Zhan Long

Chapter 557

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Chapter 557 Mushroom Demons

Pretty much every two hours there was a wave of demons. The fourth and fifth wave of demons were all Level 1 Hybrid Demons from Lin Han’s army. Besides the Gravedigger Demons that cut down our numbers a bit, the rest were all Level 1 Hybrid Demons. However, as before, our players were taking a hit. Every time we lost a crowd of people we would have to call in reinforcements to replace them. Crowds of players were dying on the city walls. Each one that died lost three levels. This punishment was extremely cruel, but the rewards were well worth it.

The fourth wave BOSS was killed by [Flying Dragon]. Drunken Spear held off the BOSS, so there wasn’t too much danger to his life. The fifth wave BOSS was killed by Jian Feng Han and Simple, and there didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary.


“Hu hu…”

A bone chilling wind passed through the city. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and stepped to the edge of the wall. A layer of blood dripped off of the edge of the blade and quickly froze into ice. Dragon City’s climate was both freezing and stern. Behind me, Wan Er and Qing Qian were organizing the players and reinforcements, making sure we had the proper numbers. There were still some things to be grateful for. The main guild had at least 1000+ members still standing on the wall. Even the Hybrid Demons couldn’t kill them. This group was our true core strength. These elite players will eventually become the pillars that will raise [Zhan Long] to the top of the world and become the symbol of Asia’s fighting power!

The sixth wave of monsters is about to come…” I glanced at the time. The Hybrid Demon war has already lasted for 10 hours and it felt as though there would be no end to this battle. I also got wind of news that Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City didn’t exactly gain victory in their events either. Their losses were terrifying. This round of event quests really were shocking.

Old K rubbed his chin and said, “The sixth wave, they should be Level 2 Hybrid Demons…”

Matcha wryly smiled, “Pei pei, don’t jinx it!”

Just as he said so, we heard screeches from the forest. In the next moment, a crowd of colorful monsters began to appear and march across the mountains. The scene was very unexpected. It was a group of soft type monsters, shaped like a mushroom. Their bodies looked squishy and they had four short stubs for feet and a rainbow umbrella like cap on their head. Right below it were a pair of red eyes. “Ji ji” they screeched as they charged towards Dragon City while carrying iron spears in the short arms.

The corners of my mouth twitched and I sent the stats to the guild chat——

[Mushroom Demon] (Level 2 Hybrid Demon)

Level: 106

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Spear Stab] [Terror Screech] [Halberd Whirlwind]

Introduction: Mushroom Demons, Deep in the north of the continent, in a swampy land, there is a group of mushrooms that attached themselves to rotten animals. These poisonous mushrooms absorbed magic power and slowly grew souls. In the end, they became a group of ferocious mushroom demons. These mushroom demons are extremely strong. Approach with caution and do not be fooled by their cute appearance.


Matcha glanced at the mushroom demons that were climbing down the mountain and couldn’t help but grin, “Oh, these really are cute… I like them so much, can I capture one and make it my pet?”

I shook my head, “You probably shouldn’t. Either way, unless a Level 1 Mushroom Demon appeared, you wouldn’t be able to capture it anyway. After killing this many Hybrid Demons, I have yet to see a Level 1. And so, there’s no hope….”

Wang Jian raised his sword, “Everyone, be careful. These Mushroom Demons can use [Halberd Whirlwind]. That’s supposed to be my unique skill… Godd*mn, [Halberd Whirlwind] is really strong. Everyone, make sure you don’t get instantly killed….”

Everyone nodded in agreement. However, none of us knew exactly what we were about to face. Finally, another Level 2 Hybrid Demon wave was coming, and their levels were higher than the last wave. The pressure on the front row players was incredibly high.

“In Formation!”

Wan Er scanned the foot of the city walls and continued giving commands, “Defend your positions. Once the Mushroom Demons begin to activate [Halberd Whirlwind], immediately activate [Dou Qi Armor] + [Heavenly Shield Wall]. Do not underestimate these Mushroom Demons…”

“Yes Ma’am!” Everyone nodded.

Not far, the Guild Master of [Vanguard] Jian Feng Han also raised his sword and began giving orders as he walked along the frontlines, “Every ten Archers focus your hits on one monster and spam [Scatter Shot]. We’ll kill them one by one. Do not be careless. Everyone form into 30 man teams. Let us do our best to minimize our losses! Sister Jun, have the third and fourth divisions prepare to advance!”

Simple nodded, “Yes, understood…”

Yan Zhao Warrior gripped his fists and looked into the distance and succinctly said, “Prepare for battle!”


“Ji ji….”

A large group of Mushroom Demons all charged to the top of Dragon City. I stood at the edge and immediately directed my [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to shoot them all to death. At the same time, I threw my Zhen Yue Sword out and let it fly right through the ground. All I saw were two of the mushroom demons screech and charge towards me. They jumped into the air, their four stubby legs kicking out. Then, they thrust their spear forward, stabbing right into my shoulder pad!

“Pu chi….”



D*mn that hurt. These little things really weren’t as cute as they looked!

I waved my hand and activated [Cleansing Rain] and then spun around. I dealt a series of eight slashes and cuts with both of my swords and then slid back a few steps. I couldn’t fight on my own in front of everyone else. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to hold them off and my defense would soon be broken.

