Blue Phoenix

Chapter 186: Azure Dragon

Lan Feng was completely quiet, but it was not because he had nothing to say. Hui Yue could feel a strange change in the soul of the bird. A veneration and also a profound sadness which was aimed at the crystallized beast in front of them.

The room was not lit and the only light came from the light stone within the hand of the young man. The gentle white light shone down upon the stones on which Hui Yue was standing. The closer he got to the sapphire looking creature, the actions and emotions which were displayed by the blue phoenix reinforced his thoughts that this was indeed the Azure Dragon.

All that he saw in front of him was a massive eye. An eye like a cats, but far bigger than anything Hui Yue had ever seen before. Its entire body seemed to go on forever, and he finally remembered what Lan Feng had once said to him.

‘The four divine beasts laid down their bodies as the foundation of the four kingdoms,’ The body he was looking at could definitely be as long as the kingdom itself!

The Taiyang Kingdom alone was forty-three thousand kilometers long, and the size of the eye alone proved how amazingly massive this beast truly was.

‘Lan Feng,’ Hui Yue silently called out for the phoenix as he felt just how shocked the bird was after seeing it.

‘Yeah. I’m fine,’ The answer came after a moment of silence, ‘I just never knew that the Dragon Corps had access to ancestors bodies.’

Both bird and man were quiet for some time as Hui Yue moved further and further into the pathway. Scale after scale went past him until he finally reached a part where the scales were removed and the flesh within was visible.

Seeing this, Hui Yue frowned slightly. Even Lan Feng was uncomfortable seeing this and wondered why anyone would wound the ancestor.

‘It might have been by mistake when they built this tunnel,’ Hui Yue said optimistically, though somewhere deep down worry started brewing.

‘No,’ Lan Feng instantly caused the worry to increase tenfold, ‘The scales are far too tough to be destroyed by humans like that.’

‘They must have done it somehow,’ Hui Yue continued but even he knew that there was only a few beings in the world who were strong enough to leave behind such kind of damage. One would have to be a God, as the beasts themselves were, or an Emperor ranked expert.

‘Do you think it’s him?’ Hui Yue asked quietly, ‘The guy we need to fight?’

It had been a long time since Hui Yue and Lan Feng had spoken about the man who caused the phoenix to be in the state he was now.

A sigh could be heard from deep within the dantian cave, ‘What is done is done.’ The phoenix said,for once not showing much care, ‘This might even be helpful for us.’ He continued.

‘Tomorrow get Deng Wu and Little Dragon down here. I have a way to allow him to escape his figurine. He better thank me,’ Lan Feng said. As soon as Hui Yue heard this he felt hope. If Little Dragon actually became like Lan Feng then it was likely that the group would get another expert.

Turning around, Hui Yue started to rush back towards the stairs leading to the Dragon Corps’ main office. Rushing up the stairs once more took an amazing amount of time, however, it was far quicker than when he was descending because he knew where he was headed.

As he came up, he saw that the day was already over. Moonlight was cascading down upon the buildings and Hui Yue rushed towards the building where his friends were.

Entering the house, Hui Yue walked towards the room in which Deng Wu and the others were located. All of them were having a blast as they were drinking wine and eating food. Seeing this, Hui Yue could not help but laugh out loud. He was rushing around while they were enjoying their time.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He asked with a cheerful voice as a bottle of wine was tossed his way which he caught in the air and took a large gulp from.

“Sorry for breaking up your party but I need Deng Wu come with me asap.” His face quickly turned serious and Deng Wu instantly stood up making sure he had the storage stone in which the azure dragon figurine was placed.

“We’ll be back in a few days, maybe,” Hui Yue said before he dragged Deng Wu with him, rushing back to the stairs leading down to the corpse of the Azure Dragon.

Walking down the long flight of stairs, Deng Wu was completely unaware of what was going on. Whenever he asked Hui Yue the white-haired young man would only say that he had no idea of what was going on; that Lan Feng told him to pick up Deng Wu and the azure dragon figurine.

Hui Yue was unaware of what exactly was planned, and even though he wished to tell Deng Wu what was going on, it was not possible. He could not explain anything because Lan Feng refused to comment on the matter. It seemed that the bird was busy cultivating.

As they made their way to the chamber at the end, Deng Wu too was taken aback by the sheer size of the room alone. However, his eyes turned round with astonishment as he too saw the large eye in front of him.

Deng Wu stared at the eye in front of him, and his heart was beating as erratically as Hui Yue’s had earlier that day. The eye, itself, had such an astonishing size that it made it easy to believe that the body was truly as big as the kingdom above it.

