Zhan Long

Chapter 587

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Chapter 587 Poison Dragon Bait

I glanced behind me and saw Sterry raise his ax. He brought a group of Demon Sword Masters and stood at the edge of forest. His eyes glared coldly as he roared, “That… that’s Odelia’s Cape of Invisibility. D*mm*t, why did that woman get involved with the battle between the Hybrid Demons and Ba Huang City? Doesn’t she only care for gold?”

One of the Demon Sword Masters said, “My lord, Odelia’s personality is extremely whimsical. It’s hard to predict what she’ll do next. Maybe she knows that youngster? Or, she knows Frost who was killed and so she’s helping Frost’s apprentice?”

Sterry grit his teeth, “No matter what, seeing as Odelia is helping him, then she is now our enemy. Spread out and pursue them. Even if she has the Cape of Invisibility, it won’t be enough to protect that evil youngster. He dare trespass in the Hybrid Demon Territory. He’s questioning the power and dignity of our Dark Powers!”

“Yes my lord!”


A group of Demon Sword masters spread out and began to search for us. In the sky, Level 7 Hybrid Demon Sword Spirit Cavalrymen spiraled around in the area, searching for me. Looks like the Hybrid Demons of the Revered One are ready for war.

“Hua hua…”

I heard another swishing sound and Odelia grabbed my arm again. My feet left the ground by two meters and we flew forward. After flying a distance, she finally uncovered the cloak and our figures appeared in the plains. She, however, kept her pretty face hidden under the hood of her heavy cloak and smiled as she looked at me, “Youngster, you probably are wondering why I would save you, right?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

Odelia laughed and stared into my eyes, “What value do you think you have to me? In terms of strength, even though you are considered strong among human adventurers, you’re still weak. I can toy you to death with a single thumb. In terms of looks, you.. Eh, actually you’re pretty handsome…”

She suddenly looked down, her cheeks slightly blushing. She then strode across the grass and looked up with a smile, “However, after I stepped into the Holy Realm, I’ve already lost interest in handsome men. Over hundreds of handsome men have died under my blade. And so, don’t even think about that…”

I calmly said, “Most importantly, I haven’t thought of much else. All I want to know is, why would you save me?”

Odelia grunted and smiled. “Actually, I saw the money you handed out to those guards. You’re quite extravagant, aren’t you? That heavy pouch of money should have a lot of gold right? And so, now that I’ve saved you, shouldn’t you give me a gift in return? You should know, I’m an assassin. I earn most of my money from killing people and not saving. Consider yourself lucky today.”

I wryly smiled. “Alright. And here I thought you were fighting for justice. I never would have imagined…”

“Cut the small talk. If you’re grateful then give me money!”

“How much…”

“How much is your life worth?”

I pondered for a second and then fished 2000 Gold from my bag and handed it to her. When Odelia saw the money, she grinned widely and laughed sweetly, “There you go. This is more like a Dragon Rider. Looks like Frost chose wisely when she made you her apprentice. Too bad, when Frost took you as her student, she never thought that she would die so early.”

I grit my teeth, “Odelia, even though I am grateful for you saving me, I will not allow you to slander Frost!”


Odelia gave me a puzzled look. Finally, she grinned, “Looks like, Frost is very important to you, isn’t that right?”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and summoned my Flying Scythe War Horse again. I then softly said, “What do you think? I came to this Hybrid Demon Territory for the sole sake of finding Frost’s head. I want to return her to her home and I will do it at any cost.”

“So it was like that…”

Odelia seemed to fall into deep thought. She then quickly smiled at me and said, “To be honest, I could tell that your armor and blade are very strong. Seeing as you came into this dangerous territory alone, I can kill you and take all of the money that you have on you right now. The equipment that you have isn’t as simple as 2000G. However…. I’m feeling pretty good today. How about this, do me a favor and that will make up for me saving your life. Afterwards, neither of us will owe each other anything and we can sleep peacefully at night. How does that sound?”

I thought about it for a second. This demoness’ smile seemed sincere. But if she ever gets angry then it would be no joke. I definitely couldn’t offend her. There were still more things I needed to do. I couldn’t die here. And so, I nodded and said, “Ok, tell me. What do you need help with?”

Odelia smiled and pointed to the mountains in the north and said, “I want you to go with me into that map and help me get a rock.”

“A rock?”

“Yup. Simple right?” She smiled at me and patted my shoulder, “Do it well and maybe my mood will be good again. I might even teach you a high level skill. Or…. the thing that all men want to do. You understand….”

She slightly lifted up the short leather skirt, revealing her pale thigh. She then softly stroked it with her hand and winked at me.

