Blue Phoenix

Chapter 95: The Trial

Returning to Riluo City both Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu were instantly placed in handcuffs and moved to a special jail at the City Lord’s mansion. Although the two of them were constantly under surveillance, both of them were treated gently and with great hospitality.


During their imprisonment within the City Lord’s Mansion, both Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long got visited daily by high ranked officials from the royal army who wished to hear exactly what had happened, and whether or not they had planned ahead of time the killing Deng Tsang Ying, or if it had been on impulse after seeing that they were losing.


Another subject which they often asked about was Hui Yue. Were they aware that he was a Saint ranked cultivator? Was he using some kinds of divine technique to stay young rather than aging? Was he from around here?


The royal officials brought with them truth potions and although these were gentle potions they still made it impossible for the two to lie, however when the official heard that they had made a blood oath to never tell his secrets he instantly stopped asking questions.


The official never noticed that only Wang Ju Long mentioned the blood oath and that Deng Wu was keeping quiet, looking at him with attentive eyes.


“He was born in a small poor village which resides at the outskirts of the Magical Forest.” Lord Rong Liang said straightforward as soon as he was asked. He would never withhold information from the royal family, and all questions asked were answered to the best of his ability.


“I met him the first time when he was five years old, and although I felt something odd from him I never expected that he was a Saint ranked expert.”


“No, it was definitely not fraud. The young Hui Yue was using Wu Wei! Although you can fake an aura, it is impossible to fake Wu Wei. Only those who possess access to the upper dantian can refine Wu Wei.”


“I am sorry that I couldn’t record what happened. He was fighting against the young Deng Wu, constantly inching closer to us before he suddenly let his aura explode forward, after which he went to protect the young Deng Wu and they rushed away together.”


“No I am not aware where he might be. He is no longer in Riluo City. I sent someone to question his home village with truth potions, but all they said was that they had not seen him for a whole year.”


“I gave him an erased past for the sake of keeping the village safe. Although they are not able to produce a lot in taxes they have assisted me throughout the years, and I felt that it a good way of returning their kindness.”


Rong Liang kept nothing back, and the royal officials recorded everything after which they too went to Hui Yue’s village only to find that he had not been there for a long period of time.


The trial went on for five consecutive days and ended with all the elders and family leaders of the losing fraction being sentenced to death.


Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long survived, yet both of them were banished from Riluo City, due to their negligence. Although they each had played a major role in the battle for Riluo City, it was obvious that they had been aware of what was happening long before the actual fight. Knowing such information hey were expected to notify the City Lord about it. .


Wang Jingshen ended up as the new head of the Wang family, while the Deng family went to the child of one of the elders. Both Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long were allowed to stay within the city for a short amount of time, as they wished to witness the executions of their family members.


Having the elders and the family leader all executed would be a major blow to any family, even more so when they belonged to the Great Hundred Names, but they were able to get through it precisely because of their centuries old history and reputation,

The families had wealth and although both families had to pay a heavy fine for their actions, this was nothing compared to the wealth that the Deng family had accumulated throughout the years.


The Wang family was slightly worse off, as they previously had money issues, however as a family with history they still owned a great deal of land, which helped them pay the fine. After paying their debts Wang Jingshen managed to keep their family amongst the nobles of Riluo City, although no longer as prominent as before.


Wang Jingshen had grown up in the shadow of his younger sister, but now it was finally his time to shine, and he proved that he had long since learned how to do well as a family leader.

The uprising within Riluo City was an event which shook the entire Taiyang Kingdom. Rumors started to float around about a new Saint ranked expert and even a child at that, but as the rumors started to spread they also quickly died out again.


Only Rong Liang, Bu Huang, and the Ma family leader had been present when Hui Yue allowed  Lan Feng to take over his body, and with no recordings to prove that it was true, many started to believe that it was only a rumour which had been spread due to the Riluo City’s need to boast.


What everyone was aware of was the fact that the Deng and the Wang families of the Great Hundred Names had indeed suffered a terrible loss, this fact alone was enough to bring great gossip to the country for months to come.




After the executions, Deng Wu was standing at the gate to his old home seated on top of his magical beast. On his waist was a belt with multiple storage stones inlaid and on his hands rings containing storage stones could be seen. A sigh escaped the handsome young man as he turned around and left his childhood home behind, never expecting to see it again.


Across town a very similar scene was shown as Wang Ju Long bid her older brother farewell and slung her legs onto the magical horse which she was riding upon. Her face was tranquil and not even the slightest hint of nostalgia or sadness could be seen.


For Wang Ju Long, this was the beginning of a new life where she could be herself. For her, banishment was no worse than the way she had lived every day up until then.


Leaving the city was not only Deng Wu and Wang Ju Long. The Rong twins were getting ready to head for the capital, yet both of them were riding on the road leading towards the Magical Forest. Together with them was Gao Yan who also decided to migrate to the capital.


A lone rider could be seen making his way through one town after another, as Ma Kong had asked for a few days off before he too would leave Riluo City. He was, just like the others, also headed to the Magical Forest.


