Blue Phoenix

Chapter 179: Wolf

Looking inside the carriage, relief appeared in his heart as he saw Wang Ju Long along with his two good friends.

Although the they were shackled they did not seem to have suffered any injustice and Hui Yue felt as though a heavy stone was lifted from his shoulders. He did not even seem to notice the ten Dragon Corps soldiers who were standing between him and his friends.

Seeing that his friends were fine, a loud roar suddenly escaped his lips causing every person in the carriage to tremble in fear. The red mist started escaping his body like steam enveloping everyone in a few meters.

Looking at Hui Yue, everyone in the carriage was shocked. His friends more than anyone. Hui Yue no longer looked the way he usually did. His hair was still long and white, however, it had somehow managed to break free and was now hanging down framing his face which had changed thoroughly.

His blue eyes were no longer blue but instead red. Three long stripes  appeared on his cheeks and fangs appeared in his mouth.

His hands were no longer normal, but rather paw-like with long claws. He grew slightly and his legs were bulging with muscles much stronger than before.

The creature which Hui Yue was turning into was sneering, exposing his fangs as he took step after step into the carriage. He pressed the soldiers further and further into the carriage as they sought to avoid him.

As Hui Yue reached the end of the carriage everyone was pushed against each other, none of them daring to breathe as they waited to see what the monster planned to do next.

Suddenly, a claw swiped down and cut through the cuffs with ease, releasing the three prisoners. Seeing this, two of the soldiers gritted their teeth as they lifted their spears and charged at Hui Yue.

Their weapons were large and impractical for a fight within the carriage and Hui Yue easily blocked the two spears which came his way. He crossed his arms above his head before his legs swung out and kicked the first of the assailants in his stomach. Currently the physical strength of Hui Yue was far greater than it had ever been before and the man who was kicked backwards was incapable of standing up afterwards.

The other man instantly retreated, returning to the group of people who were guarding the prisoners. Just as Hui Yue was about to attack the remaining men, he heard a loud crashing sound from outside. Turning around he saw that the four King ranked experts were trapped battling against Xie Lan and Xu Piao.

Seeing this, Hui Yue knew that they were pressed for time. He instantly turned around, gesturing for his friends to follow him and he rushed away from the fighting. No one followed behind him, instead, they quickly reached the battlefield where  the higher ranked experts were fighting.

His initial hope was that they could escape with the kids as well, however, seeing how fiercely the King ranked experts protected the carriage, Hui Yue quickly gave up on the notion. The most important thing for him was to save his friends and apart from that nothing else mattered.

Just as he had came to that conclusion another big explosion could be heard from the side where the King ranked experts were fighting each other. Looking over, Hui Yue saw both Xie Lan and Xu Piao were injured. Blood was flowing from the corners of their mouths along with injuries on their bodies.

“Fall back!” Hui Yue yelled out. His voice cutting through the noise of the battle and as soon as the voice was heard relief could be seen in the eyes of the two King ranked experts as they merged with the shadows once more.

Fortunately, the four opponents had no interest in chasing the retreating assailants. They too felt they were at a disadvantage because they needed to constantly keep an eye on the burning carriage in case their important cargo, the children, tried to escape.

Those who were interested in fighting were the lower ranked experts. As soon as Hui Yue had called for a retreat, hope was seen in their eyes and they started rushing towards Hui Yue and his friends rather than trying to flee.

Seeing them pursue, Hui Yue stopped while pushing his three friends in front of him. Turning around, the red mist which he fought so hard to keep under his control was suddenly let free, as the remaining experts charged towards him. The young man let go completely allowing the red mist to billow out causing his body to undergo slight changes. The young man no longer looked human. The three lines on his face protruded while his fangs grew and his eyes no longer contained any hint of their icy blue colour, instead, they were a hellish red.

His white hair slowly turned red along with his skin. The young man grew in size as his legs got stronger and longer, no longer looking like human legs but rather the legs of a wolf. His hands grew in size and his claws got bigger and stronger.

Facing the cultivators who were rushing towards him, Hui Yue let out a long and agonizing howl before he swiped his hand, cutting through the first person who had rushed towards himthem.

Before the cultivator had time to stop his life was already gone as he slumped to the ground. Only then did the remaining cultivators pause, shivers running down their spines as they saw this creature in front of them.

The person who had previously been human now looked like a red fiery wolf. He was standing on his hind legs and on his paws were the sharpest largest claws they had ever seen. His legs seemed to be filled with explosive power and his fangs ready to bite through their slim necks.

