Blue Phoenix


Chapter 281: Vengeance

Every soldier on top of the city walls were waiting quietly for the beasts to come their way. “Hold your fire!” A commander yelled out. “Do not waste arrows by hitting the shields!” He shouted as he moved throughout the wall, roaring time after time again for the soldiers to hold their arrows. For a city which was currently besieged, getting provisions was an impossibility. With no materials coming in they obviously couldn’t smith more arrowheads.

Looking at the many high ranked beasts that were coming their way even the commander could not help but swallow saliva nervously. Although they had Saints waiting to attack should the Saints on the beasts’ side not participate in the war then they were not to join under any circumstances. This meant that if these beasts did battle without saints, the majority of the experts on the city wall were certain to die or become severely injured by these beasts. Thinking about this, the commander shook his head and looked determined on the many beasts who were constantly closing in on them.

“Even if I die, I will d*mn well make sure that I take some of these bas***** with me,” He thought with gritted teeth while unsheathing his sword. His entire body was taut as it awaited the beast horde. Only a few seconds later did the flying beasts make their appearance by grabbing human experts then dropping them to the ground below. The commander could do nothing as he saw their towers once more hook onto the city wall. Beasts of all types and shapes appeared and jumped onto the wall instantly throwing themselves into the battle. They fought fiercely shredding, biting, and using their bodies as much as their mist energy to attack.

The commander’s eyes were not on any of these beasts who entered through the tower, nor were they observing the birds who kept grabbing one human after another; no, his eyes were glued onto Hui Yue. The young man who flew around the skies with chillingly cold eyes. His entire body radiated a freezing cold killing intent.

The commander could tell instantly that this person was anything but ordinary, yet he did not seem to be much stronger than your average King ranked expert. For him to have such killing intent, the commander wondered just what he had been through. But, before he had time to think any more, the handsome human descended from the heavens, heading straight for him.

Within one of his hands, a blue flame appeared while a small black dagger appeared in the other. The commander almost laughed when he saw the dagger. Daggers were good weapons for sparring matches, or duels as they were great at leaving superficial wounds, yet no dagger had the reach of a sword nor the ability to do much damage. To see an expert who used a dagger, the commander could not help but feel lucky.

Suddenly his eyes froze as he watched the odd blue flame. “I guess the dagger is nothing more than a diversion,” He mumbled to himself as he narrowed his eyes. In a moment of giddiness the commander only looked at his weapon completely forgetting about the flame in his other hand; however, on closer inspection he felt the blood in his veins turn to ice. Blue flames were dangerous. Having a flame in a color other than red meant that this flame was nothing ordinary. It should be a flame capable of incinerating him in moments. He needed to pay it considerable attention to it. His dagger, on the other hand, was not something he cared about. He doubted this young man had much skill with the dagger since he had such a deadly flame.

‘Well then, let’s do this!’ The commander thought excitedly as he rushed to meet the descending human. His tactic was simple. Stay so close to the young man that if the flame were used it would burn both of them. In this way, it would not allow for the young man to use his flame unless he wished to burn himself in the process.

Just as the commander jumped closer, his eyes widened in surprise and shock before they rolled upwards. His dead body was now resting against Hui Yue. The white-haired young man pushed away the commander to reveal a deep puncture wound on his chest. A wound that went straight through his ribs puncturing his heart instantly. The kill had been swift and painless.

Without as much as a glance at the dead commander, Hui Yue wiped the dagger on his clothes while turning towards the many humans who surrounded him. None of them said anything as his overpowering killing intent paralyzed them all. Dazed by the sudden loss of their commander, and before they managed to take any protective measures, Hui Yue stabbed one of the humans in front of him just as he had stabbed their leader. Before he released his blue flame on two other experts.

Hearing the agonizing screams of their friends being burned alive caused the humans to finally come to their senses. Their eyes filled with fear but also stubborn determination. Two humans shot arrows at him, but as soon as they came close, Hui Yue shrouded himself in golden energy. Just as they saw the golden energy exit, they noticed a blood-red mist appear. A mist similar to the mist energy of beasts. For a human to control both Wu Wei and mist energy, this was something the guards had never heard of before, and they instantly assumed that the red mist was a diversion. They decided to ignore the red mist and kept slashing Hui Yue’s Wu Wei barrier with their swords.

