A Mercenary's War

Chapter 123

Chapter 123: 柿子挑软的捏
Chapter 123: Pick on the Weakest Target to Squish
Translated by: kevin1782
Edited by: Isalee

With a crack from the Murderer’s neck, he laid still on the floor. His head was twisted backward in a weird posture. He had no chance.

Snapping the Murderer’s neck with a single kick, Jin strutted in front of the crowd. Amidst Gao Yang and company’s elated yells and curses from those mercenaries who lost money, he casually walked back.

After walking up to Gao Yang, Jin said with disdain, “He be damned. Trying out handstands in front of me was his fatal mistake.”

‘Tam Tui’ focused on kicks no higher than the knee, be it Jin himself or when he was teaching Gao Yang. Although that was not always true, the kicks would at most reach the opponent’s crotch, and that was only in sneak attacks. Even though high kicks seemed ferocious, they were strictly prohibited.

Jin had practiced ‘Tam Tui’ for half of his life. Attacking the enemy below the belt was instinctual. Once the Murderer was upside down, it was the most comfortable position for him to strike with his legs. Since the Murderer delivered his face to his feet, there was no way Jin could ignore it and not take the chance.

Gao Yang laughed, “When I saw the Murderer do a handstand the second time, I knew he was screwed. Haha, that was awesome.”

Harris roared with all his might, “F*ck, you’re too strong, Toad. I am so in love with you. We’re rich! Haha, let me go get my money.”

Harris happily ran in front of the Gambler, handed over his gambling ticket, and shouted, “Ninety thousand dollars, one to five, pay up!”

The Gambler shrugged and placed bundle after bundle of cash in Harris’ hands. After Harris could carry no more with both his hands, the two people who followed Harris over also helped carry the large bundles of notes.

The Gambler was also thrilled because only Harris and the Lieutenant Colonel had placed bets on Lee Jin Fang, adding up to a hundred thousand dollars. The rest placed their bets on the Murderer, some a few thousand, others tens of thousands, and that in total was over five hundred thousand dollars that the Gambler had to pay out. So even with the odds of one to five, the Gambler could still keep a hundred thousand dollars or so.

While handing over cash, the Gambler excitedly asked Harris, “Where did your friend come from? Why have I never heard of him? Haha, you really struck it rich this time.”

Harris shrugged, “How could you not have heard of him? They are the Satan Mercenary Corp. That guy is Toad, you even mentioned him yourself.”

The Gambler paused and stuttered, “You mean, Hama is Toad?”

“That’s right, Hama is how the Chinese say ‘Toad’, it’s just that none of you got it. Haha, keep the money coming, don’t stop.”

The Gambler laughed heartily. “That’s great, if Toad was fighting against the Murderer, then there would be no money to gain. However, it was a great battle between Hama and the Murderer. Awesome, we made some money.”

Harris made a ‘you know what I mean’ gesture and gleefully carried the money over to Gao Yang and the rest. He threw all the money on the floor which was accompanied by a flurry of paper noises and said in high spirits, “My friends, besides the ninety thousand dollars we forked out to place the bet, here is forty-five thousand dollars. One part would be twenty-two thousand five hundred. We agreed to give six parts to Toad and one part to each of the rest of us. Grab’em up my friends.”

They earned twenty-two thousand and five hundred dollars out of nowhere, but that was only applicable to Gao Yang and the rest, together with the people from the Black Fire Mercenary Corp. The lucky Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim also earned some. Even though those who won were happy, those who lost their bets only cursed a bit and did not appear to be overly dejected. After all, nobody knew for certain about who would be holding on to the money in the end. One could not spend money if one was dead.

Harris picked out a hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars from the pile and gave it to Lee Jin Fang. Then he gave the money to Gao Yang for them to sort it out amongst themselves. Harris proceeded to happily split up the money amongst his men right on the spot afterwards.

Gao Yang took out a portion and gestured at Fly while saying, “Come get it, this is your portion.”

Fly was surprised as he pointed at himself. “A portion for me? I didn’t do anything though?”

Gao Yang said impatiently, “This is just a few extra bucks, not your salary. Everybody gets a share, and obviously you’re in it too. You just have to be grateful to Toad for letting you in on this, that’s all.”

After Fly happily kept the money, Gao Yang and the rest split the money and carried it with them. Only Jin was still hanging around in the crowd saying, “Hey, why haven’t the members of the Murderer’s mercenary corp come for us yet? Their mate just got killed, are they just going to sit there and do nothing?”

Gao Yang said high-spiritedly, “The Murderer is probably socially awkward, forget about him.”

Gao Yang had just finished when he found that he stood corrected. Someone yelled, “Who is Ram from Satan Mercenary Corp. Come out here, I challenge you to a one-on-one fight!”

Gao Yang turned around in astonishment upon hearing the yell to see a white man standing beside the Murderer’s corpse, yelling in their direction, “Which one of you is Ram? Come, I want to fight you one on one.”

