Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 176: Rewards and Punishment (1)

Sang-hoon told his employees to go home as he was going to drink with Kang-jun today. 

It was a normal occurrence for the employees working there. 

Moreover, they still received their salary. Where was there such a good job in this world? 


Someone came in the door. They were guests, but Sang-hoon waved his hand. 

“Business isn’t open today. Come next time!” 

“Ah, again?” 

“Boss-nim! Please!” 

"Just one meal please.” 

Sang-hoon frowned. They were college students who came often. 

"You guys again? You’re loud, so go somewhere else.” 

"How about we take care of cooking it ourselves?” 

“Hoho! Great Boss-nim~!” 

“Please, please. We’ll eat quietly.” 

Sang-hoon kept frowning, but he brought over 10 servings of pork belly. 

"Sheesh, such a bother. At least you know how to have delicious meat. Anyway, this should be enough. Eat it quietly.” 

“Wah~! Boss-nim is the best!” 

"Wuhahaha! Thank you, Boss-nim.” 

The policy of this shop was that the owner, not the guests, was king. 

It was open for business only when the owner wanted it to be. 

Of course, he wasn’t unkind. 

Even the customers needed to be polite to the boss. 

Once again, the owner of the meat house was king, so any guests he didn’t like would be removed immediately. 

However, the customers kept coming back because the meat was really good. 

Although it wasn’t certain, there were rumours that those who ate the meat here would become healthier. 

It was because Sang-hoon sprinkled some of the finest restorative ingredients on top of the meat. 

Those who ate the meat often might miraculously have their cancer cured, but he didn’t do it intentionally. 

It was just a little consideration for the guests who came to this meat house. 

Kang-jun asked suddenly, 

"Do you like it here?” 

“Of course. It is a million times better than keeping the destruction beings from destroying Pavalia Station.” 

Sang-hoon had decided to live on Earth until it was destroyed. 

It wouldn’t be destroyed easily because he was a strong being who loved Earth. There was also Kang-jun in the background. 

“Will you keep this pork belly house open?” 

"I’ll probably do something else after a decade or so. I’ll start with a chicken house before moving to a duck shop.” 

"You sure eat well.” 

"Isn’t eating the best? Huhu, there are so many things to eat such as ham hocks and soondae.” 

The dream of Sang-hoon, the dragon, was to open restaurants of all different kinds of meat. 

As Kang-jun was eating meat with Sang-hoon, a familiar person came by

“What? If you were going to do this, you should have called me. Why are the two of you eating alone?” 

It was Keljark, the top demon king who had become synonymous with fear in Pavalia Station. 

Of course, she was now Kim Ji-eun of South Korea. 

Her appearance was a typical, homely style as most of her charm as a demon was hidden. 

She did this because she didn’t want to attract attention from human males. She was tired of the troublesome people who clung to her every day. 

Sang-hoon laughed. 

"Kang-jun just appeared suddenly. I didn’t get a chance to call.” 

Kang-jun laughed. 

Welcome, Keljark no, Kim Ji-eun.” 

"Hehe, I really feel like I am Korean after hearing Kang-jun call me that. Shall we have a drink?” 

Ji-eun seemed to be in a good mood as she sat in front of the fire and drank soju. 

How many drinks did they have? 

Suddenly, the door of the store opened and somebody came in. 

It was a woman in a suit with the slim body of a model. 

She was also someone familiar to Kang-jun. 

It was Jang Seo-yeon  Sovereign Avia who was part of Kang-jun’s sovereign alliance. 

After Kang-jun became the absolute sovereign of Earth Hwanmong, it had been meaningless to be in an alliance. 

“What is going on?” 

"I tried to contact the Delta building and was told I would find you here.” 

Jang Seo-yeon said respectfully. 

Of course, she didn’t know that Kang-jun’s abilities had gone beyond transcendent. However, Kang-jun was the absolute sovereign of Hwanmong, so he was an extremely honourable figure to her. 

“If you have something to say, you can call me anytime.” 

Then Jang Seo-yeon’s eyes shone. 

"It is important that I talk to you personally. This is based on the contents from a meeting with the sovereigns.” 

"Then tell me.” 

Sang-hoon opened a transparent membrane to block sound waves so that the other guests couldn’t hear. 

"Recently, the dictators and corrupt politicians retired suddenly. So, the sovereigns decided that we would join forces to make Earth a good place to live. We want to make problems such as war and hunger disappear. 

"That is a pretty good idea.” 

“We can do it thanks to Lucan being the absolute sovereign.” 

It was true. Due to the fact that Kang-jun was absolutely strong, the sovereigns were willing to put down their own greed. 

In fact, they didn’t know that the retirement of the corrupt politicians on Earth had been caused by Kim Ji-eun. 

Although the sovereigns had already taken control of most of the local real estate, they still wanted to make Earth a better place to live. 

Jang Seo-yeon continued, 

"I also received information that external beings are aiming for the planet. 

In fact, at the time when all of Kang-jun’s household members were dragged to the Celestial World, the minions of the demonic gods had been aiming for Earth for a while. 

A massive UFO army had appeared before Earth. 

