Zhan Long

Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Living in the Martial World


A female voice came from the crowd behind the man, and the American youth immediately halted his punch and put his fist down. Behind him, a woman walked out from the crowd. It was a typical American girl. She had blonde hair that gradually faded into blue highlights. She had very distinct and delicate facial features, and her jacket was unzipped. Underneath it, she wore a thin low cut sweater that was tight over the two mounds on her chest. Her azure eyes glanced over me and the corners of her mouth suddenly rose. She laughed and spoke to that youth named Kyle, “Let’s go, guys!”

Clearly, this woman was extremely popular among the American players. One sentence from her was enough to make the enraged Kyle obedient and docile enough to follow her to sign in.

Mu Xuan looked at me with a startled look, and walked towards me. She patted the front of my chest jacket, and said: “Did that barbaric man hurt my little Zai Zai?”

My gaze was still fixed on the distant group of American players, as I replied: “I’m fine. Ye Lai, those people have a really bad temper. What in the world happened? I wasn’t that involved in [Conquest], and my ranking was also low. What grudges do we have with the American server?”

Ye Lai folded his arms across his chest and replied: “During the later stages of [Conquest], our two countries each had three main cities. During the most intense period, the Chinese server attacked two of the American main cities. When the American server retaliated, they attacked all three of our main cities, so...the enmity between the players of our two countries isn’t just your average squabble. Besides, [Conquest] is still open even after [Destiny] was released, and there are still approximately 2 million players online. Of the three Chinese main cities, there’s still one city under the control of the American servers.

Wan Er smiled, “What a pity, I’ve already quit [Conquest].”

Dong Cheng chuckled, “Otherwise, how could there still be one city that’s occupied by other people?”

I sighed, “Unfortunately, there’s a limit to our time and energy. There’s no way we can return to [Conquest]. Let’s just put all of our energy to use in [Destiny] then. Once Tian Ling City and the seven great main cities are opened up, the bridge joining the different country servers will be completed. At that point, I’m afraid, the country wars won’t be far off.”

Ye Lai nodded and said, “Yup, once the servers of the different countries are connected, the Heavenly Barrier disappears, and it basically means that the country war has started. However, there should still be a long time before the country war starts.”


Not long after, another group of people walked over. Three youngsters who looked to be around twenty five and dressed in stiff button up shirts, walked over. The three people didn’t look half bad, and you could see the self confidence and arrogance exuding from their gazes. One of them was even pushing a wheelchair. In the wheelchair sat a youth clothed entirely in black. He also looked to be around 25, and he had a white coloured scarf draped around his neck. He looked,... Either way, I couldn’t really describe him or get a good read on him.

Once those four people entered, there was immediately a crowd of crew members that surrounded them. They were overly enthusiastic. One of the female workers was so excited that she almost cried. She screamed with tears in her eyes, “Ah...AHHHH!! That’s...is that Fang Ge Que? Wu wu, I’ve finally seen the real Fang Ge Que, Fang Ge Que…”

I was astounded: “Fang Ge Que?”

Wan Er looked into the distance with her eyes, as she nodded her head and lightly smiled, “Yup, the person in the wheelchair is Fang Ge Que. The nerves in his legs have been paralyzed since he was young, causing him to lose the ability to walk. Due to that, Fang Ge Que could more fully immerse himself in games, which lead him to becoming the number one player in China.”

Fang Ge Que slowly entered while being pushed by the wheelchair. There was a faint smile on his face. He really did look very cultured. His slight smile exposed both his self confidence and modesty. I’m afraid this poise was something that Jian Feng Han, Tang Qi, or any of the other guys, didn’t have. Perhaps, it was related to the paralysis of his legs. Once a person has received too many cold looks, they would instead become even more humble and respectful, and in turn this was also the most important quality in a person.

Ye Lai walked in front, and laughed: “Old Fang, we haven’t met for a long time!”

Fang Ge Que couldn’t help but laugh: “Ye Lai, it seems like you’re still so energetic. What a huge body… have you been working out everyday?”

Ye Lai laughed: “That’s right, I want to play games for a few more years, and live a few more years of this life with of burning passion.”

“Burning passion?”

Fang Ge Que laughed and teased him, “Thankfully, it was us [Legend] who was the first to conquer the player city. When the second territory appears, only [House of Prestige] can compete with you. With [Judgement]’s current strength, you shouldn’t be any less stronger than [House of Prestige]. Your passion won’t be of much use.”

Ye Lai replied, “Yup, it seems that’s what it will end up being. However...once Tian Ling City opens up, [Hero’s Mound], [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Vanguard], [Emerald Porcelain] and all of the top guilds will go to battle. Then it will be hard to say who becomes the final victor. It’s also hard to say whether your [Legend] will continue to stay the champion.

Lu Chun Yang chuckled, and said, “You don’t have to worry about [Legend]. Ye Lai, you old b*st*rd, you should worry more about yourself. You guys killed some of [Hero’s Mound]’s players in Ba Huang City. Q-Sword won’t let you off easily. Careful you don’t let Q-Sword cut you down!”

Ye Lai grinned and shrugged his shoulders, “He can come at me anytime!”

