Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 33


Chapter 33 – Forbidden Swords

What a dodge, little Zhong’s speed is incredible! It’s great he broke through to five star level, the speed just saved his life!” Ye Zheng Qing was amazed and soon realised that Ye Zhong’s Spindrift Steps was a bit different to the advanced high level Spirit stance he learned as a teenager. He was positive because he had been teaching this stance for decades since he first started training youngsters in the Ye family.

‘Could this be!?’ He stated, as it became more obvious.

‘His Spindrift Step became a peak high level Spirit stance! Did little Wei do this?’ Remembering what Ye Zhong said earlier about Ye Wei’s soul sensibility and putting two and two together was easy, but believing it was another thing altogether. The Ye Patriarch appeared calm, but he was more excited than anyone in the entire arena. ‘Will the Ye family really have a Runemaster? God bless us!’

“How many secrets are those two keeping from us?” Ye Hai looked at Ye Yi, both were pleasantly surprised and shook their heads in frustration. The brothers, themselves, hid things from the patriarch when they were Zhong and Wei’s age, but they didn’t know until now how it felt being on the other end of such secrecy. The brothers felt that they do not at all understand their growing children anymore.

“Only three out of sixteen of our family’s high level Spirit stances are at the peak stage.Now with Spindrift Steps we have four!”

“Its practicality and value just doubled. We need to ask Ye Zhong to tell us what rune they changed!” Ye Zhong’s aunt and uncles were amazed by his swift maneuver in the arena, and they temporarily forgot about the dire situation they were in.

The Ye family was awed and shocked whereas the Du family was aggravated and stunned. The Du family carried out a thorough investigation of the Ye family. The Du Patriarch was not happy that these two important details were not described in the report regarding Ye Zhong’s cultivation and stances.

“What is this report? Does Ye Zhong look like a four star Warrior and does his Spindrift Step looks like an advanced high level Spirit stance to anyone here? We all make mistakes, but two inaccurate pieces of information on the same person? I cannot accept this!”

“Who was investigating the Ye family?” Du Yuan Ming questioned as he was extremely dissatisfied. The family members were distressed by the patriarch’s gloomy face as he scanned around him looking for whoever was responsible.

“Big brother… I was responsible for the reports!” The patriarch’s third eldest brother Du Yuan Yan stepped forward. He was as frustrated as anyone else in the Du family if not more. He had verified every little detail himself and could not understand the inconsistency in the report.

“I expect precise explanations for this mistake!” Du Yuan Ming frowned at his brother.

“Patriarch, surely it doesn’t matter that his Spindrift Step is at the advanced level or peak level? Jumping around very quickly is not going to win him the fight against Han Yue.” Dong Ho laughed as he spoke.

“It’s just a peak level Spirit stance, even if this kid brought out a forbidden stance it wouldn’t affect anything. The difference in their cultivation is too vast; these tricks won’t get him anywhere!” General Zhou sneered.

The two were very confident about Du Han Yue’s cultivation over Ye Zhong’s. He was one of the best six star Warriors there were. Du Han Yue knew he was destined to win.

“Looks like Han Yue is bit angry though?” There was a smile on Dong He’s chubby face, and he could tell the fight was going to get interesting. He squinted his eyes and looked into the arena. The six star Warrior did a look a bit frustrated by his speedy opponent.

There was a cold glimmer in Du Han Yue’s eyes, and he said in a low voice: “Dodge? Can you dodge this with just your fancy peak high level Spirit stance?”

His face suddenly looked very serious then he transferred will-force to his fingers. He focused on getting a good aim at Ye Zhong who was quick due to the wave on his feet.

He wiggled his fingers and the phantom blade started transforming, it vibrated vigorously then split into four. Which were now homing in on Ye Zhong from all directions.

There was a blade above, below, left, and right of Ye Zhong, dodging was no longer an option.

“In this case… ” Ye Zhong evaluated his situation. His eyes brightened up, Qi and will-force came pouring out as he came up with an idea. He was so familiar with this stance, the eight-one runes were almost engraved into Ye Zhong’s mind from his training. Therefore it took him less than a second to finish drawing the sequence.

The runes lit up around his body, emitting a crystal clear glow as they intertwined into three ancient double edged spirit swords. Each of the swords were engraved on their fullers with mysterious runes, giving off an desolate aura.

“High level forbidden Spirit stance, Triple Plunder Sword!”

Ye Wei and Ye Zhong refined three stances in total: Spindrift Step, Triple Plunder Sword, and White Tiger’s Assault. They all became more powerful, but the refinement was a bit different with Triple Plunder Sword. Not only did Ye Wei made it more powerful, but he also reduced the recoil so it would not hurt the user as much as other forbidden stances would.

Performing it once or twice was fine, but the stance might still harm whoever used it too often.

Now that Du Han Yue sealed all the escape routes, retaliation was Ye Zhong’s only way out!

Ye Zhong trod on the dusty ground while pointing his fingers at the four phantom blades. What followed was a razor sharp pressure wave, and his spirit swords flew out in a flash towards the blood red phantom blades.

The three spirit swords were on a course to collide with the four phantom blades. They too carved marks into the ground on their path as if their shadows had a cutting edge.


Forbidden technique was more than just a title; the spirit swords were very powerful. The four phantom blades were repulsed by two spirit swords as the last sword flew straight at Du Han Yue.

“Forbidden stance!”

It became apparent to Du Yue Ming and the spectators that Triple Plunder Sword was a forbidden stance when they saw that just one sword was powerful enough to block two peak high level phantom blades. Both the Ye and Du family could not hide how surprised they were as both had the same facial expression.

A Ye who practised forbidden stances! It was shocking news to both families not only because of the strength of these techniques, but also due to the dangers it brings. Furthermore, Ye Zhong was the strongest youngster with a bright future ahead of him. It made little sense that he should use a forbidden stance given their reputation of having a life threatening recoil.

Even though Du Han Yue was a six star Warrior, his cultivation advantage didn’t play a big part in this Mystic stance showdown. His crimson phantom blades could not compete with the forbidden swords, therefore they were destroyed and turned into red smoke upon impact.

However the Qi and will-force of a six star Warrior was on another level. Although Du Han Yue’s stance was a level lower, Ye Zhong’s two spirit blades were shattered by the phantom blades that were made from denser Qi.

The clash of Qi swords and blades turned into a screen of dust and smoke. From the smokescreen came Ye Zhong’s last spirit sword. It flew towards Du Han Yue with frightening, penetrating momentum.

It tore through the air travelling at a furious speed while creating an explosive, and piercing whistling sound. It didn’t matter if Du Han Yue had a cultivation advantage, the speed of the forbidden sword made it undodgeable.

“Get him!” Ye Zhong said with wide open eyes and the intention to kill..