Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 68


Chapter 68 – Purple Chiffon

Ye Wei looked around him, and there were three Students heading in the same direction he was.

“Get out of the way!” They said furiously in unison aware that they were in no position to contest with the others for the Mystic Arms, so they settled for the idea of getting some ordinary items instead.

As they approached, Ye Wei threw three consecutive punches towards them in a flash. Although none of them connected, the Students were forced to take a few steps back to dodge the fierce strikes.

“How dare you!”

“You are just a Student, and you’re picking a fight with us three?” The three-star Students channeled their Qi, which turned their skin green and with their empowered green fists they stuck ruthlessly towards Ye Wei.

The fists simultaneously flew towards Ye Wei’s back, left shoulder, and right arm from behind him. He felt the approaching threat and bent his body forward to dodge the attacks as he launched himself forward towards the iron talisman.

Ye Wei just wanted the talisman, and he didn’t want to fight so he threw the punches just to buy himself some extra time.

Ye Wei’s evasion did not surprise the three Students, but the item that he launched himself towards did. They couldn’t believe he was after a rusty piece of trash.

They looked at each other and laughed, “Just leave him then!” The leader of the three shouted as they ran towards the single edged sword lying not far from the iron talisman. ‘What an idiot, you could have taken this weapon instead.’ He chuckled as he got his hand on the piece of well forged rare metal; it was worth at least a few thousand silver.

“It’s mine!” Ye Wei shouted as his hand was three inches from his target. He felt the cold iron on his fingertips, and he also felt something sharp approaching from behind.

It was a familiar feeling. Three sharp Qi daggers tore through the air towards his hand at a fearsome speed, and luckily for Ye Wei, he noticed them before it was too late. He swiftly pulled his hand backwards.

Ye Wei didn’t lose his hand, but the daggers did graze it. He held his bleeding hand and looked towards where the attacks came from. “It’s you!” Ye Wei narrowed his eyes. He recognized those faces, ‘The people from the first stone house we had entered.’

He knew he was in for trouble when he saw the four Warriors who were staring at him furiously. This time, Lin Zi Yan was not by his side. He immediately reached for his interspatial bag; if they make another move, Ye Wei would use a scroll without hesitation.

“You are four Warriors, why aren’t you guys after the Mystic Arms instead of bullying me?” He knew how valuable the scrolls were, and although he would use them if the situation requires him to, he was still trying to talk himself out of this mess.

“Because we can! Now give us the pills you took from the stone house then we will leave you be!” The strongest one of them said with a greedy smile on his face.

They considered fighting for the Mystic Arms, but as they were deciding if it was worth it to risk their lives fighting the stronger Warriors, they spotted Ye Wei. ‘It’s safer to get the pills off this weakling!’ They all had the same thought, and they were actually still angry that Ye Wei and Lin Zi Yan got away from them; therefore, they opted for the less risky course of action.

“So I guess you aren’t going to back off?” Ye Wei grabbed the iron talisman with his right hand and took a green scroll out of the bag with his left.

“A Myst scroll!” One of the Warriors told the rest of the group as his eyes caught the green glow. His friends’ eyes widened, and their smiles disappeared.

‘How did he get a hold of this scroll?’ They were starting to be afraid, ‘We can’t deal with a Myst stance, and if the scroll was given to him by his family then we really can’t deal with the consequences of hurting him if news of it got out of the valley… That girl from earlier was probably his bodyguard!’

“Sorry! This is just a misunderstanding! We’ll be on our way.” They were smart enough not to start a fight with someone with a powerful background. After a brief apology, they turned away to see if they could find other treasures in the chaos. “We can’t go back empty-handed! Let’s go.”

“Phew!” Ye Wei was relieved. He was glad that the one use Mystic scroll protected him more efficiently than he expected. He then looked at the cold iron talisman and ground his teeth, ‘I don’t know what you can do, but you’re mine!’ Just as he was about to inspect the item, he remembered that Lin Zi Yan was still out there. He threw the talisman in his bag and started looking for her.

Not willing to be involved in the crazy brawl, Ye Wei retreated to the edge of the hall.

‘Where are you!’ He was worried for Lin Zi Yan as it looked like she was going for the medium-grade Arms where Jin Yan and Mo Ya were. ‘I know she is very strong, but both Jin Yan and Mo Ya are ten-star Warriors armed with powerful weapons whereas Zi Yan is unarmed!’ He started to panic because he couldn’t locate her in the chaos.

As Ye Wei was jumping and struggling to get a glimpse of what was happening at the front, Zi Yan’s Shadowshift stance had already got her through the crowd to the frontlines where Luo Wu Xue, Lu Chao, Hong Xun, and Xue Yao were, but she was not planning to stop there. While those four were after the low-grade Arms, she wanted more.

In the air, Jin Yan and Mo Ya were staring at each other wondering if the other was going to back off.

“There are three Mystic Arms and two of us. How do we share them?” Jin Yan clenched his fist and broke the silence.

“Finders keepers!” Mo Ya replied calmly; he was not intimidated by Jin Yan’s flamboyance.

Although these items were not what they came to Bloodmist Valley for, they were not going to just give them up.

“Exactly what I wanted to hear!” Jin Yan chuckled and activated the stance in his spear, but this time, he held the spear close to his body letting the runes from the Mystic Arm wrap around him.

He and the spear merged together momentarily, and then he flew down towards the three medium-grade arms. Meanwhile, Mo Ya on his sword flew swiftly in the same direction. The pressure wave from the two descending Warriors was felt by everyone within a radius of a hundred meters. All but five Warriors were knocked back by the Ning City duo. Unsurprisingly they were Lin Zi Yan, Luo Wu Xue, Lu Chao, Hong Xun, and Xue Yao.

Lu Chao and Xue Yao were only seven-star Warriors, and their faces went pale as they met the pressure wave. They channeled their Qi to strengthen their bodies and raised their arms hoping to deflect some of the impact. Sadly, their defenses didn’t do much as their feet were pushed deep into the ground. Hong Xun, on the other hand, used a stance just as the impact swept by; the sequence of runes formed a golden bell that shielded him, leaving him relatively unharmed.

Only Lin Zi Yan and Luo Wu Xue could take the impact without too much effort.

‘I am the best student in my school! And the strongest young man in my city! Looks like the world is much bigger than I thought it was’ Luo Wu Xue thought as his face turned pale. It was now far whiter than it usually was. Despite the pressure, the Qi on his feet kept him stead.

Lu Wu Xue turned to look at Lin Zi Yan, and she was standing strong as if nothing happened. There was not a drop of sweat on her face nor was there the slightest trace of panic. Her whole body was covered in a purple flame, and her eyes shone violet as well.

‘I’ve been overestimating myself this whole time.’ He turned around and didn’t even try to go for the less contested low-grade arms. ‘I will challenge you two when I become stronger!’ Luo Wu Xue was shamed by Jin Yan and Mo Ya’s power. He swore to train harder and left the hall without looking back.

“I underestimated you.” She whispered as she admired Luo Wu Xue’s judgment. It was a wise move to swallow his pride as he could actually lose his life if he decided to compete with her, Jin Yan, and Mo Ya.

While he turned away, Jin Yan and Mo Ya were already next to the Mystic Arms. Jin Yan picked up the compass on the right while Mo Ya took the feather fan in the middle. Once they each took an item, they simultaneously cast their attention onto the purple chiffon cloak.