Blue Phoenix

Chapter 93: The Secret is Out

Roaring loudly, Hui Yue seemed as though he had lost his last shred of common sense. His canine teeth had turned pointy, his eyes were glaringly red, and the oppressive force from his killing intent was multiplied many times over, even causing the six esteemed experts close by to stop their battle and quickly glance at where that burst of power came from.


Upon seeing the usually beautiful and stoic Hui Yue transform into a mad beast, all of them felt secretly shocked, yet none of them had the luxury of wallowing in their confusion as to why he suddenly looked this way, as they, themselves, were in the middle of a life and death battle. A battle which could easily be ended prematurely by the opponent grasping the upper hand in a moment of confusion.


The esteemed experts were not the only ones suppressed by the sudden roar. Everyone within the center square suddenly felt as though the air was heavy. It was hard to breath and their hearts were beating erratically.


Deng Wu especially was having a hard time, as he was much closer to Hui Yue than any other, yet the corpses showed no sign of fear, no sign of any emotion at all, as they continued advancing towards Hui Yue.


The frenzied teen was impossible to stop as Velocity Flow was used to a degree which Hui Yue had never tried before. He moved faster than the wind — his movements so swift it was impossible to catch him, and although the corpses swung out, they only ended up hitting other corpses.


It did not take long for the crazed Hui Yue to realize that to kill these corpses once more, all he needed to do was break the heart. Hui Yue howled into the air and rushed forward, Black Blood stabbing through heart after heart, while the left hand forcefully shot through the hearts of other corpses which came his way. Hui Yue was in a frenzy; blood and gore spilled all over his previously beautiful and calm exterior, making it impossible to believe that this was the same person.


A feeling of dread appeared within Deng Wu, as he saw the senseless Hui Yue rush towards him, clearly intent on killing the man standing behind all the corpses. Yet no matter how much he tried to advance, he would just get slowed down by another flood of corpses he would have to fight his way through.


Small wounds could be seen on Hui Yue’s body, as some of the attacks from his opponents had gone through, yet none of them had managed to do any serious damage just yet, causing Hui Yue to not slow down in the slightest as another ten cultivators were dead.


Hui Yue finally managed to break through, and just as his hand, wielding Black Blood, was about to descend upon Deng Wu, Hui Yue felt that he no longer had control over his own body.


‘Stop,’ Lan Feng ordered, his voice deep and dangerous, causing Hui Yue to finally regain his consciousness.


Looking dumbfounded for a moment, Hui Yue saw how Deng Wu broke the inscription which kept the corpses alive, and a nod was given to Hui Yue.


A goofy smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face, completely out of place as his body and face which was dripping in blood, yet the teen paid it no heed as he nodded back to Deng Wu.

It was now time for the two of them to move on to the second part of the plan. Hui Yue looked at the three beast sisters and nodded his head, while they both whispered a few words to the ones they were guarding.


Seeing how they nodded back to Hui Yue, a smile appeared on his face when the six friends all vanished from his sight.


The six esteemed experts were still fighting, but none of them had noticed that Hui Yue and Deng Wu were no longer fighting each other, and were slowly inching in on the most chaotic of all battlegrounds within the city.


Deng Wu took out an inscription from his storage ring, and with a few drops of spiritual energy, he activated another safety shield around him, as he moved behind his father and the elders. Nodding to Hui Yue, he slowly rose into the air.


Hui Yue closed his eyes and gradually sunk into his dantian cave, where he switched position with Lan Feng. The phoenix looked at Hui Yue for a long time silently, yet he nodded his head and took control of Hui Yue’s body.


As soon as Lan Feng opened his eyes, incredible undulations of power rippled from the young body, as this aura no longer belonged to that of a Master ranked cultivator but rather a Saint ranked esteemed expert.


The six esteemed experts of the King rank all felt a sudden chill, as the aura arose, and their eyes widened in shock when they saw Hui Yue, the young child which they all knew in one way or another, standing below them. His eyes shined with profound knowledge and his entire aura was changed into that of another person.


This was not only a change in his cultivation base, but his entire demeanour seemed different. The young man who was drenched in blood and gore managed to cause all the experts to suddenly stop their battle, as their minds were reeling in shock.


Golden light flashed in the hands of Hui Yue; the golden light was Wu Wei, the energy Lan Feng had spent the last many months refining from the spiritual energy sea, and no one dared to move while this energy was visible on Hui Yue’s hand.


Previously, Lan Feng would not have been their match, as he was only able to refine spiritual energy, but now he was able to once more wield this energy —  his main strength. He was once more able to show exactly how strong a saint ranked expert was.