I lightly bumped against Wan Er’s shoulder, then took her and Dong Cheng to walk in front together. When I greeted Fang Ge Que, I extended my hand out and smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Fang Ge Que raised his head to look at me, and accepted my handshake. He smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Not bad, the Fort Zi Feng battle was very satisfying, especially when Magic Dragon Huo Li hit the river! This world will never see a second feat like that. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are a person that has thoroughly made [Legend] taste defeat. I’m looking forward to duelling with you and [Zhan Long] again!”

I nodded my head, “We will soon!”

Chang Sheng Jue looked at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is it true that [Zhan Long]’s Dragon’s Den has already become a Level 5 city?”

I smiled: “Yup, we’re trying to become a Level 6 city now. What about it?”

Chang Sheng Jue grinned, “I was just asking. Your levelling speed is truly very fast, even [Legend]’s city has only just reached Level 3. Can you reveal the secret behind [Zhan Long]’s levelling technique?”

“Cough cough…” Fang Ge Que hinted, and said, “Chang Sheng, that’s another guild’s secret, don’t ask them like that…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s nothing. Actually, the reason why Dragon’s Den’s levelling speed is so high is because we have two Holy Domain level NPC’s as our Guardians. One has 100 points of Military Force, and the other has 100 points of Commerce and 95 points of Agriculture. When I’m not in the Dragon’s Den, Chi Yu Han can automatically recruit troops, while Chi Yu Qing can automatically recruit laborers to settle in the city and increase productivity. How’s the NPC commander in your city?”

Fang Ge Que was also candid, and smiled, “I’ve recruited a total of five NPC’s to be supervisors in the city. Two of them are Epic Hero tier NPC’s, and one has 89 points of Military Force, while the other has 91 points. The other three NPC’s all have 80-85 points of Agriculture and Commerce. They’re not that far from your Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing.”

Dong Cheng  just had to add on, “That...let me say something that’ll make [Legend] green with envy. For the Dragon’s Den, since Chi Yu Han is the first commander, he can provide special troops, so the troops that Dragon’s Den recruits are very strong. Chi Yu Han can train Flame Crossbow Archers, Armored Heavy Infantry, Frigid Heavy Cavalry, Flame Hawk Archers, Cliff Dragon Cavalry, and other top notch special troops. In regards to this, [Legend]’s city definitely can’t compare…”


Lu Chun Yang’s body slightly trembled, as he said, “D*mn, is that even possible...is this Chi Yu Han good at any task you give him? Come on, we want one like him too...”

Fang Ge Que couldn’t help but smile, “Chunyang, calm yourself...it’s no matter, these are all small details. The wise man seeks to win the war, whereas the king seeks to conquer the world. We of [Legend] want to fight to become the overlord of the virtual world. We don’t rely on NPC’s or a city, but rather, on our united hearts.”

Xuan Yuan Feng laughed: “That’s right!”

I modestly smiled, “[Zhan Long] isn’t looking to command the world, nor do we seek to unify the virtual world. We just want our youth to not be in vain, and be able to leave a mark on [Destiny]’s epic battlefield. That is enough for us.”

Mu Xuan thought about it, and smiled, “If you don’t fight, can your dream still be achieved?”

Fang Ge Que profoundly smiled, “In the chaotic virtual world, Hero’s rise. If you don’t fight, will you actually get a world that you can say belongs to you? The culture and society in games are only in the beginning stages of conception. In reality, if you want to obtain respect and acknowledgement, you can only use conflict to obtain it. Li Xiao Yao, you want to live carefree* in the martial world of games, but this virtual world will definitely push you and your [Zhan Long] into the long river of war. Regardless of whether it’s to protect your friends, or to obtain respect from others, you will have to rely on your strength.

TL Note: A play on his in game name, which means “Carefree”

I let out a long sigh and nodded in agreement, “Perhaps you’re right. If someone is living in the martial world, how can he truly live life carefree…”

Fang Ge Que lowered his head and smiled, “You and [Zhan Long] are a group of very interesting people. Alright, we’ll stop here for now. I’m slightly tired. I’ll go to sleep after signing in. It seems like I’ll have to talk during the afternoon conference.”



Everyone watched as Fang Ge Que entered the hotel elevator. This man could be considered as the number one gamer in China. Not only because of his strength in the game, but also because of his character, his open-mindedness, and his ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

Not long after that, Li Mu carried his bag and walked into the hall. When he saw Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I, he became ecstatic. Not long after that, Qing Qian rushed over from the airport. Bai Li Ruo Feng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, and other officer level players from [House of Prestige] also arrived. But, when they did, they didn’t bother talking with us, in case a fight started. After all, we were enemy guilds.

We began preparing for the lunch banquet around noon. The opening ceremony officially began at 2pm.


The big hall was bustling with excitement as several hundreds of players from around the world were all gathered here.

On the stage, ZGTV’s  Fei Er held the microphone and smiled, “The first season of [Destiny]’s Hero’s Wings Tournament is nearing! Welcome, gaming elites from around the world! Today, we will bear witness to beginning of a long journey of the miraculous international competition! We are the witnesses, and we are also the creators of history! The epic of [Destiny]’s glorious war will be created by each and every participant that is here today!

As soon as she finished, Fei Er repeated the same words in fluent English and Korean. I finally understood why the officials of the Hero’s Wings Cup would invite Fei Er to be the host. This little girl really had some skill. Without even mentioning her professional looks, she even had a special understanding of games and was proficient in many languages. She was the perfect choice for the job.