Zhan Long

Chapter 558

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Chapter 558 Wu Ji

I walked forward and leaned against the ledge to look downward. Suddenly, a red figure seemed to appear from the darkness and run up along the wall. It had a very sturdy build and was around 2 meters tall. A black bamboo hat rested on its head. It looked to be some kind of feline with a human body. With its crafty eyes, it stared right into the crowd of players. In one hand it wielded a long halberd, and in the other a red lantern that lit up the road. From the lantern’s light, I could make out a bamboo basket on its back. The BOSS smiled and with a feminine voice said, “Ignorant mortals, have you prepared for your final battle?!”

I raised my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!

But I never would have thought that this BOSS’ AI was so high that it actually dodged my skill. It jumped up and threw a [Fury Cut]!


Sparks flew. I had raised my Zhen Yue Sword up to parry, but my sword had actually been forced away and was unable to block! I was pushed back several steps——


I looked up. This really was the BOSS and I quickly sent the stats to the guild chat——

[Mushroom Spirit – Xin Yi] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 106

Attack: 5900-7820

Defense: 5200

Health: 60,000,000

Skills: [Sacred Mountain Slash] [Mushroom Collection] [Mushroom Shield] [Ostentatious Wu Ji]

Introduction: Xin Yi, A renowned warrior amongst the tribe of Mushroom Demons. During his youth, Hell’s Battle Song Lin Han lead an expedition towards the north of the Hybrid Demon Territory and met the Mushroom Spirit Xin Yi along the way. After a great battle, the Mushroom Spirit was defeated by Lin Han’s power and finally joined his army along with the Mushroom Demon warriors, thus becoming one of Lin Han’s army branches. This Mushroom Spirit is extremely strong and has killed countless adventurers for the past ten thousand years.


“D*mn….” Li Mu pursed his lips, “These BOSS stats are getting stronger and stronger. That attack power is so strong that it practically goes against reason. On the bright side, it looks like this Mushroom Spirit doesn’t have that high of a defense. Guild Master, go! You be the tank and we’ll be the firepower!”


I nodded and then activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. I then raised my sword and charged forward. From a distance, I used [Binding Chains] but it was dodged. Then I swept both of my swords out, activating [Sword Tempest] and then targeted a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] onto the BOSS. My attacks caused the Mushroom Spirit to howl in pain. Then, with its female voice, it said, “Oy, little b*st*rd, I’m going to make you into cow poop!”

The Mushroom Spirit didn’t seem to have any other notable skills except for that [Sacred Mountain Slash]. However, its stabs were extremely quick. “Pu pu pu” it stabbed several times, so quickly that my health suddenly dropped. Surprised, I quickly used a [Cleansing Rain] while Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring both gave me heals. If I were to die, then this BOSS would be extremely hard to kill.

After I locked the BOSS’ aggro onto myself, Li Mu and Wang Jian then came forward to attack. [Halberd Whirlwind]+[Covering Sword Slash]+[Skyshaker Slash] all fell upon the BOSS and it screeched in pain ——





It was just as Li Mu had said, this Mushroom Spirit’s defense really didn’t live up to its Saint Tier name. With one attack I could deal 7000+ damage, and some of my critical attacks were truly terrifying.

Wan Er raised her daggers and dashed forward, dealing a painful attack into the BOSS’ side. Within five minutes, the Mushroom Spirit’s health fell below 50%. This made everyone smile. Was this BOSS just here to give us experience? That was just too nice of them…

Just as we smiled, the Mushroom Spirit made a completely unexpected action. It sprinted out of our attack range, all the way to the border of the city wall. Then, it picked up the mushroom nuts that the dead Mushroom Demons left behind.


Battle Notification: [Mushroom Spirit – Xin Yi] has picked up a Mushroom Nut. Defense +2%, Attack Power +1%, Magic Defense +2%, The maximum number of nuts it can pick up is 100!



I suddenly understood the gravity of the situation. I roared, “Charge! We cannot let that piece of sh*t pick up anymore Mushroom Nuts, otherwise we’re screwed!”

That’s right, if that BOSS increased its defense by 200% then there was absolutely no way we could deal damage. At that point nobody would be able to kill this BOSS. Furthermore, its attack power would increase by 100%. Even I would probably be walking on the path towards instant kill!

Old K charged forward and “Peng!” rammed away the Mushroom Spirit that was just about to pick up another nut. Then, he swung his battle axe right towards the BOSS’ head, nearly knocking away its hat!

However, the Mushroom Spirit continued to pick up two more Mushroom Nuts, increasing its stats bit by bit.

“We have to control it!”

Wan Er charged forward too. A frosty light began to glow from her two daggers. She was activating [Icepick Whirlpool]. After a series of attacks, she imprisoned the Mushroom Spirit in its spot. I then rushed forward and cast a [Binding Chains], which was also a success. Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng put all their strength into their firepower. At the moment, what we needed to do was control the BOSS so that it couldn’t pick up any more Mushroom Nuts. Afterwards, we would concentrate our firepower and kill it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the BOSS would be extremely hard to kill.


The Mushroom Spirit retreated several steps. Then, with a swing of its spear, it killed one of our Swordsman and roared, “You shameless mortals, why would you prevent me from picking up my Mushroom Nuts? Why would you try and crush my hard work and determination? I will kill you all! I will turn you all into a fiery pit of cow poop!”

I ignored the BOSS’ curses and continued to hack at the BOSS, taking advantage of the fact that I could still break its defense….

