Zhan Long

Chapter 586

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Chapter 586 Odelia

“Herb Picker?”

The NPC officer looked at me and coldly laughed, “A Ba Huang City adventurer coming to the Hybrid Demon Territory to pick herbs? Do you think I’m stupid? You must be a spy! Otherwise, provide proof!”

I fished out my alchemy job certificate and said, “This, is this enough proof?”

“Alchemy proof, anybody can get that!”

“Is that so?”

I smiled and pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword on my back. “Keng!” the sound of Saint Tier long sword being unsheathed was impressive. It was even enough to make that NPC hesitate. I then took out my bag and grabbed 1000G of gold. I waved the bag in front of him and then threw it to him, saying, “I heard that there was a strange type of flower in the Hybrid Demon Territory that can be used to create miracle pills. And so, I definitely cannot miss a chance like this….”


The NPC officer weighed the bag of gold in his hand and then smiled. “Seeing as you’re just an herb picker, then there’s not much else I have to say. Here is a Safe Passage pass for anywhere within the Revered One’s territorial bounds. I hope that you find that precious herb from the Hybrid Demon Territory, or some kind of thousand year old bones. Ha ha…”

I received a black metal pass and gave a quick nod. I pulled on my horse’s reins and led it into the city.

Behind me, the NPCs began to talk. After those greedy humans had been demonized, they seemed to have increased their appetite for gold. No wonder it was so easy to sneak in——

“Congratulations my lord. With just one person, you got 1000G!”

“That’s right. Youngsters, I’m going to Ba Huang City soon to marry a new wife. That way… I will never be alone on those cold nights… hahaha!”

“But my lord, after we drank the Demon Soup, we’ve lost the ability to reproduce. It’s already the seventh day I woke up this morning without any wood…”

“D*mm*t, how could I have forgotten about that!”


I put the hood back over my head and covered my face. I then took my Ancient Heavenly Tiger and Flying Scythe War Horse and strode into the city. There were humans and Hybrid Demons scattered everywhere. I never would have imagined that it was possible for humans to do business with the Hybrid Demons, and even converse! There were even a few humans who were selling other humans. They had a line of young female moon elves tied together on a rope. The world that this game created was just too savage!

I quietly walked forward and made sure to stay low. Finally, I reached the northern gate of the city. In the distance, another gate officer walked over and roared, “Traveler, hand over your Safe Passage Pass, or else you will be put to death!”

I fished out the pass from my pocket and said, “Is this it?”

“Yes. Hand it to me and then I’ll let you pass!”

I handed the pass over to the officer and then urged my warhorse forward, galloping out of the city gates. In that split second that I dashed away, one of the soldier roared, “Do not let him go. I recognize that b*st*rd. He was one of the adventurer’s at Dragon City that helped Frost! I heard that.. That he was Frost’s student! He’s really strong. If he’s here, that means he wants to take revenge for Frost!”


The officer was furious, “Men, chase after him and kill him! Send for the troops and prepare for pursuit! We must kill him and take his head! If we do, then we’ll be rich from the rewards!”

I pulled out both swords and angrily slashed the two soldiers in front of me. A combo attack exploded and I shouted, “You traitors of the human race, die!”

My Ancient Heavenly Tiger also joined in the fray. My Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword each cut off a guard’s head. However, the officer behind me had already brought another crowd of soldiers charging over. They were all Thunder Tier monsters and had around 50-80,000 health. The gate officer was a demi BOSS and had around a million health. He wasn’t much stronger than a Level 5 Hybrid Demon.

I took the chance to charge out. As I was on the warhorse I immediately spun around in my seat and raised my hand, casting [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the gate officer. The skill blasted right through him, causing him to raise his sword and charge at me.

I sent a command and my Ancient Heavenly Tiger used [Burstfire Raid] into the crowd of NPCs while I focused on the attacks of the gate officer. I retreated as I fought. After I retreated around a hundred meters, I had finally whittled the gate officer’s health down to critical. His expression grew flustered, “D*mm*t, this b*st*rd is really strong. I’m not his equal! Retreat, we must have the Hybrid Demons in the city come and pressure him!”

I smiled coldly, “You want to leave?”

I raised my left arm, activating [Dragon’s Hook]. “Shua!” It pierced through the gate officer’s body as he ran. I then activated it to retract, bringing him right to me. With a slash of my Dragon Reservoir and Zhen Yue Swords, “Ka Cha!” his head flew off. I then grabbed it and raised it in front of the soldiers, “Tell Luo Lin, that one day I will be back for his head for Frost!”

I then hung the head on my war horse’s neck and urged it forward. Behind me, the gate opened up and a group of Imperial Army Cavalrymen thundered out. The knight at the front waved his spear and shouted, “Charge! Cut him to pieces. We cannot let that b*st*rd go. Otherwise, if King Luo Lin finds out, then we’ll all die!”

I laughed and commanded my Flying Scythe Horse to gallop forward at full speed. Each second took one point of stamina, but that was of no consequence at the moment.

The Flying Scythe Horse’ movement speed was incredibly fast. After all, it was a Divine Tier BOSS mount. Very soon, we lost the NPC cavalrymen. A little further in front of us was the wilderness. Once I entered into the forest, I immediately activated [Camouflage]. The cavalrymen followed me in, and began to scout the area for a long time. One of the officers shouted, “Split up! We must continue the search. No matter what, we have to find that b*st*rd and cut him to pieces!”


