Blue Phoenix

Chapter 351: To Be Brave

The beam of light shone down making it impossible for the young man to even move an inch. His was unable to control his body causing him to grow increasingly worried. Nothing had happened just yet, and there were no indications that he was going to be teleported. As time went by he was worried that he would be trapped for an unknown amount of time.

It was even impossible for him to turn around making it hard to determine whether or not other experts had reached the room. As Hui Yue was about to accept his fate, he started thinking that he had aimed too high; the benefits that he could obtain in the tomb were enormous, but unfortunately the price of failure was very steep.

‘I might have a solution for us,’ Lan Feng said slowly as his voice trailed off. He was clearly unwilling to give up, but both he and Hui Yue were feeling incredibly dejected.

‘Well let us wait a bit longer,’ Hui Yue said slowly. ‘We might be teleported somewhere else but for now, we should wait. It is still uncertain what will happen to us, but I assume that this beam cannot stay like this for very long. We need to remember that although it is created by an expert, he died thousands of years ago. His spells cannot stay as strong as they were when he was alive. Just see how they have weakened so far.’

‘I like your positive attitude,’ Lan Feng said dryly. The phoenix knew his emotions, and they both felt dejected and listless. It seemed that the words Hui Yue said were for himself as well as the phoenix.’

‘Well if we are stuck, then I have one option, but it is something we can only use we have no other possibilities. I am a phoenix and… ’ Just as Lan Feng was about to continue, he was cut off as he felt energy ripples appear from the top of the light beam they were caught within.

Quieting downing down both Hui Yue and Lan Feng observed how the energy ripples were increasing in strength. As for why this was happening, neither of them knew.

‘We cannot afford to die,’ Lan Feng said slowly as his eyes shone with determination. ‘If it seems as though this is not a teleportation array but instead some sort of attack, I will have to use my strength to survive. I cannot guarantee what will happen to you, though, but don’t worry our oaths are forever in my soul. I will make sure your promises becomes fulfilled,’ He promised. His words made Hui Yue quite confused.

Feeling slightly bitter, Hui Yue did not blame the bird that he was sharing a body with. If the choice was that both of them died or that only one of them died, it was obvious what they would both prefer. While Hui Yue preferred that Lan Feng live if he was to die, he was still not ready to end his second life. Unlike last time he had died, he was in no way content; he was not at peace or satisfied. He had so much more to live for, so much more to experience, and so much to do before he would be able to once more lay down his life with a contented smile.

The energy ripple finally stopped surging, and a massive face was formed from the energy. A face with closed eyes, wrinkles all over, and long white hair. Looking at this face, Hui Yue felt fear. His legs would have been shaking had they had the ability to move, and right now he could not help but be grateful that the beam of light was holding him in place.

“I bet I scared you witless,” An archaic voice sounded from the wrinkled face. The closed eyes slowly opened and displayed black eyes which seemed to hold thousand of glistening small stars. His eyes looked nothing like anything Hui Yue had ever seen before, but the closest to them would be the eyes of the Laws who he had encountered down in the Dungeons of the Divine.

“You are either incredibly brave or incredibly dumb to enter this room. There was nothing happening here; it was clearly a trap, and anyone who saw it would definitely think that this was a trap, but even still you bravely stepped into the room. Stupidity? Perhaps, but I do love the foolish. Only with some sort of recklessness can one succeed in life.”

“I don’t know when my grave will be opened. It could be days from now, a few years, or perhaps even thousands of years. My grave might have lost a lot of its initial strength, but even so, I hate the thought of people invading my final resting place. I wonder, will it become a massive gathering for the new generation of this unknown world I descended into? I do not know, but one thing I do know is that I wish to have the last say in what happens with my treasures.”

“As I said, only I can decide the fate of my vast collection of treasures, and you are a very lucky little foolish cultivator. To have reached this far you have to be considerably skilled, and I will give you a choice no one else will get.”

“You should already be familiar with my teleportation drink. Yes, it is a drink which allows a person to teleport from one location to another. I changed the recipe slightly, and it became a liquid which no longer needed to be drunk, but instead it teleports by touch. Perhaps you experienced this in one of my previous rooms. You should know that I did what I could to sent as many of you as possible back to the entrance.”

