A Mercenary's War

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Battle in the Night

Translated by: Spot

Edited by: Isalee

The two rockets managed to get rid of the two most threatening cars, and then the automatic rifle was used with burst fire to kill off the drivers of the other two pursuing vehicles. Seeing this unbelievable event unfold just like that, Gao Yang knew he’d met some godly figure. Furthermore, it was one of those extremely awesome valiant types.

Gao Yang’s current situation was a bit awkward. He was too close to the amazing shooter, and regardless of where the other person came from, Gao Yang was afraid to accidentally make the tiniest of commotions in case the other guy suddenly killed him with one shot. He might not even have the chance to explain; and thus Gao Yang felt the best thing to do was to sincerely lie on the ground. Not being found would be best.

Once all the cars were checked out, even the people in the stopped vehicles started to continuously shoot. The man who was shooting earlier blended into the darkness. He completely ignored all the bullets flying around. He ran to the car’s other side, pulled out the dead driver, and started the engine. Then he quietly whispered, “Before they can react, get in the car. We can leave.”

Even though the car’s engine was ignited, the car lights weren’t turned on. Gao Yang thought that they could easily leave, because no car would be able to chase them temporarily.

Gao Yang also hoped the three people could leave. So long as they left, only then it would be safe. It was a pity if it went the opposite of what he wanted. The two cars stopped in the distance and shut their car lights; then the guys who were randomly shooting into the darkness also stopped firing.

It appeared as if everything were peaceful. Taking advantage of this, the two people who had dropped down on to the ground lept up speedily and jumped into the car. But before the car could drive away, there was a heavy gunshot. From afar, someone had shot a bullet from a stopped car.

The bullet struck the car’s front bumper, and after the sound of it striking metal echoed, a shrapnel of metal hit the driver.

“Get out of the car. They have night vision goggles.”

After a snort, the person who was driving shouted something unclearly, and the two people who had just hopped into the car jumped off again even faster than before onto the floor. The person who was driving also wanted to get out of the car, but he already lacked strength in hopping out. He managed to open the door before slumping head first to the ground.

The two people who got out first crawled a few inches forward and quietly called out, “Moses, Moses, are you alright?”

While that person responded, it sounded like he was sucking on something in his mouth. With a barely audible voice, he croaked, “My lung’s been shot. I can’t continue the mission. You guys leave, boss.”

Listening to the three men stuck in rut, Gao Yang was also quietly complaining. He didn’t want to know anything about these men; he only wished that these men wouldn’t bring trouble to him. Unfortunately, just as he had this thought, Gao Yang felt gust of wind hit the side of his face — a woosh beside his ear. Then, his right ear couldn’t hear anything at all.

Gao Yang was startled for a second before he understood what had happened. This was a bullet that had whizzed right by the side of his face. Someone was shooting at him. After realizing this fact, Gao Yang couldn’t care about anything else. Before the next bullet came flying at him, Gao Yang frantically rolled and crawled forward to flee.

Just as Gao Yang left his spot, a bullet landed right where he was just standing. If Gao Yang were a tad bit slower, his head would have blossomed like a flower.

When Gao Yang was heading towards the only car that provided shelter, the two men hiding behind the car cried out, “Who is it?”

Gao Yang had no time to explain as he could only shout back: “I’m a friend, don’t shoot.”

Once Gao Yang rushed to the back of the car, the incoming bullets had no way of finding him. Gao Yang could then talk to the two people who were lying on the ground: “I’m not an enemy. F*ck. I’m the one you dragged into this mess. Don’t bother asking me who I am right now; we better start thinking of a plan or else they’ll kill us all.”

Gao Yang still had a bellyful of anger that hadn’t been let out. He didn’t provoke or irritate anyone, and while he was hidden so well, he still somehow attracted a bullet. The only answer to this was that the other people had night vision goggles or night vision scopes. Only with these would the shooter be able to find Gao Yang hiding in the grass and shoot at him.

After shouting and hiding behind the car wheel, he held his gun barrel out, pointed it in the general direction he was being shot from, and let out a barrage of bullets. At this moment, both sides were hidden in the darkness. It didn’t matter if Gao Yang’s marksmanship was God tier, in the case where nothing could be seen, it was moot.

Once a few bursts of bullets were let out, Gao Yang put away his gun. His brain was in disarray — he was thinking of a way to save his poor little life. Presently, the enemies had night vision equipment, and he was as blind as a bat. It was completely one-sided; he could only wait in vain and be shot later.

“F*ck, if papa had a night vision goggles as well, I’d shoot them full of iron. Sons of b*tches, using night vision to bully ol’ papa.”

Even though he knew there was nothing that could be done, the helpless Gao Yang could only swear to vent his frustration. Thinking of his anger, Gao Yang took out his gun and started shooting from the front of the car, completely emptying magazine cartridge.

He’d always somehow stir up some life-threatening gunfight, and this time Gao Yang had no other choice. Just when the livid Gao Yang was changing to a new magazine, one of the people lying beside Gao Yang timidly said, “Um, our car has night vision scopes as well, do you need one?”

