Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 13: Ability to Make Money (1)

The miraculous recovery of his leg!  The mysterious silver hair that grew on his head. 

It seemed like an unbelievable dream, but this was actually happening. 

It wasn’t a dream. It was reality. 

But he couldn’t just enjoy the situation. This wasn’t a miracle. 

Last night, he fought against monsters in the world of Hwanmong, and dying there meant permanent death. 

It was the same in the future. If he didn’t win in the world of Hwanmong then he would die immediately.

‘Win! Unconditional victory! If you don’t want to be a corpse like me…’

The corpse said.

‘He was defeated.’ 

This was an important matter. Kang-jun wasn’t sure why the corpse had the mission of giving the power of Hwanmong to him. But the corpse had clearly lost. And he turned into a corpse after losing. 

‘I can never become like him.’ 

He needed to win. In order to do that, more strength was needed. In other words, he needed to raise his level.  

‘First I need to fill the black magic energy.’ 

It stated that the door to Hwanmong would open in three days. However, he never knew what could happen, so it was better to fill it as quickly as possible. 

‘I should eat something before that.’ 

Kang-jun grabbed a bag and chopsticks and headed to the kitchen. Kang-jun was walking to the kitchen when he suddenly turned and looked at something. 

Room 413. 

The room the ratians kept pouring out of in Hwanmong. Why did they only come out from that room? 

It was at that moment. 

New words appeared in front of Kang-jun. 


Mission 3 

Turn Room 413 into a military barrack after making it your territory. 

-Compensation: Experience 



Kang-jun received the 3rd mission out of 100 that he needed to complete! 

‘Turning a territory into barracks?’ 

Of course, Kang-jun was well aware of what barracks were. Barracks were places where soldiers rested. But what was this mission to turn Room 413 into a barrack? 

‘Damn! How am I going to change it into a barrack?’ 

It would be easy once he got a contract for Room 413. He only needed to pay money. Then it would be Kang-jun’s territory. 

But this talk about barracks construction was nonsense. How was he going to turn a small room into a barrack? 

‘Ah, perhaps?’ 

Then Kang-jun was struck by a thought. 

That’s right. 

The missions given were in conjunction with Hwanmong. In other words, the barrack wasn’t something he needed to worry about here and now.  

All Kang-jun needed to do in reality was form a contract for Room 413! So he would be able to create a military barrack when entering Hwanmong. 

It was just like Room 406. In order to do this, Room 413 had to be empty. If someone else had a contract then he wouldn’t be able to perform the mission. 

‘I should ask the manager.’ 

Kang-jun immediately walked towards the room of the goshiwon manager. 

‘Not here?’ 

The manager was absent. He must have been busy with some things. 

‘I am hungry so I’ll eat first.’ 

Then he would look for the manager again. Kang-jun headed towards the kitchen. 

The kitchen was a joint place where people living in the goshiwon could use the sink, fridge and simple cooking appliances. 

Someone else was already in the kitchen. A skinny young man in his 20s with a suspicious-looking face. 

He was Kim Sang-min. Someone who worked overnight at the PC room on the 3rd floor of this building. 

Kang-jun waved a bag of ramyun and said. 

“Sang-min, if the water is boiling then please pour in a little more.” 

Then Sang-min asked with confusion. 

“Who are you?” 

He was being looked at like he was a stranger. The expression made it seem like Kang-jun was annoying him. 

“What? What’s with that expression? It might be annoying but I’m only asking you to pour in more water.” 

“Why are you talking so informally?” 

Sang-min had an offended expression on his face. Kang-jun was outraged. 

“What? Speak informally? Why? It’s me, Lee Kang-jun.” 

Sang-min stared with a bemused expression. Then his eyes widened. 

“Kang-jun hyung…? Is it really Kang-jun hyung?” 

“Yes, that’s right. Did you get some sleep yesterday? How could you not know me?” 

“No, is that really Hyung’s hair?” 

“My hair?” 

“Don’t tell me that it is a wig?” 

“What is a wig?” 

“Look! The wig is the reason why I didn’t recognize you. You look like a completely different person.” 

Wig on his head? 

‘Ah, that’s right.’ 

Sang-min’s reaction finally made sense to Kang-jun. 

Kang-jun was the same Kang-jun as yesterday. He had been a cripple with a hat covering his balding head. 

However, now his leg was fixed and he had silver hair so it was natural for Sang-min to not recognize him. 

“Amazing! It doesn’t look like a wig. I thought you were a celebrity. Where did you buy the wig?” 

“Why? Are you going to buy it?” 

Kang-jun grinned. Sang-min nodded with an envious expression. 

“Yes. How much did you get it for?” 

“One billion.” 

“Don’t play around. One billion for a wig? And where would you get that kind of money?” 

Kang-jun was staying at a 250,000 won goshiwon, so it was ridiculous that he would buy a wig for one billion won. 

“Don’t believe it then. Anyway, I’m hungry so boil the water quickly.” 

“I understand.” 

Kang-jun didn’t bother saying it wasn’t a wig. People would just think he was crazy if he told them that his body was reconstructed with the power of Hwanmong. Even he wouldn’t believe it if he heard those words. It would be wiser to keep the special power to himself. Kang-jun had no intention of bragging about the power. 

“Hyung, the ramyun is ready.” 

“Okay. Then I will take out the kimchi.” 

Kang-jun opened the fridge and took out the kimchi labelled with Room 406. It was a public refrigerator so everyone needed to label their own containers. 

“This! The kimchi is all gone.” 

“Then take out mine.” 

“What room number?” 

“Room 412.” 

Room 412? That was right next to Room 413. Kang-jun turned and looked at Sang-min.

“Is Room 413 empty right now?” 

He had the room next door. The goshiwon wasn’t soundproofed so noises like snoring or changing clothes could be heard. 

“R-Room 413?” 

Sang-min stiffened. Kang-jun nodded.

“Yes. I was wondering if it is empty right now.” 

“Do you want to move to that room? No way. Never go there.” 


Sang-min hesitated before saying to Kang-jun. 

“There is a ghost in that room.” 

“What? A ghost?” 

“The real thing. Even Manager hyung is scared to enter that room.” 

A small smile formed on Kang-jun’s face. 

“Then it is empty?” 


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