Blue Phoenix

Chapter 391: The Royal Academy

Sighing, Hui Yue leaned back in his chair as he looked at Cai Jie. The feeling of respect he already felt for the golden-haired young man had skyrocketed. Hearing about the ranks of Gods, Hui Yue had been genuinely shocked but after thinking about it, it made sense. Cultivating was an unending journey, and unfortunately, so far the strongest experts in the world had only reached the rank of Crowned Sovereign. As to whether or not there were levels beyond this, no one knew as they had not heard of anyone reach such a level.

“Thank you for telling me.” Hui Yue sighed emotionally. “It is great information, but I can’t do anything about it just yet. I’ll keep it in mind, though, I do need to come up with a way to not get killed during the Saint initiation.”

“If you come up with one, share it with me.” Cai Jie laughed as he started eating breakfast. The subject they had just discussed was put away, and soon after Wang Ju Long came through the door, a child in each hand.

Upon seeing Hui Yue, Lao and Jo both stopped and bowed deeply. This was something which, as always, caused Hui Yue to sigh because he didn’t know what to do. He wished for the children to treat him as they would an older brother or a father, but the respect they showed him was that of a servant to one’s master.

“Now, don’t behave like this.” Wang Ju Long laughed as she saw their behavior. She understood Hui Yue’s heart, and she could not help but chuckle at the helplessness on his face.

“You make Yue sad when you behave like this. Treat him as you treat me.” She laughed, but no matter what she said a stubborn reverence was visible within young Lao’s eyes. In his world, Hui Yue was a savior, not an older brother. To become useful to Hui Yue he would do anything.

“Lao, how old are you now?” Hui Yue asked him curiously; a thought struck him suddenly.

“I’m… I’m not sure.” He answered honestly. He had not been able to count how many days he and his sister had lived the way they did. One day took another, and he truly was incapable of guessing his actual age.

“I see. Come here.” Hui Yue called out, and then young boy instantly went towards him. “Give me your hand.” Hui Yue said and a small hand was immediately reaching out towards him. Accepting the hand, Hui Yue poured a bit of spiritual energy into the boy’s body. “Humm, you are around nine years old.” He said with a nod.

“You are without a doubt the most talented youth within this kingdom, maybe even the greatest talent in the entire plane.” Hui Yue sighed in praise. “I know that some of your talents are also from the techniques I’ve given you. However, these techniques are merely an opportunity. You need hard work to make them beneficial.”

“I needed your age for a specific reason. A monstrous talent such as yourself, would you be interested in joining the Royal Academy? I once went to the Royal Academy, and I think you might be able to learn more from them than you could from me. I am going to let your teacher return to teaching other children soon as he has already taught you all that he knows. While I am sure that I might be stronger than the teachers at the Royal Academy, but I am far worse when it comes to teaching.” Hui Yue said as he looked at the child in front of him.

Seeing the child hesitating, Hui Yue smiled gently. “I know that the majority of the students live at the academy, but considering it is this close why don’t you just stay here with your sister, Ju Long, and me? I would love to have you stay here, and I will try and help you as much as I can.” Hui Yue promised the child and a large part of the hesitation in his eyes vanished.

“Then I will join the Royal Academy!” He said with a smile on his face. As long as he would be able to stay with his family, how could he possibly turn down even better training?

“That is good. I will go to the Royal Academy and get it sorted right away.” Hui Yue laughed as he stood up. “Why don’t you come with me?” He suggested, and Lao’s eyes widened. He would never say no to following Hui Yue around, and he instantly nodded his head. Seeing the eagerness Hui Yue smiled tenderly.

“We will be back in a bit.” He promised as he and Lao left the dining room and went out of the mansion. This was one of the few times that Lao had left the mansion and he was almost shaking with excitement.

The day before had been a marvelous day with Wang Ju Long and Jo. However, today was even more outstanding. Hui Yue, walked at a speed easily followed by Lao as they moved towards the Royal Academy. The academy was in proximity to their mansion, and thus it only took them a few minutes to reach it.

Outside the Royal Academy gates, four experts were stationed. All of them were King ranked experts. These experts looked incredibly stern but in front of certain individuals they would they lower themselves and become humble. Hui Yue was definitely one such person.

“Lord Hui!” Ane of the guards called out as he saw the young man and a child in front of him. “What can we do for you, Lord Hui?” One of the guards asked. They all knew that Hui Yue was on good terms with both the third prince and the princess. Not only that, he was a bosom friend of Rong Ming and Rong Xing, two highly respected experts at the Royal Academy.

