A Mercenary's War

Chapter 31

Chapter 31  Hare

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by:  Isalee

The mercenaries from the Resistance smoothly rushed into the hotel and finished the battle in less than three minutes. The few people outside the hotel went in shortly after. 

The Resistance did not harbor any intentions of attacking for now after taking the hotel as a strong point, notwithstanding the fact that both the opposition and the government troops were just a street away. The building across the hotel had stopped firing at this moment also. 

Gunfire sounds rested temporarily. The locals who were hiding behind rushed forward whilst cheering. At this moment, Hare had already left the rooftop. What perturbed Gao Yang was the fact that Tribo could not be seen from the hotel after such a long while.

After waiting a few minutes, Gao Yang was getting anxious as he saw thirty to forty locals swarming into the hotel. Fedor who had been constantly in contact with Tribo told Gao Yang, “No need to worry. Hare has already connected with the Resistance, he'll be here in a jiffy after taking some items.”

  Gao Yang still could not completely relax. He had been paying attention to the building across the hotel. Not all the enemies had been taken out. They were only being suppressed temporarily. Gao Yang was afraid that Tribo would be attacked when leaving the hotel.Hare finally walked out of the hotel. He was holding an AK-47 and carrying a gun on his back. He gestured to Gao Yang with an ‘Action!’ hand-sign when he walked out of the hotel's main entrance. He hunched his back and sprinted over.

Tribo reached the bottom floor of Gao Yang's location without any problems or surprises. He stood at the main entrance and shouted several Arabic words. Afterwards, Malik opened the shop from the inside.   

Tribo was already back and safe. Naturally, Gao Yang did not have to stay on the rooftop.

“Mr. Brauchitsch, Bob, you guys first.”

Whilst waiting for Fedor and Bob to go down the stairs, Gao Yang just wanted to keep his rifle. He suddenly heard a loud shrieking sound. His instincts told him something was wrong but he did not know what that was. Fedor popped his head up from the staircase at this moment, and shouted to Gao Yang with all he had: “Mortars!” 

Fedor’s voice had just dropped before an artillery shell twenty to thirty meters away from Gao Yang exploded. It was relatively harmless due to its distance, but the deafening explosion left him feeling addlebrained.

Shortly succeeding that was another sharp shriek. Gao Yang immediately crouched onto the floor in a flash, but he heard the explosions getting seemingly farther away from him. He panicked as he couldn’t withstand that. He just wanted to quickly get below the stairs. It was safer there.

In his panic, Gao Yang was even prepared to stand and run. His legs became embarrassingly soft, however. He stood up and ran, but he had reeled onto the ground again.

Recruits afraid of artillery, and old soldiers afraid of machine guns. This was definitely the right phrase. This was Gao Yang’s first time hearing that type of explosion. Bodily reflexes were not malleable through conscious meddling. He still felt weakness overwhelming his body although he had monished himself that there was no need for fear of everything he could.

Fedor stood on the stairs and waved strongly at Gao Yang, shouting, “This is an adjustment of fire. Damn it, come over here fast! Ye’ waiting to die?”

Gao Yang was also someone who had battle experience. He was trepidated before, but after a moment, he had stabilized his emotions. He could at least move about albeit the fact that he was still quite scared.

Gao Yang crawled and rolled towards the stairs. It was at this moment that another explosion rang out. Gao Yang automatically lay prone on the floor and paused. He was about to crawl forward but heard Fedor shouting, “They hit it. God, they’re not shooting ye’, it’s that Chinese hotel.”Fedor was standing on the rooftop and was totally unafraid of revealing himself. Gao Yang pushed his body upwards and turned around only to see that the roof of the hotel had a small wisp of rising smoke.

After that one shot on the hotel, it opened the prelude to some large-scale bombings. It was only relatively speaking, but for Gao Yang, bombing five or six at the same time was definitely a large-scale type of bombing.

Gao Yang was emboldened after discovering that the hotel was the target. Since there was no hurry in going downstairs, he bent over like a cat and started observing. Explosions rang endlessly in his ears. After each bombing, smoke rose up into the clouds from the parameters of the hotel and the roof. One mortar’s cloud of smoke was no different than the mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb in Gao Yang’s eyes.

He cringed and did not dare to remain there. He scurried to the stairs and went down to the second floor’s corridor. Fedor followed right behind and patted his shoulder while shaking his head. “It’s just a mortar, look how frightened ye’ are now.”

Bob laughed creepily and patted Gao Yang’s shoulders, loudly proclaiming, “Welcome back hero, rest assured, I won’t tell anyone about your unglamorous moment! Haha, I’m almost cracking up to death! Bro, I always thought you were a fearless superman, but I didn’t expect the sound of an explosion to frighten you so much that you almost wet yourself, haha.”

“This is my first time hearing explosion noises. Hard not to be nervous, but nothing worth ranting about. Alright alright, let’s go to the window for a look.”

Gao Yang’s voice had just faded when Tribo came rushing up the stairs and appeared in front of Gao Yang. He looked very emotional, and continuously inspected Gao Yang from top to bottom.

Gao Yang reached out and fisted Tribo’s shoulder, chuckling, “You a dummy? Can’t recognize your bro?”

Tribo nodded a few times and said something out of the norm, stunned. “Not dumbfounded, I’m just seeing if you’re a human or spirit. I felt just now that only a deity could save me. I didn’t expect that I would still survive.”

Gao Yang was so angry that he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He felt that Tribo should at least be pouring tears filled with emotion since they had not met for three years already. And they went way back. They’d never expected something this good to come up and so they weren’t even able to utter a single a sentence.

Gazing at Gao Yang for almost half a day, Tribo finally nodded and seriously said, “You are thinner and darker. Fortunately, your voice hasn’t changed. You’ve endured much hardship these few years, I presume?”

“Ci Ao, please, can you not use that tone to say this kind of idiotic-to-the-max type of stuff? Forget it, I’m gonna be direct. Bud, if you talk to me like that again, your old man, or yours truly, will f*ck you till you’re finished!” 

Gao Yang was really irate and helpless. The excitedness from the reunion was totally gone. The dialogue speedily returned to the status three years prior.

Tribo laughed and continued, “Just joking man, don’t be so agitated, I’m really glad to see you. Bro Yang, where have you been few years? I heard Uncle and Aunt say that you were in an aviation incident?”

Gao Yang waved and said, “We haven’t got time to talk about all these things now. The Resistance’s gonna be in big trouble. You hear those explosion sounds? That’s your hotel getting bombed. If the government troops attack again, we still gotta run.”

Tribo was stunned and patted his chest. He pulled a gun from his back. He caressed the gun in hand with a trepidated and pretty exultant manner. “What fortune, what fortune! Luckily I ran in time, otherwise, this gun would be ruined.”

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