Zhan Long

Chapter 549

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Chapter 549 The Fire Beacon

Looking at the 19 people behind Dawn Hero, I couldn’t help but smile. I suddenly stabbed my Zhen Yue Sword into the ground, “Peng!” Dou Qi surged around me and I activated my [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning]. I then glanced at them and softly said, “Why don’t you call on some more friends, 20 people isn’t enough to even look at!”

The Berserker became angry, “So arrogant! Aren’t you just 12th place in the CBN Battlement Rankings? You still have one head and two eyes and were born from a father and mother. You aren’t some superman are you?”

As he said that, he swung his battle axe and charged forward and launched a [Battle Axe Throw]!

I saw the attack coming and pulled my Zhen Yue Sword out and threw a slice forward!


Sparks flew and the [Battle Axe Throw] was pushed back. The Berserker then caught his battle axe and leapt up, throwing a [Skyshaker Slash] from above. He had no idea just how big the gap between our skills were. Nor did he understand that all of his skills could easily be parried, meaning that my my stats completely overpowered his own.

I looked up at him and smiled. Then with a slight wave of my right hand, “Keng!” I knocked back his battle axe. Then I raised my Cloud Stepping Boots and kicked his abdomen with all my strength!



The Berserker grunted and flew backwards, tumbling into the grass. Miserably, he slowly stood up and raised his battle-axe shouting, “I’m taking you down with me!”

At that moment, Dawn Hero roared, “Old Six, that’s enough!”

As he said that, he threw a dirty look at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai isn’t someone that we can deal with. Let’s go. Today’s business will end here. Vice Guild Master Little Piggy has told us before, unless it was for a guild event, otherwise we are not to battle with [Zhan Long]. We cannot break our guild rule now. Let’s go, we’ll just continue killing monsters and grinding over there.”

“Alright…” The Berserker glared at me and said, “Just you wait, I will duel with you soon!”

I didn’t bother with him. There was absolutely no need to. Some people aren’t just confident or determined, but rather have no idea what powerful people there are in this world. The Berserker in front of us right now was someone whose self confidence was completely baseless. And so, in my eyes, there was no need to pay any heed to such a man.


I lead my sister forward and continued to kill monsters and grind levels.

We kept grinding all the way until 3 o’clock at night, Finally, with a golden shower of light, Meng Yao hit Lv 70.

I turned around to look at her and smiled, “Tired?”

“Yea, a little.” She smiled back at me, without hiding any of her weariness.

“Then go to sleep. We still have lots of time for you to grind your levels!”

“Ok! Brother should sleep soon too.”



I looked at my friend list and saw that Dong Cheng and Wan Er’s names were all grey, showing that they had already logged off. They were probably tired too. I then took Meng Yao back to the city and picked out a Lv 70 Purple Tier equipment at National Beauty, bringing her health up to 7000. This way she wasn’t going to get instantly killed. All we needed to do next was work hard.

When I logged off, I sat in the room and drank a cup of warm water. I then squinted at the light outside. I reached out with my Yi Hai and made sure that the area was safe. But I still had an unsettling feeling. I walked outside and softly closing the door behind me. Standing outside of Wan Er’s door, I reached up to knock, but then stopped myself. Finally, I put it down. Nevermind, she was probably asleep.

I walked onto the deck beside the bed and leaned outside to feel the night breeze. Reflecting on the experiences of the past two months, I realized that these past two months were the warmest that I’ve felt in many years. I had the game, friends, and a girl that I liked by my side. Just thinking of Wan Er and Dong Cheng made me subconsciously smile. Without thinking, she had already become the most important person in my life. (Why’d he mention both of them.-.)


I heard a soft sound from the hallway. A few seconds later, Wan Er appeared in her doorway wearing a pretty nightgown. It was hard to see anything under the soft dawn light, but she still recognized me and smiled, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep….”

I smiled back, “You too, you haven’t slept either…”

“Yea.” She walked forward and a fragrant perfume wafted to me.

I asked, “Are you worried about something?”

“No….” She shook her head and stood beside me. She then looked at the bars and KTVs below us and smiled, “It’s just that after seeing you and Meng Yao, I feel like your sibling relationship really is good. Even I’m a little jealous…”

I was a little startled, “Idiot, what are you jealous about?”

She looked up at me, her eyes had a sliver of annoyance, “I hate how you don’t spoil me the same way, do you understand?”

I was dumbfounded. My heart was awash with emotions. I didn’t know what to say. Wan Er’s beautiful eyes stared into my own without a hint of wavering.

In the next moment, I couldn’t keep it up against her and looked down and softly kissed her red lips while my arms wrapped around her back.

Wan Er didn’t push away and seemed to return the kiss back. Her body quivered slightly. She then raised her two arms, but didn’t have the courage hug me back. After a few seconds, she finally hugged me tightly. She then buried her face into my neck and I felt soft tears wet my shirt.

“What’s wrong?”

I looked down at her.