“I am here to see the headmaster.” Hui Yue said smilingly. “I do not have an appointment, but I still hope that the headmaster will allow me to take some of his time.” Hui Yue said politely and as soon as he had finished talking one of the guards bowed deeply before turning around and rushing towards the headmaster’s place.

Hui Yue had never met the headmaster of the Royal Academy. He knew he was a Saint who was in high regard with the royal family. However, he knew nothing more about him. This was information he had been given before the raid on the tomb happened, so whether or not the Saint had died or survived, he did not know. If it was someone he had met before in the grave, he had no idea. If he had met him in the grave, it was likely that there could be some enmity between them, but even so, Hui Yue was certain that the third prince and the princess would keep him safe. Not to mention he had confidence in his skills and his new ability, the Direhound’s Immortal Strike.

If it really came to a battle, even without relying on Lan Feng’s strength, Hui Yue was now confident in dealing with the majority of Saint ranked experts. Even if he could not defeat them, then he had the ability to flee at the very least.

“Please follow me.” The guard who had already left once to announce their arrival had returned, and gestured for Hui Yue and Lao to follow him which the two of them did.

Hui Yue had only been at the Royal Academy of Muchuan City once before while looking for Rong Ming and Rong Xing. However, this time, it was different. This time he had actually entered the gates. Looking at the many houses, Hui Yue and Lao were both speechless. The buildings were all made from marble while a few smaller houses were made from jade which had guards stationed in front of them.

Moving through the Royal Academy, they soon passed by the place where Hui Yue had found the Rong twins and they continued deeper and deeper into the academy grounds.

The houses in the front were where the students were taught; it also housed the vault where the skills and the techniques of the school were kept, and also they passed by the academy’s medicinal pill outlet.

The rules in this academy were similar to the ones in Riluo City. Each child would get a medicinal pill once a month. However the pills they got here were far more valuable than the ones they had been gifted back in Riluo City.

However to be entitled to one of these pills they needed to stay on the academy grounds. Someone like Lao would not be given medicinal pills, but Hui Yue was not worried about that. Lao had reached the ranks of Grandmaster on his own in such a short time. He had advanced time and time again as quickly as he could which had left his base slightly unstable. Due to this, his cultivation would become far slower now, but now was the time to strengthen his base and this was precisely what Hui Yue wanted him to do. There was no reason to rush to a higher rank if his basics were not up to par.

Suddenly they all came to stop in front of a small house made from stone. Behind this house, one could see one house after another. This was clearly the place where all the students were living.

Moving together towards the small house, the guard gestured for Hui Yue and Lao to stop. As they did, the guard knocked on the door. “Announcing the arrival of Lord Hui.” He called out and from inside a firm voice rang through the heavywood door. “Enter.”

The door slowly opened, and the guard bowed deeply as he gestured for Hui Yue and Lao to enter. Nodding to the guard, Hui Yue entered followed closely by Lao.

The house was dimly lit compared to the bright day outside. The entire building seemed to be just one room. Within the room was a massive desk in the middle and behind it, a large leather covered chair in which a young looking man was seated. Every wall was covered with bookshelves, and the only light came from four light stones which had been hung from the ceiling.

Looking at the young expert Hui Yue instantly recognized him from his time in the grave. This young man had been part of the group which had tried to stop him and his friends from leaving the core of the grave but in the end had given up.

Although Hui Yue had not recognized his voice, his appearance was impossible to forget, and a snicker appeared on Hui Yue’s lips.

“Hui Yue greets the headmaster.” He said respectfully, and Lao copied him. At first, he bowed deeply to show respect before he too said. “Hui Lao greets the headmaster.” Looking at the child, Hui Yue was proud of him.

Nodding his head, the Saint looked at both Hui Yue and the child. “At first I thought you came to blackmail me.” The Saint said casually while looking at Hui Yue. “But looking at the child you’ve brought, it seems that I was mistaken.”

“Although we had some enmity within the grave we need to remember what is best for the Taiyang Kingdom now that the raid is over.” Hui Yue said while shrugging his shoulders. “I hold no grudge. I am here today to hear if you would take in my son as part of your academy.”

“Your son?” The Saint raised an eyebrow. He had gotten all the information about Hui Yue a long time ago before the white-haired young man had moved to Muchuan City, and it had mentioned nothing about a son. In fact it had mentioned that he was an incredibly young expert, yet here he was with a child he called his son.

“This is Hui Lao. He is around nine years old and has reached the rank of Grandmaster. I assumed that the Royal Academy would be capable of giving guidance and that there are great teachers here who can help him improve his foundation.”

The moment Hui Yue said nine years old Grandmaster the headmaster had become so shocked that he suddenly stood up, his eyes were wide open and his mouth ajar. “A nine-year-old Grandmaster?!” He exclaimed.

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