A Mercenary's War

Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Plan Execution

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang didn't say much after taking that call. He stood up and finished the call in the corridor outside the ward. He came back in and said softly, “Pa, Ma, I'm going out to get some things settled. I'm taking the money, okay?”

During the two days Gao Yang spent with his parents, he had already prepared everything whenever he was free. He got his father to withdraw four hundred thousand dollars in cash and also took a few two-inch passport photos for the fake passport. Now he was going to grab the money and go.

Seeing Gao Yang's demeanor, his father stood up and said sternly, “Where are you off to? You just came back, what stuff would you have to do? Are you gonna find that Zhao dude? I'm telling you, I have a hand in this so you don't need to meddle with this.”

Gao Yang shook his head and replied with a chuckle, “Where the hell are you thinking of? I wouldn't need this much money to find that Zhao douch*bag man, you still remember the US man? I'm planning to cooperate with him to start up an export-based company. First, we want to find a deputy company to register for us, but the rules are more formal overseas and hence I need to go and sign it in person, no slacking at all. One company is worth five hundred K in assets, and I have fifty-one percent of the shares. I will be back right after I confirm that everything’s real and stuff.”

His father nodded and replied, “You actually did export-based business before? It's a pretty hot thing nowadays, and since you now have a network, it'll be doable. Right, better get going, come back soon after you finish your business.”

He told his mom a few things, took two bags full of cash, and left the hospital.

Gao Yang hailed a taxi and reached the rendezvous trade point. He found the man sending the gun and they found a teahouse together. They reserved a private room.

The man delivering the goods was a Chinese in his forties. He was quiet. When the teahouse waiter was done making the tea, and after Gao Yang ordered to have nobody disturb them, Gao Yang jumped straight to the topic and said, “Where’s the stuff? Let me have a look.”

It was colder in Province Ji's spring season. Province Hei Long Jiang would be even more so, and so the delivery man who wore fat and big feather-wool clothes didn't look abnormal at all. He stood up and took off those thick clothes [1] before reaching into his wool clothes to take out two small parcels wrapped in plastic bags.

After putting the parcels on the table, the middle-aged man opened them. He took out a gun and two magazines. “They're all here, three mags in total and twenty-four rounds.”

The middle-aged man pushed the goods before Gao Yang. Gao Yang took the gun and inspected it. He recognized it. It was a compact-type Makarov PM pistol. It was light and could contain eight rounds per magazine, which was very suitable for concealed movement. The firepower would be enough and was very reliable. It was still a very good gun, and it was at least suitable for Gao Yang — he wouldn’t have it be replaced by other guns used in conscription nowadays.

He checked the gun's outer appearance meticulously and didn't find a single problem. The gun looked pretty new and didn't have any traces of being used. When he took off the magazine, he disassembled the gun into parts for inspection.

It was the same on the inside too. The inner parts of the gun were slick. He nodded in satisfaction and said, “Ever tried out this gun before?”

The middle-aged man replied in a low voice. “It’s been fired before. Four shots. Our boss tried it himself. Totally no problem with it.”

Gao Yang didn't say anything further. He pushed the loaded bags before the man and said, “Two hundred thousand bucks, count it out.”

He opened the loaded bags, reached into each bag, and flipped through only two times. He closed the bag immediately and replied, “No need to count. Our boss trusts you, give me the photos. I'm going leaving if there isn't anything else. Still gotta catch a train, man.”

After taking his photos, the man nodded at Gao Yang and left the tea house on his own accord.

He remained in the teahouse and called Zhao Wen Xin after sending off Molotov’s man.

Gao Yang had discovered his number when he was secretly browsing through his father’s phone. He didn't let his dad know about it. Now, he was finally going to execute his plan.

When the call went through, Gao Yang solemnly asked, “Hello, is this Mr. Zhao Wen Xin?”

“Who is it?”

He stopped for a moment before he replied in a low voice. “I am Gao Wu's friend, I'm gonna return the money for him. But I've got something to declare first from my side.”

Hearing that the caller was gonna return money, Zhao Xin Wen's tone sounded like he was overjoyed. “Say it, what is it?”

He continued in that solemn tone. “One point two million, Old Gao can't pay up, and neither can I. I can at most give you eight hundred grand. Then our bill’s settled. If you think it's okay, then we'll carry on with the deal. If not, then the deal's off. Anyway, you know best about what's really going on, you know clearer than anybody else. If you're still unsatisfied with the eight hundred grand, you can do anything you want. Mess up their home if you want, or report it to the court.”

Zhao Xin Wen hesitated for a moment. “One million, not even a single cent less.”

Gao Yang sighed. “Up to you man, I'm a man who's got credit and I trust my bros. I'm willing to lend Old Gao eight hundred grand, but I can't take anything more than that. So, if eight hundred grand can't settle the problem, then we don't need to talk about anything else, bye bye.”

Within Gao Yang’s expectations, Zhao Xin Wen immediately said, “Fine, eight hundred grand.  When do you want to pay up?”

Gao Yang chuckled silently and replied, “I can give it you right now, but what about the IOU?”

“You give me the money, and I'll give you the IOU right away.”

Gao Yang purposely waited briefly before replying, “Okay, I'll get this thing done today. You come to my place with your IOU, I'm at…”

Before he could say anything else, Zhao Xin Wen hurriedly said, “Don't. I'd rather you guys send the money over to me. I'm waiting at my office for you guys, you know the place?”

Gao Yang didn't hope at all for Zhao Xin Wen to go to the place he’d chosen. After clarifying the address, he hung up and opened the suitcase with two hundred thousand in it. He folded a hundred grand worth of notes into smaller stacks.

He loaded the magazine and loaded a round into the pistol. It'd be best to be ready to shoot at any moment. He then put the mags and the gun beneath the money and hid them well. He could then draw it out and shoot immediately. Although the risk of a runaway gun was higher, he believed in the reliability of the Makarov. He could take that bit of risk.

He didn't have any intentions of giving Zhao Xin Wen a single cent. His only motive for withdrawing money was to get close to him and to also hide his gun altogether.

Gao Yang found the building he was talking about. When he entered the building, he noticed cameras and CCTVs at the door and hallway. Although he intentionally lowered his head as he made his entry, he knew his silhouette would surely be recorded by them. This reduced his confidence of not being investigated by the police until it was almost nonexistent.

Zhao Xin Wen’s office was on the eighteenth floor of that building. A very auspicious level. [2] However, Gao Yang knew that Zhao's office was actually a briefcase company and hence it wouldn't have too big of an office.

When he found Zhao Xin Wen’s office, he knocked on the door and it immediately opened. The dude who opened was one of the five who had messed with his family the other day.

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. Thick clothes (man's not hot)
  2. 18th floor - A very auspicious level indeed — Chinese superstition, I believe in it too.

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