Gao Yang was both astonished and overjoyed. Even though it was too dark to see, Gao Yang still turned his head, looked over to the person who had spoken, and viciously snarled, “Are you a f*cking retard? If you don’t want to die, quickly give it to me. What are you waiting for?”

After being scolded by Gao Yang in such an urgent situation, the person who spoke out crawled two steps and opened the car door beside him. Afraid to stand up, the person wiggled into the car and started passing things down. He first threw a big bag, then a few guns. Finally, he got out and hid behind the car wheel as he started rummaging through the bag.

“Please wait a sec. I need to take the scope off of the gun, then you can put the night vision scope on. Where’s the flashlight? I need a flashlight.”

After hearing this, Gao Yang was both agitated and annoyed. He clenched his teeth and replied, “Do you want to die? Turning on the flashlight to be a live target? You think the enemy won’t move around?”

At this point, the other person who hadn’t made a sound said, “Try to suppress them, don’t bother saving bullets. I’ll help him. Bob, what type of model is the night vision scope?”

“It’s a Leupold G-114. It’s an infrared scope. The battery is already set in place, except I still haven’t had the chance to adjust it.”

“Gotcha, we’re almost done. Friend, please delay them as long as possible.”

Gao Yang had nothing better to do so he could only fire continuously in bursts, hoping that would slow down the enemies’ flanking movement. During this time period, the opponent didn’t even shoot once. Gao Yang was hoping he could see their gunfire to discover their location.

The person who talked earlier started disassembling the gun’s scope. This person’s speed was indeed very fast as he quickly and easily took down the scope, then rapidly placed the night vision scope on.

After putting the night vision scope on, the person who installed it pressed on a button. He took a look through it once and with a hint of joy he said, “There’s no problems. Only thing is that it hasn’t been calibrated. You can adjust it after a few shots.”

The already anxious Gao Yang ditched the AK-47 in his hand, and when he took the gun he suddenly realized that there was a problem.

“What gun is this?”

The person called Bob tensed up: “This is the M1A, but it was custom ordered by me. The accuracy is excellent, but do you know how to use it?”

Immediately after hearing term M1A, whatever came after wasn’t important. The M1A was also known as the civilian version of the American army’s M14. Other than being a semi-automatic, it was essentially the same as a M14. As it turns out, Gao Yang had played with the M14 before, and even loved it.

Gao Yang took off the safety, loaded the ammunition, then straightaway started using the scope to observe the surroundings. Soon enough, he found that there were three people flanking from the right side, and they were already very close. They were just a good forty to fifty meters away.

The people were all reddish silhouettes through the scope, and this was sufficient enough for Gao Yang. In addition, the enemies couldn’t even hide from this scope unless they could hide behind a thick enough bunker.

Gao Yang held onto his breath, targeted a person, and fired the gun.

The scope wasn’t zeroed in so Gao Yang originally thought that this shot wasn’t going to hit, but the distance worked to his advantage. Also, the deviation of the scope wasn’t too big, and Gao Yang’s shot still managed to hit the target.

After the gun rang out, the man who was struck immediately fell over, yet it seemed like the two people behind him didn’t detect it and continued advancing forward. In addition, the gunfire exposed Gao Yang’s location. It caused the both guys to progress even faster.

Knowing that the deviation wasn’t too large, Gao Yang had some confidence. He aimed at another target, and with one shot, the person’s head was sent flying.

Gao Yang was actually aiming for the chest. But after the bullet was fired, it managed to hit guy’s neck. Under such close conditions, the 7.62X51 NATO shell’s power was a bit of an overkill — it unexpectedly caused the neck to detach from the body.

Now, the remaining guy finally understood what had happened. He immediately went down into prone position. Gao Yang silently estimated the amount of deviation, then marked the guy who thought he was safe in a flat position and fired a shot. This bullet and the target did not have a small deviation. One bullet turned the unfortunate b*stard’s head into a flower.

Once the closest dangers were disposed of, Gao Yang moved the muzzle of the gun in another direction. He crawled underneath the car and used the scope to check everything out. There were also people flanking over from the left. He had no clear sight of the enemies — what Gao Yang saw were only a few legs.

Gao Yang didn’t stand up nor did he lie on the car to fire. He didn’t want himself to be exposed one bit. However, if he wanted to exterminate the approaching enemies on the left side, he could either move to the back of the car, which was on his left, or go underneath the car and crawl a bit further in order to have them in his line of sight.

Gao Yang didn’t choose to go behind the car because that would expose him too much. If the opponents could see the sparks flying out of his gun, they’d start shooting wildly at him. In Gao Yang’s eyes, it was way too dangerous. If he went underneath the car and crawled bit more, there was also the possibility of being spotted by the enemy who also had night vision and that would also kill him.

In the end, Gao Yang didn’t decide on moving from his position to shoot. He went down on his stomach, marked a leg, and pulled the trigger from underneath the car.

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