It had only been for a moment before it vanished, but those who had known about it had been scared and panicked. 

However, most people didn't know. After that, Kiradak of the Vellas Planet had destroyed them immediately. 

Jang Seo-yeon was spooked because she didn’t know this. 

"In conclusion, to stabilize the planet and prepare for extraterrestrial raids, we need a unified government to control the entire planet.” 

"So, what do you want from me?" 

"We want you to take charge of the secret unified government. Of course, the secret government will control and defend Earth, so the ordinary people won’t know about it.” 

Kang-jun laughed. The head of a secret government! It meant being the guardian of Earth. 

He was already doing that. 

However, this was a very serious problem for the sovereigns like Jang Seo-yeon. 

Moreover, it was natural to think of Kang-jun for the role. 

All the sovereigns would accept and follow him. 

If someone other than Kang-jun was in that position, then different opinions would surely appear. 

Kang-jun nodded. It would avoid any trouble. 

Additionally, it wasn’t particularly bothersome. There was no need to do it himself and he could lead it to competent people. 

“I will do so.” 

Jang Seo-yeon’s complexion brightened when Kang-jun accepted the position. 

“Really? I was worried that you would reject.” 

"I will let my secretary and agent handle things.” 


“Lawyer Han Yeon-soo.” 

Han Yeon-soo was an awakened dragon. 

Jang Seo-yeon knew her as well. 

Han Yeon-soo knew of her as just a lawyer belonging to the Black Dragon Law Firm. 

There was no sovereign who didn’t know about the Black Dragon Law Firm that was in charge of paying rewards and collecting fines. 

However, they had never imagined the boss of the law firm was Han Yeon-soo. Additionally, that she was a member of Kang-jun’s household and that she had already taken control of Earth. 

If he left it to Han Yeon-soo, she would be able to solve war and hunger. 

She hadn’t done so already because she had tried not to interfere with Earth. 

Kang-jun smiled towards Sang-hoon and Ji-eun and said,

"You two should heloften as well. I don’t have a lot of time.” 

“Of course. Don’t worry about such things.” 

"I already planned to do so.” 

If both transcendents helped Han Yeon-soo, then Earth would soon change into a really good place to live. 

However, Jang Seo-yeon was nervous since she didn’t know Sang-hoon and Ji-eun. 

Kang-jun smiled at her. 

“Then come sit down. Let’s eat meat.” 

"Is that okay?” 

"It is fine.” 

“Hoho! The smell of meat is so fragrant that I was waiting for you to say it.” 

Jang Seo-yeon sat down gratefully. After a while, Han Yeon-soo, Hayun and Colt appeared after Kang-jun called them. The number of people at the meat party increased. 

The 2nd round was at Ji-eun’s chicken house, then the 3rd round was at Sang-hoon’s odeng bar! 

Kang-jun ate, drank and played like a normal human. 

They partied until late into the night. 

Once dawn arrived, he went to sleep in order to Hwanmong. 

[Do you want to move to the Delta building base in Earth Hwanmong?] 


In fact, he didn’t need to go sleep to enter Hwanmong. 

It didn’t matter, but Kang-jun continued to use the method of sleeping to go to Hwanmong. 

This was due to Hayun. 

She protected him when she was sleeping! 

This was because Hayun’s happiness was more important than anything else. Kang-jun didn’t want to take away her happiness. 

‘Yes! Move.’ 

He closed his eyes and arrived at the base of the Delta building. 


Kang-jun showed up at the headquarters where Keirun and Aniel were waiting. 

“It must have been hard on you, Lord.” 

"You won the war against the Celestial World.” 

Their voices were filled with turmoil. 

The other members didn’t know that Kang-jun had won a war against the Celestial World. 

They were the military advisers of Hwanmong, so the chief gods were flexible enough to not erase their memories. 

Even their memories of hell were vivid. 

Perhaps that was why? Kang-jun’s heart filled with tenderness. 

"You suffered more than I did.” 

“No, I am okay due to my history with hell.” 

Keirun grinned. He had an amazing mentality that could still laugh at the thought of hell. 

This was Keirun. 

Aniel had also been stranded in hell for a long time. 

“Hoho! It was better than sovereign hell.” 

The hell that the defeated sovereigns went to... 

Over time, there had been a chance to start again as a shadow sovereign. This meant that the punishment of that place was more frightening than the Celestial World’s hell. 

"Hell  you don’t have to go there again.” 

After Kang-jun became a Hwanmong Ruler, he could become involved in everything regarding Hwanmong. 

It was possible to make a deal with the shadows, but he didn’t need to. 

“Summon the shadows.” 

“Yes, Lord.” 

Kang-jun commanded Keirun to call the shadow residing at the base. 

The shadow arrived immediately and said, 

"You called, Dimensional Sovereign?” 

“I’ll speak bluntly. I am going to release all the sovereigns in hell.” 

The sin of being defeated! 

Of course, being defeated in battle wasn’t worthy of praise. 

However, it wasn’t a sin either. They just lacked competence. He didn’t understand why they had to go to hell for it. 

He didn’t know who created the rules in the beginning, but Kang-jun wasn’t going to accept those rules anymore.