Blue Phoenix


Chapter 307: Mixed Blood

Having paid and signed the papers, Hui Yue was excited because he was now the proud owner of a mansion in Muchuan City. “How long will it be before I can move into the mansion?” He asked curiously as it was not stated in the documents. The Lord of Mansions cleared his throat as he looked through some papers he had by the side. These papers were his contracts with the seller including information on all the staff and other various things regarding the mansion. After going over the papers a few times he finally found what he was looking for, “The current owner has two weeks from the day of sale to clear out the mansion.” He stated as Hui Yue nodded. Two weeks was manageable. Deng Wu was as excited as Hui Yue, and an energetic smile was present on his face as he looked at Hui Yue. The two of them stood up, shook hands with the lord and left the building with their papers. In two weeks they would return to get the key and then they could move in. When purchasing a mansion the furniture stayed at the residence, so all they needed to do was move in.

Hui Yue expected that Deng Wu, Wang Ju Long, Sha Yun, and Cai Jie would move in with him. He was uncertain about Gao Yan as he was a very good friend of the Rong twins. Hui Yue had no interest in forcing anyone to live with him. Hui Yue still intended to do anything for the sake of not letting the factions influence his relationship with the Rong twins. They had been through so much together, and Hui Yue felt like he owed them a lot all the way from childhood. Even now after he just appeared suddenly after years of silence with a man whom he did not even introduce, the twins still opened their home to them and allowed them to move in without asking questions.

Leaving the building the lord’s smile stiffened and his eyes filled with disgust, “Attend me!” He called out loud, and a servant appeared at the door bowing deeply to the Lord of Mansions. “Go fetch me the clerk at station three!” He ordered and the servant did as he was told. Moments after the clerk whom Hui Yue had spoken with at first appeared in the door. “Enter and close the door behind you.” The owner said, and the young man did as he was told.

“Don’t you ever show your discontent on the outside ever again!” He practically yelled at the young man, “Although you hate mixed breeds, you are not to treat them worse than any other customer. After the battle for Siban, we will be seeing a lot more beasts and mixed creatures appearing. We cannot afford to show our personal thoughts.”

“But sir,” The young man interrupted. “They are disgusting! They look so ostentatious that I cannot accept it. They could at least pretend to look like us, humans. Even if they have more money than me, they are nothing but animals! Creatures destined to work for us as slaves! You want me to bow to such things?” He asked, horrified. He ground his teeth and anger rose from within. The owner of the shop sighed deeply, “I don’t like them any more than you do, but that man, the one with the white hair, is far more important than even our City Lord. He is someone who we cannot afford to offend; our personal feelings cannot be brought with us to work. There will be more creatures like him coming, and all of them need to be treated well. Even if they are not humans like us, even if they are trash who deserve to be enslaved.”

Hearing that the owner had the same feelings as he did, the clerk bowed to acknowledge that he understood. Moments after the owner shook his hand dismissing the young clerk before he returned to finish some paperwork and let the family know that their home had just sold.

“If he wasn’t the Grand Marshall of the beast army, I’d have kicked him out ages ago.” The man mumbled to himself as he sorted out the papers, “Everyone would look down on him if he was not such a great threat to our world.” He continued to mumble as he picked up the documents, and left the room heading towards the mansion to pass over the sales papers.


Hui Yue and Deng Wu both returned to the Rong twins’ home and just as Hui Yue stepped through the door, he found that Cai Jie was waiting for him. A great smile was present on his face. Cai Jie was fidgeting; clearly, he was eager to show something to Hui Yue, yet the moment he saw Deng Wu he cooled down. This let Hui Yue know that he was not interested in sharing whatever information he had obtained with anyone else.

Hui Yue was not the only one who noticed. Deng Wu did as well, and he gently put a hand on Hui Yue’s shoulder and smiled at him, “I need to go and do some cultivating. I am still far from being strong enough to support you.” He said smilingly. Before Hui Yue could say anything, the older man vanished up the stairs.

“Come with me,” Cai Jie said as he too headed up the stairs going towards the small library he and Hui Yue had been using. Hui Yue rushed after him, curious about what the other man had been doing and what he had brought back with him.

“I have some interesting information,” He said as he sat down in a chair within the library and Hui Yue slipped into another chair just opposite of Cai Jie. He shrugged his shoulders to show that he had no idea what he had seen.

“I was going to the Black Lion to get some information about the Crusaders. I thought that he might have something on them to sell, but on the way, I actually came across some Crusaders!” He said. His eyes were filled with excitement, and his words were spoken quickly. This caused Hui Yue to fully focused on what he was saying.

