Blue Phoenix


Chapter 271: Recoil

Seeing the wolf head constantly growing, Hui Yue could not help but smirk as he felt strength filling him. As soon as a soul was consumed by the wolf head, extra energy would enter Hui Yue, energy which was seemingly quite similar to that of mist energy when it entered his beast core.

This strength was astonishing for Hui Yue. He felt his entire body shaking with immense strength, so he leaped forward rushing towards some of the riders who were still alive. While everything around him was affected by the shockwaves from the wolf mouth, Hui Yue could run through the wolf head built from his own energies with no problem. Looking at the many experts in front of him, he could not help but feel excited to smash into them. To see just how astonishing his newfound powers were, but he also felt a sense of urgency as the powers within him were starting to rip him to pieces.

Hui Yue could feel it inside of him. His beast core was shaking uncontrollably, and Hui Yue felt sick to the stomach as he had a feeling that if just a tiny fraction of the energy were to enter it, it would shatter into thousands of pieces. As for what would happen to Hui Yue in that case, the white-haired young man had absolutely no idea.

Gritting his teeth, he decided to try something different and with but a thought, his arms turned into front legs with paws, claws, and strong muscles. His legs quickly turned to hind legs, and his entire body now resembled that of a massive wolf. His senses all changed once again, and the heavy scent of blood was everywhere. The colors of the world had gone dim and was now in a grayscale, but even so, everything was far more vivid. The smallest wrinkle on the riders’ faces could be seen, and even the scent of fear was something that Hui Yue could pick up on. Knowing that his prey was already filled with fear, the red wolf could not help but bare his teeth in a grin as he knew that he would win this battle.

Pouncing in front of the large wolf head, Hui Yue arrived in front of a green scaled horse with one horn. Its hoofs were not proper hoofs but instead had four claws. Its teeth were not those of a herbivore; these horses were clearly meat eaters.

As soon as the horse saw the wolf approaching, it instantly charged towards the beast. It showed no signs of fear which a normal horse would have felt had it stood in front of such a massive wolf. The horse’s teeth were sharp, and they constantly tried to bite the wolf, but Hui Yue’s nimbleness had increased to unbelievable heights, and he swiftly dodged each and every bite from the horse. Feeling how energy was still flooding into his body, Hui Yue knew that he did not need to be sparse with his energy. One swipe after another appeared each followed by a red shockwave, and although its scales protected the horse, it was incapable dodge two swipes in a row. Both of them connected on its chest causing it to bleed from a rather long, deep wound.

The horse let out a resounding neigh before it once more charged at Hui Yue. This time, its claw-like feet were at the front angrily trying to reach the wolf who once more elegantly managed to avoid them. Seeing that, the horse, although seriously wounded, intended to keep fighting as long as it could. Whether or not this was due to loyalty, or simply because it was blinded by anger, Hui Yue did not know nor did he care. Because a blue thread of light appeared in front of the wolf, and at a speed so swift that the King on top of the horse was incapable of reacting, the blue thread wrapped itself around the rider. This instantly caused him to lose all the energy he possessed.

Seeing the shock and disbelief within the eyes of the rider, Hui Yue knew that the small thread of blue light had done it’s job well. Now he focused solely on the horse. He jumped forward and opened his mouth as far as he could before he closed his jaws on the neck of the animal. Once more he tasted the fragrant blood. As a human, eating human blood was frowned upon, but as a wolf tasting blood was intoxicating. It made him want to savor it fully, to bite harder and taste the raw meat beneath the skin.

Hui Yue almost lost himself to this astonishing taste, but just as he was about to give in to the pleasure a sharp pain arrived at his chest which caused him to look down. He saw his own blood flowing out. There was blood on the front leg of the horse, blood which, according to it’s scent, belonged to Hui Yue.

He growled out loudly as he released his teeth from the strong neck and jumped backwards, getting ready to pounce forward once more. This time, to finish the horse once and for all; however, his concern was pointless as two moments later the horse sank to the ground. Its eyes were filled with unwillingness even to the last moment when it died.

The man on top of the horse was incapable of doing anything as his limbs did not follow the orders he gave them. Every time he called for his inner energies they were instantly swallowed up by the blue thread. A thread which seemed to grow in thickness as it absorbed more and more energy.

Hui Yue, not paying much attention to the man, lifted a paw and with a heavy blow caused his head to cave in. Blood flew outwards and the man died instantly with no time to even scream.