Matcha raised her shield and charged forward. Then, she used [Holy Phantom Slash] and attracted the firepower of a group of Mushroom Demons. She then quickly retreated and activated [Holy Phantom Shield] and [Dou Qi Armor] to hold her defense. The Mushroom Demons all activated [Spear Stab]+[Halberd Whirlwind]. Matcha could only hold her stance and cry “Wu wu”. She managed to take on the attacks of five Mushroom Demons and not die!

“Stun!” Wan Er sent out another command. She then raised her dagger and charged forward, blinding one and stunning another. Her attacks were in sync with Qing Qian’s.

Again and again [Halberd Whirlwind] exploded along the player lines. Wang Jian and Li Mu quickly activated their defense positions, greatly decreasing the damage they suffered. However, the other players didn’t necessarily have as skilled maneuvers or defense positions. In the blink of an eye, the [Halberd Whirlwind] had killed nearly a hundred people. A dozen of the Mushroom Demons charged straight into our formation, killing the Archers, Mages, and Musketeers!

I quickly sprinted forward and used [Binding Chains] on one and [Great Tortoise Realm] to hold off the others. I then yelled, “Quick, have someone come and fill in this spot. We cannot let them easily charge in!”

Yao Yan and Death God’s Elegy both nodded and brought their elite players to fill in the defense. Tang Xin then took her Fire God Shield to the front and absorbed the attacks from the Mushroom Demons. The Fire God Shield’s defense increased more and more, until the Mushroom Demon’s [Halberd Whirlwind] only dealt 6000+ damage. That defense was just too incredible, it was even stronger than my own!

We defended against the chaos for another half hour, relying on Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng and the rest to put pressure on the Mushroom Demon’s charge. [Zhan Long]’s defense formation managed to hold of the advance of these Level 2 Hybrid Demon Mushrooms. Even though our losses were heavy, but at least we were still able to keep up our formation. When I turned around however, I saw that [Prague] had lost over half of its formation. The close combat players were swamped by the demons. Their [Halberd Whirlwind] was like a slaughtering device. [Prague]’s players could not defend against it.

“F*ck….” Yan Zhao raised his sword to parry a blow, “How did we get into this situation?”

Epic Hero said, “Guild Master, let’s retreat a little. The Ba Huang City NPC over there will help us kill some…”


Just as he said, when the player formation retreated around a hundred meters, a large group of Ba Huang City Purple Star archers helped provide support from behind. There were at least ten thousand of them. They all raised their long bows and dealt an overwhelming attack. The Mushroom Demons all howled as they fell the ground. Quite a few began sprinting towards the NPC, and managed to instantly kill a few before they themselves died.

[Vanguard] managed to hold their formation while [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] all began to move. The Mushroom Demon’s charge was just too strong. The needed to rely on the NPC’s firepower as well in order to defend. This was an extremely smart move.

However, several of the middle and small level guilds were practically destroyed by the Mushroom Demon’s attack. In the Dragon City map alone, the player numbers went from 90,000 to barely 30,000. That was enough to see just how terrifying these Mushroom Demons were.


“Kill, hold your positions!”

I swung my sword and slashed forward. “Ka ka ka” I dealt several attacks, killing two Mushroom Demons. These little things would howl when the died and then kneel to the ground. Their bodies would then evaporate into light and leave behind a red mushroom nut. However, the players had no way of picking it up or using these nuts. I had no idea what it was for.

All of us fought for our lives and finally after an hour, we took the upper hand. The number of Mushroom Demons were far smaller than they had been at first. This meant that we had successfully held off the sixth wave.

I let out a sigh of relief and then opened up the quest screen. It shows the point rankings of each of the players. As I had expected, I was ranked in first place. Unfortunately, the points were hidden, so I couldn’t tell how much higher I was than others——

Xiao Yao Zi Zai
Cang Yue
Jian Feng Han
Cang Tong
Dancing Forest
Drunken Spear
Yan Zhao Warrior
Hero Ran Min


[Zhan Long]’s top players really did well. We took up 6 of the top ten places. There was no other way. After Wan Er and Dong Cheng went to [Zhan Long], our advantage in Ba Huang City increased by quite a bit. Add on Dancing Forest, Tang Xue, and Old K, who had increasingly stronger equipment and skills, they didn’t lose out to Simple and Yan Zhao Warrior by too much.

We continued killing. No matter what, [Zhan Long] had to hold its positions. Behind our backs was our home, and there was no retreating.

All along the snow were the bodies of players and hundreds of Mushroom nuts. Most of the Mushroom Demons had been killed and evaporated into experience and high tier equipment. All of the [Zhan Long] players in the front had full bags. Based on my estimate, once the Level 2 Hybrid Demons died, the chance that they dropped a Silver, Gold, or Purple equipment was around 50%. Emperor Tier was 40%, and the other 10% was Valkyrie Tier. For a monster that wasn’t a BOSS to drop a Valkyrie Tier equipment, one could just imagine the fortune we were getting from this.


“Careful, the BOSS is here….”
Qing Qian sat on top of the wall. She then stood up and jumped off with a smile, “This wave’s BOSS has appeared before [Zhan Long]’s formation..”

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