Zhan Long

Chapter 574

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Chapter 574 Luo Lin’s Transformation


Luo Lin suddenly looked up, his clear eyes widening, “D*mm*t, Lin Han!?”

As the clouds parted, Lin Han appeared in the sky, wielding a sickle in his hand. Of the Fourteen Kings of the Northern Hybrid Demons, he was ranked the eleventh strongest. In addition, the last time they’d fought the Hybrid Demons at the Graveyard of the Heroes, it had been Lin Han who’d defeated Luo Lin’s Ba Huang City and Dragon City armies. He’d even nearly killed Luo Lin. Luo Lin would probably never forget this debt for the rest of his life.

Lin Han smiled and said, “What’s wrong, didn’t you obtain Despair? How come you’re battling without any weapons? Ha ha, is our honorable Ba Huang City’s king not even fit to wield a weapon? Or is it possible that a new fighting style has become popular on the Southern continent?”

Luo Lin silently stood at the edge of the ruined wall, glaring at his enemy. He slowly drew out his words, “Lin Han, did you come here with the sole purpose of ridiculing me? Come, if you want to kill me, then come at me!”

Lin Han made an exaggerated bow and said, “Oh, your honorable highness, please don’t misunderstand, I don’t want to take your life—that’s just too boring! I’m just testing you to see just what the situation on the southern continent is. Just what kind of fighting styles are popular? I’ve heard that you’ve built some kind of Magic and Martial Arts Academy in every single kingdom, and use that to train your kingdom’s young talents. I’ve even heard… that not only does this Academy of yours teach poor commoners, but also royal nobles. Is this information correct?”

Luo Lin grit his teeth, “Why are you asking about these things?”

Lin Han licked his lips and smiled. “It’s nothing, just that I haven’t gone past Dragon City in over ten thousand years. I’m starting to miss the taste of the woman heroes. Doesn’t your Magic and Martial Arts Academy have a lot of naive cute girls who have little to no skill, but still go out onto the battlefield to cut down monsters? How about you introduce me to one? Oh wait… no… no, one isn’t enough. Why don’t you introduce me to a hundred? You are, after all, the prince. You shouldn’t be short on women, right?”

Luo Lin’s body trembled with anger. Dou Qi began to revolve around his fist. He looked up at Lin Han and roared, “B*st*rd! Don’t you even think about setting foot in my homeland. I, Luo Lin, swear that I, even if it means fighting with my life on the line, won’t allow you and your scum to violate Dragon City with your presence—no matter the cost!

“Alright… “

Lin Han raised his thumb for Luo Lin and chuckled, “Then let me see what it means for a Ba Huang City prince to fight with everything on the line!”

As he said this, Lin Han raised his hand and stowed his sickle, Misfortune, on his back. He then raised both of his arms into the air and smiled. “Seeing as you don’t have a weapon, I won’t bully you. Here here, come, I’ll triumph over you with just my bare hands. I wish to see just how this graceful and honorable prince is able to protect the women of his homeland. Or, will it be that we Northern Hybrid Demons, who’ve trained for thousands of years, invade Ba Huang City and r*pe your beautiful women!”

Luo Lin raised his fist, and with a “Hong!”, flames burst forth. Without another word, he jumped forward and threw a punch towards the enemy.

Lin Han smiled and swung his arm forwards. With a “Peng!” he blocked Luo Lin’s attack. He then charged forwards and raised both of his fists to attack. Luo Lin didn’t have a chance to guard against it, and quickly dodged to the side, only to receive a punch from behind. His body flew into the sky. Dou Qi revolved around him, halting the momentum of his fall. He then gathered his power into the palm of his hand as he grabbed onto the air, and threw a fierce kick!


His combat boot struck towards Lin Han’s neck, but didn’t deal heavy enough damage. Instead, Lin Han smiled, grabbed onto Luo Lin’s leg, and immediately brought down his right elbow. We all heard the “Ka Cha!” sound—Luo Lin’s leg had been broken!


A scream of pain rose up into the sky. However, Luo Lin didn’t retreat. With a wave of his arm, flames began to rise around his arm, and he threw a flaming cut out. At the same time, he dealt a kick with his left leg. “Pa!”, he forced Lin Han to retreat. Although he did this, his situation wasn’t much better. Once Lin Han had retreated, he immediately charged forward again. With a slide, he slammed a punch into Luo Lin’s shoulder!


Luo Lin roared in pain, and fell from the sky, right into Dragon City. Even though it had been a bare handed duel, there was still a large gap in their strength. Luo Lin had close to Holy Domain power, while Lin Han was at least at the peak of Holy Domain. He’d even obtained the power of a demi-god. One could just imagine how much of a gap this represented.


Dust flew into the sky. A group of Desolate Dragon soldiers dashed forwards to where Luo Lin had landed and shouted, “Your majesty! Your majesty!”

On the city wall, Frost unsheathed her Severing Beauty Sword and charged straight out, sending out a [Razor Rotation].


Lin Han turned around and was hit by Frost’s cut. A small amount of blood flowed from his shoulder. The attack had broken his defense. He smiled. “Well lookie here, the commander of the Dragon City knights has gotten better! Hei hei, you look pretty nice. How about you return to the Hybrid Demon Territory with me, and I’ll train you some more. Maybe you’ll become a strong warrior who achieves the level of a demi-god, or maybe you’ll even become the 15th king!”

