Apocalypse Hunter

Chapter 33

< White Witch (Part 4) >

The dark cloud appearing from the ground started attacking the special forces approaching the Witch.

“Do not let the dark smoke touch you!”

The special forces who were treated with cyborg transplant quickly moved towards the Witch. They were armed with photon disruptor weapons specialized in dealing with ghost-type monsters, and they could deal damage to alien-type monsters as well.


As the Witch was slashed with a sword radiating a white energy that disintegrated anything it touched, she didn’t scream, but instead laughed.

“That tickles, you idiots!”


She slammed her right hand down upon a soldier, and the man was crushed like an empty can.

All the special force members were astonished. The Witch had crushed a cyborg whose body was harder than steel!

“The photon disruptor sword doesn’t work on her!”

“No! It should work! Keep on attacking!”

The side of the Witch was slashed, and there was white powder falling out of her.

Her dimensional density is too dense.

The photon disruptor weapons were built by Wargrave to handle monsters of different dimensions. Low-level ghosts would be destroyed as soon as it touched them.

However the Witch was not destroyed so easily by. Stronger ghosts had better control of different dimensions.

It’s too strong.

It would not easily die with normal attacks.

The prototype was much stronger than Zin had expected.

The Witch was able to trigger the MCP, the source of monsters, and summon as many monsters as she wanted. She was also immune to physical attacks, and she could attack the spirits of her enemies directly.

It’s the first time since lebtoqizra that I have had to deal with a pesky one.

Zin was getting nauseated just thinking about the nasty ruler of the aliens. Although the Witch was smaller in size, it had enormous stamina. Zin pulled out the bullet, bit his thumb, and applied his blood to the bullet.

[Warning – Bleeding. Darkborn energy lost.]

It was a primitive method, but the blood of a devil could be used to deal with devils, similar to how the Phantomvein was used to handle devils.

Wargrave was able to develop technology to deal with the devils, but in the end, Zin utilized a more primitive method.

Devil hunters drank the blood of devils, and their blood was mixed with different types of diabolic blood. Therefore, the blood of a devil hunter was effective in dealing with devils. Zin improved the effectiveness of the bullet by sacrificing a certain level of darkborn energy.


As soon as Zin loaded the rifle, he waited. There were only two bullets for the 20mm rifle. On top of that, his devil hunter’s blood was applied. It would be a problem if the Witch were not taken out with a single shot.

Zin observed the grey-haired Witch slaughtering the special forces. The Witch was laughing like a mad woman, and ridiculing the dying soldiers. Within the inner walls of the fortress, the monsters were continuing to attack.

Although the fortress should have been indestructible, it was under attack from the inside out.

The Witch was assuring herself of victory, and kept on slaughtering the cyborgs. The crazy Witch was not aware of the devil hunter who was calmly looking to kill her at the right moment. Zin stayed absolutely still to use the right moment to kill the Witch with a single shot.

Ancient Korea was a remote area for the monsters, and a relatively uncivilized area. Most people did not know about guns, and most of the monsters were corpse-scavenging types. In the main continent, many people didn’t know of the existence of this area, as the Korean peninsula had fallen into historical invisibility since the apocalypse.

It also meant that the people and the hunters in Ancient Korea were not equipped properly.


But it sure wasn’t true for the fortress, and the Wargrave organization. Even though it was a remote area, high level monsters appeared in this MCP. Similar to Moscow and Beijing, horrendous monsters appeared in Seoul’s MCP.

The special forces of Wargrave fortress were highly skilled soldiers, just like other areas of the continent. There was not much difference in Wargrave’s firepower between different divisions. Wargrave and Moscow’s men might have different types of weaponry, but there was not much difference in the level of skill sets and experience. It meant that they were equally strong.

But things weren’t looking too promising at the moment.

The enemy was a secret weapon developed by the Wargrave, and it was a monster that possessed multiple powers of the devil.

Half of the special forces had been crushed.

[As the third commander in line second lieutenant Oldyshe was KIA, warrant officer Ramphil is in command effectively immediately! Everyone is to follow his orders!]

Back at their headquarters, officer Ramphil gave out orders.

“Everyone, move away from the target one hundred yards.”

Death was part of the battle, and changes in command happened often. But it was unusual for the commander, and the second and third in command, to be killed at the same battle.

As soon as Ramphil gave out his order, all the forces moved away from the grey-haired Witch. Officer Ramphil retrieved all the swords from the fallen soldiers, and connected them in one line.

Then he gathered the swords and put them away.


The photon disruptor swords could be connected together to increase their power level.

