Zhan Long

Chapter 602

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Chapter 602 [Grip of the Sealed God]

I dashed forward and used [Haste] to accelerate. I grabbed Queen Zhi Shu from the rubble, while Wan Er went to help Odelia up. Then, along with the Hermit God, the three of us rushed towards the Teleportation Circle!


Once I stepped into the Teleportation Circle, I felt like something was pulling my body. In the next moment, a light flashed, blinding me and I appeared in the dawn light of Dragon City. Right on the observation deck.

Even though Frost’s power had awakened after she revived, it seemed that she still couldn’t hold off all of those Hybrid Demon Kings. That much was obvious.


“Huh? Lord Dragon Rider?”

Not far away, Qing Luo rode towards us with a group of Dragon City soldiers who had just come back from doing her rounds. With a stunned expression, she looked at me and asked, “Lord… you.. Had did you suddenly appear here? On this continent, there’s only a handful of people that have the power to teleport you to here..”

I turned around and looked towards the teleportation circle, fear filling my heart, “Hurry up and come!”

“Lord, who are you calling to?” Qing Luo was even more confused.

Right at that moment, a beautiful figure dashed out of the teleportation circle. She waved her hand, making the teleportation circle disappear. She trembled and held the arm that was shot by the arrow. Looks like Frost still took an attack from Lanais.

Slowly turning around, Frost looked at us and smiled, “The feeling of coming home really is the best…”

Qing Luo was stupefied. After seven whole seconds, happiness filled her face and she lunged into Frost’s embrace, “Lady Frost, you’ve finally returned! You’ve finally returned….”



Frost opened her arms but appeared hesitant as Qing Luo was in her embrace. After half a minute, she finally revealed a smile and patted Qing Luo’s hair, “Don’t cry, Even though… even though I don’t remember a lot of things, I do know, that you are one of this city’s core guardians…”

Qing Luo looked up, “Lady Frost, you don’t remember everything?”

Frost nodded slowly and softly said, “It’s as if everything was a dream. I remember a lot of the things that happened in the past. Each scene seems to be buried deep in the sea of my consciousness. I can remember an ancient battle between gods, where the king of the gods had been destroyed. I remember the misery and sorrow caused by the nightmare of the Demon Disease. I can even remember how my body slowly turned into dust. I… I remember so much that I can’t identify who I am. Maybe I am still, the ‘Frost’ of Dragon City?”

I softly murmured, “Frost….”

She looked at me, and then walked over. She then raised her hand and wiped away some of the blood on my neck and smiled, “I know who you are. I also know that you have traveled very far and without hesitation, despite the threats of death, you searched for me. I will always remember you. You are my closest relation… Now, I want to ask, what is your name?”

“Li Xiao Yao…”

“Ok, Li Xiao Yao.” She quietly looked at me and then smiled, “You truly deserve the position of Dragon Rider. You are the pride and honor of Dragon City, as well as myself. I feel honored to be your master. Now that I have returned to Dragon City, Li Xiao Yao, are you going to continue to stay at my side? Dragon City needs you, as do I.”

I nodded, “Yes!”

Qing Luo was filled with happiness and the soldiers behind her whooped in excitement. Frost’s return gave Dragon City a seed of hope. Qing Luo cried out, “Perfect! Now that Lady Frost has returned, Dragon City has hope now! Right now, I’ve already begun to reconstruct the city and recruit soldiers. Frost, do you have any new instructions?”

Frost turned around to face the north and softly said, “The Hybrid demons will come at us again. Now that I’ve revived, Da Lun, Xi Fu, and Igoras won’t ignore us any longer…. If, we only rely on the warriors of Ba Huang City to defend, then Dragon City will fall once again. As a city of the Dragon Tribe, we must have true Dragon Knights. Only Dragon Riders can truly guard this city!”

“Dragon Knights?” Qing Luo’s eyes widened, “Lady Frost, are you saying? We… are we going to search for dragon mounts? But, from what I know, dragons haven’t descended upon this earth for thousands of years. Who knows where they are hiding. Without a dragon, how could Dragon City get Dragon Riders….”

