Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 159


Chapter 159 – Forgotten Treasure


Lu Chang kept his head completely still, rolled his eyes down and saw Ye Wei’s Qi sword on his neck. He gulped, nervous, tried to sound as calm as possible, “Kid, don’t make a mistake! We are from The Lu family. Think twice before you accidentally end your own life.”

Lu Chang and Lu Ruoshan were slightly scared but they have not been challenged enough throughout the entirety of their lives to feel too threatened.

“Oh, is that so? Now, please, define the word mistake for me.” Ye Wei said coldly in Lu duo’s ears. He pressed his sword Qi harder onto their necks, the blood they were so proud of began to run down their necks. If Ye Wei was to apply more pressure, both Lu’s heads would be cut off clean.

‘This kid is out of his mind!’ Lu Ruoshan’s face turned ashen, shocked to by the young boy that was powerful enough to kill him, ‘He might not be bluffing… How could anyone become that strong without powerful and influential family behind him…’

Knowing better than to throw his live away, Lu Ruoshan took a deep breath and spoke reluctantly, “It’s our fault, we should have known better than to be disrespectful.”

Lu Chang, on his side, lowered his head too, refusing to let himself die young.

Ye Wei grunted as he saw the two softening up, and slowly deactivated the stance thinking, ‘Killing these two won’t do me any good. Instead it might just bring trouble upon my family…’

Officer Lei rubbed the blood off the corner of his lips and ordered the soldiers to tidy up the mess. “Vice-Principal, please!” He gave Ye Wei a good, respectful look, then turned his focus onto Xu He.

“We are leaving!” Xu He looked over at Ye Wei and Lu’s duo, returned into the runicle, and they began to move through the city gate.

All the students that were completely silent while watching the fight unrolling, started to talk all at once, curious about what just happened.

“Why would the Lu family send people to Green Moon City? What happened?”

“The Lu family is so obnoxious! Talking like if they owned this city!”

Liu Jian and a few students in the team were members of martial families. They were wary, listening while the other talked, sensed that something bad had happened while they were away and that they needed to hurry back to their families in case the Lu’s were indeed planning to take over.

Ye Wei’s heart fell into his feet, ‘What if the Lu family is actually looking to take over our ancestral land at North Hill Bay? Do they plan on controlling the entire city now? What the hell had happened in here?!’

Lu Ruoshan and Lu Chang were slowly recovering from the shock as they watched the runicle drive into the city.

Lu Chang’s eyes flashed with anger, “So we just let them go like this?” He wiped blood off his neck, still slightly startled and also overwhelmed by rage.

“What do you have in mind?” Lu Ruoshan looked curiously at his brother.

“We need to let the elders know about this. They will be able to deal with this kid without any problem!” said Lu Chang, infuriated.

Lu Ruoshan shook his head in disagreement, “No! You are not thinking straight. The elders are busy as they are. They barely have time to eat. Besides, it was just a teenage boy. How do you think we will look in our family’s eyes when they find out about this? If you really want to kill the boy, we need to plan it carefully and make it look like an accident to not provoke anyone!”

After hearing Lu Ruoshan’s sinister sharing, the anger in Lu Chang’s eyes slowly subsided. He couldn’t deny his brother’s words. Even though they were offended by Ye Wei’s actions, they would need to not act hotheaded.

Meanwhile, Ye Wei had entered the city together with Xu He and the rest of his team. “Vice Principal, I need to get back to my family as soon as possible. I hope you don’t mind if I leave you here.”

Xu He nodded solidly, he too felt that he had important matters in need of his immediate attention back in South Star. “If the Lu family really took over the city, I need to rush back to school now. If you or your family need anything you can find me there. South Star will never be under their jurisdiction and we will do anything to protect our students!”

Ye Wei was now one of the most valuable student of South Star, and Xu He was aware of it.

“Thank you, Vice Principal!” Ye Wei bowed respectfully and rushed home after bidding farewell.

On his way back, Ye Wei met few of his family members but none of them mentioned the Lu’s taking over the Ye family. He felt a bit relieved but was also concerned about Green Moon City as he finally heard some first hand information regarding its current state.

From the information he was able to gather, the Lu family entered the city shortly after Ye Wei left for the tournament and even the Green Moon City Lord did not have enough influence to say no to a family as powerful as the Lu’s. It was not long after the soft invasion when the City Lord gave up his men to instead be managed by the Lu’s, and after they took control over the forces, two Lu’s were sent to each of the martial families in Green Moon City for ‘administrational aid’.

‘Right after I left for the tournament… that means Lu Feng is not related to this invasion?’ Ye Wei frowned, frustrated as he couldn’t yet to put the pieces together.

“Do you know what the Lu family is after?” Asked Ye Wei while looking at the group of young Ye’s with an interrogating gaze.

