Zhan Long

Chapter 547

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Chapter 547 For the Fame!

I came to Meng Yao’s room and helped her with the installation of the game devices. She giggled with excitement as she sat there with the helmet in her hands.

“ Bro, once I enter the game, will I be a noob?”

She looked at me a with a worried expression.

I shook my hand and replied, “ How can that be possible? Even someone as stupid as me managed to fight my way into the top ranks of the CBN Battlenet. Meng Yao is much smarter than me. You should easily get the hang of this game. Don’t forget, you inherited the same genes as me…”

“ But…” Meng Yao continued, “Bro, have you ever met mom before?”

Startled by the sudden question, I lowered my head and smiled, “ I can remember a bit… Mom was very beautiful, just like you. She loved us, we must never forget this fact. Mom left not because she didn’t love us, but because she was forced too.

Meng Yao nodded her head, “ Yes, I know, I will learn to be more sensible! Bro, Out of all these races and classes, which one would suit me the best?”

“What kind of position would you prefer?”

“To be able to attack, able to withstand blows, and become the core of the team. I don’t want to be useless ……”

“Alright, then Swordsmen or Knight would be good for you. These both have very high health and have explosive power with the right gear. In addition, the equips afterwards are very good. Which one do you prefer?”

Meng Yao smiled, “ Knight then, since Bro is already a Swordsman. I don’t want to overlap our classes!”

“ Okay, then let’s go with this class then. You’ll be the same as Wan Er, since she’s also a Moon Elf. The Iron Umbrella that moon elves have are very compatible with heavy shields that Knights use, so they have very high magic resistance. I have already discussed with Wan Er about creating a powerful team of Moon Elves as [Zhan Long]’s vanguard. Since Meng Yao is so intelligent, becoming [Zhan Long]’s first Moon Elf Knight should not be a problem then.

Meng Yao’s eyes shone with delight, “ Then you’re saying, I can become Bro’s left-hand man?”

I couldn’t resist laughing. I stood up and patted her shoulder, “ Silly girl, you have always been the one that big brother relies on.


“Then I’m going to return to my room. After you log into the game, add me as your friend and later I will come and find you! Before I come over, try and familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. Games that are 99% fully immersed are completely different than normal 3D games. Also, the strength and angle of attack damage will significantly affect the results. For the same attack, the angle can greatly alter the output and can be as much as doubled the damage.”

“Alright, I gotcha, cya Big Bro!”



After going back to my room, I logged in.


In the middle of Ba Huang City, a total of 7034 friends… I looked at the recent news, nothing out of the ordinary. After a few minutes, a friend request popped up with a message, “ Big Bro, please open the door.” I smiled at the Lv 1 Knight’s ID: Xi Yao Ge Jin. Without a doubt, this was my little sister Li Meng Yao.

I confirmed the request, “Ding! Meng Yao sent a message, “ Big Bro I love you! I’m currently at the eleventh novice village!”

I smiled and responded, “ Level up by yourself for a while, I’ll be right over in about 30 minutes. You should be around Lv 6-8 by that time, wait for me!”

“Gotcha, hurry!”

After I left the city, I locked onto the eleventh novice village and summoned my Flaming Tiger God and ran forward. As I was running, I opened up the Dragon’s Den system page. Yup, under the management of Chi Yu Qing, our production had increased quite a bit. In just a few short days we had also increased by quite a few citizens, increasing our production power a fair amount——

[Dragon’s Den] (Level 3 City)

City Owner: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

City Guardians: Chi Yu Han & Vice Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City Buildings: 12

Soldiers: 24 (Swordsman x10, Piao Dao Wielders x10, Halberd Wielders x4

Laborers: 1224

City Scale: Super Big

Production Power——

Food: 4240/hour

Wood: 4000/hour

Stones: 4000/hour


Our production capability had doubled! This was pretty illogical. Based on our recruitment speed, it definitely shouldn’t be this high. Besides, even the number of soldiers we had doubled. I don’t remember recruiting any soldiers. What happened?!

I quickly flipped through the important news in the city and found the answer——

[Enlistment News]: City Owner please note, Vice Guardian Chi Yu Qing patrolled the southern border of Dragon’s Den and defeated 21 bandits, and successfully enlisted 74 refugees

[Enlistment News ]: City Owner please note, as Vice Guardian Chi Yu Qing was excavating, she recruited 112 nomadic miners

[Army Recruitment News]: City Owner please note, the Guardian Chi Yu Han has recruited 10 Piao Dao Wielders who have come to join your army for its fame

[Army Recruitment News] : City Owner please note, the Guardian Chi Yu Han has recruited 4 experts at halberds and spent 4G


There was a whole chain of news regarding the city management. I secretly felt a leap of joy. Clearly, Dragon’s Den will no longer be the only player city in the three great cities, but Dragon’s Den has two guardians that are completely OP. Chi Yu Han has 100 points of military power, while Chi Yu Qing’s business power is 100 points as well. Just these two full stats greatly increase the ability for Dragon’s Den’s development. This was an advantage that few player cities had!

Plus, with a strong backing like Dragon’s Den, then other guilds will at least think twice before picking a fight with [Zhan Long].