“What… What are we doing here?” The shocked Deng Wu asked as he turned away from the eye in front of him to look at Hui Yue who was standing there smiling.

“I can’t tell you,” Hui Yue said with a sigh.” Just follow me and Lan Feng is going to help Little Dragon. Also, get him out I am sure he’ll want to see this.”

Hearing what Hui Yue said Deng Wu did as he was told, and as soon as the azure dragon figurine landed in his hands sounds of surprise and happiness were heard from the figurine itself.

“This… is it.. is this the Azure Dragon?” Deng Wu was astonished as he finally realized what he was looking at, and he turned to Hui Yue who nodded his head. The white-haired young man started walking down the pathway next to the body. Deng Wu did not wait long before he followed behind. Just like Hui Yue did before, he too touched the beautiful azure scales which were seen on the side.

“This is astonishing,” He said deeply moved by what he saw in front of him. Glancing ahead at Hui Yue he saw that the white-haired young man was smiling as he moved further and further down the pathway before finally coming to a halt.

“Okay,” Hui Yue turned around and looked at Deng Wu with a serious expression on his face. “This will be hard, however, Lan Feng said that it is possible. We are going to get Little Dragon out of the azure dragon figurine.”

Hearing this, Deng Wu was filled with surprise and also astonishment. It would be amazing if Little Dragon could be freed of the figurine; it would mean one more expert for their side. There was just one thing which Lan Feng had forgotten to mention earlier.

Hui Yue calmed down and allowed for his consciousness to enter his dantian cave so that Lan Feng could take over his body and explain what was going to happen. Being in control, Lan Feng instantly turned around and picked up the azure dragon figurine from the hands of the stunned Deng Wu before he explained what was going to happen.

“Don’t worry about anything,” Was the only thing he said as he grabbed Deng Wu by the arm and dragged him towards the wound that was evident on the Azure Dragon corpse.

“What are you doing?” Deng Wu asked as he looked at the wound frowning slightly as he wondered what was going to happen.

“Well this is quite simple,” Lan Feng started. As he looked at the wound, himself, and then back at Deng Wu, a sinister smile appeared on his face. “You see neither me, nor Little Dragon are capable of returning to our bodies anytime soon. They are being held by the guy who sealed us up within these damned things, but that does not mean that we need to stay within these items forever,”

“It is possible for Little Dragon like it was possible for me, to enter the body of another person and live together like that. Now I am not keen on sharing a body with an annoying lizard, so I will need you to help out.”

“Help you out how?” Deng Wu asked. He was suddenly curious as to what was going to happen but also seemed to understand that he would play a major role.

“Well you see… when I entered Hui Yue’s body, I had to skewer his heart, and, unfortunately, that resulted in us dying,” Lan Feng explained shocking Deng Wu because he had never heard anything about his reincarnation before. “Now Hui Yue and I have quite an interesting relationship, however, it is impossible for you to be killed by the azure dragon figurine.”

“This means that Little Dragon would normally be stuck within this figurine for a very long time. But fortunately for him, we came across a relative so to speak. His father; the divine beast. What we need to do now is use his blood so you two can share a body.”

Hearing this, Deng Wu’s eyes widened and he took a few steps back. “I.. I am not sure I want to share my body with anyone,” He said doubtfully, but as soon as he saw the smile on Hui Yue’s face, he understood that Lan Feng expected that reaction.

“Don’t worry! It’s actually quite a good feeling sharing your body with an expert,” He said slowly moving towards the body of the Azure Dragon where he touched the wound. A single ray of golden light was seen as the phoenix in control of Hui Yue’s body injured the dragon further.

Although Lan Feng used Wu Wei, the wound on the Azure Dragon was quite small. Only enough to force out a few drops of blood. Taking these few drops of blood, Lan Feng flicked his hand and one drop landed on Deng Wu’s forehead. The other drop of blood landed on the azure dragon figurine. Both drops of blood were quickly absorbed into their two bodies, disappearing without a trace.

“What exactly did you just do?!” Deng Wu asked in a shrill, high-pitched voice with one eye closed while his hands were cradling his head. The older man was soon sitting on the ground grunting in pain. He looked as if his head was about to explode any moment.

Watching this, Hui Yue felt quite uncomfortable. Deng Wu was his good friend, and here Lan Feng was mistreating him fully aware of what was going on. ‘Will he be okay?’ Hui Yue asked worried, as he saw how his friend was writhing in pain on the ground.

‘Yeah, don’t worry about it,’ Lan Feng answered as he carelessly stood and watched the friend who was in pain. ‘He’ll just suffer a little it’s nothing compared to when you die.’

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