“We really don’t know…” they all shook their head, dazed.

“I heard that Lu family requested few people from each martial family to help them search for something in the mountains all around Green Moon City, but no one could work out what it is they were looking for.”

“They are searching for something?” Ye Wei frowned, ‘Is it related to the North Hill Bay? Lu Feng must have discovered something three years ago… There was nothing special about that plot of land though, as far as the family knows it’s just where our ancestors were buried…’

‘But if Lu Feng knew that something was hidden at North Hill Bay, why didn’t he tell his family..’

‘If my theory is correct, what is hidden in North Hill Bay is very valuable, so much that Lu Feng is not willing to give it up for the Lu family’s recognition…’

‘Everything is pointing towards the ancestral land! That’s where I should investigate…’

Ye Wei arrived at the Ye Mansion while still in a deep thought, after nearly tripping on the door frame he realized he was home. He ran straight into the hall, looking for his parents or anyone he could talk to.

The family’s butler was the first one to notice Ye Wei as he entered the hall. “Ye Wei is back!”

Hearing the old butler, Ye Zhengqing stood up abruptly, a smile of joy spread across his face, “Little Wei! You are finally back!”

“Grandpa! It’s so good to see you again!” Exclaimed Ye Wei walking into the room happy to see the Patriarch healthy and well. Only moments after he recognized another figure standing on the side. Ye Wei froze for a second then quickly bowed, “Master Yi!”

Master Yi chuckled and smiled back at him, his eyes full of love, “Good to see that you are back alive and healthy!”

Master Yi had spent three years training Ye Wei. During that time they became as close as family. He sent Ye Wei to take the Runemaster test not expecting Ye Wei to pass, he thought his apprentice could benefit from failure, could learn how to be patient. He was worried when he let Ye Wei leave to participate in the tournament and although he knew his apprentice will make him proud he could never imagine how much Ye Wei would accomplish – a three star Runemaster, one of the Seven New Runes and God’s Seven. It was a great honor to be the mentor of someone like Ye Wei.

There was so much Ye Wei wanted to tell his granddad and Master Yi, but he was also impatient, could not wait to see his parents again.

Ye Wei casted his eyes to the other side of the room and only then noticed two middle aged beard men in white robes, looking curiously at Ye Wei.

Their white robes were the same style and had exactly the same crest as the other Lu’s duo at the gate. Ye Wei’s heart sank, ‘They are here!’

It was becoming apparent now that Ye Wei won’t let them speak. The two men’s impatience grew.

“Ye Patriarch, so what do you say to our request?” One of the men asked Ye Zhengqing in a grave, blunt tone.

Ye’s family patriarch’s displeasure was clear, written all over his face, but he made an effort to cover it up, “I have given you more than one hundred people to aid your search in the mountains, now you come here and ask for more? We are a fairly small family, I cannot spare more people. My best offer to you would be twenty extra. We cannot do any better than that!”

Ye Zhengqing’s words were loud and clear, but they were not what those two man expected to hear.

“Ye Zhengqing, we treated you with great respect and this is your response?” Lu De grunted, annoyed, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have expected that much from a small family like yours anyway…’

“Master, what is this all about?!“ asked Ye Weil with the voice transmission technique.
He needed to know more about this invasion.

“Your family already sent hundred people to help the Lu’s in their search in the mountains next to Green Moon City, but they are still not satisfied.” Whispered Master Yi to Ye Wei, clearly feeling unpleasant with everything that had been happening around him.

‘This is definitely related to North Hill Bay! But how did the Lu family know there is something there and what can I do now…’ Ye Wei thought.

‘My ancestors are buried there, North Hill Bay had always belonged to the Ye family. Whatever is hidden there belongs to my family!’ Ye Wei clenched his fist and decided that he should not wait any longer, that he needed to go tonight to North Hill Bay.

“Don’t think that you can fool us! We are aware that Ye family is not less powerful than the Du’s and they were able to give us two hundred and twenty people, and you offered hundred less! Do you think me and my brother here are blind or stupid?!” Lu De’s brother slammed his fist on the table and stood up aggressively.

The solid sandalwood table did not even shake but his palm print was now deep in the table. Not a drop of water had been spilled from any of the cups that rested on the antique furniture, showing off his incredible strength.

Ye Wei glanced at the table, ‘He seems to be at least a ten star condensed prime Warrior judging by his physical strength…The other men isn’t showing that much aggression but he is probably just as strong…’

“The Lu family sent us two ten star condensed prime Warriors? Aren’t we just the luckiest household in all of Green Moon City?” Ye Wei’s eyes lit up, thought that he had a chance to uncover something of great value if he beats the Lu’s to North Hill Bay.