Age of Adepts

Chapter 699

Chapter 699 Damned Surestrike

Even Greem's situation regarding magical equipment was inadequate and shabby.

The only thing on him that could be considered of decent quality was his Soul Equipment– the Scroll of Voodoo.

However, the Scroll of Voodoo had already evolved and turned into the body of the voodoo doll. Over the past few years of nurturing and growing, the strength of the voodoo doll had already risen to advanced First Grade. It could finally be of some help to Greem.

Meanwhile, the Stitch Ghost Golem, despite having undergone multiple massacres and devoured several souls, was still at intermediate First Grade. It had almost no chance of being fielded in combat against these Second Grade opponents!

Apart from these helpers, the only equipment on Greem that could be considered Second Grade magical equipment was the Blaze of Destruction. The rest were basically still First Grade magical equipment. These magical items were severely lagging behind his power and status. They couldn't provide him with much support in combat.

If it weren't for his powerful elementium golems, Greem would not possess such immense advantage against opponents of the same grade.

That was why Greem, despite his usual cool-headedness, couldn't help but be overcome by greed when he saw a pseudo-artifact in the hands of such a young Second Grade elf.

The green dragon opened its mouth wide as it dove downwards, and a two-meter-wide acid breath swept toward Greem in a fan. The beautiful female elf riding on the dragon also flicked her slender fingers. Two transparent wind arrows caught up with the acid breath at an unbelievable speed and stabbed toward Greem's chest.

[Beep. Warning.

[Second Grade Green Dragon's Acid Breath. Initial power estimated to be one hundred and seventy points. Also possesses one hundred points of acid corrosion effect. Excels at corroding magical shields. Initial threat assessment is high. It is suggested that the host dodges the attack.

[Wind Arrow elementium attack. Initial power estimated to be one hundred and fifty points. Threat level is lower……]

Greem quickly understood the power of the enemy's attacks through the Chip's instantaneous scans.

The fact that the green dragon, as a Second Grade magical being, could so casually launch an acid attack of two hundred and seventy points was fairly surprising. Meanwhile, the long-ranged attack of the elven deadshot was only one hundred and fifty points. That was clearly beyond Greem's expectations.

The exchange of information was swift. Such complicated combat assessments flowed through Greem's mind instantaneously.

When the two attacks were about to land on his body, the flame humanoid that Greem turned into let out a grin and exploded into a halo of fire. He then took the opportunity to leap away.

Yet, when he emerged at another spot, a blaring alarm filled his ears before he could even figure out what was happening.

[Beep. Warning.

[Detecting planar law flux. Source of flux: the wind arrows.]

Sadly, such an alarm was far too late!

There were two dull thuds as two wind arrows pierced through Greem's elementiumized flame body. Two complete holes had been left in his body.

The flame giant let out an agonized roar.

He did not have the critical weakness and flesh of a human while transformed into his body of flames, and he was immune to most physical attacks. However, the powers of fire that the wind arrows had annihilated when they pierced his body were part of Greem's current strength. Although he could rapidly replenish this portion of his strength with his flame core, the sense of losing that power was as real as it could be.

"Why? Why," The flame humanoid turned and roared at the female elf standing on the green dragon, "Why is it that I still took damage, despite having clearly dodged your attack?"

The elven deadshot proudly raised the longbow glowing with magical light as she looked at the berserk flame giant and said, "Foolish brute, have you never heard of the name of Sinthavee Heartpiercer?"

"So you are Sinthavee!" The previously berserk flame giant was suddenly calm as water. He chuckled and spoke, "I was wondering what was special about the longbow. So it has the 'Surestrike' attribute."

In the past, Greem would have definitely scoffed at such a Surestrike effect.

How could there possibly be something as ridiculous as absolute certainty in this world!

It was called Surestrike and it would definitely hit? Then what was the purpose of technique and dodging?

However, with his increasing accumulation and research of magical knowledge, Greem was shocked to find that the so-called Surestrike had a certain logic and reason to it as well!

Firstly, such weapons could not be forged by mortals; the participation of the gods was a necessity.

Secondly, the god would have to imbue the weapon with a suitable trace of their understanding and authority over the planar laws when they set its form. That would bestow the weapons with specific supernatural magical abilities.

For instance: 'Surestrike,' 'Indestructible,' or 'Unstoppable Force.'

As long as it possessed the power of the planar laws, even a leaf enchanted with the power of Unstoppable Force would easily break apart the most sturdy magical shields of the world. That was because the clash of the leaf and the magical shield wasn't a clash between the hardness of their materials, but their respective planar laws.

As long as the planar laws overwhelmed the opponent, even a leaf would be enough to slice a magical shield to pieces.

Of course, in reality, it was also a matter of whether it was possible to find a leaf that could bear such sublime planar law powers!