I shuddered. F*ck your whole family….. Just where did this beautiful assassin get her charm? Are the developers trying to kill us?

I nodded and said, “Let’s go then, and see what kind of rock you want me to get first!”



And so, Odelia walked forward. She hid her pretty face under the hood once again. I urged my horse forward and followed behind. But even with my movement speed, I still couldn’t catch up with her. This type of Holy Domain NPC was just too strong. Even her movement speed was nearly impossible to catch up with. My Flying Scythe War Horse galloped forward at full speed for 20 minutes. At that point we had passed through a set of mountains made up of red rock. I then heard a bell ring inside my ear——


System Notification: Please take caution, you are entering a dangerous map——Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe!

Map Introduction: During the Ancient Times, the Dragon Tribe ruled the earth. None of the humans dared to get near this godly tribe of beasts. Then, when the humans, moon elves, and elves began to learn martial arts and magic they began to get stronger. As the dragon tribe’s rule suffered a threat, more heavenly dragons were killed by the strong human warriors. When Dragon City fell, so did their rule and the Heavenly Dragon Tribe had no choice but to mix with humans and lower themselves to be their mounts. However, there still remained one group of high level dragons that left the Dragon City who left to go to a distant land, creating the Wild Dragon Tribe and Wild Dragon City. In that city, there were countless dragons who had extremely high attack and didn’t get near any strangers.


Looking at the introduction to the map, I cautiously looked at my surroundings and said, “Why do I feel like… coming to a place like this to get a rock won’t be as simple as I thought? Odelia, just what are you planning?”

Odelia smiled and then make a smooching face while smiling, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t harm you. You should know, finding a man with determination, a strong body and incredibly skillful is very hard. How could I let you die?”

I nodded hesitantly, but I could hear my heart pounding. Yea right she was reluctant. Just how many cents was I actually worth in her mind?

Right at that moment, I suddenly heard the roars of a dragon. Right afterwards, a pillar of flame rose into the sky. Odelia immediately turned around and threw her cloak of invisibility over me while holding me. She then softly said, “If you don’t want to die, then don’t say anything. That’s the Fire Dragon Guard…. Hmph, the Wild Dragon Tribe really are starting to strengthen their forces!”

I was stunned, “What did you say?”



A few minutes later, the Fire Dragon turned to look around the area. He blinked a few times and surveyed the area for longer. Finally, he turned around a flew into the distance.

It wasn’t until then that Odelia relaxed and said, “Hurry, after the Fire Dragon Sentry leaves, then five minutes later the Ice Dragon will come to take his place. That is our only chance to get into the Wild Dragon Territory!”

Without any hesitation, I charged forward at the heels of Odelia. I looked at the map. Either way, if I wanted to get to the Stormy Abyss, I’d have to pass through the Wild Dragon Territory. Otherwise, I’d have to pass through the Bloody Plains, and that was a risk I wasn’t willing to take. I just had to brace myself.

As we ran, we went deep into the Wild Dragon Territory. Not long after, Odelia turned around and placed her hand on my shoulder, “Listen well, there’s a poison dragon that is hidden not too far ahead from here. It’s a flying type and specially targets beasts that pass through here, or humans. However, I do not know where he is hiding. We have to kill him in order to enter the Great Hall of the Wild Dragon Territory. And so… youngster, you charge your horse forward and do not look back, nor get scared!”

I shuddered, “You’re making me bait?”

“Well lookie here, you really are smart!”

“Do I have any other choice?”

“What do you think?” She slowly pulled out the long sword on her back and smiled evilly. Motherf*cker, I couldn’t offend her!


I didn’t say anything else and raised my sword, urging my horse forward. When we galloped through parts of the forest and the crushed rock, an enormous shadow suddenly passed over us. Due to my cautious nature, I ran while glancing at the situation around us. All I could tell was that something had noticed me. If it wasn’t Odelia, then it was that Poison Dragon!

Just as I expected, less than two minutes later, a “Hua!” sounded out from the forest and a green dragon flew into the sky, baring its claws. It grabbed onto a tree and pushed off, charging straight towards me. It widened its mouth and roared, its fangs dripping with poison.

“He’s coming!”

As I was on the warhorse, I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor]. At the same time, I turned around and activated [Binding Chains] on this Level 115 Saint Tier BOSS!



The dragon was just too far away, the [Binding Chains] couldn’t reach, missing the target!

I then raised both of my swords and turned my horse around to charge. Motherf*cker, making me be the bait? No chance! I wasn’t planning on surviving in the Hybrid Demon Territory, but no matter what the enemy is, the only option was to take the initiative!

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