The headquarters decided to the call the target “White Witch.”

However, it didn’t matter much to Ramphil. Whatever the target was called, he had matters to take care of.

“At this moment, all forces are to retreat to the inner wall, and supported the battle inside the MCP.”

All the soldiers were in shocked at his orders.

“The commander will deal with the White Witch alone. Everyone, move out.”

Wargrave operated from the top down. Everyone couldn’t understand why Ramphil gave out such orders, but they started moving out swiftly.

All the men retreated, and the white Witch laughed at the fleeing soldiers, before her face suddenly hardened. “What, are you trying to act like a hero?”


The ground exploded and a dark cloud shot up from the ground. Ramphil avoided the explosion and moved closer to the Witch. Although Ramphil had the rank of warrant officer, he looked very young being twenty years old. The Witch was enraged, but she didn’t lose her cool. While she was confined in the Wargrave lab, she learned the command system of Wargrave. With her advanced hearing, she had heard that the young man was a warrant officer. Such a high rank was not awarded to an ordinary young man.


Before she realized what was going on, Ramphil charged towards her with the multi-connected photon disruptor sword, and stabbed her.


“Ack!” In the brief moment where the Witch was stabbed in the heart, she jumped straight up into the sky using her tentacle-feet. The Witch was greatly shocked, gnashing her teeth in alarm and fury.

But it was not over. Ramphil threw one sword that was in his vest towards the jumping Witch.


And at the same time, he shot it with a laser pistol.


The sword exploded in mid-air, and the explosive wave hit the Witch.


The Witch was directly struck by the explosive wave, and hit the ground hard, standing up slowly. Ramphil looked at the Witch and slowly walked towards her.

“You don’t seem to be detai-oriented for someone that strong.”


Ramphil checked the connected sword as if he was testing it. A Wargrave solider that was dispatched to the rural area was not weak at all. Ramphil charged towards the Witch that trying to recover.

The number of humans had dramatically decreased, but geniuses were still being born.



Dozens of tentacles spread out from the hands of the Witch to attack Ramphil, but the officer avoided all the tentacles with swift movements and continued charging towards the Witch.

—shank! shank!—

In a split second, he slashed the Witch with the connected photon disruptor sword. The Witch tried to run away, but Ramphil followed her and didn’t stop attacking. Three times, four times, five times...

As the Witch received ten consecutive attacks, she was in complete shock and retreated to the top of the wall using her tentacles.

The devil ran away!

Ramphil looked at the Witch several yards above him.

He was sent to the battlefield at the age of 17, and became a warrant officer, the highest rank for an enlisted combatant, at the age of 21. Such rapid promotions were unusual.

However, people who watched him on the battlefield couldn’t understand how he was so complacent and satisfied with the rank of a warrant officer.

Even before he received the megaframe procedure, Ramphil had faced a situation where the squad was annihilated, and he single-handedly destroyed a group of AA level monsters with a single laser saber.

When the reinforcements arrived, Ramphil stood calm and still without a scratch in a field filled with corpse of monsters. Ramphil was no different now, as he faced the White Witch, possibly the strongest monster in the world right now.

His eyes were as still as a lake, and he was very calm without any fear. Everyone in the SMCP fortress said that he would have been pushed up as a senior commander if he wasn’t sucha loner.

He had the soldiers retreat not because he was worried about the collapse of the fortress, he did it because fighting along with them was a distraction. Ramphil did not display any anger or hatred as he looked at the Witch. The Witch felt a crawling fear as she looked at a human who looked less human than her...

What kind of a man is he…

Without giving much time for the Witch to think, Ramphil jumped toward the fortress wall, and started running up it with extreme speed.



As Ramphil reached the Witch, he swung the sword once more. The photon disruptor sword had no physical power.

It could not defend against physical power, but it was likewise nearly impossible to defend against.



The Witch was slashed again, and felt her body become faint. She knew that she would be destroyed at this rate. The Witch was able to withstand multiple attacks of a photon disruptor sword that could destroy weak ghosts, but she would eventually die if attacked too many times.

Ramphil persistently followed the Witch. If the Witch jumped in the sky, he threw the sword into the air and blew it up like a grenade. If the Witch stood on the ground, he chased her with tremendous speed. Ramphil spoke as he approached and attacked the Witch at point blank range.









“Aaargggh!” The Witch was thrown into the air outside the wall, staring at the three swords coming right at her.


The swords exploded with a flash of the pistol.



“I give props to your level of stamina.”

As Ramphil ridiculed the Witch contemptuously, he remained so calm it seemed unreal.

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