Frost tightened her grip on her Severing Beauty Sword, her voice shaking. Despair was in her eyes. “Either you kill me, or, or I swear on my life that I’ll kill each and every one of you Hybrid Demon Kings!”

“Ha ha ha….”

Lin Han raised his head and laughed, “I admire your courage and charm. Unfortunately, you’re just a little girl whose level is still that of a Sword Saint. Who cares if you’re a little stronger? Here, seeing as you want to die, I shan’t disobey the request of such a beauty…”

As he said this, Lin Han raised his hand, and power began to collect around it, and then proceeded to wrap around Frost. She was stunned. She couldn’t move at all! Lin Han, on the other hand, was gathering flames in his hand. This was a deadly hit that was like that of a god. If it hit her, Frost would be a goner.


I cursed out loud and raised my sword. With two or three strides, I charged up the city wall. Behind me, I heard Wan Er shout, “Pig you dumb***, don’t be rash!”


I leapt up into the air, turned around, and raised my left arm. [Dragon’s Hook] activated, and with a “Sou!” it pierced right through Lin Han’s arm. I then dragged it towards me. At that moment, Lin Han missed his mark, and Frost was thrown to the ground from the shockwave of the attack. Lin Han then grabbed the Dragon’s Hook and threw a heavy kick right towards my chest!


I heard my ribs crack under his foot as I shot out like a bullet, right back towards Dragon City!





Wolf took a deep breath, “Just a simple kick was nearly able to kill Brother Xiao Yao. Just what’s with his power?”

In the sky, Lin Han coldly laughed at me, “Little ant, don’t be in a rush to die. Your life will be mine sooner or later.”

Lin Han then rose back into the sky. He raised his knee and, “Peng!”, kicked Luo Lin, who’d just been helped up by his underlings, back into the ground. Directly afterwards, he dealt another two punches into Luo Lin’s shoulder. He chuckled, “Luo Lin, oh Luo Lin. You useless trash that doesn’t deserve to be a prince. How about this. Once I’ve finished conquering Ba Huang City, I’ll let you be the flag bearer of the rear camp. I’ll even get women especially for you. How does that sound?”

Luo Lin flipped around and threw a punch into Lin Han’s abdomen, roaring, “If you want to kill me, then just do it!”

“Is that so? Looks like you don’t want to be a flagbearer… then go ahead and die!”

Lin Han raised his iron arm. Necromancy began to swirl around his fist. Once this attack landed, Luo Lin would be fated to die.


In the distance, Angela shouted. “Keng!” the Destroyer struck Lin Han’s shoulder, sending the Hybrid Demon King retreating. Lin Han halted his momentum, and shouted, “Oh? Is this the legendary Destroyer? Ha ha ha, even though its strength is far inferior to Despair, it’s still a godly weapon…little girl, what’s your name?”

Angela grit her teeth and spat, “B*st*rd, shut up!”

Lin Han grew furious, and began to charge right at her. Suddenly, a Sword Spirit Dragon Rider flew over. He greeted Lin Han and said, “My lord, Heaven’s Blade – Da Lun has sent a message. We’ve suffered a powerful counter attack from Fort Tornado, and Lord Gwen has suffered great losses. Therefore, Heaven’s Blade – Da Lun asks that you provide reinforcements at Fort Tornado!”


Lin Han clenched his hands and barked, “I got it. Seeing that Lord Da Lun has personally sent the command, I’ll obey. Let’s go, follow me to bring in reinforcements! “


Lin Han turned around and glanced at Angela, Frost, and Luo Lin, and smiled. “We’ll… let’s play again later!”


We watched as Lin Han flew away. All of us couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. If Lin Han were to personally lead an army of strong enemies, then we wouldn’t have been able to last for even 48 hours. Now that Lin Han had left, we still had a sliver of a chance at victory.

With the help of the others, Luo Lin finally managed to rise up. He wiped away the blood on his mouth, and put a hand on the halberd of one of the knights, “Let me borrow this, thanks….”

The knight was stunned, “Whatever your majesty needs…”

On the wall, the Beast Tamer Cavalrymen were still wreaking havoc. However, now that Luo Lin had taken severe damage, everyone was getting more and more nervous, and the soldiers were losing faith.

One of the commander level NPCs walked over and greeted Luo Lin, “Your highness, why don’t we head back and rest. Let’s have the Saint Healer cast a spell on your injury. Otherwise, you won’t be able to battle any longer.”

Luo Lin’s eyes carried a cold glare in them as he said, “No, we can’t waste any more time. Lu Ge, immediately gather the Purple Star cavalrymen. There should be around 20,000, right?”

“Yes, your highness. What do we need to do?” Lu Ge asked.

Luo Lin smiled. “Take the 20,000 cavalrymen, and follow me to Hunter’s Valley!”

“Your highness….. Hunter’s Valley…that’s where the royal lord is at. There’s only 5000+ Fierce Tiger injured cavalry there. What are we going to do? These 20,000 cavalrymen should stay on the city wall to help with the battle situation…. These are our last elites…” Lu Ge didn’t continue his questions.

Luo Lin turned around and coldly glared at his subordinate, “Heed my command and immediately bring me the troops!”

“Yes sir!”

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