“I followed them. There were only two and they were quite low ranked. I am not sure where they came from as I saw them when I was around the marketplaces, but I followed them and they were headed to the castle. I think one of An He’s men is at the castle.” He said excitedly. “An He only gives his Crusaders to men he can use. Men like the Frozen General. If he has one of his more prominent members here in the capital, we should take the chance to get rid of him. Although it won’t do much to An He himself, it will, without a doubt, inconvenience him maybe enough for him to show up in person. I have not seen him in a very long time, and I am unable to tell how strong he is right now. It is hard to fight against someone when we don’t know how strong he is. Training is great, but to train we need a goal.” Cai Jie was speaking more than he ever had at one time before, and Hui Yue finally understood just how much Cai Jie hated An He; how eager he was to get rid of him.

“What did An He do to you?” Hui Yue suddenly interrupted. His words causing Cai Jie to become quiet. After contemplating for some time he opened his mouth and said, “He took away my ability to return home.” Saying these words, it was obvious that something had happened between the two some time ago, but seeing the pained expression on Cai Jie’s face Hui Yue did not ask for anymore details. He sighed, almost regretting that he had asked. “Don’t worry about it,” He tried to comfort the other man, “We will definitely get a hold of An He and make him pay for everything he did.” Hearing that, Cai Jie nodded his head, and his pained expression changed to a serious one. Soon a smile reappeared on his face.

“Tomorrow we should go to the Black Lion. Perhaps they have some information about An He. There should definitely be something about the Crusaders.” Hui Yue said, trying to change the subject and his words did make the young looking man look less depressed, almost a little hopeful.

“Well, tell me what you have been doing today,” He sighed as he leaned back in his chair. His eyes were now curiously towards Hui Yue, who was grinning. Picking up a memory stone from within his storage stone, Hui Yue tossed it to Cai Jie who effortlessly caught it. He then placed it on his forehead as a soft silver-blue light shone in the small library. All the information about the mansion poured into the mind of the golden-haired young man. Moments after he removed the stone and passed it back to Hui Yue, “You had enough money to purchase such a perfect mansion? Not bad, not bad at all.” He praised the young man in front of him.

Both Cai Jie and Hui Yue moved towards their respective rooms where they sat down and focused on their training. A few hours passed in complete silence within the house. The Rong twins spent all their time at the Royal Academy. Neither of them were students any longer, but they were working on developing various martial arts alongside creating spiritual arts. They worked in a laboratory where they came up with techniques. The techniques were later taught to the students and the experts within the royal army. It reminded Hui Yue about his old world, and how he used to work in a laboratory alongside studying, helping Li Fen with various experiments. These two had finished their studies, but they kept inventing new things.

While these two twins were busy at the academy, Wang Ju Long was also busy at the infirmary. All her spare time was spent on improving her healing abilities. She had sworn that she would never again see a friend die right in front of her. That should would never again be too weak to do anything. She did this alongside training her healing abilities. She excelled at her control over flowers and herbs, and this evolved into a natural talent for poisons.

Hui Yue was busy training while waiting for Wang Ju Long to return. Deng Wu already knew about their new home, but Hui Yue wanted to amaze her. To give her some relief that he was working towards getting revenge for her family.

While Wang Ju Long was busy increasing her strength, Deng Wu was also devoting all his time to improving himself. He had purchased all the soul shadows he came across, and he was creating one inscription after another while training his inner energies. He had followed the training schedule given to him by Little Dragon, and it worked very well. He had managed to reach the King rank, but he still felt that he was not strong enough to stand by Hui Yue. Because of this, he used all his spare time in his room where he focused solely on training.

There was one more person in the group, and that was Sha Yun. Usually, half human half beast creatures were looked down upon and enslaved, but due to her silvery eyes everyone knew she was in a beast contract, and no one dared touch her especially because she had the backing of the Ma and Rong families. Trying to subdue a woman such as her would cause bad blood with some of the strongest families in the Taiyang Kingdom. She was an enchantress, and although she was becoming stronger and stronger just by getting older, she could increase this by taking advantage of young men. Absorbing their innocence was something which gave her a boost in energy, but it was also a way of gaining energy that she avoided as she feared it would put her in a bad light in front of Hui Yue. She still cared deeply about his thoughts of her.

Everyone within the house was busy training. Previously Xu Piao had not trained too much, but this had changed after hearing Hui Yue say that one could reunite with the dead. Now the house was filled to the brim with experts training hard, all motivated by different things.

Finally, after having gone through refining the essence of the heavens and the earth for a couple of hours Hui Yue opened his eyes. A large smile appeared on his face as he grabbed the memory stone and rushed down the stairs excitement showing on his face. He was eager to display what he had purchased. As he rushed down the stairs, Hui Yue finally saw her. Wang Ju Long had returned and he rushed to show her the new home they would be sharing.

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