Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 94


Chapter 94 – Supernova

The vast majority of cultivators weren’t able to easily comprehend stances from texts; and the ideas, in this particular chapter of the “Seventy-two Interstellar Secrets,” were intricate enough to inspire the Glacial Emperor to create an evolvable stance that could be upgraded to the Sky level. This complexity was the reason why a lot of these Warriors were positive that such a stance did not exist.

Having said that, comprehending stances was a much easier process than refining or creating a stance. However, for ordinary people understanding stances was still very difficult, but not for Runemasters – for the people who specialized in runes it was obviously easier.

Although Ye Wei was not yet a Runemaster, his soul sensitivity was very much comparable to one. With his knowledge and rune resonance on top of that, he could decipher things as well as a Runemaster could.

While everyone was seated, hopelessly struggling, Ye Wei’s soul sensitivity let him decipher at the speed of a trained Runemaster.

‘Seventy-two interstellar secrets – Dark Sky Chapter…’ The moment Ye Wei deciphered some of the text a message from the jade disc resonated in his mind. The message exploded in his head, and numerous words and letters appeared before his eyes.

This text was written in an extinct language, and Ye Wei did not recognize the shapes, but somehow he was able to understand what the message meant.

‘Above the heavens, the stars rotate. The magnificence of the galaxies nourish everything. The heavens can cover it but not contain it; the earth can contain it but not cover it. The universe can accommodate it but not refute it knowing that everything has its place and limitation… Heaven and earth turn and rotate as everything returns to the universe.’

As Ye Wei’s mind was bombarded by ideas the ancient text bore, his face twitched. Despite this, he sat motionless on the seat seemingly calm, but there was a vague look of shock on his childish face.

‘Heaven and earth turn and rotate… everything returns to the universe… This means no matter how many times the stars reassembled themselves, the universe is constantly evolving while the suns and stars never really change…’

‘If Pu Yuan was indeed not lying about how these lines inspired a stance, I can totally see how that stance would become repeatedly refinable and could transform into a Sky stance, or an even stronger stance’ The concept was complex to the extreme. From the telepathic message he was able to glean some insight into the text, and bit by bit, Ye Wei could slowly understand it.

‘What does this name even mean? Supernova stance? By the looks of it, this stance’s first incarnation is, as Pu Yuan said, a Spirit stance. Judging by the Qi flow described in the text, anyone below the condensed prime Warrior level could make the best use of this stance, and it makes the user’s body three times stronger than normal for an hour!’

‘The second evolution of this stance seems to be the Myst level. The second stage works best on returned prime Warriors. It causes the user’s body to become six times stronger than normal, but it will only last half as long as the first evolution.’

‘The third evolution of the Supernova stance is an Earth stance that strengthens the user’s body nine times! It lasts for a good half hour, but god prime Warriors would not benefit from it. That’s the end of the written examples, but it looks to me like this stance can get even stronger through training and refinement!’ The text continued, but for now, Ye Wei was a bit too shocked to read anymore.

Amplifying stances were rumored to only be available to the Zhou dynasty’s royal family, but he was pretty sure he was reading the formula for one right now.

Now a seven-star Student, Ye Wei finally could learn stances, and if he were able to master the Supernova stance then even just its first form would make him three times stronger. That was enough to challenge ten-star Students!

When he does eventually become a ten-star Student, he would be able to challenge Warriors using this stance!

With triple power amplification any cultivator would easily dominate others in their own cultivation level and maybe even beat people levels above within the hour of the stance’s effect.

Although the second and third evolution doesn’t last as long, their six and nine times of amplification only made the stance’s next stages even more terrifying.

‘This is an incomplete entry level of Supernova stance. If I could somehow evolve it into a Sky stance…’

Just thinking about the stance’s possibilities, Ye Wei’s heartbeat quickened. ‘It’s a shame I can’t explain what I’ve understood, or else I would surely share this powerful stance with my family.’

‘If this one of twelve chapters then I can’t imagine what kind of power the author of these volumes possessed! Nevermind that for now… the first incarnation should work well before I become a god’s prime Warrior, which can take me decades to reach. For now, I should just worry about the task I’ve been given.’

‘From what I can see, this Spirit stance is made up of one hundred and thirty-six runes. If I can figure out how to draw these runes, performing this stance should not be too hard.’

