Empire of the Ring (RSS)


Action, Fantasy, Korean

Author: East person (동쪽사람)

Status: 626 chapters (ongoing)

Translator: Happyvirus

Editor: Views


Lee Youngho was just an ordinary salesman. He owned a small company with a friend in South Korea. When he heard rumors that South Korean electronics were selling well in the Eurasia region, he decided to move there. He knew there was a disputed territory in the region, but he didn't care. His idea, of course, was to make more money.

It didn't seem to matter at all why he had come to the region since he soon found himself involved in events beyond his control. His plan to devote himself to only making money was completely destroyed.

Somehow though, he manages to make more connections than he could've anticipated because of the events and his business is doing well. However, he still finds himself involved in situations that are hard to handle and leave him worrying.

It seems he’ll never be able to make money in peace.