Blue Phoenix

Chapter 230: The Victor

The hate and anger within the tall man’s eyes was smoldering his features showed that he completely ignored the pain he was in as the embarrassment of being slapped and the loss of face filled his entire mind. The previous cold and calm demeanor changing into a furious rage.

Although rage and fury allowed one to increase their powers significantly, when one was in this state they usually did not care about harming their meridians from pushing too much energy through them. This was the downside as the ones enraged usually forgot everything about tactics and seeing plans through. The beast who was struck by rage was likely to become very simple in both offense and defense. This was something which made Hui Yue smile. Anger was good, but it had to be controlled, or the anger would take over and cause a disadvantage rather than a gain.

Seeing the anger welling up within this tall guard in front of him, Hui Yue was curious about whether or not the man in front of him had lost his reason with the arrival of his rage, or if the mind was still clear.

Seeing that he did not instantly attack with a frenzy of blows, Hui Yue came to the conclusion that his rage had not taken over entirely, and with a wry smile, he cursed his luck. It was obvious that nothing was going his way, but after a few moments, he decided that this was for the better. When it came down to it, Hui Yue was here to challenge himself and to do so he had picked what seemed to be the toughest King ranked expert within the training grounds; someone against whom Hui Yue would be forced to use his full focus.

As soon as he reached the conclusion that the man in front of him was fully in control of his body, Hui Yue smirked as a blood red mist gathered around his paws. It swirled around his body and slowly solidified into a protective barrier around the young wolf-man. More energy appeared and with a swipe of his hand three large red claws turned into shockwaves which thundered towards the tall opponent.

These claw shockwaves were the most common attack Hui Yue utilized when he was in his wolf form, but after merging with his memories of a previous life, Hui Yue gained a profound amount of abilities. Seeing that the shockwave created from his swipe missed, he finally took the chance to try out another ability which he had learned, but never had the chance to use before.

So far, Hui Yue never using the elemental affinity of the red wolf, that was until now. So far he had not fully understood how it worked, but as soon as the red mist appeared on his body and slowly solidified into flames, his entire body was seemingly set aflame. Hui Yue retreated backwards as the attack he was about to use was considered the ultimate attack of the wolf Hui Yue because of this though it required time to charge.

While it took time for the attack to charge, his entire body was protected by flames covering his body, and he was capable of constantly attacking with his limbs.

The flames behind him gathered into a massive flaming head of a wolf. As this head of a wolf appeared above his head, the weather suddenly changed from sunny to stormy. The wind started to howl as though a full wolf pack was behind him, and finally, Hui Yue too howled loudly. The attack he was about to use was definitely not simple.

The howling increased, and the winds turned fiercer, and the entire crowd was filled with astonishment as they saw the twenty-meter tall wolf head hovering over the body of Hui Yue.

At first, Hui Yue just wished to test out the strength of this attack; however, now that he realized exactly how strong it was, he also knew that there was no way he could use it right now. If he were to unleash this attack, it would not only kill the tall man in front of him, but the majority of the experts standing within a range of the twenty meters of Hui Yue would most likely perish as well.

This attack truly deserved its praise as an ultimate attack. It was an attack which the wolf-Hui Yue invented when he was a God ranked expert, and it clearly showed how incredibly strong the wolf was. This attack required beastly mist energy, so it could be executed no matter what rank the beast was. It also depended on the wolf’s innate Fire affinity as the wolf was created from fire.

But the reason this attack was so monstrously strong was that he inherited the previous wolf Hui Yue’s elemental affinity. That affinity along with the one from Lan Feng and his own innate affinity caused his overall Fire elemental affinity to be utterly shocking.

The strength of this attack changed the weather, and more and more experts appeared at the training grounds to see what was happening. Even the Lords of the Forest arrived, shocked to have felt the ground trembling and heard the wind howling. As soon as they left their rooms, they were astounded to see a massive flaming wolf head. Even the man who was filled with rage sobered up; his face pale and filled with fear. His mouth was constantly opening and closing as his fear had long since taken over his heart.

Flames appeared within Hui Yue’s eyes. His body was seemingly sat ablaze, but not even one hair of his fur was burning. Looking at his opponent, Hui Yue sighed deeply, and finally, the massive wolf head started to dissipate into the thin air, the flames slowly dying out. Eventually, even the flames around his body vanished, and Hui Yue jumped out of the arena. Having tested this ability, Hui Yue was satisfied with what he accomplished, and he gave up as he had no more beastly mist energy left within his body. It was true that he could keep battling with his spiritual energy, but the young man decided that he had already trained enough for today.

“You are a f*cking loser!” A voice yelled behind him causing the white-haired young man to come to a stand still. His body turning around and he looked at the tall man who called out.