‘It’s only a hundred and thirty-six runes, it seems easy enough!’ Ye Wei was pretty confident in himself. When it came to almost everything he was modest, but when it came to runes, he was starting to be comfortable with the idea that he had quite good comprehension towards them.

‘The first rune should be drawn like this. Okay, now the second…’ After pondering, Ye Wei started to write the runes.

‘That’s number eighty-one!’ In just moments, he depicted and memorized eight-one runes every single twist and turn.

‘Humm… Number eighty-two is a bit more complex!’ He could feel the difficulty ramping up as he hit the eighty-first rune in the sequence.

‘Okay, this is it. Now number eighty-three…’Ye Wei’s speed significantly slowed down, and the flow he had when he started deciphering them was also diminishing.

‘Hundred and eight!’ After six hours of hard work, he reached that number from the time he figured out the eighty-second rune. Ye Wei was far from satisfied with his speed.

When he was refining Triple Tidal Palm, White Tiger’s Assault, Triple Plunder Sword, and Driftwind steps he only needed to see the stance once before memorizing all the runes used, but this time he had to actually learn a lot of the runes. After six hours he felt like he understood less than when he started.

In fact, learning one hundred and eight amplification runes was a monumental feat to begin with. If any Runemaster heard that Ye Wei was not satisfied with his speed, they would be coughing blood in anger.

Like spatial runes and dimensional runes, amplification runes are also specialized runes. Ye Wei had yet to start learning about runes types with Master Yi. He had no way to know how hard deciphering texts such as this one was to others, not to mention the type of runes he was dealing with were extremely tricky.

The Mystic Mount’s presence in Ye Wei’s Sentient didn’t just improve Ye Wei’s soul sensitivity, but his cognitive abilities were also enhanced without him knowing. He should be the last person to complain about a pace others could only dream of having.

‘Twenty-eight more to go!’ Although Ye Wei was talented, six hours of non-stop deciphering took its toll on his body. He felt a little dizzy, so he opened his eyes and took a few deep breaths before switching his attention back to last twenty-eight complex runes.

‘Zi Yan, Jin Yan, Hong Xun, and Xue Yao are all talented individuals in their own right, I wonder how far they’ve reached.’ Sitting on the seat, Ye Wei tilted his head and glanced at the others as he rubbed his temple to relieve the slight headache that was bothering him.

‘These last runes are way more complex than all the runes before them.’ Ye Wei thought. After a small break, Ye Wei clenched his fist and became more determine, ‘I’ve come this far, it’s do or die now!’

Ye Wei closed his eyes again, and the text and runes reappeared in his mind.

The last straw indeed proved to be the hardest part; the complexity of the runes made deciphering quite time-consuming and exhausting. Eighteen hours flew past, and when Ye Wei opened his eyes again, there was a subtle grin on his pale face.

‘That’s it! All one hundred and thirty-six runes of the Supernova stance’s first evolution are now in my head!’ Ye Wei didn’t expect that solving the last twenty-eight runes would take three times as long as solving the first hundred and eight!

After understanding the Supernova stance, Ye Wei started to look into why the stance only lasted for an hour. He wanted to know why upgrading the stance would shorten its effects.

‘Only one day has passed. What am I going to do with the two days remaining?’ Ye Wei wondered as he looked around.

‘Zi Yan is still deciphering, and I honestly have no idea when she will finish. I don’t want to waste two days doing nothing… I might as well try to refine the stance.’ Ye Wei pondered with his hand rubbing his chin. Seeing that Zi Yan was not done yet and how he had nobody to talk to, he turned back to the disc to read more about this interesting stance.

When everyone else was still trying to finish deciphering the disc, Ye Wei had already started to refine it! He enjoyed the process of refining stances more than deciphering them. He found the latter bland and boring which was the exact opposite of what he thought of the refining process; improving and perfecting were extremely satisfying and interesting for him.


As Ye Wei was about to start refining, the jade disc shot out a beam of blue light that enveloped him completely. A human figure appeared at the other end of the beam.

The figure was illuminated by a layer of one hundred and thirty-six green runes covering its body! The Supernova stance was a completely different kind of mystic stance, and therefore to perform them required a different technique!