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Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, SchoolLife, Original, Xianxia, English

Author: Cloe D. Frost

[Best Fantasy Story Winner at Wattpad Fiction Awards 2016]

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Aethernea is a popular web novel that takes a fresh view on the xianxia genre that combines the best from both eastern & western novels. Everything about the world is meticulously developed to be logically sound; you are unlikely to find logical flaws, stupid characters, typical xianxia cliches or lawless massacres you are used to. In Aethernea, characters don't pursue power for the sake of power, power is only the means to reach their own goals and desires.

Aethernea is written with all kinds of different people in mind. At times hilarious, at times touching. With both a male and a female protagonist, it is equally enjoyable to both male and female readers so it is something both you and your significant other can enjoy together. ;)

Release Schedule:

Regular releases every Thursday & Sunday

Aethernea contains:

Battles all about strategy and outsmarting the opponent
Ploys, traps, puzzles and tests that the protagonists have to solve and beat
Many secrets and mysteries about the world, the forgotten past, the noble families and the characters themselves that you will be trying to crack with given clues
Exploration of the unknown
Drama - romance, rivalry, clash of interests
No black and white characters, character depth and development
A unique, well-developed world with both eastern and western characteristics
Almost scientific system of magic with well-defined rules and principles


In the world where everyone can use magic, where quest seekers, treasure hunters, and enchanters are common professions, and where mage duels are the most popular form of entertainment,

Kiel is a "non-mage" - a person who doesn't have the aptitude to use magic on regular basis - until he meets Elaru - a breaker of mysterious origin, wielder of the fabled 'Aethernea of Sight' - eyes that can see magic, who claims she can give him the power to become the greatest mage world of Halnea has ever seen.

Coerced into binding his soul to hers, Kiel enrolls at the most prestigious University of Magic to learn how to control his awakened powers and train to become a top ranked mage.

However, between defeating his peers in duels, climbing the social ladder, and trying to keep Elaru both out of trouble and his love life, there is little time for studying.

And as if Kiel's life wasn't difficult enough, their mentor takes them on a secret mission into the forbidden zone - a perilous quest neither of them is ready for. Together, they must fight their way through the vicious creatures lurking in the shadows of the uncharted zone, avoid living traps and solve ancient riddles, all in hopes of finding the truth behind the spell binding them together.

Who is Elaru Wayvin really - a friend or foe? And what is her relation to the 15 noble mage families? What truly happened over a millennium ago to change the lands of Halnea into its current state? What secrets are hidden deep in the darkest parts of the forbidden zone? What is the source of The Ink - a mysterious plague spreading through the continent? Why has the third race of Halnea - the Ascended, mysteriously disappeared? What is the connection between the remaining two races?


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