A Mercenary's War

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Women of the Warrior Race

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang knew very soon why the cab refused to drive further in. After walking for about ten minutes, the number of people on both sides of the road increased. Things weren’t looking up for them either: the people out there looked menacing, there were groups of hulks in twos and threes standing outside some building’s main door.
Apart from those that weren’t pleasant-looking at first glance, there were also prostitutes who were provocatively dressed in heavy makeup. There were also some adolescents from time to time who had shaved their heads bald and loitered in cliques and groups.

There were the Triad’s bouncers, plenty of hookers, and Moscow’s most notorious gang: the Baldy Gang. All of them looked dangerous. The place was full of them.
Gao Yang and Jin looked Eastern and were very eye-catching in Moscow where ethnic discrimination was very prominent especially in a chaotic district like this. They easily attracted danger. Under the ruthless scrutiny of the Baldy Gang's people, Gao Yang and Jin returned their glances without any courtesy at all.

The reason they did that was that of Old Liu's advice. As to why they did that was because the Baldies only bullied the weak but they were afraid of the strong too. If you lowered your head, minded your own business, and seemed weak; it'd just take a moment for you to attract a mob of Baldies who'd start hitting you everywhere. On the other hand, if you put up a strong surface and looked like the Chinese Triad here, the Baldies wouldn't dare to do sh*t.

Of course, putting up a strong front towards these ruffians required real foundation too. If you were alone, looked dwarfish, or couldn't really fight but still dared to glare at them, it would only warrant a torrent of beating. But Gao Yang was one point eight meters tall. Even though he was not big in size, he was sturdy and strong. He also lived under the rain of bullet hell and thus had an aura surrounding him. There was no need to describe Jin as one point eight three meters wasn't short even in Russia, and he had a very muscular body. The aura from just one glance was simply extraordinary, especially so when Jin clenched his fists and glared ruthlessly at those Baldies who harbored ill intentions. It immediately caused the hoodlums to advert their stares.

Old Liu walked in front valiantly and spiritedly. He was also a man who had experienced many years of being in the mafia, and though mediocre in size, the gangster aura coming from him would scare off most of the Baldies.

As for those who were really in the mafia, they’d have no time for Gao Yang and his group unless there were enough profits to be made. They wouldn’t stir sh*t up otherwise. Only those cretins who worshipped the Nazis would cause trouble and sh*t everyday even though their grandparents had sacrificed a lot to defeat those very same Nazis.

Old Liu searched all the way according to the address on the slip of paper. They finally reached a dilapidated and old civilian apartment building. Looking at the numbers on the building, Old Liu nodded. “It’s here. We’ve arrived.”

If Gao Yang were given a gun, he’d be confident that he could kill anybody he wanted to. A knife in hand would do if there really wasn’t a gun. He’d at least have some confidence sparring with another person since he had spent three years in the African savannah. If he were empty-handed though, he’d be a half-handicapped weakling. Even the person asking for money for Zhao Xin Wen could beat him to a pulp.

It was because of this self-awareness that Gao Yang had been walking all the way with a tightened heart, afraid that they’d have to fight those Baldies who looked pretty strong. He only could exhale a sigh of relief after knowing that he had reached the destination.

After laughing, he embarrassedly said, “Let's get up quickly now that we’re here — it's too dangerous here.”

His voice had only just trailed off when a blunt sound rose from behind him — what followed was the clear sound of glass shattering. The stunned Gao Yang looked around and saw three people rush out from the bar across the road. The two at the front were youths that were around seventeen to eighteen years old. One of them had his hand on his head and tottered before falling on the floor. The one behind was clothed with animal skins from top to bottom. It was a barbaric girl who had dyed her hair with multiple colors.

In her hand was a half-broken wine bottle. She walked before the man who was on the floor and stepped on him with her sharp heels. Hard. She shouted something in Russian while she did that. The man that was still standing stopped and punched that barbaric girl.

She didn’t dodge or evade; she instead raised the bottle and thrusted it over. The bottle pierced the man’s face after she took that blow. Seeing the youth cup both his hands on his face as he fell and the pig-like scream that followed, Gao Yang couldn’t help but cover his face, mumbling, “I Ci-Ao, indeed from warrior’s race. Even the women are so ferocious.”

Her battle wasn’t over yet. While she used half a bottle to dispatch an opponent, her legs didn’t stop. She was still kicking hard at the man she just downed in the stomach and head. Seeing the lengthy heels of the shoes, Gao Yang felt the man would lose his life if he took anymore hits from her.

Before long, seven to eight people ran out from the bar. Some went to help the man who had blossoming flowers on his face from the bottle while the other four went to pull the ferocious, savage-like barbaric girl away. It was extremely difficult to pull her away. Only then were the two men finally rescued from the girl.

Hearing those people shouting around in a chaotic matter, Old Liu shrugged. “I know you guys are very curious so let me translate a little. That girl works at the bar but those two poor lackeys drugged her drink and she discovered that. They wanted to force her to go with them, and well you saw the rest. They underestimated her fighting abilities, but it seems that the girl’s in trouble. The man she beat down was a boss’s son, and the boss of that bar can’t offend that mafia boss. So they couldn’t let her leave. Right, we’ve seen enough of the din. Let’s get going quick, there’ll be a mess here soon.”

Gao Yang wasn’t interested in looking on. He nodded and was about to leave, but then he heard the girl scream while being heavily held onto by the four muscular men. He understood this time too because the girl shouted a blood-curdling scream: “Mama!”

Although curious, he didn’t stop still. At this moment, however, the window of the building that they were about to go into suddenly opened and a woman’s piercing shout came out before a small flower pot was thrown out from the window. Though nobody was hurt, everybody was shocked by the breaking of the pot.

The flower pot was just a warm-up — what quickly followed next were the stomping sounds of a large animal. A big aunt weighing at least two hundred pounds rushed out from the building and went past Gao Yang and his group like the wind. She waved a thick rolling pin and rushed into battle. Wind waves rushed along with the dance of the rolling pin. Flour floated off everywhere while the rolling pin landed on the men one by one. One hit, one down. Those people who had trapped the girl were all on the floor.

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