I glanced at the city’s resources. Yup, tonight we’ll be able to rise up to Lv 4. My goal was to reach a Lv 7 city as soon as possible. That we could recruit a lot of Swampy Light Cavalry, Iron Heavy Artillery, and Flaming Heavy Archers. We’ll start off with 1000 soldiers. This way nobody will dare to interfere with Dragon’s Den.


I quickly continued forward. Very soon I entered into the eleventh novice village’s territory. Even though the game had only been out for two months, there have been huge waves of new players. The day came out, it had already instantly beat out all of the big online games. As for its popularity, even now, it remains at the top. It has three times more players online than another game that’s similar to it, firmly taking top place!

A few seconds after I sent out a party request, Meng Yao appeared in my party member list. What was shocking was that Meng Yao was actually able to solo grind all the way to Lv 9 within 30 minutes!

“Sha sha….”

My Cloud Stepping Boots brushed against the grass and I stepped out of the dew covered bushes, getting slightly wet, giving me a slightly refreshed feeling. Not long after, a beautiful figure appeared before me from out of the forest. It was a beautiful female Knight wearing cloth armor. She held an iron spear in her hands. “Pu” She stabbed it right into the abdomen of a wild boar, dealing 92 damage and instantly killing it.

Meng Yao wiped some sweat off of her forehead and turned around to look towards me, “Brother, I’m halfway to Lv 10. Then I can leave this novice village…”

I looked at her admiringly and said, “Are your leg guards Green Tier?”

“Yup, I got it after killing a wolf!”


I felt some pride rise up and said, “Our Meng Yao really is special. You’re even better than I was when I first started playing!”

The girl smiled modestly and then leaned an elbow against my shoulder, “Brother, I heard that when Xiao Yao Zi Zai first started in the game he was extremely noob. All day he was being chased after [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Flying Dragon]. Ay, I guess I shouldn’t roast you too much, otherwise Brother won’t love me anymore…”

I rubbed my nose, “Alright alright, hurry up and let’s go. If you kill another crowd then you’ll level up. Afterwards I’ll take you to Ba Huang City’s high level maps to grind monsters. Bit by bit we’ll level you up!”

“Ok ok!”


I took my sister and entered into the forest again. In front of us, a couple of Lv 11 wolves were howling. This was wolf territory, and was considered too dangerous for new players. However, for someone like me, it was as simple as killing an ant. My Flaming Tiger God roared and leapt out, activating [Burstfire Raid] into the crowd of wolves. I then raised my hand and sent my Zhen Yue Sword flying out with [Blade Spin], killing all of them in one hit. Within 14 seconds I was able to clean out the entire map. Meng Yao also leveled up to 10 with a “Shua!” We could now leave the rookie area!

We went over to the village head and turned in the quest Afterwards, we took various other quests from Ba Huang City. I lead Meng Yao around Ba Huang City to familiarize her with the place.

After I took her into Ba Huang City, I was immediately recognized by several people in the city. One after another they pointed at me——

“Damn, isn’t that player wearing the crimson cloak Xiao Yao Zi Zai? How come he’s bringing a rookie girl grinding levels….”

“That Lv 10 Knight looks really pretty, she’s a beauty!”

“34Cs I think…”

“Zhan Long’s Guild Master really is beat…. Let’s not mention the fact that he has both Cang Tong and Cang Yue. Now he has a beautiful girl like Xi Yao Ge Jin at his side. This is just unjust. Why don’t I know that many beautiful girls. If I could just hold hands with them then my life would be complete….”

“Get lost, what makes you think that you could get a pretty girl to hold your hand!”


I didn’t even glance at them and pulled my sister’s hand, leading her straight towards the Great Hall. I let her head over and get the insignia of Ba Huang City. And thus, Meng Yao became one of Ba Huang City’s players.

Afterwards, I went to National Beauty and picked out a Lv 30 Gold Armor and a Lv 30 Gold long sword. These were all prepared for Meng Yao. Leveling up to 30 was easy. Afterwards we would need to increase her survivability.

“Brother, where are we going to level up?” She asked as she smiled at me.

I pointed towards the North East and said, “Why don’t we go Firestone Canyon? The monsters there spawn really quickly. They’re all Lv 90 Thunder Tier monsters. After we kill them then you’ll get at most 1% of the experience, but that’s enough. 1% of that experience is enough for you to level up very quickly!”

“Alright….” She fluttered her eyes and smiled, “But brother, I heard that Firestone Canyon was [Vanguard]’s territory. If you take me there, wouldn’t we be PKed by their players?”

I softly smiled and looked down at my cute sister, “Don’t worry, [Vanguard]’s players aren’t willing to mess with [Zhan Long] at the moment.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because…. Ba Huang City’s new Dragon’s Den has already been established for a long time. Not long after, a new player city will appear in this city. [Vanguard] isn’t an idiot, [Enemies at the Gate] and [Prague] will all be fighting over it. That pretty much means that whoever [Zhan Long] decides to help will get the player city. And so, [Vanguard] wouldn’t choose to fight with [Zhan Long] right now, unless they really were stupid!”

Meng Yao smiled, “Brother’s also become more calculating I see…”

“Not at all, I’ve just experienced more and learned quite a lot….”



As the moonlight watched over them, the Guild Master of [Zhan Long] took his level ten sister into the depths of the Ba Huang City Forest.

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