However, today was not a day where Hui Yue would have the last say . As soon as Hui Yue had allowed Lan Feng full access over his body, Deng Wu had produced a final inscription pattern in which he added the final drops of spiritual energy he had available.When he activated it, a long pillar of light shot out from the center, further strengthened by a blue light which shone from within the blue figurine that he had withdrawn at the same time as the inscription pattern.


The beam of light shot fast towards the back of Deng Tsang Ying, and as his entire attention had been drawn to Hui Yue, he noticed all too late that an attack had been aimed at him. Within a mere second, the beam made it to the father and pierced his heart, after which Deng Wu, with a firm grip, summoned the soul in another inscription pattern. Biting his finger, he sealed his father’s soul with his own blood.


The ambush was so sudden that no one from the Deng nor Wang families could have reacted to it, yet as soon as they saw Deng Tsang Ying’s corpse falling to the ground, they all turned around, staring agape at Deng Wu. His face was stern and devoid of all blood as he looked at his father falling from the sky.


At this point, the elders all roared in anger, and just as they were about to attack Deng Wu, Lan Feng finally made his move.


Velocity Flow was the skill which Hui Yue used when he wished to move around swiftly, yet every step that Lan Feng took was like teleportation, and within half a second, he had appeared in front of Deng Wu, where he raised a golden barrier.


As soon as the elders saw this, their hearts were filled with dread. Not only had they just lost their leader, they seemed to be up against a true genius child who reached the rank of Saint.


Looking at the barrier, they instantly could tell that this was not just a fake aura but the genuine strength of a Saint ranked expert. Their fear slowly appeared as they realised that everything they had done had been straight into the hands of this young man.


Hui Yue had long since shared knowledge with the Deng clan, giving them means to survive in the ruthless world, yet the Deng clan leader had not been satisfied. By gaining wealth, he suddenly yearned for more, but  what he wished for was something he should have never tried to obtain.


The temptation was simply too big, and eventually, they had succumbed. Thinking back, the elders could not help but laugh mockingly at themselves for discussing whether or not to kill the young man for knowing their secrets, when he clearly was the one person able to kill anyone in the city.


The elders did not get much time to keep considering, as Rong Liang and Bu Huang quickly surrounded the two that were left causing them to give up.


At that time, Rong Liang turned towards Hui Yue, only to notice that both him and Deng Wu had long since fled the area — not even a trace was left of their presence. Rushing through the streets, Lan Feng was heading towards the city wall, and as soon as he arrived — the phoenix sprouted beautiful white wings at the back of Hui Yue’s body, after which he grabbed Deng Wu, and flew above the tall wall.


Lan Feng flew for a whole day worth of travelling, moving towards the Magical Forest where Hui Yue and Deng Wu would be waiting for the others at his village.


Finally arriving, Hui Yue once more gained control over his body; everything was aching after the usage of a strong energy which did not belong in his body just yet, but in spite of the pain, Hui Yue still felt amazing as they had achieved their goal.


“You really scared me back then,” Deng Wu said with a sigh, as he leaned back in the grass and finally took a deep breath. Looking back at the day’s events, everything seemed so far away even though it had happened less than a day ago.


Hui Yue smiled apologetically towards Deng Wu, as he leaned back into the grass once more just like Deng Wu had done and looked at the sky above.


“What will you do now?” Hui Yue asked. He had never bothered to do so earlier as he was aware that his own plans were to enter the Dungeons of the Divine. He would not return to Riluo City for quite a long time, and by the time he did return, he expected that no one would remember him.


However, although the scheme they followed had been planned for a long time, Hui Yue finally understood that Deng Wu had killed his own father for the sake of ending the battle — an action which would weigh heavily on anyone’s mind.


“Don’t worry about me,” Deng Wu said quietly as he stared up into the sky. “We would have lost no matter what,” He argued, not only for the sake of convincing Hui Yue, but also to convince himself.


“Had we lost by the hands of Rong Liang, then our entire clan would have been eradicated. Had we won, then our whole clan would be eradicated by the Royal Family for breaking their royal decree.”


A sigh escaped from Deng Wu, as he thought about the future his clan would face. “Having a clan member kill the clan leader is enough to show that the clan did not fully agree with the plans. My Deng family should survive,” Deng Wu said silently, but Hui Yue knew that this was more a prayer than anything else. The Royal Family could still easily kill off the entire Deng family by claiming that their uprising was treason.


“Wang Ju Long and the others will arrive tomorrow,” Hui Yue said quietly, as he tried to change the subject. Then suddenly, a thought hit him and a small smile appeared on his lips.


“Do you want to come with me to the Dungeons of the Divine?” Hui Yue asked, and suddenly, a small light of excitement appeared within Deng Wu’s eyes, which already seemed as though they were ready to give up everything.

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