Zhan Long

Chapter 576

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Chapter 576 Heavenly Flame Tiger

“Sha sha…”

I stepped onto the snowy grounds on the city wall. I looked up at the sky as snowflakes continuously fell from the sky. Dragon City was in the middle of a blizzard, just as I had left it. I looked at the beautiful face in front of me, but I kept feeling like it was about to disappear right before me.

“Luo Lin…” I started, gripping my Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Luo Lin has killed King Luo Lei, General Forgotten Sea and has taken Despair. He’s already commanded the Purple Star Army to rebel against Ba Huang City. Frost, you need to be careful of him!”


Frost took a deep breath and stood there in shock, “No… no that’s not possible. Luo Lin would never do something like that. It’s not…. Where did you get this news?”

I reached out and pointed to the eastern side of the city, “From the Hunters Valley, just beside Firestone Canyon. The army that camped there with Duke Luo Lei has already been completely slaughtered. This, I saw all of this happen with my own eyes.”

Frost shook her head in denial, “No… no that’s impossible… Luo Lin does everything for the sake of humans. He’s even willing to forfeit his life. He, why would he do something like destroy Ba Huang City? Besides, Duke Luo Lei is Luo Lin’s own father….”

I walked forward and put a hand on Frost’s shoulder. I then turned her around and looked at her square in the face, “You must believe me, just this once. Do not trust Luo Lin any longer. I do not want anything bad to happen to you. Frost, in Dragon City, you are my everything. I do not want to lose you.”

Frost stared at me blankly. She suddenly started violently coughing, hacking up blood as she gripped her fist and softly said, “I…. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe you…”

I grit my teeth and said, “It’s very simple. You just have to send someone to check out the situation in Hunters Valley and you’ll know the truth! I think, Luo Lin will bring Despair here very soon. Frost, you must be cautious of him. I will stay at your side and protect you, using everything I have.”

Frost nodded and looked into the distance. She then roared, “Qing Luo, take ten riders and rush to Hunters Valley to check out Duke Luo Lei’s situation. Make it fast!”

A female general of Dragon City leapt onto her horse and raised a beaten longsword, “Team six, follow me!”

Frost looked at her for a long time and said, “Qing Luo!”

“What is it my Lady?” The female general Qing Luo asked.

Frost hesitated and said, “Be careful. Do as much as you can to cover up your tracks and don’t get discovered. Hunters Valley, may be more dangerous than we think. Also, do not trust anyone. Once you’ve received your information, report back to me.”

“Yes my lord, do not worry!”

A group of cavalrymen dashed out and disappeared into the wilderness.


The 19th wave of Beast Tamer Cavalrymen had almost all been killed. Angela gripped her Destroyer as she stood on the City wall and fought side by side with Frost. Behind her, the Blizzard Army and Desolate Dragon Army were currently immersed in the bloody battle. The last batch of Beast Tamer Cavalrymen were finally scattered apart and been killed one by one.


I went back to the [Zhan Long] camp and said, “This time, not only do we have to deal with the BOSS, we’re going to have to deal with Luo Lin as well!”

Wolf asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, has Luo Lin really changed?”

“Yes.” I nodded and said, “The Desolate Dragon commander Forgotten Sea was killed by Luo Lin. He also took Despair and burned Luo Lei to a crisp. Now he’s slaughtering all 5000+ Fierce Tiger soldiers that are in Hunters Valley and capturing their spirits. After that, Luo Lin’s injuries will be completely healed and his strength with be higher up in the Holy Domain. Furthermore, he’s destroyed all evidence. Angela and Frost may not trust the word of a player like me. That makes this a little hard, since we need to protect Frost and Angela, the two important NPCs. They are now Ba Huang City’s most precious treasures.”

“Gu Dong” Li Mu gulped and said, “Mother… Luo Lin that b*st*rd, he really wasn’t any good. For the sake of a weapon, he would even kill his own father. He’s practically just like Jian Feng Han…”

Not far in the distance, Jian Feng Han raised his eyebrows, “Li Mu, what do you mean by that?”

“Nothing at all!” Li Mu grinned, “I’m just saying that the [Vanguard] Guild Master Jian Feng Han is very decisive and wise!”


Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “Let’s get prepared now. The 19th wave BOSS is almost here. This time, Luo Lin and Luo Lei are both not present. Looks like we’ll have to rely on Frost and Angela. Who knows if we can kill it this time.”

I nodded and looked at my skills list. I quickly set up three [Azure Dragon Crossbows]. As for the level 100 Mohist Skill——[Purple Lightning Cannon], it wasn’t of much use in this situation. The Purple Lightning Cannon used a heavenly power to destroy a city wall. It dealt extreme damage to buildings. However, using it on BOSSes wasn’t as useful.


“Kong kong….”