Jin was chuckling while holding onto his big stack of cash, but when he heard the yell, his expression promptly turned ugly and he placed the money on Tribo’s lap. He then yelled at the white man, “Stop yelling. If you really want to fight our leader, you have to get past me. Come, I will only use one hand.”

Noticing that the situation had changed, Harris ran to Gao Yang and said urgently, “That dude was with the Murderer, but I have no idea how powerful he is. Ram, how’s your fighting? I mean, relative to Toad.”

Gao Yang smiled wryly, “He can literally wreck me single-handedly.”

Just then, the Gambler shouted, “My friends, my friends, let me speak. Hama is Toad from the Satan Mercenary Corp, and Ram is the sniper from the Satan Mercenary Corp. Have you all heard of them before? Now, someone from the Maniac Mercenary Corp has initiated a challenge, let us see if Ram is brave enough to accept it.”

Everyone glanced at Gao Yang. Even though Gao Yang knew he was poor at close combat, he did not want to disgrace himself in front of so many. The life of a mercenary was about fame after all. If he chickened out, the whole Satan Mercenary Corp would also be shamed.

Knowing Gao Yang’s weaknesses, Jin took two steps forward. He stared at the white man who challenged Gao Yang and said, “Coward, if you are really brave, fight me. Our leader is very busy and has no time to entertain cowards like you.”

The white man turned to Jin and said calmly, “I am a sniper and so is your leader. I will only fight him.”

Jin fumed, “Then can’t you two have a shootout?”

“But I only want to duel him. If he doesn’t want to, please let him say it himself. It is not compulsory to fight.”

Gao Yang took two steps forward after handing his belongings to Tribo. He said to Jin, “Say no more. I will fight him. If I can’t accept the challenge, that would be too shameful for me.”

Jin hesitated for a moment and said, “Remember what I taught you. Don’t be too eager to kick. Answer his attack with your fists and kick his weaknesses when he’s caught off-guard.”

Gao Yang nodded, “I understand. I’ll make up for the lack of skill by playing underhanded tricks.”

After finishing his sentence, Gao Yang patted Jin’s shoulder and walked up to the center of the field.

Upon seeing what Gao Yang did, the Gambler shouted excitedly, “Seems like Ram accepted the challenge, my friends. It’s time to place bets. The Handsome Man from the Maniac Mercenary Corp loves to attack his opponent’s lower half. What a sicko. Ram from the Satan Mercenary Corp likes to aim for the lower forehead. It seems like he is an honest man. According to my information though, neither of them are skilled in close combat, so it looks like it will be an even match. Odds would be one to one. Time to place bets, my friends!”

Gao Yang and his opponent stood facing each other, waiting for others to place bets before commencing their fight. He took this time to observe his opponent in hopes of finding anything he could make use of.

True to his name, Gao Yang’s opponent was really handsome as he had flowing long hair. He looked strong at a height of six feet and two inches. Judging by his looks, there appeared to be nothing that could make use of.

Just as Gao Yang was observing his opponent, the Gambler spoke again, “Just received some new information, the Handsome Man is a taekwondo expert. Someone witnessed him sparring with the Murderer, and he seemed to be really good. As for Ram, he has never demonstrated any prowess with close combat. Someone said he performed poorly in the battle against the Machete Mercenary Corp. So the odds have changed to one to three now. Everyone, place your bets again.”

Upon hearing the Gambler’s words, the Handsome Man was taken aback. It seemed that he had never expected his trump card to be opened up by others prematurely. Gao Yang on the other hand was quite fortunate. The Gambler gave him a precious hint. Knowing that his opponent practiced taekwondo was of great help to him.

Gao Yang appeared to be nonchalant and shouted to the rest behind him, “Hare, bet all my money on me. One to three, time to earn some more money.”

Just then, Harris shouted as well, “Ram, we support you, kill that handsome mongrel, destroy him!”

After the odds were set to one to three, the people who needed to place their bets again began hesitating. They chatted for quite a while and still had yet to finish betting.

Gao Yang had already finished his warm up several times over when the crowd finally finished placing their bets. After the Gambler signaled the start of the fight, Gao Yang immediately went into deep focus, carefully observing every movement from the Handsome Man.

In his training with Jin for a month, Gao Yang was actually only trained on how to exert force in two techniques: the half-step crumbling fist in Xing Yi, and the one whip leg in Tam Tui. No other techniques or stances were covered. However, Jin focused on the most common situations in real combat in order to train Gao Yang’s response in a real fight. Although no fixed techniques were practiced, under the numerous, relentless blows from Jin, avoiding and countering enemy attacks became a part of Gao Yang’s instincts.

Gao Yang did not even know any sort of starting stance. So he assumed the most suitable pose to execute a half-step punch on the spot, waiting for the Handsome Man to attack. The Handsome Man did not keep Gao Yang waiting for long. With a loud roar, he sent a high kick straight at Gao Yang’s face.

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