Zhan Long

Chapter 572

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Chapter 572 Cursed Weapon


Seeing his beloved general almost get cut into pieces, Luo Lei finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. He roared and raised Despair, charging towards Men Luo. Dou Qi swirled around his body. His sword flashed. Men Luo instantly knew that there was danger. He immediately turned around and retreated. Then opened his hand at Luo Lei, throwing [Dragon Flame]!

Luo Lei gritted his teeth and roared, “[Shield of the Protector]!”

“Peng!” A golden light began to rise around his feet, blocking Men Luo’s [Dragon Flame]. I couldn’t tell, but Luo Lei was actually pretty strong. He swung Despair and smiled. Dou Qi began to rise off of the blade and at that moment, ancient runes began to appear on Despair. One after another, the crimson runes swirled around the blade and a haunting song rang out.

“Come at me!”

Luo Lei’s voice boomed and he sprinted forward yelling, “Have a taste of Ba Huang City’s martial arts——[Five Essence Slash]!”

[Five Essence Slash] channeled the sword essence, creating a powerful slash that landed right on Men Luo’s chest plate. Men Luo’s body flew backwards and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. Then, he suddenly turned around and ran and “Peng!” kicked off of the city wall, flying forward with terrifyingly fast maneuvers.



Forgotten Sea had lost his left arm. He leaned against his blade to stand up and shouted, “Archers, shoot him to death!”

A team of Fierce Tiger Archers all raised their bows to attack. Arrows rained down fro the sky in a volley, but they all bounced off of the Dou Qi armor around Men Luo. Even if we had funneled Dou Qi into the attack, it still wouldn’t have broken through the BOSS defense. Forgotten Sea saw this and spun around. He pointed to a cannon on the city wall and said, “Use the Demon Cannon. I will blow him away!”

One of the officers in charge was stunned, “Commander, that Demon Canon’s strength is alarming. Won’t…. Won’t it collapse this Dragon City? What if… if Dragon City gets destroyed, how are we supposed to take responsibility?”

Forgotten Sea smiled cruelly, “Cut the small talk. Dragon City can be rebuilt, but once Ba Huang City is lost, then our empire which was built upon tens of thousands of years of history will be gone. Hurry, use it!”

“Yes my lord!”

On the cannon deck, a dozen soldiers pushed over the Demon Cannon. A mage stood beside it and chanted several spells to bring forth the demon fire. “Peng!” The Demon flames became a fireball that shot from the cannon and flew straight at Men Luo.


Men Luo turned around and smiled. He then opened his left hand straight at the Demon Cannon. “Peng!” it exploded and the entire city shivered. Ash and dust scattered throughout the air, obstructing everyone’s vision. It took almost a minute for all of the dust to settle. It wasn’t until then that we saw that Men Luo still stood on the city wall, with his hand still open. He then smiled. “Now why would you despise me this much? Did you think that a toy like that would be able to harm me?”

“D*mm*t….” Forgotten Sea gritted his teeth.

Men Luo opened his hand and activated [Dragon Flame]. Flames began to rise around the Demon Cannon and within seconds, the iron melted into a puddle. The Great Mage quickly began to chanting a wind spell and barely managed to escape the attack from the Dragon Flames. Looking at the melted Demon Cannon, his face turned green, “F*ck, what kind of a monster is this?”

“What do you think?”

Hearing the sound of a cruel laugh beside his ear, the Great Mage suddenly turned and saw that Men Luo stood right behind him like a Death God. He felt a pain rise from his chest and he began to scream. Men Luo’s hand had penetrated right through his body and grabbed a red beating heart. He pulled it out and burned it to crisp. The Great Mage’s body twitched and Men Luo threw it into the distance.

Before it even landed, Men Luo raised his hand and used [Grip of the Dragon] to follow it, burning down a team of Fierce Tiger soldiers along with the body. Not even a single body was left in the carnage.


“Your majesty….”

A soldier whose legs had been burned off crawled along the ground and screamed. Despair colored his face as he screeched, “Your majesty, how are we supposed to deal with this kind of a monster? Who will give us the courage to fight?”

Luo Lei’s face was green. He walked forward and softly said, “All I can give you is an end to your pain, rest well!”

Despair flashed out and the soldier’s head rolled away. Luo Lei was trembling. After Despair had a taste of blood, it began to create a “Sss” sound, as if it was burning. It was almost as though the blade was getting excited after having a taste of human blood. Luo Lei was the same. His face now had a faint expression of blood lust. His eyes seemed to look muddled for a second, and then suddenly clear again. He grinned cruelly, “Men Luo, you were originally one of the most honored and respected of the Dragon Tribe, and yet today, you are here to invade my empire and kill my generals. Today, no matter what, I will kill you here at whatever the cost!”

Men Luo raised his sword and coldly said, “Come you old geezer. If you have the ability to back your words that is!”


Luo Lei disappeared from where he was and suddenly reappeared in the air above Men Luo. Despair was parried by the enemy’s long sword. “Keng!” they clashed and an enormous shockwave spread out from the impact of the two forces. Following after, Luo Lei increased the pressure and forced Men Luo straight down into the wall. Dust scattered into the air again.

“Sha sha….”