A cry broke through the clouds. We all looked up to see what was happening. There didn’t appear to be anything in the sky, however an enormous bear started come out of the mountain forests and Ran Min was stunned, “Is this a wave of BOSSes? Why is there a bear? It doesn’t look as though it has a high AI….”

“No…” Wan Er shook her head and pointed at the bear’s back, “Look at the bear’s back. There’s a person sitting on it. The BOSS should be him.”

I nodded, “Yup. Beast Tamers, this is a Lv 119 Divine Tier BOSS, the 19th wave of Hybrid Demons. I can’t see it’s stats. I can’t even see its skills. We need to be careful….”

“Yea. Plus, it has a ball on its head…” Wang Jian squinted at the BOSS, “It’s too far. Even Brother Xiao Yao can’t see it’s introduction?”

“Yea. Let’s wait a little more….”


The wild bear roared and swiped at the Dragon City wall, beginning its climb. Once he made it onto the wall, he roared again and slashed with its claws. A wave of flames swept through the crowd of people and a whole team of soldiers were burned to crispy chips. That bear’s attack was incredibly terrifying. The man that sat on its back wore leather armor and carried a purple colored ball. His red eyes glanced around at the surroundings and laughed, “Ah, the human world. I’ve finally arrived. You petty and lowly humans and moon elves, accept your divine punishment!”

Finally, I was able to see the BOSS’ introduction. It truly did look above normal——

[Beast Tamer Adolf] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 119

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: Adolf grew up in the wild ever since he was a baby. He had an innate ability to survive and spent most of his time traveling in the mountains. Later, by accident, Adolf received a magic ball. He used the magic ball to exert control over a large numbers of animals. Furthermore, he could freely summon any beast to come assist him during battle. This magic ball was originally the core of the ancient magical beast the Kirin. When Lin Han found out, he immediately invited Adolf into the Hybrid Demon Army, becoming one of its strongest branches.


“Is Adolf really strong?” Wan Er asked with her eyes widened.

I shook my head, “I’m not sure, I can’t see his stats!”

Li Mu said, “Let’s not scout it out, in case we get immediately killed….”

Qing Qian smiled. “Agreed!”


This time, a group of NPC soldiers already charged forward under Angela’s command. The BOSS then gave a command and the bear slapped away all of the soldiers.


Angela was enraged. She raised her Destroyer and it seemed to grow as she threw a flaming attack right into the Adolf’s shoulder!



An enormous damage number flew up, shocking everybody. Just when did the Ba Huang City princess get this strong.


Adolf shrieked in pain. Furiously he threw a punch at Angela. “Peng!” She flew back from the force, but didn’t seem to take any injury. On the side, Frost’s [Razor Rotation] flew out and pierced right through the BOSS’ body. After spinning and stabbing three times in a row, the BOSS’ health instantly fell. Looks like this BOSS wasn’t up to the level of a 19th wave BOSS!

“What’s going on?” Old K widened his eyes, “This BOSS sucks way too much. Can he not even beat Angela?”

Wolf shook his head, “I don’t know, I don’t get it….”


Right as everyone was puzzled over the situation, Adolf revealed a cruel smile and wiped away the blood on the front of his chest. He then raised the magic ball in his hands and shouted, “Icy Spirit sleeping beneath the earth, heed my command and awaken. Rip apart the enemies before me and command respect from every living thing on this earth——Ice Domain Wolf!”

“Kong kong….”

The roars of a wolf sounded out and the snow in the air began to coagulate, creating some kind of transportation circle. An enormous snowy colored wolf leapt out from the circle and raised its claws right at Angela. “Pu Chi!” Angela was forced backwards and she even spat out blood. The armor guarding her chest was practically crushed. This Ice Domain Wolf’s close combat attack was far higher than Adolf’s strength!

That wasn’t even the half of it though. Adolf raised his magic ball again and roared, “Sleeping in the Sea of Fire, Flame God, heed my command and awaken. Rip apart the enemies before you and command respect from all living things on this planet——Heavenly Flame Tiger!”


The earth around us began to shake and a fierce tiger appeared. It leapt out and swept its claws at Frost. At that moment, a hexagram appeared on its attack. Frost quickly raised her arm to form an icy shield. “Peng!” the attack landed and forced her to retreat several steps. Severing Beauty swept out and cut through the tiger’s right leg. At the same time, she was hit by one of his sharp claws in her shoulder. Wu wu, she cried out as she was thrown backward a dozen meters. She threw her Severing Beauty out, piercing the Heavenly Flame Tiger’s chest. She then opened her hand and shouted, “[Ice Spear]!”


The Heavenly Flame Tiger’s fire was extinguished and it was frozen into a statue.

However, the battle was far from over. As a godly summoner, Adolf could continuously summon any beast he wanted. Within the blink of an eye, fourteen beasts appeared.


“Charge, we’ll hold one of them off!”

I raised my sword and charged over. We needed to help Frost divide the attacks. She already took on some injuries and wouldn’t be able to withstand such a concentrated attack.

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