Zhan Long

Chapter 569

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Chapter 569 For My Ratings

[Divine Dragon Slaying Arms – King] (Divine Tier)

Type: Heavy

Defense: 1650

Strength: +135

Stamina: +132

Agility: +130

Magic Power: +128

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 65%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 4000

Additional: Increases the user’s base attack by 500

Special: [Defeat the Dragon], activates the power of a dragon’s claws and grabs any target within 50 yards to your side. Consumes 50 Rage

Special: An equipment made specially because of the player Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s Divine Dragon Slaying Arms equipment, a new King Tier wrist guard has been created and is tied to the player Xiao Yao Zi Zai. All other players have no way of equipping it

Required: 100

Required Charm: 150



Ran Min’s eyes widened, “Divine Tier… King Tier equipment? This… this is tied to that Li kid. There’s no justice in this world. Just what is going on?”

Wan Er grinned, “This is what it means for there to be infinite possibilities in the game… Hmph hmph, if Pig wasn’t wearing this Valkyrie Tier Divine Dragon Slaying wrist guard, then how could we get a Divine Tier wrist guard? I say that this King Tier goes to Xiao Yao and how about everyone ROLL for his [Defeat the Dragon]. This way everyone wouldn’t have been excited for nothing….”

Wang Jian’s eyes lightened up, “Eh? Brother Xiao Yao is willing to let us ROLL for his [Defeat the Dragon]?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

I smiled back at him. Either way, the King Tier [Defeat the Dragon] has a lot of the stats, so I’m not losing out on anything. It’s defense, health, and attack have all grown. Most people knew of my [Defeat the Dragon] skill and how it was good for killing long range enemies. Even if it was just a Valkyrie Tier equipment, it was enough to make Wang Jian, Li Mu, Ran Min, or Matcha drool.

And so, I took off the Valkyrie Tier wrist guards and put it into the ROLL.

Half a minute later, Wang Jian came out as the victor. Giving him these special wrist guards actually wasn’t bad. Of [Zhan Long]’s core heavy armor type players, Wang Jian had the best maneuvers. He was even a little stronger Li Mu. If we were to look at all of [Zhan Long], his maneuvers were only slightly worse than Wan Er, Qing Qian and I. He was definitely a strong and skilled player.

Wang Jian happily took the new equipment. I in turn equipped the King Tier [Defeat the Dragon] wrist guards. Even though it didn’t look as good as the old one, the stats were much better. It was enough to make me extremely happy. Especially since the [Defeat the Dragon] skill was even stronger now. It could grab anyone within 50 yards. This meant that I would be outside of the range for Archers and Mages and still be able to grab them. Just thinking about it made me excited. Of course, this was a nightmare to anybody else.


[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Rider)

Level: 102

Attack: 6346-7732

Defense: 9047

Health: 34322

Magic Power: 9430

Charm: 275

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 12


My base defense just broke 9000. This was extremely good news for [Zhan Long]. If I didn’t have enough defense, then all of the Level 4 Hybrid Demons and the Divine Tier BOSS would crush me. Plus, my health rose up to 34,000. You could say that I had the highest health in all of Ba Huang City. My attack power was close to 8000. Now that I had a boost in attack power, that also meant that my [Cleansing Rain]’ healing effect increased quite a bit as well. At the same time, all of these combined made my solo-ability much stronger, whether it was grinding or killing BOSSes.

Afterwards, I split up the Pardon Cards and the Gems. In this one BOSS kill we managed to get 4 Level 7 Spirit Stones. These were good materials for strengthening equipment. If a weapon was strengthened to +7, then its attack or defense would increase by 35% It was a boost that top tier players could not go without. Pretty much all of the equipment on me were at least +6, while my weapons were +7. Currently, Level 7 Spirit Stones sold for 30,000-50,000 on the market. They were extremely expensive. It was something that only money players could get. Most normal players could only strengthen to +3 while RMB players went straight to +7. This meant their hidden stats were 20% higher. Even if something was the same equipment, strengthening would only make it so that the equipment was much stronger. Unless the player had some godly maneuvers, otherwise they would only end up defeated.

There was no such thing as equality in this world. Everywhere you looked there was some kind of inequality. The weak could only be preyed on. If I only grumbled about inequality, then there truly would never be fairness. Only under fair rules can we topple over the hierarchy of the unfair.


After all of the monsters from the seventeenth wave were killed, a whole 20 minutes passed without any other movement. This seemed a little strange.

I strolled over to the edge of the wall and stepped onto a broken rock. The Forest Terminator’s [Shuddering Earth, Swaying Mountain] had broken apart 20% of Dragon City’s Northern Wall. Looking at the wilderness just north of us, I couldn’t help but feel slightly unsure. If another wave came, we might not actually make it through.

“Brother Xiao Yao….”