In the distance, Yan Zhao Warrior crossed his arms and watched the show. He smiled, “Xiao Yao and the others really are busy right now. This BOSS is truly interesting. Picking up the Mushroom Nuts would actually increase its attack and defense. He he, [Zhan Long] now has a real thorn in its side…”

Jian Feng Han also laughed, “A 200% increase in defense power. Just how does Li Xiao Yao plan on breaking that kind of defense? I can’t wait to see….”

Misty Clouds, “Good Luck Xiao Yao. Make sure you don’t get too much damage, hahaha…”


I was speechless. That group of heartless b*st*rds. They actually have the effort to laugh at others misfortune.

All of [Zhan Long] focused on letting out firepower. The Mushroom Spirit bore with the attacks of [Zhan Long]’s elite and continued to pick up Mushroom Nuts. Determined, it continued its task and its attack and defense stats continuously rose. When the Mushroom Spirit’s health fell below 10%, it had already picked up 71 Mushroom Nuts. Its stats were truly shocking!

“Keng keng keng….”

My [Blade Spin] only dealt 2000+ damage now! On the bright side, everyone was focusing their firepower. Even if we couldn’t break its defense, at least we could whittle away its health.

Right at that moment, the Mushroom Spirit suddenly raised his spear and roared, “Awaken, Mushroom Demons sleeping under the earth. Reveal your fearsome power to the world and let our name spread to every corner of the earth——[Ostentatious Wu Ji]!”

Everyone stood stock still. It was another one of the Saint Tier BOSS’ great skills. What was it going to be?!

In the next moment, we all understood. One after another, those red Mushroom Nuts began to rise from the ground and suddenly explode, creating shockwaves!


Li Mu’s eyes widened, “They’re after our lives. Hurry up and use [Dou Qi Armor]! Don’t get instantly killed!”

Wang Jian said, “Give yourself as much health as possible. Ranged players, activate your survival skills. Healers, spam AOE heals!”

“Peng peng peng….”

One after another, the red Mushroom Nuts exploded. Not far from us, [Thousand Mound]’s You Yi cried out and fell to his knees. Not Ordinary raised his blade to block the attacks. Bai Mo Yan then raised her long bow and jumped up, flaming nuts bursting behind her. She was so scared that her face paled as she yelled, “Sh*t, what a strong wave! We’re finished, this time we’re really finished. My mom doesn’t have to worry about my studies anymore!”

Not Ordinary was speechless.

I couldn’t respond either.

Aye, Shen Bing that wench, there wasn’t hope for her anymore. No need for me to bother with her.


The Mushroom Spirit’s attack power was really high. These flame mushroom nuts explosion was also extremely strong. Looking at the results, I could see that everyone suffered heavy injuries. The wall was practically washed with blood. That [Ostentatious Wu Ji] instantly killed nearly 2000 people. All around the wall I could see those flame mushroom nuts exploding. It was truly scary.

I raised my sword and charged towards the Mushroom Spirit. I even summoned my Flaming Tiger God out. Wan Er raised her iron umbrella to defend against the explosions of the mushroom nuts, while not forgetting to deal attacks. The faster we could kill this BOSS, the more we minimize our losses.

In the end we ended up holding out for 5 minutes. Finally, under our determined barrage of attacks, the Mushroom Spirit finally knelt to the ground. It stabbed its long spear into the ground and glared at us with cold eyes. Then, with a trembling voice, it cursed, “My death is only the beginning. Chaos will spread to every corner of the world!”


“Hua la la….”

Finally dead! Motherf*cker, we were finally able to kill this BOSS. Right as we killed the Mushroom Spirit, I leveled up to 100 and a bell sounded beside my ear——


System Notification: Congratulations, You’ve leveled up to 100. Because you are the second player to level up to 100, you have obtained the reward: Charm+15, Gold+40000, and your class is Swordsman, Pet Space+1. Furthermore, you have obtained the rare Mount Space and received the skill, Horsemanship. You can now ride a mount. Your profession’s mount skills will now increase by 100%!



Since I was the second to reach Level 100, then the first was without a doubt Jiu Li City’s Fang Ge Que. Plus, now I can ride mounts, even though such a pet had yet to appear.

I looked down and saw that the Mushroom Spirit dropped three equipments and a red pet egg. Who knows what rank and quality is. Nevermind, I decided to look at the equipments first.

Everyone from [Zhan Long] gathered around me and I raised the three equipments. One of them was a crimson necklace. Then there was an exquisite cloak and a flashing ring. I first looked at the crimson necklace. I waved my hand over it and everyone was stunned——

[Wu Ji] (Saint Tier)

Strength: +109

Stamina: +105

Agility: +107

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 27%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 4500

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 1000

Special: [No Greed], After activating, the user’s attacks will ignore any target’s defense for 7 seconds. Uses 75 Rage

Special: No Level Limit

Level: 96

Required Class: All classes

Charm: 0


Looking at this necklace, I couldn’t help but feel my heart jump. I looked up at everyone and said, “Forgive my selfishness, but this necklace, I want it….”

Wang Jian was stunned, “Brother Xiao Yao, aren’t you losing too much by giving up the Curse of the Night Fury Necklace?”

I nodded, “Most importantly is that no limit. Any level can equip this. There won’t be much use if I give it to you high level players, but my sister Meng Yao’s level is just too low. This necklace will be the most use to her… you guys understand right?”

Li Mu smiled, “Ok, we understand!”

I nodded, “I’ll give the top ten players 50,000 for compensation so that you guys aren’t losing out. Now don’t go asking for more because I don’t have that much…”

Old K smiled, “Alright! We’ll use it as a welcome gift for little Meng Yao!”


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