“To see all of you gathered here today is quite a good feeling,” Hui Yue said with a smile as he looked at his friends who had ridden the entire way to find him.


Hui Yue was seated within a clearing of the Magical Forest where a beautiful small stream ran through a field of flowers. This place was the one where Sha Yun used to live, and it had served as the home for Hui Yue these past many days while the trials within Riluo City had been ongoing.


The atmosphere amongst the group was slightly depressed at the start, yet soon it became much more cheerful as Sha Yun started a bonfire and Hui Yue brought forth wine and beer from his storage stones.


Gao Yan once more went hunting for Fanged Hogs and after less than an hour returned with a giant example of the species, which they quickly placed on top of the bonfire allowing for it to be spit roasted.


The previously quiet clearing quickly started to be filled with laughter and joy as they danced around the bonfire while singing songs. All of them knew that this would be their last meeting for years to come, yet none of them had the heart to feel depressed as they thoroughly enjoyed the final occasion where they were able to play to their hearts content.


None of them slept that night, instead they all shared their hopes and dreams for the future, and after the sun rose the Rong twins and Gao Yan were the first to get up.


Rong Xing could no longer hold back her tears as she gave Hui Yue, Sha Yun, and Ma Kong a big hug each, and with blushing cheeks she gave Deng Wu a kiss which caused the stunned man to nearly fall from the wooden log on which he was seated.


As soon as Rong Xing had kissed Deng Wu her sweet voice lingered in the air, saying the words “Be careful,” yet the girl had already mounted her qilin and left swiftly leaving the clearing, leaving behind a stunned Rong Ming and Gao Yan to catch up with her.


Seeing how the three others had left, Ma Kong smiled sadly as he looked at their retreating shadows before he too mounted up and with a gentle nod, turned around, riding away without looking back even once.


‘Seems like we will not be travelling alone,’ Lan Feng commented as neither Deng Wu nor Wang Ju Long showed any intention of getting up. Instead they both looked at Hui Yue with expectation clear in their eyes. Somehow they reminded the white-haired boy of small puppies and a hearty laughter escaped from his lips.


‘You mind having them tagging along?’ Hui Yue asked curiously as he leaned back against a tall tree, completely ignoring the glances he was getting from his two friends as he was engaged in conversations with Lan Feng.


‘I don’t mind them,’ The phoenix said with a grumbling voice, ‘I’m just saying you need to be careful with whom you help in the future. We can’t end up picking up random people everywhere!’


Originally, Hui Yue had been against the idea of using Lan Feng in the battle for Riluo City. He had wanted to keep the Saint ranked powers a secret for as long as possible, yet it was impossible to argue with Lan Feng.


The phoenix kept  insisting on showing off his prowess, to show the King ranked cultivators what true strength was.


At first Lan Feng insisted on being the one to execute the three experts on the Deng and Wang side, but Hui Yue had been against it.


Discussion after discussion between Hui Yue and Lan Feng, some with Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu present, they finally reached an agreement which Lan Feng was satisfied with.


Hui Yue sighed deeply as he had wondered why Lan Feng was so eager to show off his prowess, yet when he had asked the bird the answer he was given had shocked Hui Yue so badly that he decided never again to ask Lan Feng for his reasons.


‘I have spent over half a year refining Wu Wei and my strength is finally great once more. I want to use it. I want them to know just how strong I truly am. I want to stomp on those weak King ranked cultivators, who think that they have anything on a genius such as myself!’


Hui Yue laughed as he thought back on the reason the bird had sprouted all that time ago. It was obviously due to Lan Feng that Hui Yue could no longer return to Riluo City, yet he did not mind that at all. Instead Hui Yue looked at Wang Ju Long and Deng Wu who were still observing him with excited yes.


“We are leaving in a couple of hours,” he said with a big grin. “Get some sleep before then, there is no telling what awaits us in the Dungeons of the Divine.”




In Taiyang City, the capital of the Taiyang Kingdom at the royal palace a person was seated within a completely dark room, narrow eyes constantly observing the window.


Having been seated in that exact position with no movements at all for hours would have caused every maid at the castle to be shocked, as it in no way lived up to their expectations of the third prince.


Finally a black dot appeared on the horizon flying towards the window at a rapid speed, and the already narrow eyes were narrowed further as anticipation took hold within the young man. Extending his hand, he quickly grabbed the dot which turned out to be a bird, a small stone was attached to its leg.


Lifting the stone to his forehead within seconds and reading the message which it contained caused the handsome face to twist in anger.


“Useless!” He exclaimed, as he threw the stone onto the floor breaking it into thousands of pieces. “What Great Hundred Names Families? They can’t even get rid of a useless City Lord when they combine their powers!”


Standing in the middle of the dark room the third prince slowly calmed himself down as he looked out the window once more, his eyes filled with an unyielding light and a smile slowly appeared on his face.


“I guess I have to deal with them myself then.” He said while chuckling lightly, “but first, to remove the witnesses.”  

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