Taking advantage of the humans wasting their energy by using their swords to break through his barrier, Hui Yue slowly transformed into a massive red wolf. Fully transformed a sinister smirk appeared on his face as he shot one arm out of the protective layer around him grabbing the head of an unknowing expert and slowly crushing it within his strong paw. Seeing this, the face of the remaining human turned green as he turned and instantly tried to flee.

The wolf-man did nothing to try and capture the human, instead he looked around and saw that he no longer had an audience. Everyone around him was busy battling beasts. Their focus was not on the young man. Without rushing, Hui Yue moved into a large group of humans and beasts where he slowly began to stab one person after another and release one small flame after another; everywhere he went a large trail of dead people were left in his wake.

Without paying any attention to the humans he killed, Hui Yue suddenly felt imminent danger and just as he moved to the side, the location where he had been before collapsed. A massive warhammer had it’s head buried deep within the stone that made up the city wall. Hui Yue rose an eyebrow in surprise as he wondered who would want to kill him so much that they did not even care about damaging the wall.

“You!” Following the massive warhammer’s decent, a figure landed on the ground. He was a tall expert clearly someone whose cultivation was far above Hui Yue’s because the young man had not sensed him. Had he not been looking at the warhammer then he would not be able to detect this person. Looking at this tall person, Hui Yue’s eyes narrowed, and Lan Feng was swearing in his lower dantian.

‘I’ll lend you all the power I’ve spent months to cultivate, but don’t you ever dare die!’ The phoenix swore as he lifted the barrier between their souls. Although Lan Feng was refining Wu Wei much like Hui Yue, his Wu Wei was that of a Saint. Its strength far outmatched the Wu Wei Hui Yue had refined. Alongside this Wu Wei, Hui Yue also had the beast core of a God ranked wolf. His red mist billowed forward with small golden spots that he had gotten from Lan Feng, the divine beast within his dantian. Hui Yue sent yet another prayer of gratitude that Lan Feng was a divine beast and not a normal magical beast as he could use the energy of the blue phoenix.

“Oh,” The opponent was surprised as he saw the two types of energy leaving the expert in front of him. “I picked you because of your white hair,” The expert said with a grin on his face. “I was told that the Grand Marshall of the opposing side was a young brat with white hair. I did not think it would be you,” He continued as though they were having a friendly conversation, “I never thought that a King could be the Grand Marshall, but feeling the energy leaving you, you are not really a King, are you, little freak?” He asked while grinning.

Hui Yue looked at the expert in front of him, and his eyes narrowed as his heart started beating rapidly. He knew instantly that this man was a Saint. He was one of the ones who had fought the previous day, and he had been strong enough to push back two lords. This alone proved that he was incredibly strong, but even so, Hui Yue was determined not to allow the Saint to do as he pleased.

“I hope you will forgive me for not answering,” Hui Yue said, his voice steady as if he was not intimidated in the slightest by the Saint in front of him. His cold eyes alongside his strangulating killing intent caused the tall Saint to be completely stunned for a moment. It did not take long before he started laughing out loud, “I see, I see.” He grinned, “Well no worries, I will just take your head with me, your actual rank means nothing.”

“Well, why don’t we see if you have the ability to do so,” Hui Yue said as he summoned his golden Wu Wei wings. He flew into the sky and allowed for the red mist to billow outwards causing small wolf heads to appear. The red mist created them, their eyes shining like rubies, and their teeth as sharp as razor blades. The many wolf heads howled loudly as they rushed towards the expert who was still standing on the wall. His face was full of disbelief as he saw the wolf flying in the sky something which should be impossible. It seemed as though he was a mixture of more than one beast, yet this was something he had never heard of before.

Unfortunately, this expert was not so easily pushed around, and he quickly regained his composure as he used Wu Wei to block the wolf heads. His eyes were again astonished when he saw that although he used a barrier, one of the wolves still managed to gnaw its way through biting his leg and drawing a significant amount of blood.

Seeing this, Hui Yue understood he was being underestimated, and his eyes turned as cold as the coldest winter. His lips curled up in a sneer, and his entire body started to burn with a blue flame. He was waiting for the opportune moment to fry the Saint to a crisp. Although there was a major difference between the two in power, Hui Yue could not help but feel that he had the upper hand as long as he was being looked down upon.

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