Atypical Reincarnation (RSS)


Action, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Chinese

Author: Wind Dumpling (风的饺子)

Status: 200+ chapters (Ongoing)

Translator: mianbao

Editor: FluffyGoblyn (1-53), Michyrr (26-30, 50, 51), RED (54-238)


Ebook: Book 1 | Book 2

Original Synopsis: In the cursed cycle of life, some choose to be a servant for life, while some would rather die than to make do with their current life. Was this an ancient prophecy, or the final revelation? Such is the cursed nightmare of beings, or the destiny of everyone? With a sword in hand, he cuts down the darkness of lies before him. Is this the life he chose, or his destiny? Bringing down every enemy before him, ripping apart the daos of this world. The truth of the daos were laid bare before him, and all that remains in the end was, the karmic cycle of life!


Translator Synopsis: Our protagonist was an adult in his late twenties, who had crossed dimensions into a world of cultivation. However, he was sent into the body of an infant when the transcension happened. Our story begins a few years later, when both his parents died to an illness and he was the only heir to his clan, at six years old. Watch him grow as a human and a cultivator as he fends off enemies who desire his fortune and builds his influence in the new world!


Note: The English naming of this webnovel wasn't intentioned as a clickbait, unlike what some comments I've read elsewhere are saying. The Chinese title, Dao Po Lun Hui, can be separated into two parts, Dao Po, and Lun Hui. Lun Hui is, very simply, Reincarnation, or the Cycle of Life. Whereas in Dao Po, there is a pun to it. It can be understood as "Revealing the truths (to the Cycle of Life)", or "Going against the Dao (of Reincarnation). This was why I adapted the English title into Atypical Reincarnation, leaving a pun in English, while somewhat retaining the second explanation of the Chinese.