Frost grinned, “That’s because men have never had the bravery to cross over the Ice Ridge Mountains and adventure into the Territory of the Hybrid Demons. In the depths of the Hybrid Demon Territory is the Territory of the Wild Dragons.”

On the side, Queen Zi Shu stared at her, “Lady Frost wants to find dragons from the Wild Dragon Territory to bring back to Dragon City and train? Please don’t take offense from the directness of my words, but the grown dragons of the Wild Dragon Territory have extremely explosive personalities, and are very savage. They swallow humans for enjoyment. Training them is a little delusional…”

Frost shook her head, “No, I don’t want to train the grown dragons. I want to get some dragon eggs to breed.”

The Red Dragon Queen was stunned, “That’s even harder… In order for a dragon to mature, it takes 1000-4000 years. The average lifespan of a human is only dozens of years. Furthermore, the Dragon Riders don’t have the blood to ride these dragons.

Frost softly said, “I know. I will think of something. We can discuss this later.”

As she said that, she turned around to look at me and smiled, “Hi, Li Xiao Yao. Why don’t you accompany me for a walk around Dragon City. The memories I have of Frost were destroyed from the shock of her death. Everything about Dragon City is muddled to me….”

I nodded, “Ok!”

As I said that, I took Wan Er’s hand and said, “Let’s go. Come with me and walk with my master…”

Wan Er smiled, “Ok….”

Finally, right at that moment, a system bell sounded beside my ear. The reward was here. Furthermore, it was the reward for a hidden quest——


System Notification: Congratulations Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for completing the Hidden SSS Tier Main Quest [Reviving Frost]. You have received the reward: Level+3, Charm +40, Gold 500,000 and your reputation has greatly increased. You’ve also received the Passive skill: [Grip of the Sealed God] which bars players that have been killed by you from reviving for 60 minutes!


I went to look at the details of the skill. I was a little speechless. With this passive skill, that meant that anyone who I killed wouldn’t be able to revive. Furthermore, they would be stuck in a ghostly state for 60 minutes. Even if they had a revival skill, they still wouldn’t be able to revive.

Wan Er grinned, “Pig is now a Death God..”

I was speechless


Right at that moment, a cavalrymen suddenly charged down the mountain. He had come from Ba Huang City. He flipped off his horse and knelt before Qing Luo and shouted, “Reporting to Captain Qing Luo. There have been some problems in Ba Huang City!”

“What’s wrong?” Qing Luo asked.

The messenger responded, “Tian Ling Empire’s number one commander, Prince Theodore has brought 50,000 men to the northeastern border of Ba Huang City, Nine Springs Valley. He’s spread the word that by sunset, he will occupy the Nine Springs Valley. This cannot happen because it is an important tactical location and has always been where Ba Huang City trains their troops. There’s already 7000 of our soldiers positioned there. And so, Angela has lead 30,000 men down to the valley to meet Theodore. However, the situation does not appear to be in our favor. Now that prince Luo Lin has rebelled and Duke Luo Lei is dead, after the fall of Dragon City, the Tian Ling Empire has expressed its desire to swallow us. And so, Angela wants me to report to you, in hopes that Captain Qing Luo will assist us and provide reinforcements to help Ba Huang City battle!”

Qing Luo nodded, “Alright, I understand…”

The Cavlaryman nodded with a smile. As he looked up, he suddenly noticed Frost standing behind Qing Luo and retreated several steps in shock. “That.. isn’t that the Lady Frost? You… how are you still alive…?

Frost walked forward and smiled, “You don’t have to report back to Angela. I’ll head over there right now!”

“Oh, ok my lady..”


Frost looked at me and said, “Li Xiao Yao, as a Dragon Rider are you willing to go with me?”


Queen Zhi Shu chimed in, “Then how about I come along as well!”

Odelia pulled out her long sword and walked towards the city, “I came for the sake of gold. I do not participate in any struggles for power among the humans. Li Xiao Yao, I will be waiting for you here to give me what’s due. For every day that you don’t give me it, then I’ll stay here in Dragon City while eating and living on your pay!”