“What did you just say?” He asked, his voice icy, and his eyes colder than the coldest winter night.

“I called you a f*cking loser!” The man repeated. “Before the battle you spoke such contemptuous words, and here you are leaving with the tail between your legs, just because you feared me beating you!”

Hui Yue looked at him completely flabbergasted. He was shocked to see that the man was unable to understand that Hui Yue pulled back the attack to avoid killing multiple King ranked experts, and here he was spouting nonsense.

Just as Hui Yue was about to answer a loud snort could be heard behind the guards. “You pride yourself as a guard? Do you wish to drag my name through the mud?!”

The voice was terribly loud. The entire ground trembled and the heavens shook. The voice was like thunder causing everyone present to tremble in fear. It was clear that the speaker possessed immense power, but it was also obvious that he was anything but happy with what transpired.

The crowd slowly made way for the man with the booming voice, and after what seemed to be a few minutes, the man finally made his way towards the stage. While approaching, he was glaring severely at the tall cultivator who yelled out loudly. A quick glance was sent towards Hui Yue, and as he noticed the frosty expression on the young man’s face, his own expression suddenly became much darker.

Hui Yue, on the other hand, did not mind being interrupted especially as he noticed the anger the newcomer showed the man still standing in the arena.

“How dare you speak like this to the young lord?!” The man roared. His face was turning red as he continued yelling at the expert on top of the arena “Come down here this instant and apologize. Be grateful that he did not use that attack just now as it would have killed not only you, but also many others as well!” The man was angered on behalf of Hui Yue; however, Hui Yue himself said absolutely nothing. He just stood there with his arms across his chest watching what happened in front of him.

The man on the stage was quiet for some time before he looked at Hui Yue, his eyes teeming with anger and hate. “Commander, this brat was incredibly arrogant before the battle, but he left the arena without defeating me, and he still acts as if he won. How can I as a martial artist allow such arrogance?” The man finally got his voice to work as he wished it to, and with an indignant voice, he asked the question.

“Are you both deaf and blind?!” The one referred to as commander asked. His face turned more and more red as his anger igniting more and more.

“Commander, I don’t understand why you would assist such an arrogant brat like him. What did he ever do for you? How can you turn against your own subordinates?!”

“This young master is far stronger than I ever expected,” The commander said with a glance towards the still calm Hui Yue, who was just standing there as his eyes observed anything which happened while a small smile adorned his lips.

“Had you not said anything then you would definitely not have been scolded, but to call this merciful young master a loser and even swear at him is simply stupidity!” The commander said once more before he turned towards Hui Yue and bowed deeply to the young man in front of him,

“I, Commander Hu of the Sunfury Ridge apologize on behalf of my subordinate. I apologize and hope that you, young lord, will be merciful towards this man who has eyes but cannot see.”

This commander gave Hui Yue a tremendous amount of face, and Hui Yue was not so thick-skinned as to not return the favor. With a nod, he smiled towards the commander. “I apologize if I in any way seemed to have insulted the guards of the Sunfury Ridge, that was never my intention; however, if he is to insult me once again don’t blame me for being rough.” The white-haired young man said with a smile then turned around leaving the training ground behind. Hui Yue made his way back to his room; his mood was far better than what it had been before.

Not far from the training grounds a group of ten to twenty people had gathered. All of them observed the fight from start to finish. Many were deeply shocked by what they saw, so shocked that they dared not utter a single word.

These experts were all Lords of the Forest who had heard a little about Hui Yue either from the guards, Wan Qiao, or other lords who somehow used either spies or money to gain information about this mysterious young man.

Seeing him actually fight, at first he had not surprised them too much apart from the fact that he could use spiritual energy; however, his final attack that was launched caused them all to be incredibly fearful. Although he was only at the King ranked level, even they would have to be careful not to be wounded by such an attack. See this it made Wan Qiao even more certain that she needed to keep this genius on her side.

“It looks like this young man has both the brains and the muscle to become a new Sovereign of Beasts,” One man finally sighed, his sigh was filled with admiration.

“It is too soon to determine,” Another said with a sour expression on his face, “This young man is only a Duke. As for how his strength can rise to the King level when he transforms, I do not know, but he is clearly far from the level of one of the Sovereigns.”

Hearing the various conversations, all the ones present within the group of experts started discussing whether or not this young man was the hope of their future, or if his importance had been blown out of proportions.

“Well, we all know that he has something to do with whatever Wan Qiao wishes to talk. I guess there are more secrets about this young man than what we know so far.” An elderly man said with a sigh so as to end the discussion. Everyone who heard what he said stopped discussing and nodded their heads. Soon this group of experts went completely quiet as they wondered what exactly it was that this young man did that fanned the flames of Wan Qiao’s dreams.

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