Men Luo stood up and wiped away some of the blood from his mouth. He began to reveal his true Black Dragon nature. He leapt up and dealt seven attacks, throwing Luo Lei in to the air. Then, he opened his hand and activated [Dragon Flame]+[Grip of the Holy Dragon]. Luo Lei roared in pain and half of his arm was burned black. But he continued to swing his Despair!

“Ka Cha….”

A bloody mark appeared on Men Luo’s chest. The armor had been split in half. Luo Lei threw a punch forward, pushing this Demon Commander backwards.

“Ge ge ge….”

Huffing for air, Luo Lin stood in the sky. He then pointed Despair straight to the ground. At that moment, a red energy began to accumulate in the sword. Then, Luo Lei’s injuries seemed to completely heal right in front of us. It seemed as though that energy was increasing his recovery.


“This….” Qing Qian’s small mouth quivered, “Just what kind of a skill is that?”

Wolf was stunned, “What’s going on? Despair had that kind of a skill?”

Wan Er shook her head, “That’s not it…”

I gripped my hands and said, “Yea, this isn’t some kind of a skill. From what it looks like, Despair is sucking away the souls of the dead soldiers and increasing Luo Lei’s recovery. Motherf*cker, Despair isn’t some godly weapon, it’s a cursed sword!”


Li Mu was shocked, “Then what do we do?”

“Nothing…” Matcha looked towards the sky and said, “all we can do is hope that a victory comes from these two. From the looks of it, Men Luo is still more advanced than Luo Lei by two levels, however Luo Lei is wielding the godly weapon Despair. It’s hard to say….”


In the sky, the battle situation continued in a stale mate. The two people seemed to be completely equal. They both had their advantages. After a few minutes they were both covered in injuries.

Men Luo only had around 10% of his health left. His face was red from all the battling. Slashes ran across both of his arms. He smiled at Luo Lei and said, “Even if you have Despair, you are just relying on these pitiful humans. While I…. I have the blood of the holy dragon! Come, rise before me, this ancient blood, let these mortals witness your true power!”

In the next moment, Men Luo’s veins suddenly grew and all of the bones in his body cracked. His size began to increase. We’d seen this before, it was Dragon Transformation. This piece of sh*t finally revealed its true body!

One by one, the armor fell to the ground and in the next moment, Men Luo’s body was replaced by that of an enormous dragon. It raised its claws and slammed straight towards Luo Lei!


Even if Luo Lei was completely armored in godly equipment, he wouldn’t have been able to guard against this attack. He was thrown straight into the wall. He roared in pain and three slashes were left on his chest from the claws. Blood spurted forward. He had been so intimidated by the strength that his face was ashen. He immediately pointed Despair at the countless bodies, but only a few souls were sucked back to his body for healing.

Men Luo laughed, “Did you not know? Strength is just like the rain from the heavens, it is not infinite. This Despair is just a medium, but…you, Luo Lei, your strength is just that much. You are like a small spring. You cannot take too much of the rains from the heavens. Even a godly weapon cannot help you. Weakling, take that weapon to your death!”

The dragon claws descended upon Luo Lei and “Pa Pa Pa!” dealt three bows. Luo Lei’s armor all cracked upon and his chest was almost slashed completely open as he screamed in pain.



Angela cried out but couldn’t do anything. She raised her Destroyer and rushed forward, trying to help. She slammed the sword right into the dragon’s head. However, Men Luo continued to focus on Luo Lei and didn’t pay any attention to Angela. Her strength wasn’t strong enough to deal any harm to him.

Right at that moment, we heard a shout. It was Luo Lin!

“[Holy Slash]!”

The sword in his hand grew red hot and he threw a strike that left a deep injury. Luo Lin’s strength truly was superhuman. However, the moment he threw that attack, his blade was destroyed. It couldn’t take that kind of strength.

“Angela!” Luo Lin’s face was green.


“Give me the Destroyer!”


She tossed the Destroyer to Luo Lin. He roared and flames began to rise off of the blade. He then shouted at Men Luo, “Die, you scum of the dragon tribe and bring your army back to the North!”

“Pu Chi…”

Power swirled around the blade of the Destroyer, creating a whirlwind around the blade. He struck right at the Dragon’s head. Blood poured forward as the dragon shrieked. Men Luo tumbled down the hill and like that, the 18th wave BOSS was destroyed.


“Come, sages, hurry up and heal my father!” Angela cried out as she watched the dying Luo Lei. Tears dropped from her watery eyes.

Luo Lin threw the Destroyer aside and rushed to Luo Lei’s side. He covered his father’s chest with his hand and used his Holy Domain power to heal his father’s body. He shouted, “Father, father… you’ll be alright!”

Luo Lei opened his blood crusted eyes and put his hand on the godly weapon Despair. He whispered, “Lin Er…. your father really is old, he really has gotten old….”

Forgotten Sea said, “Your majesty, what are your orders?”

Luo Lei whispered, “Take the injured soldiers from the Fierce Tiger army and retreat into the Hunters Valley. Hand the command over Dragon City to Luo Lin. The Dragon Army will be under his command. Lin Er, you must hold Dragon City! The future of the continent, rests on you…”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yes, Father. I will not disappoint you! But… Despair…”


Luo Lei’s voice grew faint, “This weapon… it is an evil weapon. You cannot touch it. Or else… the consequences will be dire. Use your sister’s Destroyer. It will be of use to you…”

“Father, I….”

Luo Lin looked frustrated, “Alright….”

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