Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 462

Chapter 462 - Shu Versus Shark

Yushu’s cry made everybody turn their attention to the sea. There actually was a shark fin swimming about!

Mengyao was rather shocked. She looked at where Yushu was pointing. There really was a shark. “Isn’t this a swimming area? How come there’s sharks?”

“I opened up a hole in the isolation belt so a shark could get in!” Pinliang quickly waddled over to provide an explanation to the girls.

It wasn’t total bullsh*t. He was worried that Yushu would realize what was up. He’d specifically swum over to the far side and opened a gap in the isolation belt.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid that a real shark would really come swimming in. The chances of that were simply too low!

Unless, of course, there was the scent of blood present. A shark wouldn’t just come swimming over for no reason.

“Oh, that’s great! Nice, Liangy, good job. We’ll have shark meat to eat!” Yushu patted Pinliang’s shoulder happily before worry appeared on her face. “I say, Liangy, you washed yourself clean, right? Does it still smell?”

“Nope, not at all. I was just in seawater. I smell like salt, if anything!” Pinliang quickly explained.

“That’s more like it!” Yushu said that, but she instinctively backed off from Pinliang.

The appearance of a shark sent the students running to shore, terrified and panicked. All that was left was the shark now, all alone.

Xiaofu was feeling pretty relieved himself as he swam a little closer. Pinliang was taking his time to battle the shark when he saw Yushu take the first move. She was running in the direction of the shark.

“Shu, what’re you doing! That’s dangerous!” Mengyao cried out in shock. What on earth was the girl doing?

“It’s okay, I’m just taking a look!” Yushu didn’t have much fear of shark. Lin Yi had been able to kill one off while carrying her, after all, so Yushu thought that sharks weren’t all that scary. They were probably more vulnerable compared to other animals, so Yushu wondered if she could take on a shark herself.

“Yeah, Shu, come back! It’s too dangerous! I’ll handle the shark!” Pinliang didn’t want Yushu to get too close and see what was really going on.

But Yushu wasn’t interested in what Pinliang had to say. She ran to the shore without turning back. Without much of a choice, Pinliang started running as well, worried that Yushu would jump in the water and start swimming to the shark first.

Not far off on the beach, Lin Yi lifted his head and took a look at the shark in the sea. He then looked at Yushu and lowered his head, not very interested.

“Hey, aren’t you their follower and bodyguard? There’s a shark in the water. How come you’re not protecting Chen Yushu?” Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yi, confused.

“Zhong Pinliang’s there, isn’t he? I’ll stay here.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Him?” Xiaoxiao thought that Lin Yi would charge out and expose his relationship with Mengyao and Yushu, but the guy wasn’t budging at all. “When danger strikes, he’s the first to run away.”

“Ah. Why’re you telling me to go if you know that? Zhong Pinliang would be running away if it actually was dangerous. Does he look threatened to you?” Lin Yi asked.

“Now that you mention it, no.” Xiaoxiao shook her head.

“Plus, is that really a shark?” Lin Yi sneered. What kind of shark even swam like that? Swimming horizontally? Quite a shark it was.

“Not a shark? What is it then?” Xiaoxiao blinked, not understanding what Lin Yi was talking about.

“I guess we’ll see.” Lin Yi wasn’t too sure himself, but it didn’t look like it was controlled remotely. It seemed like a person.

Pinliang jumped right into the water and growled at the shark, pointing his finger at it. “You damned shark, how dare you disturb us! I’ll execute you!”

“Wow, Pinliang really is brave! He’s fighting the shark!” The unaware students started shouting praise at Pinliang. It felt rather good to him.

“Shu, let’s leave this place. It’s too dangerous!” Mengyao pulled Yushu away from the shore.

“Watch this, Yao Yao!” Yushu wasn’t scared one bit. She lifted a cobblestone out of the sea and called out, “Liangy, duck!”

Pinliang turned around to see the shocking sight of a monstrously huge object flying in his direction. He dodged on instinct and the object hit the shark in the sea with a loud thud.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Xiaofu wailed as the stone hit his forehead. Fresh blood flowed out, dyeing the sea red.

“Yeah, I killed the shark!” Yushu danced about excitedly, not expecting to be able to one-shot the shark.

“Why did I hear a wail? Do sharks make that sound?” Mengyao looked at the sea suspiciously.

“Uh, that was me!” Pinliang quickly explained, nervous and worried. Xiaofu wasn’t dead, was he?

“You? I hit the shark. Why were you wailing?” Yushu asked.

“Uhh, the shark’s in pain and can’t even scream, so I screamed in its place! Yeah, I was just helping,” Pinliang explained with a hollow laugh.

“I see,” Yushu nodded. “Liangy, hurry and haul my shark out! I wanna eat barbecued shark meat.”

“Umm, okay!” Pinliang was quite dejected. He’d wanted to show off his skills and hadn’t expected Yushu to get to the shark first. What a waste of effort.

He dived down to see Xiaofu gritting his teeth and holding his forehead, but he seemed fine other than the flesh wound. He sighed in relief and pointed at the frozen shark at the bottom of the sea he’d prepared beforehand, telling Xiaofu to push it as Pinliang pulled it to shore.

Xiaofu endured his forehead pain and helped Pinliang get the shark out before quickly diving back in and leaving the scene.

“It’s pretty big!” Yushu excitedly ran to the shark and poked at it with a finger. “ Hm? Why’s this shark so cold? Like it came out of a freezer?”

“Uh, well, sharks are cold-blooded animals, of course it’s cold!” The panic pushed at Pinliang’s mind and he formed an ingenious excuse right on the spot. He sure was a genius.

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