Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971: A Single Strand of Sword Qi

Kai Ya shook her head as she looked at how flustered Jian Chen had become. She said seriously, “I’m not running. If we’re going to run, you run first. My life was saved by you. How can I run away all by myself when you’re in danger?” Kai Ya’s calm voice was firm.

“H- how are you so stupid? This is a Primordial realm expert. He’s so powerful that even if we work together, we won’t be able to put up a fight at all. He has come especially for me, and it has nothing to do with you. If you leave, he won’t pursue you, but if you stay, you’ll just lose your life for nothing,” Jian Chen said in a panic. He hoped to persuade Kai Ya to leave.

He knew just how great the difference between him and Primordial realm experts was. It was basically a chasm. As a result, he had already given up on running before an expert like that.

This was because he understood that even if he used the Linear Lightning Release before someone like that, he would not be able to escape.

“Hehe. Jian Chen, you’re about to die, yet you’re still worrying about other people. It looks like this girl is quite important to you. Whatever. Since that’s the case, I’ll kill you both,” Huai An’s sneer rang out like thunder. Afterwards, the clouds in the sky churned wildly and condensed into a huge palm that gave off a terrifying, devastating presence.

At the same time, the other two vice-leaders of the Empyrean Demon Cult sat within a hall as black mist completely shrouded their bodies.

“It looks like this Huai An really can’t resist moving against Jian Chen…” An old voice rang out. The vice-leader called elder Sen had spoken, and there was some helplessness on his face.

“I knew this would happen. Huai An is a vengeful person after all. Not only has Jian Chen protected the successor of Huai An’s enemy, Duanmu, but Huai An was also forced to do things against his will recently with how Yaxi Lian was captured and used against him by the divine king. In the end, he could only agree to the divine king’s ceasefire without any other choice. Jian Chen directly contributed to this, so how can Huai An not resent him? Moreover, the brat called Jian Chen really does possess impressive talent. If he manages to mature successfully, he’ll definitely become a peak expert. As a result, Huai An needs to move now to kill him before he has fully grown up, or Huai An will be the one in trouble once Jian Chen truly becomes powerful,” said Yi Huayue.

“I don’t care about Jian Chen’s life or death. It’s just that I don’t feel like the reactions from above are as simple as they seem regarding the loss of the blood and soul beads. There must be something hidden in there we don’t know. I even suspect that the loss of the blood and soul beads were planned by the higher-ups.”

“If it really was planned, I’m afraid that Huai An might ruin it all if he attacks Jian Chen. The consequence of that isn’t something we can bear,” elder Sen said with some worry.

“Elder Sen, we’ve already warned Huai An. It’s he who insists on doing it. If his actions really do foil the plans of the higher-ups, it’ll be his burden alone to bear. It has nothing to do with us,” said Yi Huayue. Although the three vice-leaders possessed different strengths, their statuses were the same, so they did not have the authority to stick their noses into each other businesses. Now that Huai An had set off all by himself, the two of them had no right to interfere.

“That’s reasonable. In short, we can’t take part in this matter. Let’s just wait and see,” nodded elder Sen.

Huai An hovered in the demonic clouds within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. As his palm pressed down gently, the hand condensed from the endless clouds immediately crushed down towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya with a terrifying pressure.

A strike from a Primordial realm expert was so powerful that the terrifying pressure caused all the mountains below to rumble heavily. Before the hand had reached them, the rocks were already crushed, unable to endure the pressure.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya were immobilized as the hand fell towards them as if they had been trapped where they were.

Jian Chen became extremely grim as he watched the hand slowly descend from the sky. Even though he knew he was probably doomed today, he was not just going to sit here and wait for his fate.

In the next moment, two strands of finger-sized sword Qi hovered above his head, radiating with sword intent.

At this moment, the only thing he could use was the Profound Sword Qi.

The fusion of the twin swords was impossible. Once he revealed them before a Primordial realm expert, there was just too great of a chance of exposing himself. At that time, he and Kai Ya would not be the only ones dead. The Tian Yuan clan would be destroyed as well.

The Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire revolved around Kai Ya. Her presence rapidly rose, and vaguely, some truths of the world seemed to revolve around her. Clearly, she was the same as Jian Chen, wanting to put up a desperate stand.

Swish! Swish!

With the two sounds, two resplendent streaks of white light shot off into the sky. Radiating with soaring sword intent, they rushed towards the hand condensed from the black clouds in an unstoppable manner.

Jian Chen struck out first, using the two strands of Profound Sword Qi at the same time.

However, once he used the two strands of sword Qi, basically all the power of his soul was sapped. Waves of dizziness surged up.

Afterwards, Kai Ya moved as well. The seal formed from her two hands changed, and the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire jumped about on the tip of her finger. In the end, it condensed into a complicated and profound glyph that shot towards the sky with the presence of the world.

Jian Chen’s two strands of sword Qi collided with the hand condensed from demonic aura. It directly penetrated the hand, creating a hole that was ten meters wide.

However, that was all. The Profound Sword Qi was unable to penetrate through the hand completely, let alone disperse it. It only managed to create a hole before it completely dispersed.


However, in the next moment, there was a deafening boom. The glyph condensed from Kai Ya’s three different types of laws had landed as well.

Kai Ya’s usage of the laws had reached perfection, even surpassing Jian Chen’s usage of the Laws of the Sword. As a result, her strike that contained three different types of laws naturally possessed extraordinary might.

However, she was still an Overgod after all. The difference from the Primordial realm was still too great, so the glyph condensed from the three laws was still unable to block Huai An’s casual strike.

Kai Ya’s glyph collapsed, while the huge hand continued onwards without slowing down at all. It engulfed Jian Chen and Kai Ya with devastating power.

Just when Jian Chen and Kai Ya faced a moment of life and death, a clear thrum suddenly rang out. A huge, snow-white sword Qi cut through the air, shooting over like it was teleporting. Wherever the sword Qi passed by, origin energy trembled and even space ripped open, leaving behind an extremely thin, black crack. It was as if someone had drawn a line in the sky.

The sword Qi had directly cut through space.

It must be mentioned that in the Saints’ World, space was extremely tough. Even battles between Godkings would only make space ripple slightly.

Yet, space was like a piece of paper before this strand of sword Qi. It had ripped as the sword Qi swept through the air.

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