Zhan Long

Chapter 555

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Chapter 555 Wind Ripper

The sky was starting to brighten as the sun began to rise. Dragon City still remained standing tall in the blistering wind and sleet. Even though our field of view wasn’t very far, we were still able to see quite far away under the dawn light. In the dense forests north of us, we could hear the screeches of the evil demons. One after another, the Gravedigger Demons waved their blade arms as they rushed out from the thicket. Leading the army was a giant that was at least 4 meters tall. He had four arms, each holding a fierce blade. He wore a black armor and the six pack underneath would cause any of the players to tremble. Below his armor were four legs that each had a sharp point. He went straight for the wall and stabbed the points in to stabilize his footing. His fierce head swayed as he let out an ear piercing shriek.

“The BOSS is here, and he’s coming straight at us!” Wolf said with a smile.

I raised my sword in front of my chest and “Pa!” leaped onto one of the openings. I squinted at the BOSS and was able to read out its stats from a hundred yards away. I then shared it in the guild chat. Everyone was stunned. This BOSS wasn’t just strong——

[Wind Ripper Lin Jie] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 102

Attack: 5700-7500

Defense: 7000

Health: 40,000,000

Skills: [Armor Break Slash] [Wind Slash] [Brave Shield] [Blood Tempest]

Introduction: Wind Ripper, He is considered one of the northern Hybrid Demons strongest warriors. Lin Jie has had a talent in wind elements since he was a child and had a unique understanding of the wind. He is an expert in both martial arts and magic. He followed Lin Han to the south for battle and helped him unite all of the Hybrid Demons in the south. He is a superior commander and battle tactician.


After reading the BOSS’ stats, Wan Er said, “We must fight this BOSS with the most minimal losses. Pig’s defense and health is high enough. Furthermore, he has the smallest gap in level with the BOSS, so there won’t be too much of a stat difference. You be the tank. Matcha, One Second Hero, and Tang Xin, those three Knights will be the support and interrupt the skill at any moment. Qing Qian, Wolf and I will focus on dealing damage. All ranged players maintain a 30 yard distance from the boss and use ice type magic and stuns. Let’s begin, Healers, lock your spells on the Guild Master!”

“Keng!” I pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and locked [Blade Spin] on the BOSS from afar. “Shua Shua Shua!” the skill let out four attacks at once. He immediately turned towards me and charged forward. “Ao Ao!” It roared. Then with a swing of its blade, it leapt up and dealt an attack up front, [Armor Breaker Slash]!


I felt pain sear through my shoulder and I grunted. That trash’s attack power is just too high——


Li Mu made a fist, “D*mn, it’s just a Lv 102 Saint Tier BOSS, how can it deal so much damage? Guild Master’s actual defense is at least over 20,000…”

Matcha narrowed her eyes, “It’s because this time boss took an [Armor Breaker Slash]. That decreases his defense by at least 50%!”

In the end, the BOSS’ attack forced me backwards. It then sprinted forward and followed up with two normal attacks. This only proved Matcha’s point. This trash’s normal attack damage was much weaker than that last skill. There was only around 7000-8000 damage, nothing to be worried about.

“Careful! [Wind Slash]…” Wan Er quickly shouted.

Just as she predicted, The Wind Ripper slightly dipped its body and wind began to swirl crazily around him. However, the BOSS’ AI wasn’t that high. It didn’t have the ability to utilize skills to mess up my battle rhythm. And so, the BOSS’ [Wind Slash] had at least one second of casting time. That was more than enough time for me. Right as the little miss shouted her warning, I leapt forward and suddenly threw a slash. My Zhen Yue Sword took along with it the special skill [Curse of the Night Fury Asura] and landed the attack right onto the BOSS’ abdomen——



That attack locked the aggro right onto me. Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, and Wolf those four top tier Assassins all lunged forward, dealing [Twin Blade Harmony], [Combo], [Blade of the Death God] and other skills. Sparks rose all around the BOSS. Once the chain of damage popped up, they all immediately retreated and I followed their attacks with my own [Fierce Ice Blade], piercing the BOSS’s chest. That way, I was able to bring the aggro back to myself again.

A fierce wind and flames began to rise around the Wind Ripper as we continuously dealt our attacks. Even a Saint Tier BOSS wouldn’t be able to take this kind of damage. In reality, this BOSS was only Lv  102, a far cry from the Lv 110 Saint Tier BOSSes that we met in the Graveyard of the Heroes and so it was much easier to kill.


The Wind Ripper roared as four attacks from [Blade Spin] cut through him. I then caught my returning sword and crossed both in front of my chest. Then, with a slide back with my right foot, I entered into a defensive position and activated [Wall of Dou Qi], increasing my defense by 10%. I felt a chain of four shudders through my arm. The BOSS’ attacks had only taken 20,000 of my health. With theHealers support as well as my own [Cleansing Rain], it was more than enough to deal with the attack.

Right at that moment, the Wind Ripper raised it head and let out a roar. Right behind me, a tornado that took up a 5×5 yard space began to rise. A few Archers and Mages that were in its path were instantly killed. Who would’ve thought that this Wind Ripper would leave my aggro and attack other players.

The tornado began to shift, killing a dozen [Zhan Long] players before finally dying down.

Qing Qian tightened her fist, “I think…. This is a chance skill. It doesn’t seem to have any rhythm to it….”