“This drop will not send you to the exit of my grave; instead, it will teleport you further into my grave. Whether or not you’ll be able to reach the innermost parts of the grave will depend on your luck. Although your ability will be tested, the ability you need the most is luck.”

“Anyway, I have spoken a lot. My energy is dissipating and cannot maintain the fragment of my soul which I have left here. If we are lucky, we might meet up in other parts of the grave as my soul has been scattered into thousand parts and each was given a specific task to oversee. Unfortunately, some of them are less friendly than me, but you will have to wait and see what happens.’ Laughing his voice became lower and lower as the energy faded away.

It did not take long before the face completely disappeared and the beam once more was the only energy left within the room. Looking up, he saw a red drop of liquid gathering above his head and just as it dropped he heard the sound of footsteps. It was impossible for him to turn around as less than a moment after he felt the drop touch him. A cold feeling enveloped him, and made his entire body want to shiver, but the beam made it impossible.

Anyone who looked at him could see him turning transparent as his body slowly vanished into thin air and shot off in the distance like a beam of light. Unlike the previous room, he was not rushing towards the beginning of the grave but was taken further into the undiscovered depths of the tomb.

Left behind in the silent room was the Saint. He was gnashing his teeth, and anger and hate were visible in his eyes as he helplessly watched Hui Yue rush away, something he could do nothing about.

Hui Yue was elated. The speed with which he moved was incredible, but even though that man had said this red liquid caused teleportation that was not really the case. Rather, it was more of an insanely swift movement technique. It was so swift that it was impossible for Hui Yue to see what they came across.

Hui Yue was blessed with good luck. This beam of light shot him through every single room which had been filled with traps without the need to struggle against them; though he still managed to become the first person to exit them which allowed him to pick up one treasure after another. As for what these treasures were, he had no idea. He did not have the time to stop and look through the things he gained.

While Hui Yue was speeding forward through one room after another, his body was incapable of controlling the speed. During the flight, his body was no longer bound by the beam allowing for him to grab the things he passed by. Despite his best efforts though rooms full of treasure were left behind as he could not slow down to pick anything up. Especially the pills he left behind made Hui Yue’s heart hurt.

His flight through the rooms was done swiftly, but even at his speed, Hui Yue spent hours on end flying from one room to another. Soon he was completely numb to the sheer size of the grave he had entered.

His flight took him a good seven hours before the speed finally dropped, and the young man fell from the skies plummeting towards the ground of the grave. With but a thought golden Wu Wei wings appeared on his backs letting him fall gracefully to the ground.

Landing, Hui Yue instantly looked around him. Behind him was the massive door he had come through which led back to the many rooms filled with treasures that he had moved through. Lining the wall through most of the chamber were more gates that looked exactly the same as the one he came through; clearly, these gates led to other tunnels filled with treasure, much like the one he had entered through.

That these gates led to other tunnels much like the one with the rooms that Hui Yue had gone through was not hard to guess, however, Hui Yue was confused about why there were twenty entrances. At the entrance of grave there had only been a total of fourteen tunnels. As to where the final six came from, Hui Yue had no idea.

None of the other doors were opened except the one he had come from. These doors lined the back of the room and as Hui Yue looked ahead he saw one massive door; a door so massive that Hui Yue felt his heart race just from the sight of it. It seemed to be two hundred meters tall stretching all the way to the ceiling, and at least three hundred meters wide.

There was no way to see how this door opened as it seemed impenetrable; it seemed to be something that would keep anyone from advancing no matter their cultivation.

‘We need to wait here for other Saints to appear,’ Lan Feng mused slowly. ‘We cannot break open this door on our own, not even if we combine our powers. We will need the assistance of at least ten Saints to break it open. I recognize the energy it is sealed with, and it is without a doubt ancestral Worldpower. I think we are to enter the inner parts of the grave,’ Lan Feng said not just to Hui Yue but also to himself.

Nodding his head, Hui Yue sat down on the ground and started to cultivate. He was aware that it would take the other experts quite some time to arrive at this chamber, especially considering that he had flown here so easily. This time would be best used to reach his peak state. Only after doing so would he be able to look at his treasures in peace knowing that he could protect the treasures he had gathered.

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