His eyes which previously had some sanity left turned ferocious, they look as if they only wanted to attack, bite, and kill everyone. The previous intellect was gone completely, replaced by anger and hate which fueled the young man.

Having completely lost control of the red mist, Hui Yue entered a trance. He noticed nothing as his consciousness was within the dantian cave and was unable to see or hear what was happening. The red mist completely took control over his body and one howl after another was released as if the beast had finally been given the freedom it yearned for.

Relying on his strong legs, Hui Yue shot towards the cultivators who had tried to attack moments before. His palms swiped at the cultivators, wounding some while missing others, his mouth constantly sneering as he grabbed an enemy by the throat and bit down, crunching his vertebrae killing him instantly.

With blood running down his lips and dripping from his paws, the already savage young man looked even more savage than before, he was terrifying. The more he killed the stronger he grew. It seemed as though blood and killing invigorated the beast.

Had Hui Yue’s consciousness been awake he would have noticed that within his dantian cave where the red mist usually resided there was now a small black gemlike stone which was constantly growing in size. The more killings he committed the bigger the stone became.

Gritting their teeth, the four King ranked experts all stayed by the carriage, constantly observing from the shadows. They fearing an ambush by the King ranked experts they had fought earlier; however, at the same time they all wanted to go attack Hui Yue.

He was running wild. His strength was constantly increasing as he injured one after another. The many Dragon Corps soldiers which had thought that the enemies retreat would give them a chance to avenge their dead friends discovered that they were now terrified and fleeing in every direction. They were trying their best to no longer have anything to do with the frenzied beast Hui Yue turned into.

Looking around, the sharp red eyes no longer saw anyone he could attack, no one other than the four King ranked experts.

Looking at the four, Lan Feng sighed deeply as the soul of the phoenix stood up and went towards Hui Yue’s consciousness which was still deep in a trance. With no ceremony nor any regret the phoenix kicked Hui Yue’s consciousness  causing him to fall down and wake up, shock evident in his eyes.

As soon as Hui Yue woke up, a loud howl far louder than the others could be heard. A noise which sounded as though the beast was wounded. Hui Yue quickly maneuvered the blue cloud, taking over the red mist and moments after a calming and soothing atmosphere appeared.

The four King ranked experts were dumbfounded when they saw the changes as the wolf-like beast turned back into the white-haired young man. They were completely unable to see what had happened. They were even more so astonished when they felt the blue cloud surrounding them bringing forth a dense cloud of essence from the heavens and the earth.

The captain felt sour as his eyes locked on the young man. Although he had decided long ago that the most important mission was to bring the cargo to the capital, he still had intended to bring the prisoners as well. Losing his men on a mission which was successful was far different to losing them when the prisoners escaped.

Swearing slightly he could not help but curse at the Dragon Corp’s office back in the Thousand River’s Cave for giving his team this mission with these prisoners. But even while doing so, he did not move towards the young white-haired man who vanished in the direction where his friends had previously gone..

Clenching his fists, the captain looked around at the suddenly quiet place only to see that there were no corpses left on the ground. All of them had vanished together with the beastly young man.

“They were the ones we met back at the restaurant,” One of the Kings said, his voice trembling from anger as he looked at the destroyed carriage behind them.

“I know.” The captain said with an angry voice, “Take those Laws into the carriage where we had the prisoners previously and lock the door. The four of us will have to protect this carriage for the rest of the trip.”

“Well now all those weaklings are gone we can travel through the night,” Another King said as he tried to be positive, “Not to mention they are unlikely to attack us again. They know nothing about our cargo and even if they knew, they have no use of a few Laws. No one besides us can use them.”

“Be quiet!” The captain growled, “Don’t jinx our cargo. Let’s move.”

“What about the surviving soldiers?” Another King asked as he looked into the darkness surrounding them. It was truly hard to tell how many survived considering all the corpses were gone.

“They fled,” The captain said with disdain in his voice. Although he knew that they were unable to do anything against the human turned beast, he felt that after they fled they were no longer any of his concern. If they managed to reach the capital on their own then they would be able to get another mission, however, if they did not then they were not worth his time.

Hui Yue had not withdrawn very far, his blue eyes keeping an eye on the Kings and his eyes narrowed as he heard the mention of  Laws.

The  caravan no longer contained three carriages and a numerous amount of soldiers, instead, now it contained one carriage being guarded by four Kings.

Seeing them walking away into the distance, Hui Yue could not help but frown slightly as he turned around and walked in the direction his friends had went in.


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