have mass.

Right at that moment, in the dark space, weak beams of lights that were negligible under normal circumstances struck Luo Yuan's body crazily at a speed 10 times faster than the speed of light. He could feel the pain as if his body was being flattened. He felt like he was carrying a thick steel board while traveling at a fast speed, during the same time his body was releasing a beam of light that was 10,000 times brighter than sunlight.

The temperature associated with light of such brightness was more than millions of times higher.

Luo Yuan believed that if he was not in the state of transcendence, be it his strength or defense having reached an incredible level, his body would have completely vaporized at such a high temperature.

The clothes that were made of the skin of an interstellar creature had disappeared when he was traveling at the speed that was one time faster than the speed of light. The space sphere was perfectly fine as it had been compressed more than 30,000 times.

At that very moment, he could finally maintain his speed. He did not accelerate at an insane speed anymore, maintaining at a speed that was 15 times faster than the speed of light.

Luo Yuan could feel his body burning. However, when he touched his chest, he was not injured. The power of being in the state of transcendence was indeed incredible.

The system he had at the beginning suddenly appeared again in his mind, evaluating his four-dimensional body.

"Being a part four-dimensional being, you are approaching the limit of the three-dimensional physics. Three-dimensional creatures can hardly kill you. Soon, the high temperatures in stars would just feel like a big bathtub to you.

This was exactly the state described by the system!

He had to admit that the advanced civilization indeed had a thorough understanding of part four-dimensional beings as well as four-dimensional beings.

However, Luo Yuan still felt that the description was unbelievable.

The limit of three-dimensional physics indicated that such existence was unconquerable and could not be killed. Be it immense strength, terrifying physical attacks or even the release of thousands of beams of gamma rays that were associated with solar energy, these creatures would render their effects useless. Perhaps such attacks could only cause damage to the outermost layer of such creature's skin.

Their tolerance limits to energy in the three-dimensional universe were crazy. At the very least, the limit was still far beyond than what gamma rays could emit. It was powerful to such an extent that some of the stars in the universe could be moved freely by them.

If all these were true, even with Luo Yuan's ability to think, he could not imagine what the super civilization owned, having the guts to defend against the four-dimensional creatures. At least, it could easily kill Luo Yuan who was only a part four-dimensional being.

He was alert and aware of the advanced civilization. Although the system was banished to the four-dimensional world, it was not absolutely safe. It was highly possible that such a chip-like product was equipped with the function of tracking the user's position as well as recording a message history.

If the super civilization reconnected with the system, the information would be retrieved.

Humans' and his whereabouts would then be discovered.

Escaping to another star that was a few light-years away might work if they were facing the Glassian civilization. However, they might be easily discovered by this advanced civilization. It was a hidden threat.

Encountering such an unconquerable civilization, Luo Yuan could only deal with it when the time came.

Glancing at the space sphere on his hand, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.