I ignored those Revered One’s cavalrymen’s pursuit and continued heading north. The first step of my plan was complete. I had managed to pass through Luo Lin’s territory and go around the Bloody Plains. Yup, if I continue North for another hour, then I’ll head west. After than, I’ll end up in the legendary Hybrid Demon Territory’s Seven Great Maps.

“Ji ji….”

A black figure suddenly flashed across the sky. The grass waved slightly, as though noticing something. The thing suddenly dove downwards. But I had already seen the monster coming. It was a Plunderer, a Level 3 Hybrid Demon. It was a demon that had wings and thirsted for blood!

I raised my arm and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


In that one attack, the Plundered immediately fell downwards. I then ran forward and raised my left hand, pointing the Zhen Yue Sword at its back before charging forward. I threw the monster straight at the ground. The Flying Scythe War Horse whinnied and then reared up, stomping onto the Plundered while my Ancient Heavenly Tiger activated [Flame Claw] and pounced forth. I quickly threw another seven or eight slashes. Under the assault of both man and pet, this Plundered immediately died and even dropped an Emperor Tier leather boots. I however, paid no attention to it.

Before I could even celebrate, I heard another “Ji ji” in the distance. I looked up and was nearly shocked to death. A whole crowd of Plunderers were coming at me. There were at least a hundred. If they all came at me, then just one round of attacks was enough to kill me! Under so many attacks, even my 40,000 health and 9000+ defense would be useless!

I quickly collected my Ancient Heavenly Tiger and stroked the mane of my Flying Scythe War Horse. It slowly knelt to the ground. Now, both man and horse quietly hid in the brush, not even releasing a breath. With that we entered into foliage with [Camouflage] and watched as they then sent Plunderers out to search. When it finally quieted down, I waited for another ten minutes before relaxing and calling out my Ancient Heavenly Tiger. It wasn’t until then that I continued with my trek north.

After walking for around half an hour, I suddenly heard the sounds of hooves beating the ground. Following that, a man shouted, “The recon team found some tracks left by a horse. He must be hiding around here. I suggest, my lord, that we search this forest. If we do that, then we’ll definitely be able to capture him!”

“Alright, commence the search!”

I looked up and stared through the forest. I saw a large group of Level 4 Hybrid Demon Sword Masters standing outside of the forest. There were at least ten thousand. It was on the same scale as when they were attacking Dragon City. Motherf*cker, just for the sake of searching for one person. Isn’t this overestimating me a little? On top of that, the commander of the Sword Mages was a general that rode on a flaming beast. He wore a suit of fiery armor and carried a battle ax——

[Ax Blade – Sterry] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 110

He was a valued general under the Revered One Luo Lin and is one of the Hybrid Demon commanders.


Motherf*cker, Luo Lin really is reaching the heavens in a single leap. After he became a Hybrid Demon King, he actually obtained the servitude of such a high level BOSS. I definitely couldn’t provoke this Ax Blade Sterry. Not only him, but the countless Sword Masters that he brought with him. Nevermind, escaping was most important. I locked onto the north and urged my battle horse forward, entering into the charging state. The horse’s speed increased by 150% and I practically flew through the forest.


A wave created by the axe passed through the forest. Before I ran too far, four of the Hybrid Demon Sword Masters appeared before me. They had already noticed me and charged right over with their swords raised, “You reckless youngster, daring to trespass in the north. Did you think that the Hybrid Demon Territory was a place that you could enter and leave as you please?”

I didn’t respond and turned my horse around, charging right over. I swung both of my swords and slashed right at a few of the Sword Masters The Ancient Heavenly Tiger also continuously activated all of its skills. [Flame Roar] surged through the forest and the Sword Masters constantly had damage numbers pop up. At the same time, however, their attacks also landed right onto me and my little tiger.





I spammed [Cleansing Rain] while using [Drain] at the same time and quickly killed two of the Sword Masters. I then took the chance to make my retreat while the third Sword Master followed close behind.

Even worse was when two flying mounts appeared in the sky. It was the Sword Spirit Dragon Riders, Level 7 Hybrid Demons. Behind them, were hundreds of thousands of Sword Masters!



I cursed under my breath and urged my horse forward. At the same time, I hacked two of the Sword Masters to death. Pain seared across my back as one of the Sword Spirit Cavalrymen threw a charge right at me!


So painful! They live up to their name as Level 7 Hybrid Demons!

“Ha ha, youngster. Die!”

Behind me, the Ax Blade suddenly roared. Flames began to rise off of his ax and he threw it right at me. The power of it was terrifying.

I immediately turned around and began my defense. Despair filled my heart. The speed of the pursuit from these NPC was just too high. It was far above what I had initially imagined.

Then, right as I was about to give up, a beautiful figure suddenly passed by. It stopped right in front of me and pulled out a sword that slashed outward!


That one attack knocked away the slash from the battle axe. The girl glanced at me and said, “He he, you’re pretty gutsy….”

As she said that, she raised her cape and “Hua!” covered me. The two of us immediately entered into [Stealth] mode. Then, I felt someone pull my arm and I fell off my horse. We dashed forward and I could hear the wind rush past my ears. In the blink of an eyes we traveled extremely far. All I could do was stare, and mutter, “Odelia….”

“Oh, you actually remember my name?” She asked with a smirk.

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