That was why any magical weapon that the forest elves crafted from a random branch taken from the great Tree of Life would easily beat conventional magical metal weapons. They were relying on the strength of the Tree of Life's laws that had seeped into every one of its branches and leaves.

The elven longbow in the hands of this young elf clearly possessed the law attribute of Surestrike.

Any arrow shot with the longbow would mysteriously appear at any position on Greem's body under the influence of Surestrike, even if Greem were to dodge or defend against it.

The process might sound ridiculous and without reason, but its threat toward Greem was genuine!

Just as Greem finally figured out the reason for his injury, the young female archer that seemed no more than thirteen years old once again dove forward with her green dragon.

This time; zeng, zeng, zeng! The opponent fired seven wind arrows in a single breath.

Damn damn damn damn damn!

For the first time, Greem couldn't help but start cursing wildly during combat!

Dammit, how should I dodge? Dammit, they were going to hit anyway. Is there any point in wasting time avoiding them?

For a moment, even the experienced veteran Greem had been thrown into a panic by the enemy's brainless attacks. He had no idea how to respond.

Greem randomly threw a magma fireball when he saw the seven transparent wind arrows whistling with force. He intended to use the detonation of his fireball to jar the wind arrows and disperse them.

His own body leaped away with a Fire Teleportation.

A dull explosion rang out as the magma fireball exploded into a massive ball of flames. The violent flame shockwaves and rain of lava turned everything in a radius of twenty meters into a sea of magma.

Just as Greem completed his teleportation, seven wind arrows silently appeared around his newly-formed body. They once again shot toward him.

This time, Greem was prepared!

He opened his hands wide and caught three of the seven arrows.

Unfortunately, he let out a furious roar the very next second. Seven visible holes had once again pierced into his body of fire.

He opened his hand, and nothing remained in the blazing palm.

He hadn't managed to catch any of the arrows!


Those gods were all motherf***ing assholes! Were the powers of the laws supposed to be an ability that a Second Grade elf should possess?

Greem furiously cursed as he incited the flame core to send out another surge of flame energy to repair his body.

Dammit! I can't be defending passively! Otherwise, even this brat of a girl alone would easily kill me.

Greem had initially intended to hold back a little bit, but this time he no longer dared hide anything.

He threw out a massive golem crystal which quickly transformed into a blazing Flame Fiend of Terror.

A clumsy doll covered in strange runes climbed out of his clothes, a sinister green light emanating from within its body.

A doll sewn of cloth with a single eye drawn with blood upon its head floated out of nowhere as three spots of lights revolved around it, continually letting out a bleak and chilling laugh.

One had to admit that the golems and creations of adepts all naturally possessed a sinister and evil aura upon them. It didn't matter whether it was the Voodoo Doll or the Stitch Ghost Golem. Both of them had the stereotypical appearances of evil constructs. Anyone could tell that they were ominous creatures of evil with a single look.

The forest elves all worshipped nature. They could easily sense the overwhelming aura of bloodshed and murder upon these sinister dolls. To think that the evil adept across from her had managed to create these golems! Who knew how many poor elves he had slaughtered on Garan to give them such an overwhelmingly evil aura!

The female elf known as Sinthavee was driven into a fury. She immediately pushed the green dragon forward at the flame humanoid.

Both parties retreated as they fought, slowly moving the battlefield to the depths of the plains.

Meanwhile, Mary had turned into a flash of red lightning, boldly and fearlessly weaving between the ranks of the elven knights. The low-grade elves fell like dumplings wherever she went, crashing toward the ground.

Their lives had been lost before they even landed.

The most direct reason for their deaths was Mary piercing their brains or hearts with her bloody hands. Only shocking and horrifying holes remained in their vital spots!

There were quite a few Second Grade elven deadshots among the ranks of the knights. Naturally, they couldn't allow Mary to slaughter their companions so simply.


The sound of arrows piercing into flesh rang out in succession. Mary, who had been ravaging the ranks of the elven knights as she pleased, had also been hit by the enemy's accurate sniping. Several explosive arrows blew up inside her body, sending blood and flesh into the air.

Sadly, the slender and pretty Mary was like a demon in human form without any sense of pain. Not only did she not show any signs of toning down her violence, but she also started slaughtering the elves at an increasing pace with increasing brutality.

The crimson silhouette would jump and flicker wildly among the aerial knight order. Each flash was accompanied by an elf dying and falling to the ground. Meanwhile, the explosive arrow attacks she had endured had reached a shocking amount.

Mary was still slaughtering and killing with wild abandon.

All the damage she took could be recovered through killing elves.

The more ferocious the enemy's attacks, the quicker she slaughtered the elves. An odd and delicate balance of death mysteriously started to form between the two enemies!

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