Qing Qian leaned against the wall beside me and said, “We only have seventeen people right now. Let’s not talk about killing a BOSS, dealing with Level 4 Hybrid Demons will already be hard enough. What do we do? I suggest that we stop reserving our forces. We still have 2500 players from the divisions in the southern forests. They’ve been feeling impatient for a while now. Why don’t we bring them over here. Even if they were to die in battle, at least we can give them a taste of what a real enemy is like. Brother, what do you think?”

I thought about it for a second and then sighed, “Coming to Dragon City was originally something I was obligated to do, since I wanted to protect my master, Frost. Now, the entire guild has taken such massive damage. I felt a little guilty already from the beginning and now I have to send my last remaining 2500 men into the mouths of the Hybrid Demons? How am I supposed to face all of the brothers of [Zhan Long]?”

Qing Qian giggled, “Brother Xiao Yao, you’ve been thinking too much. In the beginning, I took my sister here to [Zhan Long] because I wanted to fight side by side with Brother. I didn’t come here so that I could leech EXP under your protection. I think the other 2500 are the same. They came here because of their respect for you and so that they can fight alongside the CBN ranked 12th Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You are their hero. Just fighting beside you is a type of reward, is it not?”

Wan Er joined in with a smile, “Qing Qian is right. They all want to join. We have no reason to protect them and keep them away from battle. Even if it means dying here, at least they had died on the battlefield and not under the hand of some small monster in Ba Huang City Forest… It’s just 3 levels. Even if they lost 100 levels they could get it back within 7 days. What we need is battle experience, not the result.”

I couldn’t argue over the two beautiful Vice Guild Masters and so I finally gave a nod, “Alright then, Melon, bring them over. This time we need to move the formation back and have Ran Min and Frost become our first line. This way we can rely on the BOSS’ strength to better protect ourselves. Go, we do need more ranged and healing support.”

“Yes sir!” Qing Qian smiled. “They’re already waiting for us at the Southern wall. As long as Brother Xiao Yao gives the command then I shall send the message!”



Not long after, a large group of players donned with the [Zhan Long] insignia entered Dragon City. There was a total of three divisions. The three Guild Masters stood before me and greeted, “Guild Master!”

I nodded, “Have everyone create a formation 100 yards out of the northernmost wall. I assume you all know by now that these monsters are terrifying.”

One of the Guild Masters said, “Yes, we’ve been watching the battles at Dragon City through a screen. Fei Er was even giving a live update. We understand the strength of these monsters. Don’t worry, we aren’t those [Flying Dragon] or [Wrath of the Heroes] players, we understand our limits!”

I was stunned, “Fei Er was announcing it? She’s in Dragon City?”

“Yup! Look over there….”

I looked towards where the division Guild Master was pointing. Right next to one of Dragon City’s flags, a beautiful Archer held onto the pole and was standing there. She stood in the most optimal spot for seeing the entire battlefield. On her shoulder was the insignia for ZGTV. When she saw me looking at her she smiled. “Guests, we seem to have been noticed by the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], Xiao Yao Zi Zai… Hiiii, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, look up here! Keep up the good work in the Dragon City’s Defense Battle! You’ve made a very interesting battle!”

I was a little speechless as Fei Er sent over a message, “Give a smile, it’s for my ratings…”

I coughed and gave an awkward smile to Fei Er. I then shouted, “Careful, don’t get picked up by the flying type Predators. If that happens then the live broadcast will come to an end…”

“Wow, evil bastard, you never hope for any good luck on me!”

Fei Er shook her fist and suddenly realized that she said a bad word. She immediately straightened out and continued her announcing, “Cough cough, just now the signal wasn’t too good, I believe that everyone didn’t hear what just happened. I’ll continue the announcement. We are currently waiting for the 18th wave of Hybrid Demons to attack! At the same time, Fei Er will announce the battle situations for Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City. Of course, compared to the Defense Battle at Ba Huang City, they are much different. [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], and [Judgement]’s total losses are under 50%, whereas [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] have lost over 90% of their players. This truly is a battle to the death!”


I decided to ignore Fei Er’s announcing and continued to watch for any movements from the Hybrid Demons.

Finally, after we waited for 30 minutes, we suddenly heard the sounds of dragon roars. The roars shook the entire forest, making leaves rain down. All of the players and the NPCs went pale. Everyone knew that this roar could only have come from the dragon tribe.

“It can’t be dragons, right?” Wan Er’s eyes widened.

I shook my head, “I don’t know, but we will find out soon…”



After a few minutes, the leaves rustled again and a fierce head emerged from the forest. More and more emerged, and finally we saw a group of people who had the tail and claws of a dragon appear on the field. They held long halberds in their hands. They raised their sinister heads and roared. The sound hurt our eardrums. They weren’t actual dragons, but they were the legendary Dragon men. These were Level 4 Hybrid Demons again!

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