A Mercenary's War

Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Departure

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Gao Yang woke up the next day with a splitting headache. He struggled to get up as he fought the pain to find some water to drink. Just then, he heard Elena beside him say, “You’re awake? Need some water? Here you go.”

After chugging some water, Gao Yang felt better. He turned to Elena and said, “Why are you in my room? What time is it now?”

Elena looked concerned as she replied, “It’s already 3 pm in the afternoon. Can’t you drink a little less? You were hopping around and causing such a din after drinking too much. You also vomited quite a bit. Are you feeling alright? I think you should postpone your departure by one day.”

Gao Yang scratched his head and said, “Great, I really shouldn’t have drunk vodka. Besides delaying proper business, they are going to make fun of me now.”

Elena smiled, “It’s alright. You were all like that when you all got drunk. However, you slept the most, and they are all waiting for you in the living room now.”

Gao Yang smiled embarrassingly, “I didn’t say or do anything weird last night, did I?”

Elena shook her head, “Nope, you were all good.”

Gao Yang tried to suppress the pain in his head and said, “I have to use your computer, someone sent me something.”

Elena nodded, then gave Gao Yang a knife and said, “This is a gift for you. My dad said this knife is really good, so I bought one for you. I wanted to give you this last night but you were drunk.”

Gao Yang took the knife, glanced at it, and said with surprise, “Mad Dog ATAK? Indeed it is. Where did you buy this? This knife isn’t cheap, but the quality is there. Thank you, I like it very much.”

Elena said happily, “It’s great that you like it. There is a shop that sells outdoor sports goods in Johannesburg. I ordered it online and had it delivered here.”

Gao Yang really loved ATAK which was made by Mad Dog. It was half hand-made by a renowned bladesmith in the US. Its sharpness, durability, and strength were top-notch, but that also meant that its price was really steep. An ATAK could go for over a thousand dollars. Gao Yang yearned to own one for a long time, but he did not expect Elena to give one to him.

After carefully tucking away the knife, Gao Yang went into Elena’s room and booted up the computer. He found an email from Morgan and carefully read through it once. Gao Yang then pointed to the computer as he turned to Elena and said, “Read this mail carefully, save it or print it out and remember what it says. Someone will call you within two weeks to ask you to head over the US embassy to process your visa. Follow the instructions in the mail when you meet the officer in charge. Both you and your mother must remember all this, don’t mess up.”

Elena nodded, “Got it. I will go, but you must remember your promise.”

Gao Yang subconsciously nodded before he realized that she was referring to what he said last night: that he would marry her upon graduation.

Gao Yang smiled embarrassingly, “You can count on me, but I heard that the students at Juilliard are all a bunch of geniuses. You have to work diligently. Give Kathleen a call when you arrive in the US. She will help you arrange everything else that follows.”

Elena gently nodded, “I will definitely get in.”

Gao Yang felt that he was done there, so he was about to get up and leave. Upon spotting Elena’s face full of unwillingness, he also felt like it was tough to let her go. He embraced Elena and gently kissed her on the lips before smiling, “See you in the US.”

As Gao Yang was about to leave, Elena hugged him with tears streaming down her cheeks as she screamed, “Don’t die, and don’t let any accidents happen to you. You promised you will definitely marry me. You must swear that you will come for me.”

Gao Yang raised his right hand and swore loudly and clearly, “I swear I will live to the day you graduate and I will find you in the US.”

After sobbing silently on his back for about a minute, Elena abruptly released her grip and turned Gao Yang around to face her. She wiped the tears off her face a bit and kissed him.

As the passionate kiss came to an end, Elena suddenly bit Gao Yang’s lower lip.

Elena bit it so hard that Gao Yang almost yelled in pain, but he managed to not make a noise as he let Elena continue to bite him.

Elena stared at Gao Yang after her teeth left his lips and said slowly, “Remember me, I will wait for you there. Drop by when you are free, and keep your promise. If you die, I will dig your body up from your grave. I will set off a bomb next to your body which will blow both of us up into pieces. Nobody will be able to separate the two of us. Even if you didn’t manage to leave a body behind, I will become a black widow. Mark my words!”

Elena then proceeded to push Gao Yang out of her room and slammed the door shut behind him. Gao Yang could hear Elena’s stifled cries even behind the closed door.

Gao Yang stared blankly at the door. He could not judge for himself whether having such a girlfriend was a good idea or not. A girlfriend who would do anything for love. However, after some careful thinking, he realized that although he said he would marry her, he did not actually state that she was his girlfriend. They looked just like a couple in everyone else’s eyes even though they did not confess to one another; Gao Yang had yet to do that at least. Not even once did he say “I love you” to Elena.

Gao Yang wanted to knock, but he eventually gave up. He lumbered towards the living room where everyone was already waiting for him. Grolev still looked awkward and helpless while Tribo and Jin snickered to themselves. As for Fly, he looked at Gao Yang admiringly.

Tribo coughed and pointed at his own lower lip. It rang a bell for Gao Yang. He touched his own lip and found blood on his fingers.

Gao Yang sighed to himself on the inside; that bite was brutal. He coughed, covered his lips with his hand, and said, “Everybody good to go? If so, let’s make a call and get ready to roll.”

Tribo smiled, “We were ready long ago. Ulyanko called four to five times already. We’re all waiting for you.”

Gao Yang nodded. He turned to Natalia and said, “Did you properly store away the money? I remember giving it to you last night. I gave Elena all the instructions on how to obtain your visas and contacts in the US. The two of you just need to closely follow them.”

“I kept the money in a safe place and I will take care of Elena. Thank you, Gao.”

Gao Yang smiled embarrassingly, “You’re always welcome. If nobody has any other problems, let’s get going. I have got to take a good nap on the plane and then we’ll be in Libya by the time I wake up.”

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