Wan Er nodded, “Everyone be careful. Once that tornado appears in our vicinity, immediately use [Crystallize] or immediately run away. Do not be stingy about the cooldown….”

“Yes mam!”

The two beautiful Vice Guild Masters sent out the command and everyone nodded in agreement. Killing this BOSS wasn’t a hard task, but it wasn’t simple either. In the best case scenario, we would be able to minimize our deaths. At least compared to the one that [Prague] killed, our losses were much smaller.

In the distance, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior watched as [Zhan Long] killed the BOSS——

After killing several Gravedigger Demons at once, Jian Feng Han stabbed his sword into the dirt and said, “When [Zhan Long] kills BOSSes they still use Xiao Yao Zi Zai as the core, ahh, nothing changes even after thousands of years….”

Simple’s eyes were filled with wisdom and she said, “No. After Cang Tong joined the guild, [Zhan Long]’s positioning during BOSS kills have changed. Every class’ skill has a place in the rhythm. Furthermore, their reaction to situations like just now have gotten stronger. Cang Tong’s control over BOSS fights is just too strong. After losing a right hand like this, Q-Sword must be banging his head right now….”

Yan Zhao laughed, “Of the great guilds in Ba Huang City, I’m afraid [Zhan Long]’s method of killing BOSSes is the best…”

Epic Hero said, “There’s no other way. Not a single one of our guilds has a top grade tank like Xiao Yao. His attack power and survivability is all top notch….”

Fu Shen Blade smiled, “Not necessarily, right?”

Goodbye Tears raised his blade, “Hei hei, that’s right. Us [Vanguard] also have tanks like that!”

All of [Vanguard]’s people looked towards Don’t Be Foolish and he shuddered, “Motherf*ckers, don’t look at me like that. It’s hard for me to deal with just one Hybrid Demon. Don’t make me tank a BOSS!”


As the other guilds were watching the battle, another dozen [Zhan Long] players were killed by the tornado. Once the BOSS’s health had fallen to around 50%, it roared and a golden shield rose around it. When my [Wind Blade] and [Fierce Ice Blade] fell upon that shield, a clash sounded. I had actually not broken through the defense!



Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K could only deal around 1000 damage as well. Most of the Achers only dealt around 100-300. Even worse was that some of the damage numbers were only in the double digits! That was just too much against our ego!

“Not good, we can’t break through..”

I roamed around the BOSS. Even my [Binding Chains] failed. I then dealt a chain of normal attacks as I estimated how long the BOSS had this shield up. It was just around 7 seconds. Wan Er then sent out a command, “When the BOSS opens its shield, let pig hold him off. Everyone else stop your spells. Once this [Bravery Shield] disappears after 7 seconds, then use all of your power to attack!”

The reasoning behind this was simple. Seeing as none of us could break through the shield, we might as well save our cooldowns. Under Wan Er’s command, the process of killing the BOSS was more logical. A few minutes later, the Wind Ripper only had 20% health left!


The Wind Ripper’s roar shook the ground as he pierced his two blades into the wall’s rock and said, “Tempest cloaked in blood, I summon thou. Rip apart this artificial reality and let the world know what true strength is——[Blood Tempest]!

Dark clouds suddenly gathered and I dashed forward, activating [Curse of the Night Fury Asura]!


The attack missed and the a notification appeared above the BOSS’ head—— “This skill cannot be interrupted!”


I immediately spun around and shouted, “Everyone, get away. Hurry!”

But it was all too late. A dozen bloody tornadoes rose up on the city wall. It seems as though it was based on the BOSS’ normal attack power. Wan Er, Li Mu and I were ok. But the Division Three players were in trouble. Within seconds, at least 500 were instantly killed. Screams rose up all around us. Death God’s Elegy raised his spear and charged forward, his eyes red, “Motherf*cking, what the h*ll is this skill! So shameless…”

I didn’t retreat a single step and used [Cleansing Rain] to give me 7000 heal. Then, I swung my two swords and lunged straight for the BOSS. If I maintained this kind of attack rhythm, I might even be able to drain some health back.

Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Li Mu all stared with widened eyes at the destruction the tornadoes left. “Sha sha” their feet moved across the snow. Smart people knew what the most reasonable way to deal with this kind of AOE attack was.

The [Blood Tempest] lasted for 15 seconds and it’s cool down was at least over 20 minutes. That was more than enough time for us to kill the Wind Ripper.

When the [Blood Tornado] finally ended, that also meant that the BOSS’ death had arrived.

All of us poured forward and dealt a flurry of attacks. When the BOSS’ health was only at 2% , Wan Er raised her left arm and softly shouted, “Stop all of your attacks. Let pig kill the BOSS, his charm is the highest!”

I slashed and smiled, “I want the experience, so I won’t be in the ROLL. Why don’t you all split the equipment amongst yourselves. I promise I won’t get jealous.

Dong Cheng smiled, “Ai you, Brother Guild Master, you’re just too amazing. No wonder you have so many fans….”

I didn’t bother to reply to Dong Cheng and raised my sword, dealing one fierce attack. The Wind Ripper cried out as it died and “Hua La La” dropped a pile of equipment while I got 50% of the experience. Despite that, however, my experience bar barely moved. D*mn, leveling up from Lv 99 to 100 really was hard!

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