Hui Yue felt better now that some of the energy had been used up. However, the wolf head was still working as fast as before swallowing up one rider after another until the riders finally turned around and retreated the way they had come. Seeing this, Hui Yue finally called back the wolf head.

The head became smaller and smaller as it slowly descended onto Hui Yue. Finally, the wolf head no longer seemed like an attack, but instead, it was now the size of a mask. Slowly the wolf head settled itself onto Hui Yue’s face. Hui Yue had never before allowed for the wolf head ability to show its shocking effect of how easily it could deal with King ranked experts. What shocked Hui Yue even more shocked when the head turned into a mask, and as soon as it touched his head, a searing pain appeared in his mind. It felt as though a thousand needles were being pushed into his body all over. After feeling the needles penetrating his muscles, they then penetrated through his veins and gathered in his meridians where they entered his lower dantian.

Having his conscious entering his dantian at the same time as the energy, he saw that it was a white cloud-like mass of souls which had each taken the shape of a needle. Every one of them aimed for the Qi spiral which was constantly twisting within his dantian cave.

One boom after another could be heard as the needles slammed into the Qi spiral. Each of the needles carried with them astonishing power which time and time again disrupted his Qi spiral making it constantly change shape. This caused the speed at which it was spinning to be seriously lowered.

The pain was immense as the needles transformed from normal needles into long threads of white energy, so white that they seemed to match Hui Yue’s pure Qi be a Qi thread just like all the others. As the final needle collided with the spiral, Hui Yue was almost not able to handle the pain, yet with gritted teeth and a pale face drenched in sweat, the young man managed to stay conscious.

“Retreat!” Wan Qiao’s voice boomed over the battleground and just as the humans were retreating, the Queen’s voice quickly made every beast on the ground instantly give up the thoughts of chasing down the humans. Instead, they rushed back behind their defenses. A satisfied harrumph could be heard from the One-Horned Jasmine Eagle as she watched the instant retreat; however, her satisfaction quickly changed to worry as she saw one figure who was not moving.

Standing completely still in the middle of the rivers of blood, severed limbs, and corpses of both humans and beasts was Hui Yue. He had lost his beastly form and was standing straight up as a human, completely naked and seemingly powerless.

Looking closer, Wan Qiao could not help but suck in a breath of air as she saw the face of the young man. Where his handsome human face should have been was now a mask of a wolf. His eye sockets were empty, and the fur had joined with his skin almost as though someone had sewn them together. Blood was constantly falling in streams from the places where the mask and the skin seemed to have been sewn together. Standing still for a few moments, Hui Yue finally collapsed. Right before he landed in the blood-soaked mud, Wan Qiao appeared behind him and caught him. Catching him and using a robe to quickly shroud his body, Wan Qiao rushed back to the camp where she placed the young man within his tent.

“What happened?” Lord Pan rushed through the tent door followed by another four Lords of the Forests. All of them had expressions on their faces showing how worried they all were. Their faces turned increasingly pale, and sweat appeared on their foreheads as they saw the human lying in the bed with a massive wolf head mask on his face, not to mention the blood which still slowly trickled out from the side of his head.

Within the lower dantian, Hui Yue was finally past the immense pain as he saw how the white threads merged with his Qi and a surge of power rose from the Qi swirl within his lower dantian. He felt how each thread of soul energy was being mixed with his Qi, mixed with the foundations of his cultivation base and very slowly his entire being became stronger than it had been before. His inner consciousness seemed to shine with a white luster it did not have before. The energy of the souls merged with Hui Yue and Lan Feng’s souls, and both of them grew increasingly stronger, They both had looks of disbelief in their eyes.

Although they were growing stronger and stronger, this strength was given to them by absorbing someone’s soul which would never again allow them to reincarnate; never again let them live a life. Thinking like this, Hui Yue knew that he was never going to tell anyone about the side effect of using the wolf’s ultimate attack. If others were to know of this way to increase their strength, it would not take long before the humans on this plane would all have been executed for the sake of increasing the strength of some experts.

Having a stronger soul was something which increased his overall strength, boosted his body’s performance, and made it easier block the opponent’s attack. In general, a soul was impossible to fortify, yet here Hui Yue was with his soul already many times stronger than the average human’s due to the merging of his other lives, and now it increased even more by the absorption of all the souls the wolf head devoured.

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