Wan Er shook her head and softly whispered, “It’s nothing, just hold me….”


The two of us held each other under the night wind. Wan Er was only wearing a nightgown and softly shivered. All I could do was hold her tight.

After nearly half an hour, I softly patted her long hair and said, “Hurry up and go to sleep, don’t catch a cold….”

“Then us… what are we going to do from now on?” She hesitantly asked.

I smiled and reached out and held her face in my hand, “Little miss, when I’m Lv 100 and reached my fifth advancement, do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Wan Er broke into giggles and punched me, “That did not have an ounce of honesty in it. I don’t see any seriousness in that. Humph hmph, nope, not good at all. Say it again!”

“Wan Er, let’s elope to Ba Huang City and kill enemies side by side!”

“Eh… what version is that?”

“Little Miss, I love you, be my girlfriend! I will work as hard as possible to buy snacks for you!”

“Why are all of your confessions different!?”

“Just what do you want little missy….”

“We’ll leave it at that, hurry up and sleep you big idiot!”

“Alright… together?”

“In your dreams! My dad will beat you up, do you want to try?”

“Nevermind, when I reach Yang Yan Level, then I might steal you away. I’m still afraid of beatings right now…”

“So scary, Brother Xiao Yao….”



The next day, I woke up early and continued taking Meng Yao around to grind levels. She was going to fly back to Xia Men this Monday. Even though I could take her grinding while she was at school, but it was still better if we were together. We might as well treasure this time.

All the way until the night of Sunday, we finally leveled Meng Yao to 77 under my crazy regimen. We had only killed monsters that were around Lv 110 Thunder Tiers, or else she wouldn’t have leveled up so quickly.

“Ka cha….”

In the late evening, my Dragon Reservoir Sword sliced through the head of a wolf and Meng Yao yawned behind me. She walked over and hooked my elbow and cutely said, “Brother, I’m so tired. How about we just grind to here? I still have a flight at 9 tomorrow morning, so I need to sleep early tonight. It’s already 10 o’clock. Brother, if you still have the energy, why don’t you practice your own levels?”


I nodded, “Then Meng Yao, why don’t you head back to the city and log off. That’s right, your level is already pretty high. How about I accept you into [Zhan Long]? Make sure you work hard! Do your best to fight your way into the core and enter Zhan Long Hall!”

“Zhan Long Hall…” The little girl’s eyes were filled with hope and respect, “Wu, that’s the dream of anyone in [Zhan Long]. Alright, then I’ll work even harder and surpass Li Mu and Wang Jian and become the first member in Zhan Long Hall! Why don’t you add me into the main guild first!”


I glanced at the main guild and saw that there was still three empty spots and so I added Meng Yao into one of them. In the next moment, a guild notification appeared, stating that the player Xi Yao Ge Jin was successfully added to the guild.

In the end, her addition to the guild created a wave of excitement——

Li Mu said, “Eh? Xi Yao Ge Jin has joined the guild? Eh…. and she’s immediately become a Flag Bearer. That doesn’t seem right, and it looks like the Guild Master himself brought her. What is this? Guild Master, explain!”

I smiled, “Guess!”

One Second Hero exclaimed, “You aren’t trying to pick up some new girl are you? Have you asked Cang Tong for her opinion yet?”

Wan Er smiled, “I don’t have any opinion, don’t ask me….”

Matcha said, “Looking at Xi Yao Ge Jin’s picture, she’s a beauty… Boss, you’re going to have to tell the absolute truth. Just where did you get this sister? It must be a new player..”

Old K roared, “Li Bastard, you beast. You’re actually picking up such a pretty little girl, beast!”

Wolf couldn’t help but smile, “Ha ha, you guys are killing me…”

Old K said, “What are you smiling about?”

Wolf said, “Xi Yao Ge Jin, just look at that name. If I’m not wrong, it must be Brother Xiao Yao’s only sister, Li Meng Yao, right?”

Dong Cheng, “So in the end Little Wolf came out as the smart one. Meng Yao, why don’t you come out and give everyone a wave!”

Meng Yao giggled, “Hi everyone, I’m Meng Yao, Guild Master’s sister. Please take care of me. I’ve just joined the game for two days, so there’s going to be a lot I need to ask about from everyone!”

Old K laughed, “You really are Meng Yao? We haven’t seen each other in so long. Do you still remember your brother Old K?”

Meng Yao smiled back, “Of course I remember you. Has Brother Old K found a girlfriend yet? How about I introduce someone to you? We have beauties everywhere in our university….”

Old K, “You’re just like my own sister….”


I smiled and turned off the guild chat. Let’s just let them talk amongst each other. Right now, I wasn’t sleepy yet. I felt a need to find something to do. Right at that moment, I saw smoke suddenly rise from the northwest skies of Firestone Canyon. It was Dragon City raising a flame. That… that’s a beacon?!


System Notification: Hello, your home city Dragon City is currently under attack from the Hybrid Demons. Please hurry up and provide reinforcement!

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