I raised my eyebrows and smiled without saying a word. I wasn’t about to give her the money any time soon. As long as Odelia was around, there was probably some use she could be.

I reached out and took Wan Er’s hand while Frost grabbed my arm. Then, with a whistle, she took me dashing towards the Nine Springs Valley. She was incredibly fast, even the Red Dragon Queen could barely catch up.


The scenery flashed before us and within five minutes we appeared in the Nine Springs Valley, before the sun even set. In this enormous valley, it was filled to the brim with soldiers. The Tian Ling Empire, Ba Huang City, and Jiu Li City were all confronting each other. On one hand, the location was ideal for defense. Whoever occupied the area meant that they held the keys to the gate of Tian Ling City, Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City. One could just imagine how important this place was.

In front of us was an army of soldiers lead by Angela. She gripped her Destroyer as she rode on her white horse and said, “Prince Theodore, I respect you as the commander of the Tian Ling Empire army, and so I politely ask that you take your troops away. This is Ba Huang City territory. Otherwise, even if it means we die, we will protect every inch of this land! Every year, Ba Huang City has sent generous gifts to the Tian Ling empire. We only ask that Tian Ling Empire does not seize us!”

Theodore smiled and raised his longsword, “Angela, if I didn’t personally lead an army to give you reinforcements, then Ba Huang City may have already fallen into the hands of the Hybrid Demons. I want to ask, just what right does Ba Huang City have to say that they can guard Dragon City and defend against the Hybrid demons. From what I see, not just the Nine Springs Valley, even Dragon City, and Ba Huang City Forest should fall under the protection of Tian Ling Empire. Our Tian Ling Empire’s millions of troops is more than enough to guard the continent against the Hybrid Demons!”

Angela coldly smiled, “And if I don’t agree?”

“Then I will no longer be polite.”

Theodore suddenly pulled out his long sword and said, “You pigheaded Ba Huang City aristocrats can go down the path to your doom. Come, Iron Horse Cavalry, prepare to charge! We’ll show these kids what true strength is!”


Countless iron adorned cavalrymen raised their weapons, ready to charge. All of them moved at the same time, charging straight towards Ba Huang City.

Right at that moment, Frost slowly descended. Wna Er and I also softly landed. The moment Angela saw Frost, he began to tremble, “Frost… Lady Frost, you… you’re still alive?

Frost smiled, “Yes. Li Xiao Yao has brought me back from the underworld. Let’s not talk about this right now. Why don’t solve our current problem first!”

As he said that, Frost walked towards the center of the battle and shouted to Theodore, “Dragon City will be guarded by I, Frost. Prince Theodore has no need to worry. Please immediately take your army back to Tian Ling Empire. Otherwise, I will not be kind!”

Theodore coldly smiled, “Frost? You still haven’t died? I heard that you have the strength of a top tier Sword Saint. Never would I have thought that some Sword Saint would be this arrogant. Did you know, that our Tian Ling Empire has at least 50 other Sword Saints? Our Iron Horses will stomp all over the legend of the Sword Saints! Charge, kill Frost!”

Hooves pounded the earth and several thousand Iron Horsemen raised their long swords while charging at Frost.



Frost smiled softly and leapt up. She flew a hundred meters into the sky as golden light radiated off of her body. Then, she pointed with her pale finger, channeling energy into it. In the next moment, she lowered her arm, bringing an enormous power down upon the ground!


The earth shuddered and the earth a thousand meters before the Iron Horses sunk. Dust scattered, turning it into a moat. A group of Iron Horses charged forward. Seeing the extremely deep ditch, all of them were scared out of their wits.


“Do you still want to step into Ba Huang City’s territory?” Frost asked with a cold voice.

Theodore sheathed his sword and looked at Frost from a distance and shouted, “Retreat! Looks like Ba Huang City does have the power to guard its city. Looks like we won’t have to worry too much any more.”

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